Jasmine is a Regular Girl Afterall

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Note: both the characters in this story are over 18 years old.


June 18th, 1994

“I’m nervous as hell,” Jed said. Jasmine could swear the geeky and scrawny black teen boy with short hair was shivering, and it was not just because he had gotten undressed.

The black teen girl with brown eyes, long, curly, dark brown hair on pigtails and a pear-shaped athletic body sat by the edge of the bed of her room, likewise undressed. The two were in Jasmine’s parents’ bedroom, the only place in the house with a proper stereo set and Jasmine’s father’s classical music collection, one CD of which was now quietly playing on the background.

“Don’t worry, Jed,” Jasmine said. “I’m kinda nervous too, though I’m so sure nothing bad will happen.”

“Are you sure your parents won’t crash us?”

“They called three hours ago from the hotel. It’d still take a whole day for them to drive back.”

“And, um…” Jed pointed at the bed.

“My mum told me it’s my turn to do laundry, especially if I’m keeping the house while they’re on the holiday. Will wash our bedsheets tomorrow.”

“Okay! Look, Jasmine, this might be a bad time to mention this, but, um…”

“What is it?”

Jed groaned. “I, um, I couldn’t go to the store. I chickened out.”

“Okay,” Jasmine said. “I understand.”

“I mean, I know nobody cares, but what if my parents find out?”

Jasmine smiled. “I have a condom in my wallet, but–“

“Don’t bother,” Jed said. “It’s probably ruined. You’re not supposed to keep them there.”

“Well, we can always just, you know… not use a condom,” Jasmine said. “I’m on pill. Nobody knows about that.”

Jasmine hoped her general nervousness – and the nervousness of both of them – would mask her most troubling source of nervousness: just straight up lying. Because if she actually was on pill, her parents would totally find about that, too, much more likely than Jed’s parents finding out he’d been buying condoms.

“You’re really horny then,” Max said with a laugh.

“Yep. Aren’t you?” Jasmine said and smiled.

Over the past month, Jasmine must had spent a few full days total in the library, reading books about fertility. She was fairly sure this was the perfect time not to get pregnant from unprotected sex.

“Right,” Jed said. “I swear I’m a virgin, in case it’s not obvious. Would be pretty weird to catch any diseases from me.”

“I trust you, didn’t I tell you?” Jasmine said and smiled. “And I’m totally a virgin too. And my mum will never find my dildo.”

Right, Jasmine thought. The vibrator. The one that she had put a condom on for longest time because she was afraid of where it might have been, despite it being brand new when she got it. But if she had managed to stop doing that, maybe…

“Right. So just so we’re clear, you’re REALLY sure you want me to go bareback?”

Jasmine didn’t know what was more jarring: The fact that Jed was obviously stalling, or that this was a really, really damn big question.

“I’m SO sure I want you in me totally bare, Jed.”

… ~~~ …

It had all changed a month earlier. She had told his father that she was going to use the computer late in the night to do her homework. Her father had a fast modem, but she had still needed a whole hour to download the video file off the Internet. With no previews around, it was always a surprise what was in the video files.

And she had watched an amateur sex video in all of its matchbox-sized glory. The sound quality was terrible, but she didn’t need Bayan Escort Gaziantep much to tell that the woman was genuinely enjoying it, and it turned her on. But most of all, she was very conflicted about the ending: After the climax, without advance warning, the man pulled out, and Jasmine saw all the sperm seeping out of her. She was a bit disgusted by that display… but at the same time there was a tiny, nagging idea in her head: The woman in the video could enjoy that, and so could she. Somehow.

And the next day, Jasmine went out to see her good friend Cassandra, whom she knew had been dating one of Jed’s friends for a while. After a bit, they got around to talk about sex. Jasmine asked if they had had sex without condom.

“Oh yeah,” Cassandra had said.

“Is it really better than with condom?” Jasmine had asked.

“Dunno if it feels better. But it’s about hundred times more thrilling.”

… ~~~ …

And so the time for stalling was over, and Jasmine was sure this would get a lot more thrilling.

“Don’t be nervous,” Jasmine said. “It’s going to be okay.”

“Well, you seem nervous too.”

“You know what will make us less nervous? Telling each other how beautiful we are. I totally like skinny guys. Muscles kind of turn me off. And…” Jasmine looked at Jed’s thick, erect cock. “You’re a pretty big boy, too.”

