Jamie and Amby Ch. 04

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For their last day together this weekend, Jaime and Amby decide to go to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. They’re walking through the parks. Jaime is wearing swim trunks and a tanktop; Amby is wearing a bikini underneath a white shirt and shorts. They’re thinking of what attractions to go on.

Amby says, “Well, it’s hot and we’re in our swimsuits. How about a water ride?”

“Sure, we can do that while we figure the rest out. They have short lines, usually.” The two of them start walking to the nearest ride when Amby opens her purse. “Look what I brought.” Jaime looks in. Amby has lube, the plug, the gag, and the leash.

Jaime nervously laughs. “I don’t think we want to attract that kind of attention at the park.”

Amby starts to close her purse. “Aww. You don’t want me to drag you around on a leash?” She smiles.

“I’d like to go on a few rides before getting kicked out. There’s kids here.”

Amby frowns. “Yeah, you’re right…but, kids can’t see what’s in your ass.”

“What are you suggesting?”

“Put the plug on, and I’ll be sure to make it worth your while.”

“How do you figure?”

“I’ll make you cum a big load on the last ride we go on.”


Jaime takes the plug and some lube, and goes into a bathroom. When he emerges, he looks around to see if anyone noticed. Amby says, “Get it in without any problems?” She pushes on the plug in his ass. “Ooh, a little tight today, are we?”

“Just a little.”

“I’ll see if I can fix that. Let’s go to the water ride.” The two of them get in line. It’s a little long, but not that bad. As they wait, they pinch one another and flirt until they get to the front. It’s a medium-sized raft, but a family behind them wants to go alone, so they get the raft all to themselves. It goes up a ramp and enters a dark cave.

Amby takes off her shorts. “Don’t want to get these all wet. Not yet anyways.”

“What about your shirt?”

“Oh, I think I’d like a wet tshirt. Don’t you?”

Jaime grins. Amby then unties her bottoms. “What are you doing?”

“We’re in a raft, in the dark, and there’s no seat belts. We have a few minutes for you to show me how bad you want to cum later.” She spreads her legs. “Eat me out. Make me cum before we go down the ramp.” Jaime instantly kneels down between Amby’s legs and starts licking her pussy.

Taken by surprise at his quick response, Amby can’t help but start moaning. They can hear their soft echoes throughout the cave. Amby grinds her hips, pushing her pussy into Jaime’s mouth. She holds his head down, as he lifts her legs and pulls her closer, nearly off the seat. Amby spreads her legs, hanging them over the front of the raft. “We’re getting close to the end.” She moans loudly. “Oh, I’m close too.” Jaime starts lapping up her pussy quickly. “I’m gonna-oh! I’m cumming!”

As Amby starts to cum, the two come around the final bend. Jaime sits back up and holds on as they go down the ramp. Amby is still cumming as the raft hits the big splash. She then quickly reties her bottoms before the raft comes back around. The two get out and walk towards the photo booth. Jaime instantly starts laughing. The picture went off as they went down the ramp. Amby is doing her O-face. She pinches Jaime’s ass. “I’ll xslot make you pay for that.”

The two start walking again and decide to go on a ride that takes place in a little sphere. “You sit in the sphere, and it spins around as it goes around a large stage,” Jaime says. The line is a bit long, so the two get to talking a bit.

“Have you been on this ride before?” Amby says.

“Yea, I have. The ball spins around, it’s okay. Inside there’s a wheel that controls it. You can spin the wheel inside the ball to go faster, or just let the ride do the work.” Amby pushes on the plug inside Jaime.

“You won’t have much use for your hands, so that’s okay.” The two continue to go through the line.

Amby whispers in Jaime’s ear. “Every time I poke you, I want you to clench your ass. Get warmed up with the plug.” Jaime nods and Amby pokes him. He clenches and lets out a sharp breath. Someone looks at him, and he starts coughing to cover it up. Amby pokes him again, and he continues to cough while he clenches again. Amby giggles. The two continue to go through the line. Several times Amby pokes Jaime, and he tries to keep himself under control. Amby notices a bulge forming under Jaime’s swim trunks. She lightly strokes it, “This should be a fun ride.”

