Big Tits

My name is Bharath, and I am a 20-year-old guy. My summer break was going on. So like every day, I had woken up and had gone to play cricket with my friends. But it got very hot, really soon. So around 10:30 am I decided to go home and get some rest.

As I entered home, I saw no one. So I thought my mom, Pooja, a school teacher and looks very much like Tisca Chopra, the actress, had left for her school. She had just celebrated her 41st birthday this year and was still in her prime age, looking like a damsel.

I didn’t see my brother Chetan either. I thought he must have also gone to play with his friends. So I walked towards our shared room and opened the door. But what I saw had shocked me for a moment. Chetan, who was around 19 years old, was sitting in a chair with his shorts pulled down to his ankles.

His hard cock was in his hand, which he was slowly stroking, looking at the laptop. I understood that he was watching porn. Being a studious student, I did not expect this from him. Chetan, who suddenly realized I entered the room, looked at me and was almost in tears.

He closed the laptop and pulled up his shorts and started saying, “I am very sorry bhaiyya (brother), I thought you went out. Please, bhaiyya, don’t tell this to mom. I will be screwed.”

Listening to this, I burst into laughter. I moved closer to him and sat next to him on the bed. I opened the laptop to see what he was watching. I said, “Don’t worry, Chetan. I will definitely not tell mom. It’s common to jerk off at this age. You don’t have to be so embarrassed.”

Listening to this, Chetan calmed down a bit. As I opened the laptop, I saw he was watching some low-quality MMS videos. I jokingly gaziantep escort reklamları said, “It looks like you like MMS videos.” Listening to this, he turned a little red. I asked him if he knows how to clear the browser history to which he nodded no.

I asked him what if mom found about it through browser history to which he had no answer. Then while showing him, I proceeded to clear the recent browser history so that my mom wouldn’t doubt.

I said, “You got to be more careful from next time, Chetan. There are a lot of ways you can get caught. Have you seen any porn before?” He replied that he saw some small clips on his friend’s phones but never on the internet.

Then I told him watching porn on the internet is a little risky as mom might catch him. I proceeded to show him a secret folder on the laptop. On opening the folder, there were various subfolders which had hundreds of video clips. My brother was shocked and asked me what they were.

I replied, “It’s my porn collection of 2 years.” After hearing this, he got a little bit comfortable thinking that his brother is also not very different. I asked him what kind of porn does he like. He replied that he doesn’t really know as he was very new to it.

I took the liberty to play a video from the ‘myfav’ folder and told him it was one of my all-time favorites. He started looking at the laptop keenly as the video started playing. The video was of some newlywed couple’s honeymoon sexcapades.

The girl in the video was very hot and was one reason I like the video. It starts with the guy slowly undressing the girl wearing a saree as if it was gaziantep escort bayan reklamları their first night. While kissing her on the lips, he slowly removes her pallu first. Then he unhooks her blouse and removes it.

Next, he makes the girl stand up and removes the rest of her sari and petticoat. Now she was standing there just in her bra and panty. He immediately removes his clothes and hugs the girl very tightly to which she responds the same way.

Then he pushes her on to the bed and starts kissing her from the legs, slowly making his way upwards. He reaches to her pussy where he slowly kisses her panty and immediately pulls it down to her ankles. Then he continues to kiss her on her pussy.

He slowly inserts his tongue into her pussy, licking it like there is no tomorrow. Then he places both his hands on her boobs and squeezes them tight. She lets out a sigh with pain, but he continues to squeeze them. After a couple of minutes of squeezing and licking, he gets his face up from the pussy.

He gives a liplock to the girl letting her taste her juices. He removes her bra, exposing some of the best milky-white boobs I have ever seen in over 200 videos. The girl who was now completely naked looks much hotter than most of the Bollywood and the porn actresses.

The fact that this was not a porn movie, but a homemade one makes it even hotter. I observed that Chetan started getting a little uncomfortable with his again hardened cock in his shorts. So I told him, “Let the rod free, Chetan. It needs some air.”

He replied, “But how can I do it in front of you, bhaiyya.” Then I asked him escort gaziantep reklamları if he never removed it in front of his friends. Listening to this gets him a little shocked.

Then I again burst into laughter and said, “You have to learn a lot, my boy. When I watch porn with my friends, all of us have our cocks out and stroking them and sharing what all we want to do with girls in the video.” After this, he got a little courage and got his cock out and started rubbing it hard.

In the video, the guy continues sucking the 36 size boobs of the girl, which turn red now with all the sucking. He slowly inserts his finger into her pussy. She lets out a big moan with pleasure. He goes on to finger her for a while, which leads her to climax and leak her juices.

He gets his face near her pussy and starts licking all the juices. Now she can’t bear any longer and asks him to fuck her hard. He gladly obeys and inserts his cock into her pussy and starts stroking slowly. She commands him to go faster. He gladly accepts, and within a few minutes, both of them cum together.

Looking at this, even Chetan reached his climax and rushed to the bathroom to clean himself. The video was 40 minutes long, and we were still at 10 minutes mark. The couple explores various positions like doggy style, fucking the ass, 69 position, and many more.

Also, they have sex in various places like the bathroom, balcony, and kitchen. The best part was the girl gets ready in so many cute dresses and all. We were continuing the video when my brother had cum for the second time at 25 minutes mark.

Finally, even I ended up reaching my climax at 35 minutes mark. After cleaning myself in the bathroom, I came out. I told my brother that I must have seen this video atleast 20 times, and I never reached the end of it. My brother replied that it was a very good video.

Since it was time that my mother might return, we closed the laptop. We went to the hall to watch TV. I told Chetan to first watch all the videos in the ‘myfav’ folder whenever he wants to watch porn, to which he obliged. It was our brother’s bond.

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