Kay and Bob Ch. 02

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The next four weeks Kay and Bob were inseparable. Bob had sat his last exam. Gail had told him that he had passed and had got an excellent grade. Gail was so happy for him. Her husband was now overseeing her, and it was now impossible for them to meet in private. Kay and Bob were spending every minute together. Their lovemaking was now perfect. They could each anticipate the mood of the other, and they knew then what they wanted sexually. There wasn’t a position that they hadn’t tried though Kay loved to be ass fucked in foreplay.

A lot of work had gone into the websites, one for Asset Management and the other for the Investment Trust. Bob had spent a lot of time on research. In his third year of studying Law, he had taken a year’s online course with the University of London and had an MBA Degree from them. Bob had enjoyed this as it had taught him the business aspects of the profession. Gail had suggested that he took this course and she had encouraged and assisted him during the session. Kay had arranged for Jean to be his secretary, she had worked with Kay for over twenty years, and she was a trained Paralegal. Jean was a first-class secretary. She was tall and also had a voluptuous body.

Bob was sure that Jean was one of Kay’s lovers but had never asked her about it. Kay was arranging appointments with a lot of her clients that would be interested in Bob’s services. These meetings were scheduled to start next week. Initially, they would be six meetings per day. Kay would advise Bob before the meeting of the client’s business and their earning power. The majority were keeping their cash in low-interest bank accounts. Kay had recommended Bob on over two hundred of her clients. He was ready for Monday morning.

On Sunday evening after dinner, Kay brought six files into the lounge. She said, “Tomorrow you have six appointments, I believe it would be better if Jean sits in with you. She can take notes, and she also knows all of tomorrow’s clients. Jean is very popular with many of my clients in many personal ways outside of the professional services that we provide for them. Let me explain, all of your meetings tomorrow are with women. Four are married to vanilla husbands that do nothing for their sexual needs. Jean is not vanilla in any shape or form. She like me is bisexual. Jean takes a strong interest in ladies that enjoy sexual exploration.”

“You should spend some time with Jean. I was thinking of inviting her over for dinner. I would love a threescore with you and her. She loves rough sex, and she loves to have rough sex with other women. Jean is an asset for us. Two of the clients on Monday, Jean can bring them to climax with spanking. Jean loves to give pleasure. The girls, as I like to call them, enjoy being ass fucked with Jean wearing her big vibrating and throbbing strapon. I believe that it has ten speeds. She can give them a vaginal orgasm when she ass fucks them with it. It’s not as good as your cock, but it does a good job.”

“Jean and I have spoken to all the girls coming on Monday. They are all interested in investing, so it will depend on your presentation but judging from what Jean has told me you won’t have a problem. I also think that Jean likes you a lot. The two widows both enjoy rougher sex. I am sure that they will all find you attractive. If you are attracted to them, then I am sure that you can have sex with them. Four of Tuesday’s clients are using Jean’s services. After that, it’s just our clients that you will be seeing and I have no idea how they swing sexually. There are only ten in our little group. I would say that if you felt that a client could be interested in some fun, then I would leave it to your judgement.”

The first meeting on Monday was with Carol, her husband owned a pharmaceutical company and had profits of over two hundred million. She had over six hundred million pounds lying in a bank earning a pittance. Her husband was twenty years older than her. She was a beautiful woman with an excellent personality. There was Escort bayan a mutual attraction between Bob and Carol. Bob explained three different options for her that would give her a ten per cent return on her money. She agreed to invest five hundred million pounds which would give her a profit of fifty million pounds annually. At the moment the bank was giving her seven and a half million. Carol was happy. She exchanged her mobile number with Bob.

When she left Jean said, “She likes you a lot. You should invite her for lunch as it’s difficult for her to get out in the evening. Her husband has dementia, and she is running his company now. We put in a beautiful accounting system with IBM Cloud. This, has dramatically improved their management. Kay can check their numbers daily if she sees something peculiar she can act on it immediately.

By Tuesday afternoon Bob had got on with a total four of the girls. Carol, Ruth who had an older husband. Jill and Tracey who were both widows. They were all tall, voluptuous women. The others were nice too but Bob decided on four with Kay could be manageable, he also found Jean attractive and was sure that she would be part of the group. By the end of the week, Bob had met the top thirty clients. They had attracted more than double than what Bob had budgeted for. Jean was now going to preside over the rest of the meetings allowing Bob to get on with managing the Fund.