When the two get to the front, they’ve clearly made some people uncomfortable. It’s a 4-seater, but again, they get the ride to themselves. As they sit down and put on their seatbelts, the staff closes the ball up. Amby instantly undoes Jaime’s trunks and takes his dick out. She then takes off her seat belt, kneels down in front of him, and starts sucking it. Jaime instantly gets hard, and the ride begins to start. “Make sure I don’t fall. You don’t want your Mistress to get hurt.” Amby then turns around and scoots her ass into Jaime’s lap. She inserts his dick into her pussy, and starts to ride him in the cowgirl position.

The spinning of the ride throws Amby off a bit, but it also helps with her hip movement. She bounces up and down; her pussy is soaking from the excitement. Jaime can feel his dick filling her up as her walls tighten around his dick. Amby starts bouncing faster, grinding her hips into Jaime. She moans loudly, but has trouble cumming. “Damnit, I can never get off like this. Fuck, but I’m so turned on.” The ride starts to slow down. “Damnit, we’ll finish this later.” Amby gets off of Jaime, he puts his dick back in his shorts, and Amby puts her seatbelt on.

The ball opens up and the two step out. “I think we may need to calm down, we’re getting a couple of odd looks,” Jaime says.

Amby shrugs. “More like I am. You can see right through my shirt now that it’s wet.” She shakes her breasts and grabs them. “I may need to keep these girls hidden for a bit.”

“We can get something to eat nearby.” The two walk around and take a seat at a BBQ grill. “I am in the mood for a burger. What would you like?”

“Can you get me a hot dog?”

“Sure.” Jaime grabs the food, and when he returns, Amby is sitting in just her bikini with the shirt spread out over the table.

“It’ll dry faster this way.” She smiles.

Jaime sits down, and the two start eating. The plug is a little uncomfortable on the wooden bench, and Amby can tell Jaime is struggling a bit to xslot Giriş find a comfortable posture. She takes her hot dog out of its bun and nudges him. Jaime watches as she slides the hot dog into her mouth. She playfully sucks on it before she puts more and more of it into her mouth. She practically has all of it in before she pulls it out. “I’ve been practicing.”

Jaime smiles. “I can see that.” They continue eating, when Amby notices the grill has pretty much emptied. She looks around and notices a small alleyway behind the grill.

After they finish eating, Amby pulls on Jaime’s shirt. “What’s behind there?”

“Oh, probably just the trash collection or whatever. Where do you want to go next?”

“I want to go there.”

“The trash?”

“You know why, come on.” Amby grabs Jaime’s hand, and they silently move past the other visitors and into the alleyway. “We can cut through here to the other rides after. Pull down your trunks.”

“What? Are you serious?”

Amby takes off her bottoms. “Do I look serious?” Jaime instantly unties his trunks, and Amby pulls them off of him. The sheer excitement gets Jaime hard. “Good, I don’t have to get on my knees.” She grabs his dick and gives it a few strokes before bending over in front of Jaime. “Fuck me.”

Jaime inserts his dick into Amby’s pussy and grabs her by the hips while she places her hands on the wall in front of them. The two of them start to fuck in the alleyway. Amby tries to keep her moans to a minimum, but she has a hard time while I few slip by. “We can’t get busted here, or we’ll get thrown out.”

Amby moans again. “Sorry, your dick is so huge. You must be really turned on.”

Jaime pumps deep inside Amby. “I am.” He keeps the rhythm going, and he can feel Amby’s pussy tightening up again.

“I’m gonna cum,” Amby says. She starts shaking, and Jaime feels her pussy spasm.

“I’m gonna cum too,” Jaime says. Amby instantly jumps off of his dick.

Still shaking, she grabs her pussy and says, “Oh no you don’t, you’re not getting off that easy.”

He grabs his dick. “What? I’m about to bust here.”

“Good. Save it.”

