Jenni’s First Job

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It was a warm summer morning as Jenni turned over to turn off her alarm. Today was her first day of work and she was excited and anxious. Since she’d just graduated from high school she needed one to help support herself and her older sister she lived with. They lived in a nice 2 bedroom apartment in the ‘burbs and they needed the extra cash for rent. Jenni had been looking for months when she saw the add in the paper. “Looking for young female to help around my small business. No expierence required, will train. Pay starts at $15” By this time Jenni was desperate for anything and sent in her resume to the address listed. Two days later she received a call from Ms. Banger saying that she got the job and to show up at 10 o’clock Monday dressed in a plain white shirt, dress pants, and heels.

“Why would she tell me what to wear? I thought professional was professional?” she thought. “Oh well, I better get moving I don’t want to be late for my first day of work.”

As she rose from her bed, Jenni did her morning stretch to shake off her grogginess. She walked over to her closet and picked out just what Ms. Banger had told her: a plain white tee, a pair of black pants, and a nice pair of black heels. She debated on what bra and panties she wanted to wear, and opted for a lacy white bra and matching white panties. After picking out all her clothes, she laid them on her bed and walked into the bathroom to shower.

She turned the shower on and adjusted the temperature to a mild hot. As she disrobed she couldn’t help looking at herself in the mirror. She had always been shy but over her last year at school she became a bombshell. Standing at 5’5, 120 lbs, with 38 C’s she had all the right curves in all the right places. Her brownish-red hair set off her pale skin, and her brown eyes looked like the inside of an abyss. Not only that but she had an ass that had every woman’s envy. All in all Jenni was a 9 if not a 10 but looking at herself in the mirror she still had the mentality of her shy high school years. She didn’t even notice all the heads she turned because she thought nobody could possibly want someone like her.

She jumped in the shower and 20 minutes later she was out and drying off. She started from top to bottom first drying her hair, then face and neck. As she continued her hands lowered to her breasts, drying in circular motion, getting under and between her twins. Then she moved on to her lower back, tummy, and her ass. As she dried her ass she used the same motion of her breasts, going in circular motion slowly moving forward to dry her moist pussy. As she dryed, she could feel the heat growing between her legs and she had to ignore the feeling as she had other things to worry about. After moving on to her legs and feet, she hung the towel on the hook and walked back into her room. She usually didn’t bother putting clothes on after her morning shower because her sister was usually working and she was the only one home. This was one of the things she liked most about living with her sister, she had her privacy. And honestly, even if her sister was here it would be no big deal that she was in the nude, her sister did it occasionally and they’ve seen each other naked before. It was a silent agreement they had made “Don’t ask…unless you want to know”.

As Jenni dressed her mind raced with the possibilities of the day. Her first job, and she didn’t even know what she was supposed to do yet. She wondered what her job title would be and what she would be trained to do. For $15 an hour she figured it’d be something she knew nothing about, but decided the starting pay was worth it. She walked into the bathroom and clipped up her curls so they framed her face, but was out of the way. As she moved on to make-up she remembered she didn’t know how to get to the address that was listed in the paper. The street sounded familiar but she had no idea where it was. After she put the last coat of lipgloss on she slipped on her heels, grabbed her purse and keys and left her room. She walked across the hallway to her sisters room, and turned on the computer. Her sister kept it in her room so it wouldn’t get broke, but always left her door open in case Jenni had to use it. As the computer booted she walked back to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. When she came back, she had the address in hand and googled the address.

“That’s where I knew the street from!” She thought as her eyes roamed the map. Her best friend had taken her to a party a few streets down a few months ago. It was on the outside of town, and had a reputation of having the hottest warehouse rave’s and parties. “Hm…I wonder what kind of small business is way out there?”

She printed out the directions, shut off the computer and went downstairs. She looked at the clock. “9:45. Nice. I should be there a few minutes early.” And strutted out the door…….

As she pulled up to the old warehouse, her nerves had calmed down a bit but her curiosity rose as she looked the building up and down. It was painted black Escort bayan and had no windows that she could see. There was a sign above the door that read ” Hedonistic Heaven”. Reading the sign added to her curiosity as she pondered the meaning. Her black heels clicked on the pavement as she walked up to the door, and she noticed another sign reading “Member’s only. Swipe members card to enter.” This is odd she thought. “How the hell do I get in then?”

