I just turned 18 last week, but my parents refused to let me go with them on vacation. They say “If you would’ve stopped skipping class, I could’ve come” or some shit like that. Honestly, I’m not that upset that they left me here alone. Because home alone equals massive party, right? I’m heading up the staircase when I see a blondie grab my favorite bottle of vodka.

“Oh, hell no,” I growl. I walk over to her. “Where did you find this?”

“In a room upstairs,” she laughs. “Want some?”

“That was my room, and I need the entire bottle.” I snatch the bottle from her hands as she scoffs. “Have a great time!” I smile through my teeth. I start to walk up the stairs when I spot my cousin, Xander, but I call him X. He’s at the door glaring at everyone, so I sway over to him. “Can’t find a girl to hook up with?”

“You need to shut this down, Valerie.”

“And why would I do that?”

“Just for tonight. You can have one tomorrow.” I frown at him. “Don’t make me pull the whole “snitch” card on you.” I huff but turn around.

“Okay everyone. We’ve been busted! Party tomorrow night!” A heavy sigh echoes throughout the room, but people start leaving. I shut the door once they’re all gone. “Care to explain now.”

“I’m not in the party mood.” I roll my eyes.

“Fine,” I huff.

“I’m going to take a shower little V.”

“Have fun ig.”

He walks up the stairs and into the bathroom. Now if there’s one thing I love more than my bottle of vodka, it’s definitely spying on my cousin. I forgot to mention he’s hot as fuck. He has a perfectly toned body: sharp jawline, 8-pack, and from what I can tell when he’s in the shower, he’s got a pretty big dick. So, I wait for another 5 minutes before walking up the stairs and tip-toeing to the bathroom. I slowly open the door making sure not to make any noise. I close the door behind me and examine his body. I realize he’s hard; He’s never hard in the shower at night. In the morning, it’s another story.

“Little V?” I freeze. Does he know I’m in here? “I know you’ve been spying on me. At first, I would try to resist letting you know that I knew, because I didn’t want you to get embarrassed and stop doing it. But it keeps getting more difficult as you can see.” He sighs heavily and then waits for my response. When he knows I’m not going to say anything, he peeps his head out to look at me. My gerçek resimli gaziantep escort cheeks flush, and my eyes instantly dart to the ground. “Please come here.”

I walk over to him placing my hands on my eyes. “V, you’ve seen the outline It’s okay to look now.” I squint my eyes open, and my suspensions are confirmed; He must have an 8-inch dick. I look slowly up to his face. He looks into my eyes with uncertainty. “Do you want to get in here with me? I mean you don-“

“Yes.” He smirks down at me and nods his head. I just stand still.

“Are you going to take your clothes off?” I slowly take my clothes off while my eyes rush to the ground. He just stares for a moment. “I know I’m no-“

“Fuck little V, you’re gorgeous as Hell.” I smile sheepishly. He reaches out for my hands. I step inside the shower with him, and he places me in front of him. He closes the gap between our bodies as a small moan makes its way through my parted lips. I can feel his dick against my back, and the feeling gives me chills. “Have you never been touched before?” I shake my head no. “You’re still a virgin,” he asks shocked. I turn around and pout.

“Does that matter to you?” I look down at the floor. He uses the tips of his fingers to make me look up at him.

“It didn’t, but now I feel excited to be your first. God, Valerie, you drive me insane. So, you’re completely innocent?” I nod my head.

“Besides the drinking and partying, I’ve really never done anything.” He smirks down at me.

“Challenge accepted.” I smile and turn back around. He closes the gap between us earning another moan. My breathing becomes shallow. He starts to kiss my neck, and it feels so good. I can’t even explain it. It feels like fireworks are going off; It’s just pure bliss. His hands caress all the way down to my boobs. I jump, so he pulls away. “Do you want to stop?” I shake my head no grabbing his hands and placing them back on my boobs. He laughs and closes the gap again. He pinches and flicks at my nipples. He stops and turns the shower off. I turn around and frown. “Don’t worry I’m not done with you yet, but I don’t think I can make love to you tonight.” I frown at him. “Hey, I don’t want my little cousin getting pregnant with my child, and I don’t have a condom.” I shrug my shoulders.

“I’m gerçek resimli gaziantep escort bayan on the pill.” He smirks at me.

