There has never been any question left unanswered when it comes to my personal preferences. I adore older men. I’ve reached a pivotal point in my life that allows me to spend most of my time devoted to the men I adore. I am an avid cook, maybe a few steps just below an accomplished chef de cuisine I like to think, I’m chuckling, I’m a damn good cook. In any case, a few of my gentleman friends asked if I would consider giving them a few pointers in the kitchen. Contrary to what you may think, I do have male friends who have never been anything more than plutonic relationships.

Many of my boys, I always refer to them as “My Boys” never had the time to learn the basics or had no reason to make the kitchen part of their daily routines. I started a weekly group meeting and would choose a particular menu, send out an e-mail, and spend a few hours in the afternoon instructing.

The people I met were wonderful and I had a great time. One of the extra added surprises was that many of the seniors I met had family recipes going back to when they children. I may have been the instructor but I learned quite a lot along the way.

I received a call from a gentleman who was wondering if he could invite a few of his friends over for a group lesson. It seems that he had made a few of the recipes I’d given him for his buddies and they wanted to cook them for other friends and family.

I arrived at Stuart’s home at precisely noon. There were a few extra cars in the driveway so I suspected his group had already arrived. I could hear the laughing and talking as I got closer to the door. I knocked and heard the familiar “Come on in.”

“Well, there you are Layla; I’ve got the boys all ready for today’s lesson.”

I walked ahead of Stuart into the kitchen and sure enough there were five other fellows waiting for the lesson to begin.

“This is Layla guys; she’s the lovely lady who taught me to cook. So, let me introduce you to the guys Layla.”

Dennis was a man in his late sixties and had recently moved to the community. He lost his wife a few years prior and with his kids grown he just decided he’d move to a warmer climate and spend the rest of his days playing golf and fishing.

Mike, he was a retired railroad man. He and his wife lived just up the street from Stuart and he wanted to learn how to cook a meal for his wife. Mike was seventy seven and he and his wife Ann just celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Ted and Leo were brothers who Dennis has known for many years; in fact it was the brothers who convinced him to move into the community when he lost his wife. Ted was the older brother and clearly the stronger personality. Leo was a much laid back man, quiet and reserved. The brothers lived a few streets down and had been here for many years. I guessed they were close in age and probably well into their seventies.

Al, a retired fireman met Stuart on the golf course. He was a very happy fellow; the smile never left his face. It seems that Al had his eye on a certain lady and wanted to invite her for dinner, the problem was Al didn’t know very much about cooking. I laughed when he said that at his age, 73, he hoped that the old adage “You can’t teach on old dog new tricks” didn’t apply to him.

“Well, I’m impressed Stuart, it great to see that these fine gentlemen thought enough of your cuisine to want to learn how to do it themselves, I’d say I have created a chef.”

The afternoon was quite a success. We made a basic salad, and vinaigrette that everyone enjoyed. The main course was a simple beef and vegetable soup with a rich beef and wine broth, garlic bread with a cheese topping. Dessert was a simple pound cake, some fresh strawberries and homemade whipped crème which I must admit was the ultimate hit of the whole meal.

The afternoon had flown by and it was already after four. The friends had a good time, cracking jokes, teasing each other and just having fun. One by one as they left they thanked me for the lesson and said it would be great if we could do it again. Stuart’s wife Debbie had returned from her lunch with a friend, we spoke for a few minutes and I said my goodbyes.

I had a few errands to run on the way home and finally arrived just after six. The afternoon was very rewarding. There is something to be said with doing something for others just because. I saw that there was a message on my machine and stopped to see who it was.

“Hello, this is Ted; we met this afternoon at Stu’s. My brother Leo and I were wondering if we could have you come to our place for a few more lessons. Give me a call.”

Ted left his number and I thought I’d call after dinner.


“Hello is this Ted, this is Layla how are you?”

“Oh, hello Layla, thanks for calling me back.”

“I’m glad you and Leo had such a good time this afternoon, so much so that you’d like a few more lessons is that right?”

“Yeah, me and my brother are lousy cooks; mostly we eat out or just throw something frozen in the oven. We got to talking on the way home and I decided gaziantep escort bayan sitesi to give you a call and see if you have any time to teach us a few more recipes.”