“Aww you must be our new employee, Jenni. Ms. Banger is in the back at the moment but come on in and wait.” A voice said out of nowhere. As Jenni looked for the source of the voice she noticed a small intercom next to where members swiped their cards. The door clicked, and unlocked. Jenni slowly opened the door, not knowing what to expect.

She walked into a little receptionist area, with a few chairs against the right wall. A young woman behind the desk waved her over. She was about average size with curly light brown hair, but as Jenni walked closer, she could see that her best asset was her huge boobs. “WOW! Those must be at least 48DD. Maybe if I had a pair of those I could get a man.” She thought to herself.

“Welcome to Hedonistic Heaven. I’m Melody. Ms. Banger will be right with you to show you around” She stuck out her hand and Jenni politely shook it. “Nice to meet you Melody.”

“So how did you hear about our opening?” Melody asked.

“Well I was reading the paper the other day, and I saw the add and figured why not.”

“Oh.” Melody said. “I didn’t know they put the opening in the paper. Usually you get hired by being a member or by a member’s recommendation.”

“What kind of small business runs like that? And what exactly is this place?” Jenni asked.


“If you come with me, I will answer those questions.” Jenni recognized the voice. It was Ms. Banger, the woman she spoke with on the phone, and who hired her. From first glance Jenni knew Ms. Banger was quite young maybe 26 at the most, and very attractive. She was tall and thin, with blonde hair and amazing blue eyes. She was dressed in tight black jeans, and a shirt that looked 2 sizes too small, that read ” Hedonistic Heaven”.

“Ok.” Jenni followed Ms. Banger beyond the desk through a hallway and into a room on the left. It looked like a small office, and Jenni realized that it was Ms Bangers office. As Ms. Banger sat down she motioned for Jenni to do the same.

“Now Jenni, before you start there are some minor details we must go over”

“Ok. Like what?”

“Well like explained in the add there is no experience necessary, and we will provide training. You will start off as my assistant, and will follow my directions to the tee. You will be paid $15 an hour under the table, and work Monday through Friday and some weekends.”

“That’s fine with me.” Jenni replied. “But may I ask what you do?”

“For now, there is no need for you to know that. You will help me run errands, take my calls and do whatever I see fit.”

“Um…..Ok.” Jenni said.

“Good. Now then, your 18 years of age and are I’d say about a size 3?”

“Huh? Oh yea I’m 18 but what does my size have to do with anything?”

“To order your uniform. If you are to work here than you must dress accordingly.”

“Yea I’m a size 3.”

“Ok. Well, all we have left is for you to sign is the employee contract. Basically stating you agree to be here on time, and perform your duties to your best ability.”

Ms. Banger handed the paper to Jenni, and passed her a pen. She began reading it until Ms. Banger interrupted her. “Just sign it so I can show you around.”

Jenni signed it and started to read it again but Ms. Banger grabbed it out of her hand before she could read 2 words.

“Common. You have more important things to worry about, like your first task.”

Ms. Banger led her out of the office across the hallway and into a huge storage room. “This is the inventory room where you will be doing most of your work. I’m so busy that I can’t keep up with the new shipments anymore.”

“Oh I see. That’s where I come in. What exactly am I suppose to keep inventory of?” Jenni asked.

Ms. Blake led her over to one of the shelves.

“We sell the most desirable products to our Hedonistic costumers.”

She motioned toward the shelf and encouraged Jenni to take a look. What Jenni saw, stopped her in her tracks. On the self was laying a latex black body suit with holes cut in the material and a red corset with restraints sewed into the back. Jenni immediately knew this was some sort of specialized lingerie company.

Just as she opened her mouth to object Ms Banger spoke.

“Now, Jenni. Before you say anything take a better look around and think about what we spoke of earlier.”

Jenni paused to think it over. Than began working her way around the gigantic room. As she passed the racks she noticed some more tasteful lingerie and that settled her nerves quite a bit. But as she Bayan escort worked her way back to Ms. Banger, she saw more kinky and weirder “lingerie”.

“As you can see we carry a very wide selection for our members, we even do customizations and special orders. What I need of you to do is order new shipments, and do weekly inventory. When you are not doing that I will find something else for you.”


