Jennifer’s Night Out

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With one last tug, I finish tying the knot in the rope which binds your hands behind your back. I then pull the black velvet hood over your head and tighten the drawstring around your neck. As the material is thick, no light comes in, leaving you totally in the dark.

“Master I am afraid.”

“Yes, as well you should be my little girl. But be quiet now. I will take care of you. You are not to speak again unless spoken to.”

I lead you out the front door and down the pathway to the driveway. “Wait here, don’t move.” I go to the back of the house to get the car. As you stand there you hear voices in the street. You wonder if anyone is watching you. You are concerned but a little amused too. “Screw ’em anyway” you think to yourself. “I’m doing what I like to do.” I pull the car up, get out and come around to you. I open the door. “Duck your head down” I say as I push and maneuver you into the back seat. I get back in and pull the car out into the street. “We are going to the far side of town. It may take a bit to get there. Just sit back and relax.”

You wonder how you are supposed to relax. You can’t see, you’re tied up, in the back of a car going who knows where to do who knows what. All you know is that tonight’s session will not be private. And that scares you. You feel the fear. You feel your heart pumping faster. You feel yourself starting to sweat. You want to talk. You want to ask questions. But you know you must not. You want reassurance, but you know it is not coming. Not now. You sit quietly with your thoughts and your fears. All that holds you together is your trust. Trust in a man whose dominance you crave.

From the sounds of the night you determine that we are driving through the downtown area. As we come to a red light you wonder again if anyone might be looking in at you. As we pull away, I take a sharp left turn and accelerate, pushing you back in your seat. You sense the car going very fast. You figure we must be on the expressway. Suddenly you hear the siren directly behind us. You hear me say “Oh shit” under my breath as I pull the car to the side of the road.

“Oh god Michael, what are we gonna do? Take this thing off my head. Shit. What are we gonna say? Do something! Goddammit!.”

“BE QUIET,” I yell back as the fire truck goes screaming by.

Your heart is in your mouth as you realize your mistake. Your vision of explaining the situation to a policeman fades away. Yet you still feel panicked. Your heart is throbbing so hard you can hear it. You are almost hyperventilating. You think about screaming “RED LIGHT” to put a stop to this. You are on the edge. You don’t know if you can continue. The fear is strong. Yet you gather yourself back together. You do not wish to waste a safeword on such a foolish situation. You decide that you will talk about this after the session. You calm yourself down.

After about ten more minutes we arrive at our destination. I help you out of the car. I hold your arm as I lead you up the walkway to the door. You stumble once but I keep you up. Once inside I guide you up two long flights of stairs. We go down a short hallway. I stop you in front of the doors to the club.

“Jennifer, we are going in now. There will be a small audience here tonight. You are to play an important part in a stage scene. Are you ready?”

“I don’t know. xslot What is going to happen? ”

“Everything will be all right. You know I will never let anything harmful happen to you. If you trust me then you will have an experience that you will never forget. Can you do that?”

“Yes…yes, I will try Master.”

I lead you into the room and up the steps of the small stage. You hear voices in the audience but you are unable to make out anything that is being said. It is more of a murmur. There is some jazz music coming from a radio at the far side of the room. You detect a feint smell of marijuana plus a stronger scent which is very pleasant. You find out later that it is frankincense. Although you cannot see you are aware that you are the center of attention. You are scared yet you feel exhilarated. The suspense, the delving into the wicked unknown, keeps your heart pumping hard enough that you feel it. Suddenly you hear footsteps coming closer. You recognize the unmistakeable sound of high heels on the wooden floor.

“Ah, Michael, so good to see you again! It has been such a long time. I’ve missed seeing you. Thank you for coming out tonight.”

“My dear Mistress Catherine, it has indeed been too long. I’ve missed your wonderful parties and scenes. When I received your special invitation for tonight I just had to come.”

“Well, I’m so grateful. And who have you brought with you here?”

“This is Jennifer, a relative newbie. She is exploring her submissiveness. She has a taste for the kinky and I think I can say, the bizarre.”

“Hmmm…..good. She’s in the right place then. Why don’t you show us a bit more of her.”

I start by untieing the ropes holding your hands behind your back. You are relieved to have them off. I pull the zipper of your dress all the way down. It falls free from your shoulders as it slides down from your body. You lift your legs one by one as I take it away. I remove your black bra and panties. Then your shoes. You are naked now but for the hood. I wait before taking it off. You know that everyone is looking. You are not self conscious though. You feel a pride. You stand tall. You like the feeling. You like having your body looked at. You had fantasized about trying out as a stripper but never had the courage. Now, here you are. The exhibitionist comes to life.

Finally I remove the hood from your head. The brightness of the spotlight blinds you for a moment. As your eyes adjust you see your surroundings. You are on a small wooden stage. There are two large stagelights shining down that keep you from seeing into the audience which is in virtual darkness. All you can see are shapes and silhouettes. You judge that there are a few dozen people out there. On the stage besides the two of us and the Mistress are two women dressed as flower girls. They are standing off to the far sides. Immediately opposite you about six feet away is a man dressed completely in black with a hood around his head.

The Mistress approaches and stands directly in front of you. Dressed in a tight bright red top with a black skirt and high black leather boots, she looks every bit the sophisticated FemDom. She fixes your hair which had been a bit disheveled by the hood. She smoothes the stray strands back into place and pushes your hair back over your shoulders. Reaching out, xslot Giriş she pinches your nipples while looking directly into your eyes. Although scared, you are a bit defiant. You recognize she is a Domme but you are unwilling to give her your submission so easily. Her dark eyes bore into you. You can sense her power. You look right back into her eyes but you feel the weakening of your gaze as you realize that you are no match for her. And she sees it. With a slight smile she releases your nipples and walks away from you.