“You did very well today, so sure I can do that, when would you like to get together, I’m busy tomorrow but any day after that is fine.”

“Okay, well good, how about Friday?”

“That’s fine Ted, how about ten o’clock Friday morning that will give us a good part of the day. Is there anything special you’d like to try?”

“Leo and I have a few idea’s,so just come on over and we’ll see how it goes. I’ll make sure we go shopping tomorrow so we have all the things we need. Maybe if we do okay you can stay for dinner?”

“I actually don’t have any plans for the evening so okay, that sounds like fun. I’ll see you on Friday morning.”

Ted gave me directions and the plans were made. I was happy with the prospect of teaching the brothers how to cook good wholesome food. Older people don’t always eat well and if I could give them what they needed I was thrilled to help.

Friday morning was here before I knew it. I showered and dressed and got to their house at just about ten o’clock. The brothers lived in a very secluded part of the community. Their home was at the end of a road that only had one other house on it at the very beginning of the street. The house was small but well kept. The lawn was mowed and they actually had some really pretty landscaping. I parked in the driveway and walked to the door admiring the beautifuk flowers. Ted had evidently watched me pull in and was already waiting to greet me.

“Good morning Ted, what a beautiful yard you have, someone spends quite a bit of time out here.”

“Leo and I had a landscaping business for almost forty five years before we sold it and retired. These hot summers got too much for us and the old bodies gave out. We still like working in the dirt so we keep it looking nice as we can.

Come on in.”

Ted stepped aside and I walked into a very lovely home. I must admit I wasn’t expecting it. Two older men living together don’t usually take the time to keep a house so nice. Leo was in the living room and got up to say hello when Ted closed the door.

“Hello Layla, we’re sure glad you could come over, I’m pretty tired of frozen food and going out.”

“It’s my pleasure Leo, nice to see you again. So did you have time to go shopping?”

“Yes we did, we like chicken so we bought that and a few other things. How about we go in the kitchen and get started.”

Over the next few hours I showed the boys how to clean and season a roasting chicken. They also brought in some potato’s and told me they liked creamy things so maybe we could make some scalloped potatoes they remember having them as kids and really enjoyed them. We cleaned and peeled some fresh carrots and I showed them how easy it was to season them and put them in oven to roast along with the chicken.

“Layla we got some sweet cream so you could show us again how to whip it up. Leo here is a milk man, he loves milky things. I like it too but my favorite is juicy dishes.”

We made the whipped cream and Leo was like a little boy he wanted to lick the beaters. I watched him swirl his tongue around making sure he got every drop. They had some very nice strawberries and we cleaned them and put them in some sugar to get syrupy.

“There’s nothing like a mouthful of sweet juice, all sticky and running down your chin is there Leo.”

Ted licked the spoon and sucked every drop until it was clean.

Once the oven was full all we had to do was let the oven do it’s magic for a couple of hours and dinner would be ready.

“It’s going to be about two hours so how about a glass of sweet tea Layla?”

“That’s sounds good, thank you Ted.”

“Leo, why don’t you take Layla into the living room and I’ll get us some tea.”

Leo walked me into the living room and I followed him admiring their home.

“Why don’t we sit here on the couch Layla?”

Leo and I sat down, I was in the middle and he was on my right. We chatted about the meal we had made and in a few minutes Ted came in with a tray of tea and some cookies. I was impressed; they were very much the gentlemen and seemed excited about the meal we put together.

“We didn’t make these cookies but they are pretty good. Maybe we can learn how to make some sometime.”

“I’d be happy to teach you how to bake Ted. What else do you like?”

Ted settled in next to me on my left and there I was sitting between the two of them on the couch.

“Well, to be honest we like sweet things, and of course Leo loves his milk. I like things I can sink my teeth into and chew on. I like things wet and gooey. There’s nothing like sucking on a nice big dark sweet cherry and letting the juice fill up your mouth. Leo and I are always looking for that special thing we can both get into.”

We laughed and then Ted continued to speak.

“So, Layla, Stu told us you’re a single gaziantep escort bayan forum lady is that right?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Well me and Leo here were real happy to see you the other day at Stu’s, besides being a real good cook, you’re exactly the type of woman we like. We like a woman to look like a woman, no skinny ladies for us. If you don’t mind me saying, you have curves in all the right places. It’s real nice to see that you have a real liking of good food and like to eat it. If I could be blunt we like the way you’re built.”