Ms. Banger showed Jenni how to do inventory and order new items and then let her off for the day. “I have a special meeting so you may leave. Come back tomorrow ready to start working”

The next morning Jenni arrived at “Hedonistic Heaven” quite nervous again. “It’s just a lingerie shop. I don’t even see the customers, I’m in the back. Everything will be fine” She told herself trying to calm down.

As she walked up to the door she was greeted by the receptionist, Melody’s voice. “Morning Jenni. Come on in!”

The door clicked and Jenni opened the door into the small receptionist area again.

“Ms. Banger said she showed you what to do today, and to let you get right to work.”

“Oh yey inventory.” Jenni said as she walked back through the hallway to the inventory room. As she walked towards the counter and the computer in the center of the room she gazed at some of the items. “Hmm some of this stuff isn’t that bad. Like this pink teddy and thong combo are pretty cute” Jenni thought to herself. She hated to admit it but she started to like the thought of working there. “It’s good pay, and maybe with my employee discount I can buy some stuff and attract a dam guy.” She started doing inventory as she thought. Sifting through everything took forever but she kept herself occupied by thinking what they would look like on her. Jenni didn’t know how long she’d had been in there but knew it had to be at least 4 hours, when Ms. Banger walked in, and she didn’t look happy.

“I can’t believe she’d treat a customer like that! Serves her ass right to get fired but now I’m a girl short!”

“What happened Ms. Banger?” asked Jenni.

“The shop girl Stephanie wigged out on a customer and started swearing and almost punched him! I’m lucky he didn’t call the police! I threw her out and fired her but now I have nobody to work out in the shop.” Ms. Banger gave me a look a I knew what she wanted.

“You want me to work in the shop don’t you?”

“Oh my god yes! I know I haven’t trained you up front yet but I’ll give you a quick rundown. All you have to do is ring up purchases and help customers when needed. If there are no more of the item you need up front, look up the item code and come back here to get one. The same goes with catalog orders.”

“Ok. Seems simple enough.” Jenni said.

“Good. Now you already have your first customer waiting. Don’t EVER pull anything like Stephanie or there will be concequences.” And with that Ms. Banger walked Jenni back to the other end of the hallway and went through the farthest door into the shop.

The first thing Jenni noticed was that this was not just a lingerie shop, but a complete sex shop! “What did I get myself into!” Jenni thought to herself. She was ok with working in a lingerie store, but a full blown sex shop, no way! What if someone she knew came in? She’d be totally embaressed and ashamed. She turned to walk out but Ms. Banger stood in front of the door. “Don’t forget the contract.” She said bluntly. “You agreed to follow it. Everything I ask of you, you must do. Remember?

“I didn’t agree to this. I quit.” Jenni said defiantly

” Oh I wouldn’t do that if I was you.” The smile faded from Ms. Banger’s face. “You and your sister don’t have the money to stay in that apartment of yours for much longer on just her paycheck. You’ll have no place to go if you loose that apartment you know. And if you quit I will personally call every future employer of yours and tell them how you refuse to do work you don’t want to do. Oh and if you try anything else and do not behave than it will be arranged that you and your sister will loose the apartment. Now help that customer and get to work.”

Jenni didn’t know what to do. She was in shock. She slowly came back to reality as Ms Banger was staring at her…waiting. “What if everything she said is true? Could she really do all that?”

“Think I’m lying? Look here. Does this name look familiar? That’s right. Your landlord is one of my most prestigious clients. Is that enough proof?” Ms Banger said.

Jenni stood there for a second and said nothing as she walked towards the store counter. She knew that at least some of what Ms. Banger was true, and didn’t want to find out if it all was true.

As she reached the counter, she saw the customer standing there waiting. He was average looking in his mid 30’s, but had a friendly aura to him. He smiled as he walked up to Jenni, items in his hand.

“You’re going to be kinder than the last girl right?” he asked with a half cocked smile.

” Um..Ya.” Jenni said as she Escort started ringing up his items.

“I have one problem though. I’m shopping for my girlfriend and well I’m not quite sure what her size is, and I was hoping you could help.”

“Well I don’t know how I’m supposed to do that but I can try. What kind of figure does she have?” Jenni asked.

“It was closer to the other shop girl, but a little taller and a little less curves than you.”