Kay was impressed with the amount of money that they were managing. Bob had set up a straightforward but workable system that had appealed to everyone. She was confident that this business would take off. The overheads were so low. Jean and Bob’s salary was coming out of her firm. There was a charge for the IBM Cloud and Software, but the Accountancy firm was absorbing all the other expenses. It was a no risk situation. The next months would be exciting. Kay knew that Carol, Ruth, Jill and Tracey were interested in Bob. She also knew that they would be a lot more engaged when they found out how good he was in bed. She then decided to ask Jean around for supper on Saturday night.

Jean arrived at seven on Saturday evening. Kay had cooked a leg of lamb which was delicious. It was a very relaxed meal. They were chatting easily amongst themselves. They were all impressed by how well the first week of the new businesses had gone. Jean asked, “Have you had contact with any of the girls?”

Bob replied, “Yes, all of them has messaged me, but I have told them that I have been so busy that it will be next week at the earliest that I will be in a position to meet them.”

Kay said, “With Carol and Ruth you should invite them both to our house for drinks one afternoon. They work so well together. Both their husbands are vanilla, and both have had nothing from them for years. Percy, Ruth’s husband, watches her closely. You should message them and suggest a threesome one afternoon next week. Then they can give each other an alibi by saying that they are going for lunch then shopping together. Peter, Carol’s husband, has severe dementia and hasn’t long to go. Percy also has dementia, but he is in the early stages of it. Message them together then they will set it up.”

They went into the lounge, and within a minute they were all naked. Jean’s body was perfect. She was fit, and her figure was superb. When she saw Bob’s massive cock, she said, “That’s amazing, I have never seen one as big. Carol and Ruth will love that. Ruth loves to be spanked. She can have a vaginal orgasm with it. She also has gigantic tits with very sensitive nipples. In fact, Carol is the same. You should slap their tits with that beauty, and they both will climax.”

“They are both open-minded and amenable. They are both very spontaneous and love to try new things. I know one thing that the three of you will have a lot of fun.”

Bob sat on the sofa and Kay, and Jean was on each side of him. They were both licking and sucking his cock and balls. Jean was taking his full length Bayan escort in her mouth as Kay was sucking his balls. He was fingering both their sex slits. Both were very wet. Jean had a beautiful swollen vulva. He had two fingers inside her. She was gripping his fingers tightly as was Kay. Bob had thought that he would do Jean first as he had already had two severe sessions with Kay, he said, “Kay darling, will you get Jean aroused for me. Make sure her ass is well lubed as I will ass fuck her first.”

Jean replied, “Do that Kay when you can fist my ass then I am ready for that massive cock. Talk to Carol and Ruth like that, and they will fucking love it. I am so aroused now.”

Kay and Jean then lay down on the carpet and started to sixty-nine. Bob felt Jean’s clit; it was big but not as big as Kay’s. Twenty-five minutes later they were both sucking the other’s clit as they fisted each other. Bob had been watching them, they both knew what they were doing. Both had their legs open wide, and both weren’t being gentle with their fisting. Bob was rock hard as watching them with their foreplay had aroused him. Kay said, “She’s ready darling, both holes are ready for you now. I have never seen her so horny; she will give you an amazing fuck.”

Bob then made Jean bend over an armchair; she used the arms for support. She spread her legs pushing her ass and cunt teasingly out towards his massive cock. Her cunt juices were dribbling out of both her holes. She was ready for him, and her ass and cunt were hungry for him. He went behind her and centred his bulbous crown on her ass hole. With a gentle thrust, his cock vanished into her ass. She gasped then said, “That feels amazing. Fuck me hard and deep.”

He soon was pounding her with a vigorous rhythm. She was pushing against his pounding cock. Eight minutes later she had her first vaginal climax. She was shaking with it, but he kept on pounding her. Jean said, “You are amazing, you are hitting my G-spot perfectly. That was an intense orgasm.”

Relentless he kept on pounding her. Five minutes later she had her second orgasm which was massive. She was shaking and trembling with this one. Kay had been stimulating her clit and squeezed her clit between two fingers as she climaxed. Jean said, “I can’t believe how good this is. If someone asked me how to describe it, I would be struggling to find the right words.”

He pulled out then went into her pussy doggy style. He soon had an aggressive rhythm going. Her cunt was squelching noisily with her cunt juices. She was a great ride. She was gripping his cock with her incredibly strong cunt muscles. Once again Kay was stimulating her hard clit as he rode her. Thirty minutes later he exploded inside her seconds after she had climaxed. She then gripped his cock tightly inside her. It was like a vice, he couldn’t move his cock. She said, “That was the best fuck of my life. My ass and cunt are throbbing and tingling. You are something else. Carol and Ruth are going to love you. Fuck them both as you have fucked me today and you will own both of them. When you write with them flirt with them. They are going to love you.”

