There she was again in my office, sitting in my chair, her long sexy legs up on my desk. She smiled at me so innocently and asked me if I had time to talk, knowing that I always made time to talk with my students.

I work as the chef at a private school neatly tucked away in the middle of the vineyards of Napa Valley. The students come from various backgrounds and when they graduate everyone of them have gone on to be successful in the career they have chosen. A few like Kaycee had parents who insisted on them working to earn their spending money. So she found herself working in my kitchen. She was a quick learner and did her job well.

Kaycee was an amazing young lady. Bright, intelligent, an infectious smile and without a doubt one hot young body to go with her incredible personality. Sadly she also had had her fair share of problems. Her parents had divorced several years ago and she had learned the game of playing one off the other to get her way. But now at 18 years of age and graduation just around the corner, she was just oozing with enthusiasm and confidence.

So why was she again sitting in my chair with those damn gorgeous legs up on my desk. I sat down in another chair and asked her what’s up, trying hard not to get caught staring. She talked about how she hated her geometry class, how frustrated she was with her dad and how much she disliked her mother. As I listened I let my mind wander. I wondered if she was flirting with me. She seemed to love spending much of escort bayan her spare time talking with me. No that couldn’t possibly be the case. I am 27 years her senior, gray, balding and several pounds heavier than I like. All of a sudden I realized she was quiet. As I looked at her I noticed she was staring at me. Seeing the recognition in my face she asked if I had even been listening. Of course I had and told her so. But we both knew that my thoughts were elsewhere. She got up from the chair and started to leave my office. Then she stopped and asked me if I thought she was pretty as she twirled around. I told her some day she was going to make some man very happy. Kaycee smiled. She walked over to me bent over and whispered in my ear – thank you giving me a great big hug. Knowingly she smiled and said I had better get home as she walked out the door.

A few days later, Kaycee was once again in my office. I had my head down on my desk tired from the long day. She sat herself down in the chair across from my desk and put her legs up on my desk. The last thing I wanted right then was to have to listen to her stories. I think she sensed that and asked if I was okay? I assured her I was. Just very tired and in need of a good massage. Everything was silent for a couple of minutes and I think I actually dozed off. The next thing I knew was that there were 2 amazing hands working on my back. This went on for an incredible 45 minutes. I was in heaven. When escort bayan she was done, she leaned done again and whispered in my ear “thanks for being such a great boss and making things so special around here.” I smiled. I told her that if that’s all it took I should be able to expect that sort of service everyday through graduation. She grinned and agreed if I would swing by Starbucks and pick up her favorite coffee – caramel mocha. Sounded like a great deal to me.

As I stood up to leave Kaycee gave me her customary hug but this time she kissed me. I responded pulling her close in to me as we tongued each other deeply. I couldn’t believe how this amazing beauty was turning me on. My hands were squeezing her butt cheeks as she ground her pussy against my cock. I had to have her. I lost total control of any rational thinking. The next thing I knew she was standing there naked in front of me, this 18 year old goddess. I stared at this incredible body in front of me as she studied my reaction. Her 36B breasts with bright pink nipples jutting out at full attention were begging for me. Smiling she unbuttoned my shirt, undid my belt and pulled my pants down. Kneeling there in front of me she took my hard cock into her mouth, her eyes transfixed on my face. I thought for sure I was going to blow my load. After a couple of minutes of one of the most amazing blow jobs I’ve ever had, I stopped her and pulled her up on my desk. As she laid across the top bayan escort gaziantep of it, I lifted her legs and positioned my cock against her pink swollen pussy.

Her hair had been neatly trimmed and shaved along the edges. She was perfect. Slowly I rubbed my hard 7 inch cock over those moist lips lubing the tip of my cock with her juices. She was moaning over how good it was feeling. Then I slipped my cock all the way in. Actually it felt like her pussy sucked me in. I was deep inside this gorgeous body. She was moaning and gasping in pleasure as I began to fuck her. Slowly at first and then hard. All of sudden without warning she screamed and her eyes rolled back into her head as she began to thrash about. It freaked me out. I thought she was having a seizure and I stopped pulling out of her. She screamed at me to finish my job and realized then that it was just an orgasm. I had never seen anyone quite like that before. Quickly I plunged back into her and fucked her hard for a couple more minutes. Just as entered her 2nd orgasm I also lost my load deep inside her pussy. I collapsed on top of her and lay there for a minute or so before rolling off top of her.

She smiled at me and stood up. Putting her clothes on she looked at me still smiling. Picking up my clothes, she walked over to me and helped me get dressed. Leaning in once more she gave me a deep long kiss. Turning around and heading out the door she said “Can’t wait to get my cup of coffee tomorrow morning.” And with that she was gone.

I sat in my chair stunned at what had just happened. My office smelled of the sex we had just had. I cleaned things up, opened the windows, and grabbed my keys. Yes, I was going to bring her coffee in the morning. I was hard again thinking of tomorrow and what it might have in store for Kaycee.

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