“Girls, let’s get our boy ready for the scene!”

With that command the flowers girls go up to the man in black. Standing on small stools they pull down some rope hanging from the rafters. They raise the man’s arms to the three and nine o’clock positions. They tie the rope tightly securing his arms in position. Next they unbuckle his belt and pull his pants and underwear down around his ankles. The man offers no resistance, but rather seems to be limp as if resigned to his fate.

“Michael, would you have your little girl take her place, please.”

I lead you forward and have you kneel on a pad in front of the man. You are mystified yet intrigued by what is going on. You love that aspect of our sessions. Each one is a journey into the unknown, into the undiscovered recesses of your own sexuality.

The Mistress walks over to the man and pulls the hood off his head. You are stunned when you see the collar, the white collar around his neck. The man is a priest. You are shocked and a bit frightened seeing a priest in this situation. As a child you were raised as a Catholic. You were taught that priests deserved the utmost respect and admiration for their virtuous lifestyles. But clearly, here is one who has wandered from the path. Yet when you look at his face you see pain. The pain of a man who is torn by the dichotomy of purity and debauchery. A man who must upon occasion release the demons of desire and lust which stir within him. And tonight is his time to let them out.

“Well bad boy, welcome to your nightmare. Hmmm….yes, which is of course,…. me. I am here to give you exactly what you deserve. That is to say….hehe….exactly what you want.”

With that the lovely Mistress Catherine unloads on the priest with her long oaken paddle. The smacking sound of the hard wood connecting with the soft bare skin reverberates throughout the small auditorium. The hushed silence of the spectators makes the sound seem even louder. The priest makes no noise, not even a slight moan. Indeed when you look at his face you swear you see him straining to keep from breaking into a smile. There is no doubt in your mind that he is getting satisfaction from the spanking. Even though you can identify with the feeling, you are blown away seeing it in a man of the cloth.

“Now, put her to work!”

I motion you forward, but there is really no need. You understand your position. Without hesitation you reach up and put your mouth on his cock. Although flaccid at the start it quickly swells and hardens in your mouth. In fact it becomes very hard. You are amazed at the stiffness of it. You give the best head you know how to give. You love it. You love the wickedness of it. You love the thrill of giving a blowjob on stage. And you love pleasuring a priest. The ultimate sexual sin. Your xslot Güncel Giriş mind goes back to when you were spanked by Father O’Brian when you were a girl. You cried. You felt the pain. But you also felt HIS pleasure. You knew he liked doing it. But he kept that hidden. Now you feel your chance to bring the desire out into the light of day. To force the virtuous to acknowledge the carnal forces within. The priest moans loudly. Looking up you see the pained expression on his face. You see his resistance. And you know it is your job to break it down. You savor the challenge.

“STOP! NOW! Not so quickly little girl! There is no need to rush here!” You take your mouth off at the command of the Mistress.

“Yes, that is better. Slowly, dear, slowly. Now bring me a whip.” One of the flower girls appears with a short black leather whip. The end of it consists of about twenty two foot long tassels.

“Now Michael dearest what is that number that I need to whip him….what is it…thirty something?”

“Thirty nine.”

“Ah yes…thirty nine, that’s it, yes. Hmmm….such a nice figure.”

With that she lays in heavy with the whip on the hapless priest. The leather tears into his white skin crisscrossing it with heated red welts. The flower girls stand to the side counting each whip lash in unison. The scene is surreal. You join back in by licking all over his massive hard on. Not to be left out I come into the scene by whacking your backside with a flogger with soft rubber strands. You feel no pain, but rather a soothing cooling effect. You like it.

As the whipping continues you rise up and look at the priest. You see his agony and his ecstasy in his face. You grab hold of his collar, ripping it off. With one motion you tear off the buttons of his black shirt exposing his chest. You bite down hard on his left nipple. Your teeth sink in to his flesh. He screams loudly. You enjoy the sound. You enjoy the power.

As the flower girls sing out “thirty nine” there is again a break in the scene. The priest’s backside is covered with deep red welts. The Mistress made sure he paid his penance. In the front there is blood trickling from his nipple. His whole body is sweating profusely.

The Mistress inserts a red butt plug into the priest’s ass. He grimaces slightly as she forces it in deeply. She again picks up the long oaken paddle. “Now, back to work. Finish him this time little girl!”

She again lays in with the paddle. She screams obscenities at the priest, saying things too evil to repeat even in this forum. She pounds his ass mercilessly. Standing on a stool you mount the priest, wrapping your arms and legs around him, you grab his hair tightly to hold on. With a furious passion you fuck him as hard as you possibly can. You grunt and scream out as you put all your strength into it. I flog your ass to spur you on. Incredible energy is being expended by all four participants. With a tremendous release the priest is brought to a body and soul shattering orgasm. His whole being shakes as he lets out a deafening scream. The feel of his sperm squirting inside you triggers your own orgasm. You yell out “God, God, God,” over and over until you can pump no more.

The scene stops. The priest hangs limply in position thoroughly beaten and exhausted. You are on the floor in front of him desperately trying to catch your breath. There is a stirring in the audience. The applause begins and turns into a standing ovation. Mistress Catherine goes to the front of the stage and with a beaming smile on her face bows graciously to the appreciative crowd.

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