Bob then concentrated on Kay. Fifty minutes later Kay had a massive climax. She was trembling violently with it. She said, “That’s my third orgasm today. You know how to keep mummy happy. Jean is right, flirt with Carol and Ruth. They will love that. I also thought that you should arrange a threesome with Jill and Tracey, you should fix it up for an evening at one of their houses. I think that our major investors are going to have a wonderful time.”

Bob hadn’t cum with Kay. He then lay on the floor, his massive cock rock hard and asked Jean to ride him in both holes cowgirl. Jean took him in the ass first. After her second orgasm, she took him in her cunt; she gave him a fantastic ride. She loved to give pleasure, and she knew how to do it. Thirty-five minutes later they both climaxed simultaneously. She leaned down and kissed him passionately Escort and tenderly then said, “Bob, I am going to work so hard for you. You are amazing.”

On Sunday, Bob had time to write to Carol and Ruth; he sent the same message to them both which read, “Girls, I am sending the same message to both of you so that we are all in the loop. I think that the best solution is if we have a threesome at Kay’s house one afternoon during the week. If it’s possible could you check with each other what’s the best afternoon that would suit both of you then I can adjust my diary to accommodate this time? Look forward to hearing from you both. Regards, Bob.”

He checked his WhatsApp ten minutes later. He had a reply from both of them. Ruth’s response read, “Thank you so much; my sex slit got very wet as I read your message. I have spoken with Carol, and we can be available from noon on Wednesday, but we both must be home by six in the evening. It’s difficult with Percy, as all he has got to do is watch what I am doing. May I make a suggestion? We are all members of the Golf Club. I can invite Kay, you and Percy to the monthly dance. Percy is still reasonably compos mentis though he is not as sharp as he used to be. He still has his balance and can dance. He gets tired easily. After the dance, I will invite you back to my house for drinks.”

“I will give Percy his sleeping pill, and he is then asleep in twenty minutes. Then you can fuck me in the other room with Kay. Kay and I have done this several times in the past without any difficulties. It would arouse me if we did this. I am so looking forward to Wednesday. I can’t wait for our first kiss and touch. Love Ruth,”

He then read Carol’s message; it read, “Hi Bob, thanks so much for the message. Ruth has spoken with me, and because of Percy, she must be home by six. I don’t have that problem as Peter, my husband is now confined to bed. My housekeeper stays with him when I am not there. He is given a strong sedative at six then sleeps until nine the following morning. This allows me to entertain in the evenings so if we get on well that’s another option that we have. Wednesday around twelve at Kay’s is perfect for both of us. Ruth and I will have brunch before we arrive.”

“I would like to thank you for the advice you gave me on Monday. There’s a big difference between what you are giving us and what we were getting just leaving it in the Bank. Peter was never keen on investments. He used to say we shouldn’t be greedy, we have made money, and it’s safe in the Bank. I think that it is prudent doing what you have suggested and it’s risk-free. I can’t spend the money that I have. We have no children. Peter’s brother has a son but he is a drug addict and from what I’ve been told hasn’t long for this life.”

“I would love to talk with you about setting up a charitable trust so that I can help some of the less fortunate people locally. We can speak about this later. At the moment I’m just thinking of nice ways that I can spoil you on Wednesday. I am very open-minded and enjoy everything. Peter was vanilla and a very selfish lover. He would cum very quickly, then fall asleep, which I found so frustrating. I had to fake so many orgasms, as he believed that he was a stallion in bed, so I faked as if I didn’t he would have lost his self-confidence.”

“I am looking forward to Wednesday, Ruth and I are good together. If there’s anything special, that you would like to do or anything special, that you would like us to do for you then just let me know. I know that the three of us will have a lot of fun on Wednesday. I think of you a lot. Love Carol.”

Bob replied to Carol; first, he wrote, “Carol, don’t mention it. I am happy to help you. In the next week, we can meet and have a chat about setting up a Charitable Trust. It might be a good idea if I came in the evening and stayed over with you. I will be gone well before nine. I am looking forward to Wednesday too. I want to get to know both you and Ruth. I think of you often too. Love Bob.”

He then replied to Ruth; it read, “Hi Ruth, thanks for the message. Don’t worry I will make your cunt very wet on Wednesday. That’s a good idea about the Golf Club Dance. We should take a table. I am looking to Wednesday too. Love Bob.”

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