“Oh, I love sporty girls. Even if you’re just into running. Your legs are gorgeous and… your boobs are just amazing. You ever have problems with sports with a rack that big?”

“Not really, no. Feeling… less worried?”

“Oh yeah.”

“I’m totally feeling we should do this,” Jasmine said and spread her legs. “Go ahead.”

Jed scampered between her legs, and with only a little bit of hesitation, put his cock in Jasmine’s vagina. He slid in her with little difficulty.

Jasmine gasped. Oh my God, it’s happening…

“Mmmh, this feels awesome. You’re so tight and comfortable. Am I hurting you?”

“No,” Jasmine said. “Hate to say it, but my dildo is bigger than you are. Because that’s how they make them.”

And I’m just somehow able to joke about this, Jasmine thought. Even though there’s a cock in me and he could cum in me any second.

But Jasmine forgot her worries for a while as Jed leaned over her and kissed her, and she just closed her eyes and kissed back as his hands fondled her breasts and she brushed his back. She trembled throughout and her breath raced, and for the first time she paid attention to the fact that her heart pounded like mad.

Jed propped himself on his arms and started to make love to her, and Jasmine tried her best to counter his moves with her hips. She relaxed, her head dropped back.

Well, she thought, the worst is over. It’s going to happen.

“Hnnh… hnnh… hnnh…”

Jed is making such cute noises, Jasmine thought.

Oh. Jasmine was so certain that this was the day she would not get pregnant – she checked and double-checked and…

Oh God, Jasmine thought, this was thrilling–


Oh God, Jasmine thought. He’s so HARD as he shoots his load in me. Ooh, that’s a good throb…

Oh my fucking God, he ACTUALLY came in me, Jasmine thought.

And I wasn’t even worried because I just knew he’d come really quickly, Jasmine thought. I knew. I was prepared and rational and everything went as planned.

Jed pulled out of her rather hastily, the third big jet of hot semen landing on Jasmine’s lower stomach, the fourth, a bit smaller one, on the bedsheets.

And it doesn’t feel bad, Jasmine thought. It’s not even that gross. I… okay, it’s a bit gross, but…

…I think I don’t mind, Jasmine thought. It’s just a thing I was worried about for nothing. I guess that can happen.

“I– I’m sorry,” Jed said. “I just– I tend to cum in, like, seconds every night the first time I wank.”

“No prob, Jed,” Jasmine said. “Let’s just do it again. Can you do it again?”

“Sure!” Jed said, without a single shred of hesitation.

“That’s a lot of cum,” Jasmine said with a giggle. “Thank God tomorrow’s the laundry day.”

She sat up to give Jed some proper tongue kisses as he tried to work up another erection.

“Was the first time interesting?” Jed asked.

“Sure,” Jasmine said. “You felt damn good in me.”

“Did you… orgasm?”

Jasmine giggled. “Didn’t really have time.”

Jed chuckled. “Guess so!”

It was weird, Jasmine idly thought, that here I am doing all these sex things and I know all these things about sex… but I guess that no matter how you cut it, sex is the only job everyone’s born to do.

Jasmine relaxed and could only smile to Jed as he brought himself another erection. She propped herself on her elbows and Jed knelt between her legs, taking a grip on her strong legs.

Jasmine moaned a little bit as Jed entered her again, his cum-glistening cock slipping really easily in her moistness. Oh my God, she thought, it’s really gross that he’s just putting his cock in me while there’s still cum there. But on the other hand, it’s not that gross. I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Jed slowly increased his speed, every thrust of his slamming on Jasmine and making her ample breasts jiggle, his thick cock lingering deep in her for split seconds in each thrust.

Jasmine’s pleasure was building fast, and she was soon breathing heavily.

Oh my God, Jasmine thought. He’s made me a woman. It’s not that he’s doing this to me, but that I decided to do this. That WE decided to do this. He’s banging me because he thought I’m the cutest girl in the class. He’s banging me because I decided he’s the cutest guy in the class.

“AAAAH!” Jed screamed. “Oh god…”

“Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhh!” Jasmine couldn’t help but start moaning.

Jed picked up more speed, panting like a madman as he pounded Jasmine hard.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhh!” Jasmine moaned.