I was slightly surprised at the words that came out of Ted’s mouth but to be honest I was also becoming just a little excited.

“Oh, well exactly what do you mean?”

“You have a real nice figure. Leo couldn’t stop talking about you all the way. Look we’re all adults, so can I speak plainly?”

I was suddenly very interested in what these two had to say.

“Of course go right ahead.”

“Leo here is a tittie man. He loves nice big tits to play with, don’t you Leo?’

I turned to look at Leo and he smiling as he spoke.

“Oh yeah, I love big titties, hell I could play with a pair of big titties for hours. I like watching them swing around and bounce up and down. When the nipples get good and hard I like to suck on them and get them even bigger. I bet you like your nipples sucked don’t you Layla?”

I was both surprised and genuinely aroused. I wanted to hear more. You may be thinking I should have stopped this manner of speaking but I was intrigued by these two brothers. I decided to let the tone of the banter continue and answered honestly.

“I do like that, very much.”

“See Ted, I told you, a woman with big jugs like hers likes a good long nipple sucking. The longer those babies get attention the more she likes it, and then the part you like gets good and primed.”

These two had obviously spoken at length about yours truly.

“Leo, I like a good pair of tits as much as you do, as a matter of fact, I like a little nipple action myself, but what I like more is how juicy the pussy gets when you’re playing with the tits. Get some good tit playing going and pretty soon the pussy is hot and wet. You get your fingers in that pussy and rub it real good, and in next to no time you know just where that sweet cherry pit is. You know what I believe Leo, a nice round firm pair of tits with hard suck on me nipples means a sweet juicy swollen clit isn’t far away. That’s what makes us such a good pair Leo, while you’re chewing away on these tits I’ll get right down there sucking me some sweet pussy.”

I sat completely surprised and honestly stunned. These two wasted no time in telling me exactly what they were thinking. I suspected that Ted was the stronger personality when I met the boys at Stuart’s, Leo it turns out is quite capable of speaking up for himself. My head was spinning, I could just get up and leave and that would be the end of this, or, I could stay right where I was and see where this was going, what do you think I did?”

“I think you boys need to slow down here. I’m honestly surprised at where this conversation is going,”

“It’s going where ever you let us go. You sure do have a pretty big set of tits; Leo’s been talking about you since we saw you at the cooking lesson. I think your sweet pussy is already wet; your big stiff nips are sticking straight out just beggin to be played with. How about you sit back and let us get to It.?

I was crazy with lust for these two. I wanted the talking to stop and the action to start. How would it look if i simply agreed to their plan. Apparently Ted had no intention of waiting for my decision; he took my silence as the answer he was hoping for.

“Leo, why don’t you reach out and get to work with these big titties, I think this little lady is ready for some brotherly lovin.”

Leo wasted no time in reaching for me. His old bony hands were all over me, squeezing and rubbing, he found my nipple through my blouse and grabbed onto it, pinching and twisting.

“Oh yeah, these are real nice nipples, hard and big already and I haven’t even got my mouth on them yet.”

Leo bent his head forward and clinched my right nipple between his teeth and started biting it. I let my head fall back against the couch and was helpless. I watched this old man chewing on my nipple through my bra and blouse and he was driving me crazy. He let the now stiff nipple out of his mouth and began pinching the other one.

“I need to get this tittie out in the open so I can see it up close.”

He let go of my nipple and reached into the top of my blouse into my bra and pulling the blouse down he lifted my right breast up and out into the air.

“Look at that tittie topper, Oh yeah; I’m going to have to suck this real good.”

“Just like we thought, nipples the size of hard candy, the kind that you can roll around on your tongue and suck real hard, Leo I think you might be right, these titties were just waiting for a pair escort bayan gaziantep of lips to get to work and put a hard chewing on them.”

Leo licked my nipple round and round and bit it over and over. He wrapped both hands around my breast and squeezed until the nipple was sitting hard and stiff on top. He closed his lips around the hard knob and sucked like he was a staving baby. Pursed lips slurped, he whipped his long tongue around my throbbing nipple and I heard myself moaning.

“I think I’ll get me a little bite of this big tittie too Leo, looks real sweet and tasty.”