“You really want me, don’t you?” I nod my head looking at the ground. He walks over and uses the tips of his fingers to look me in the eyes. “That’s a good thing because I want you way too much to be alone in this.” I blush at his comment. “Now dry off and head to your room.” I smile, dry off, walk into my bedroom, and lay on my bed. He comes in a few moments later. He straddles me and kisses my neck while whispering sweet things in my ear.

I love you so much my little Valerie

You’re perfect in every way

I can’t wait to mark you as mine

His kisses slowly make their way down my body stopping at my boobs. He licks and flicks at my right nipple. Then slowly he switches sides. I arch my back in the undeniable pleasure. He slowly starts kissing down to my inner thighs. He lifts his head up to growl “I bet you taste heavenly.” Then I feel his tongue licking at the most intimate part of my body. Another moan makes its way into the air, and this time it’s a loud one. This feels almost too pleasuring, but I don’t want him to stop. I wrap my thighs around his head. In a few moments I start to feel myself tighten.

“What’s happening?” I start to freak out and push him away, but his hands keep him in place. My body tightens until bolts of pleasure take over my senses. Some liquid splashes out of me as it floods into X’s mouth. He straddles me again “Oh my God! Are you okay? Did I pee? I’m so confused. I’m sor-” He cuts me off with a kiss. He pulls back.

“It’s called an orgasm. You started moving away, but I wanted to taste you. You didn’t pee. It felt great though, didn’t it?” I smile and nod my head. “Do you want to stop there? We don’t have to make love tonight if you don’t want to.” I start crying, but he kisses away the tears. “What’s wrong love? Do you regret it?”

“You don’t want me,” I cry.

“Valerie look at me.” My eyes find his through the tears. “I want you more than you could ever imagine. Hell I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anyone else, but you feel good right now. When I first enter you, it’ll hurt like Hell. I don’t want to ruin the moment.”

“But it’ll feel even better after that, gerçek resimli gaziantep bayan escort won’t it?” He slowly nods his head. “I want you right now.” I give him a reassuring kiss.

“Fuck Valerie, you’re going to ruin me.” I smile up at him. He slowly pushes himself into me, and he’s right; It hurts like Hell. I grit my teeth. He just stays still to allow myself to get used to it. “I’m so sorry little V. Do you want me to stop?” I shake my head no. Once the pain slowly stops, I start to move my hips. This feels like paradise. There are no words to give this feeling justice. I don’t know what I like more: The fact that he’s my cousin or the feeling it’s bringing. It’s so overwhelming I get caught up in the moment. No one else exists: just X and me. He grabs my hips to stop me rom moving.

“Please don’t move Valerie. I don’t have enough self control,” he pleads.

“But it feels so good.”

“Yeah?” He smirks down at me. I nod my head. Then he starts moving out and back in over and over again. In and out. In and out. In and out. After a few more thrusts, I’m about to orgasm again. “I can feel you little V. Just relax.” I shut my eyes tightly letting myself feel all the pleasure it brings as I scream his name out. “Fuck little V. You feel so good.” He positions us, so that each of his arms are beside each of my shoulders, so he can kiss me eager to please me even more. “I’m so close.”

“Cum inside me. I need you to.”

“Are you sure?” I nod my head as he grabs onto the headboard. I feel him to start to shake and him release into me. Feeling him do that sends me over the edge, so he stays in me until I’m done. Then he gracefully pulls out of me and lays on his back. “And you wondered why I wanted the party called off.” He laughs while I roll onto my side to look him in the eyes.

“How long have you known?”

“That you were spying on me?” I nod my head shyly avoiding eye contact. “Little V?” I look back into his eyes. “I’m glad you did. I’ve wanted you for years now.” I smile as butterflies erupt in my stomach.

“You have?” He nods his head smirking at me. “I have too, but lately I just can’t help myself.”

“I love you little V.”

“I love you too X.” He kisses me on the cheek before rolling on his back to switch the light off. When he lays back down, I rest my head on his chest. He chuckles at me as a smile is placed on my lips. Silence overcomes the room.

“Little V?”

“Hmm,” I reply before I yawn.

“I shouldn’t be selfish, but I want to be the only one to make love to you, ok?” Butterflies swarm in my stomach.


“Because I want you to be mine, and I don’t like sharing.” I giggle at his territorial attitude. “Do you promise?”

“I promise.”

“Good, you’re mine now little V.” I nod my head before slowly drifting off to sleep.

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