“Gaaaaaah!” Jed finally screamed.

Jasmine enjoyed the sensation of Jed’s cock twitching inside her again. Much to her surprise, she was happy imagining Jed’s cum shooting deep in her, so deep in her, probably to never meet an egg and most of it to flow away to the bedsheets.

I’m SO not getting pregnant, Jasmine thought. I’m sure of that. Here’s Jed, His cock feels so good in me. And he enjoyed putting his cock in me so much that he just shot loads and loads of cum in me, so deep in me…

And I enjoyed it, Jasmine thought. He made me moan.

I’m like the girl in the video, Jasmine thought. I’m enjoying this. I’m enjoying a bare cock inside me and being banged and I’m enjoying this wet spot on bed and cum dripping out of my vag afterwards. I really was worried for no reason.

“God, I was so damn stiff in you,” Jed said. “When I finally cummed, it was really awesome. Like a bit painful, but it also felt damn great. Did you orgasm this time?”

“No, but I gotta say I was THAT close,” Jasmine said.

Jasmine was glad that Jed didn’t need to even ask if the third time was necessary. He was already wanking himself, getting stiff again while Jasmine got relaxed again.

She lay back, closed her eyes and breathed calmly, finally feeling Jed bend over her and putting his cock in her again, his pleasantly stiff thick cock easily slipping in her wet, tight, sperm-filled vagina.

It was time for her to say final goodbyes to her fears. This had worked just fine so far.

Jed thrust deep in her with swift strokes, as swift as Jasmine imagined a man whose balls were almost drained was doing, working hard to bring himself to another orgasm. She kept going, rolling her hips to his rhythm, letting him thrust his stiff, pleasant, thick cock all the way with each stroke.

Jasmine felt Jed was definitely taking longer than before, but her own pleasure was growing just as nicely.

“Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!” Jasmine couldn’t help but to start moaning almost right away, praying Jed kept the pace.

Her pleasure coursed around, now even more freely, and electricity built up in her much more sharply than before. And then she gasped hard and let out a loud, content moan as the orgasm hit her.

“…Oh my GOD! Oooh! Ohhh Jed!”

The orgasm was deeper and fuller than anything she had ever managed to bring herself. Her vagina twitched with the massive shock of pleasure, her lower body almost paralysed by the bliss, her legs feeling like they were simultaneously turning to putty or steel, twitches running to her legs and across her back.

“Oooohhhh! Oooohhhh Oooooohhh!”

“Nnhf! Nnnfh! Nnfffh!”

Minutes went by as Jed pounded her as fast as he could, with Jasmine still eager to move along despite her body being on fire.

“Nnnf… nnfff… NNNNNNfff – oh God!”

As Jed rammed his cock deep in her for the last time, Jasmine gasped and let out a quiet moan of pleasure as she felt the thick cock soften and go taut again in her over and over, making her quietly moan to the rhythm of his orgasm.

It was her femininity at work. Here was a man who found her desirable and beautiful, and as a testament of that, he filled her with all that he had in his ball-sack. She was beautiful, she was mother material.

Whether she was actually going to make a baby was not the point, the point was that there was another person here whom she had trusted to really tug her deepest strings. She had had a fear of something, and she had managed to let someone close to her to do the scary thing she was not supposed to be scared of. And now, she could enjoy that thing like a normal person, and that would be just as thrilling and deep. And all this felt like it should be, and all that felt wonderful.

The two stayed kissing and embracing each other for a while, saying nothing, until Jed finally got up and withdrew himself from her.

“God,” Jed said. “I think this will be enough for me, I’m totally exhausted.”

Jasmine could only think of the wet spot under her that got a bit wetter as she closed her legs and a tiny squirt of semen flowed out of her vagina.

“This was a really nice night, Jed. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you so much too, Jasmine.”

“See you next weekend, I hope?” Jed said as he got up and scampered to the chair with his clothes.

“See you next weekend.”

Jasmine was sad that Jed would not be staying the night, or come over every day for all she cared. And she was sure Jed would think the same.

There was, of course, one really big thought that also came to her head.

I’m SO NEVER going to have sex with a condom on, she thought. And I’m going to have sex and I’ll moan my pleasure loud and proud and I’ll enjoy my total womanhood when he shoots his cum in me. And all that’s going to be awesome.

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