Ted opened the buttons of my blouse and pulled my bra down until my left breast was completely free and exposed. He lifted it to his mouth and latched onto my protruding nipple and sucked hard. The sounds of sucking and slurping were maddening. I looked down at these two sucking on my tits and I swear it almost made me cum.

“I told you she would love it didn’t I Ted, these tits were ready for a good sucking, I saw these tittie toppers get hard the other day and knew right then she wanted us to bring her here and play with her.”

“Is he right, you like us old boys sucking these tits of yours don’t you?”

How could I deny what he already knew was the truth.

“Yes, I love it, please don’t stop.”

And they didn’t, they took my blouse completely off and unclasped my bra. Leo pulled me up and had me standing in between them while they sat on the couch each of them sucking and biting my nipples.

“Smell that Leo, that’s prime wet hot juicy pussy. I think I need to check and see if it’s ready for me, I think it is. Let’s see if I’m right.”

Ted let go of me and got off the couch, crouching down on the floor between my legs. In a matter of a second he spread my feet apart and reached up under my skirt.

“Let’s see if it’s ready, I’m going to slip my little finger in here and check it out so you keep sucking those tits Leo.”

He reached into my panties and when he touched my lips I nearly screamed. He was looking right into my eyes when he moved his finger slowly up and down my wet slit, licking his lips and driving me wild.

“Oh, it’s ready; this is one gushing river of pussy juice. Hot pussy is made for licking, nice and smooth, this lady keeps the grass mowed real close, just the way I like it. I think I need a taste.”

Ted pulled his finger out and put it in his mouth, stopping to smell it first. I watched his tongue slowly moving up and down his crooked old finger, licking it clean, and not wasting a drop.

“This is prime pussy Leo, sweet creamy and wet. I think it’s time to get her ready for me. Let’s get her down on the couch; you sit down behind her so you can keep working those jugs you love so much.”

Leo got up, spread his legs apart and motioned for me to sit between them. Ted was leaning back waiting for me to be in the right position. Leo’s hands reached under my arms and he was swiftly back to work pulling and rolling my nipples. Ted got up on his knees and dragged me to edge of the couch.

“Spread your legs open for me, nice and wide.”

Ted took hold of my ankles and put my feet on the edge of the coffee table behind him. He leaned closer to me and just took a long deep breath.

“There is nothing sweeter than wet pussy. I think I’ll just touch it a little bit.”

I was trembling, I wanted him to touch me, and I wanted it now.

I followed his hand when he flattened his palm and rubbed my crotch up and down. My clit was so hard and stiff I felt each movement of his hand.

“Ohhh, yeah, I can feel the cherry Leo, its real hard and standing up nice and big. I think I’ll pull these panties to the side here and take a look.”

I felt his fingers curl under the crotch of my panties and pull them away from me.

“Look at this, sticky, juicy, wet hot pussy with a big get down and suck me cherry stickin out. I gotta have me a good taste, can’t wait another minute.”

My eyes watched him open his mouth, slowly sticking his old tongue out, moving closer and closer, until I felt it touch me. Ted’s long hard tongue licked me from the bottom of my pussy real slow stopping at the top of my lips to wrap his lips around my clit. I was almost crying it felt so good.

“Oh that’s it brother, suck that cherry real good, let me see you tongue it real good, you were right Ted, that’s a fine big juicy cherry, and you can suck it up and down real good. This lady’s clitty is as big as these nipples, you were right. Listen to her Ted, she loves it, suck her good and make her cum in your mouth. That’s what you want isn’t it, you want him to suck you hard so you cum don’t you. You know what, I’m going to get up and suck these tits real hard, me and Ted, he’s on your clit and I’m on your tits, we’re going to give you a real hard cum.”

Leo, slipped out from behind me and got down on the couch next to me, he grabbed both my tits in his hands and pushed them together real close, he covered my throbbing nipples with his mouth and sucked hard. Ted had my clit between his lips and his tongue was whipping it back and forth, I screamed when I felt the shock of my orgasm, Ted latched tighter onto my clit and started sucking fiercely. I had to push them off me because I couldn’t take one more second of the punishing wave that was rocking my body. Ted replaced his mouth with his fingers, he drove them deep into me and finger fucked me with no mercy.

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