Amby puts her bikini bottoms on. Jaime stares at her. “Well? Get dressed. I’m not taking care of it now.” Jaime groans and pushes his dick back as he pulls up his trunks. Amby laughs. It’s clear Jaime has an erection, his trunks barely constrain it. She rubs him lightly, teasing him. “You’re gonna hafta get yourself under control if you want to finish.” She reaches around and pushes on the plug. Jaime moans softly. “Still wearing it. Good,” Amby says. Jaime takes a few deep breaths and waits for his dick to calm down. “Let’s go on another ride.” The two walk down the alleyway and out into the open park.

Amby spots one of those rides where the legs hang freely. “Perfect, let’s go on that one.”

“Why that one?”

“I can finish you off on that one”

“Okay, yep, let’s do that one.” The two get in line, but the line is horrendously long. As they wait, Amby pokes Jaime a few times and he clenches. Mid-way through the line, the line splits off into two.

“Why are there two lines?”

“Oh yeah, this is the Twin Dragons ride. We can either stay mainly in the air, or have a couple dives that xslot Güncel Giriş go across the water.”

Amby thinks for a moment. “Well, I did just get my shirt dry. But then again, I don’t really wanna wear it.” She takes off her shirt again, her breasts practically exposed by her skimpy top. “Which do you think will be better?”

“Let’s go on the one that stays up mostly.”

The two get in line, and continue to wait. Amby pokes Jaime a bit more. He stares at her boobs a few times, and she playfully adjusts her top, teasing him. Amby can tell Jaime is starting to get hard again. She place her hand over his dick. “Good, you’ll need to be ready when we get there.” The line splits again, for the front row and the rest. “Let’s go in the front row so it’s just us,” Amby says.

“You sure? It’s a longer wait time.”

“Oh, it’ll be worth it.” So, the two split off from the line again. Not as many people are in this line, they rather not wait. There’s still some people in front of the two, but no one behind them at the moment. Amby starts pressing on the plug inside Jaime.

Jaime fights to keep his sounds under his breath, but Amby pushes harder. He quickly grabs her top, exposing a breast. Amby shrieks and fixes it as a few people turn around to see the commotion. “Oh, you’re gonna pay for that.” She pokes Jaime again; he clenches, and his dick gets harder. Jaime tries to keep his erection under control until they get to the front of the line. Amby grabs something from her purse and places it in the pocket of Jaime’s trunks just before they get seated. As they’re locked in, she reaches into his pocket and pulls out the lube.

Amby waits until the ride starts, and once they start going up the first ramp, she squeezes some lube into her hands. “Take it out.”

“How are you going to do anything while strapped in?”

“Just take it out.” Jaime takes his dick out, and Amby instantly starts giving him a handjob as the ride continues to go up. Jaime is so turned on, he can barely keep his moans to himself. Amby works and rubs his dick all the way to the top of the ramp. Then, she stops. “Keep going yourself. But you can’t cum until I say so.”

“Are you serious?”

“You can’t just grab my top and get away with it. And you better pump it for real, I’ll know the difference.” The ride starts to go over the tip. “Well?” Jaime sighs and start to jack himself off as the ride descends.

As the two go through the ride, Jaime is pumping his dick. It’s all lubed up, but not what he was excited for. Amby nudges him and he looks over. She readjusted her top, completely exposing her breasts. Jaime’s dick gets incredibly hard, and he moans as he jacks it off faster. “Don’t cum yet. I’ll tell you when to do so. And you may wanna aim it away from yourself, or the cum will hit you in the face.” Amby laughs. “And we wouldn’t want that.” Jaime keeps stroking himself. The ride goes through a loop and the final bend. They start doing down the last ramp. “Now.” Jaime moans loudly as he cums a huge load.

The ride starts to calm down. Jaime puts his dick away, and Amby readjusts her top again. She slips the lube back into Jaime’s trunks. “Do you think anyone saw?” Jaime says.

“Maybe, but we’ll know for sure with the pictures.”

“What?” He didn’t even notice the flash go off. The two walk by the picture stand, and sure enough, there’s a picture of Jaime cumming, and his cum shot splashing onto Amby’s tits. They both blush and quickly leave before they found out.

“Good slave.”

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