“Hm…ok.” Jenni thought of a solution as Ms. Banger walked up. “Do you need help Pete?” She asked the customer obviously the knew each other.

“Oh you know. The usuall, buying for a girlfriend and have no idea what size she is.”

“Jenni here will help you with that.” Ms. Banger said.

She took the item from Pete and asked “Is this the size you think she is?”

“Yes I think. But I’m not sure. I couldn’t tell unless I saw it on someone.” he said as he turned to Jenni and smiled.

“This can’t be good” Jenni thought.

“Terrific idea Pete! Jenni go try this on!”

Again Jenni went to protest but knew it wouldn’t work.

“Do I have to remind you of the employee contract, Jenni?”

Jenni just looked at her as she grabbed the lingerie and walked toward the changing rooms.

“No.” Ms. Banger told Jenni. “You will change out here because of your defiance.”

“What?” Jenni asked. “I can’t change out there he can see me! It’s bad enough I had to put this on but I am not changing in front of him!”

“Yet again you refuse my word. I have no other choice. SECURITY!”

Before Jenni had time to think, two men in black were on both sides of her. “Jesus where did they come from?” she thought to herself. She didn’t know what was about to happen, but she could tell that it wasn’t going to be good.

“Boys, meet Jenni. She’s new around here and doesn’t get how things work just yet.”

They grabbed her as Ms. Banger spoke to them. “She refuses to help our customer here find the right size. Please hold her while I do her job since she won’t.”

Jenni struggled to get away as Ms. Banger came closer but it was no use. The security guys were too big for her to budge. Because her arms were pinned behind her, Ms. Banger had no way to remove her shirt, and ripped it in half instead. As it fell to the floor Jenni screamed “No!”

“If you do not like punishment, then you should listen better.” Ms. Banger replied. “Ted, will you assist me and remove her bra?”

The man to her left moved a little and the next moment she felt her bra clap come undone. Both men loosened their grip on Jenni enough to remove her bra. Now she was standing in the middle of the shop with no shirt, her tits hanging out. The man on her right began rubbing her back slowly as if to calm her.

Jenni knew what was coming next. Ms. Banger stood directly in front of her as she undid Jenni’s pants and slowly them down. Carefully the men next to Jenni moved so they could lift her legs and Ms. Banger removed her pants. Now Jenni was left in only her panties and her heels that Ms. Banger and left on when she took Jenni’s pants off.

Jenni glanced at Pete, and was surprised to see that he enjoyed what he was seeing. Jenni never saw herself as attractive and was extremely flattered at his reaction. Pete stood there with his mouth wide open, and Jenni could swear that there was a buldge in his pants.

“Yes she is quite attractive isn’t she Pete? I was surprised myself when she walked in yesterday. I’ve actually been waiting to see what she’s been hiding under her clothes. I’ve an idea! Pete, to make up for Stephanie’s actions, you can touch Jenni as you wish before putting her in your choice of lingerie.”

“R…really?” Pete asked


“No! Don’t let him do that! Please!”

“Hush pet! This is your punishment! You get no choice now!” Ms. Banger told her.

Jenni whimpered as Pete approached. He began massaging her tits, kneading and rolling them. Pushing them together and playing with her ample cleavage. Next he moved to her nipples and gently pulled and played with them. Jenni couldn’t hid the fact she was liking it, not matter how hard she tried. The moisture began to build between her legs as Pete began sucking on her nipples. He sucked and nibbled on her little rosebuds switching from one to the other. As Jenni looked around helpless to what was happening to her, she saw that the security guards had grins pinned to their faces and Ms. Banger!? She was playing with her own nipples! Jenni could not deny that by this time she was enjoying every minute of what was happening. Pete stopped sucking on her nipples and let his hands travel all over her body. He worked his way down her legs and back up, almost touching her pussy that begged attention. His teasing was torture to her. As he slid back up her legs this time he let his fingers work up to her pussy and found it soaking and waiting. He played her clit for a moment then slammed two fingers into her glistening pussy. That’s when Jenni let out a moan.

“Looks like she’s enjoying her punishment too much, Pete. Time for her showing.” Ms. Banger said removing her fingers from her own snatch and offering them to Ted, who licked and sucked her juices off with pleasure.

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