I like Being Naked Pt. 02

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Big Tits

All fiction/fantasy

All participants would be over 18yrs


Teasing Dad

voyeured mom and dad having sex

Sue gets naked too


I must have fallen to sleep as I heard a knock at my door. Kim, “can I come in,” mom asked.

Sure. Mom came in as I was still laying on my bed naked. My legs were spread and a hand was on my pussy. She came in and appeared to be glowing as she looked me over. I moved my hand away from my pussy hoping she wouldn’t be curious.

Thanks, she said.

I had a puzzled look on my face.

All of our teasing and exhibition has really gotten dad all worked up, she said with a pleasing smile on her face. Your participation has really enhanced our sex life lately. You handled yourself very well today, considering the situations.

You’re being quite mature and you’re not be ashamed of your body either.

Why do you say that mom.

Well, who went out this morning bra less, then wearing a sheer blouse with your breast showing through the thin fabric. Then actually undressing before your father and showing your little thong. The unbuttoning of your blouse in a seductive way without fully exposing yourself. That was hot honey. I don’t think I could have done better.

Well mom, you did encourage me.

She smiled and said, I’m not done teasing your dad yet. She pulled off her sun dress to display the new bikini that was next to nothing. Wanna join me?

She really looked sexy in that bikini. It barely covered her private parts.

She put her dress back on and left.

Wow, as I thought how great mom has been, then realizing she may be using me to spice up her sex life. I got up and put on my new bikini like hers. It was tiny, and I hadn’t realized just how sheer the fabric was. I almost felt naked With it on. A girl has to be careful wearing this. I slipped on a cover up and went looking for mom to see what she had schemed up for us this time.

Mom and dad were out by the BBQ, getting it ready. I walked over to them as dad looked me over. He appeared disappointed. Perhaps this was due to my attire which was a simple cover up, or that I wasn’t naked. Dunno. He was busy getting the BBQ lit,

So, you ready to see our new swim wear mom asked?

Dad said, why do you need swimwear, it’s optional here

Mom just smiled and said, well, let us show you. She looked at me and said ready. I nodded as we both removed our cover ups revealing our barely there string bikini’s.

Dad’s eyes bugged out as he inspected the site before him.

Here we were again, before dad, and nearly naked. Mom made her modeling moves and pointing out that you’d think we were naked from the back side as the only thing there were a couple of strings. I too had turned to show him my bare backside and really having a wicked feeling doing this.

Dad was gleaming, this has to be another tease.

Mom and I smiled.

It was a nice afternoon and I was ready for a swim again. So I went and jumped into the pool. Yup, a girl has to be careful in suit like this. The fabric over my tit’s moved away exposing them. I pulled the top back into place and swam around without any other surprises. I almost felt like I was naked.

Mom decided to join me and had jumped in. She almost lost the whole top of her suit. She kinda laughed as she re-positioned everything. We continued to enjoy the swim.

A few minutes later, dad came out and headed for the pool. He had changed into what had to be the smallest tightest swim suits I’d ever seen on a man. Looks like he wanted to tease too. You could clearly see his dick stuffed into that thing.

When mom saw that, the bantering began.

She decided to get out for a quick drink that dad brought out with him. I too got out for a drink, Well surprise surprise. Our new bikinis were absolutely transparent when wet. You could see everything as if we were naked.

Dad saw this and just smiled.

Mom started her modeling routine again making sure dad saw it all. Not only were our suits now transparent, I noticed that moms bottoms were slipping into the lips of her pussy. I don’t think she realized it. She had gone over to a lounge and laid down with her drink. As she lay there, she had parted her legs slightly and did a self check of herself and then realized how her pussy lips were being displayed.

She got dad’s attention and started in on her sexy banter again as she showed him her situation. She even pulled on the fabric some, causing it to slip further in between her pussy lips.

This really had an affect on dad. I noticed he was having difficulty keeping his dick in his tight little suit. It kept poking out.

Mom got up again and decided to show dad what happens when she jumps into the pool. She jumped in as before. When she came up, her tits were no where near being contained within the suit. Dad was amused. She was trying to put everything back in place, then decided it wasn’t worth it. She just untied it and threw it to the side bursa escort of the pool.

We all laughed than swam awhile more before getting out and having a nice BBQ meal. We all stayed in our swimming attire through dinner, mom without her top.

After dinner, we sat around and watched some TV. Mom and dad were enjoying some wine. When I went to my room for the evening, I again had stopped in front of the mirror admiring myself. Damn, this bikini was hot. I could see my tits and make out my pussy showing through the fabric, and I could make out my landing strip too. I tugged on the bottoms and readjusted the strings to see if it would slip in between my pussy lips like moms had, without much luck. I then worked on the strings of the top and got it fitting more securely. I then took if off and climbed into bed for the night.

I awoke having to pee real bad the next morning, so I slipped out of bed and just walked to the bathroom naked. I hadn’t even thought about putting anything on. Nor did I close the door. Mom and dad’s room was at the other end of the house and they had their own bathroom, so I wasn’t concerned. After peeing, I turned on the shower and got in. As I was washing, that tingly feeling started up as I washed my tits and then my pussy. I was really getting aroused and kept it up. Then wondered how it would feel pointing the shower head directly onto those sensitive areas. The shower head was the type at the end of hose and I could adjust it to shower or a pulsing stream.

I set it to a pulsing stream and directed it to my tits. That felt nice on my sensitive nipples as I massaged them with my hand. I then directed the pulsing jet steam to my pussy. Oh My Gosh. I think was coming instantly with that sensation. I was using fingers and water again and again, getting myself off. I was panting and moaning each time I did that.

I was about to finish up and grabbed my razor. Lathered up the landing strip and shaved it all off. There, now I was smooth, just like mom. I got out of the shower and dried off. Then, I just walked out to the kitchen in all my naked glory. I knew mom and dad were home, but It didn’t bother me, after all the events of yesterday.

I sat and enjoyed a bowl of cereal and a glass of juice. As I took my dishes to the sink, dad walked in wearing boxer shorts and said good morning.

Good morning Dad.

No mention of my lack of attire.

He made coffee and asked what I was going to do today.

Oh, I don’t know. I need to clean my room and I’m thinking about getting some more sun and do some swimming. How about you? I noticed how he was looking me up and down. I was curious if he’d noticed the landing strip was gone as I just stood there leaning against the counter with my legs slightly parted. I was looking Dad over and thought his boxers were hiding a bulge.

Dad said he and mom were going to town for a short time this morning, but they would be around all after noon.

What are you shopping for today I asked?

I dunno, Mom said she wanted to go into town, thats all I know.

Mom had just walked in. She had on one of her lacy thongs. She saw me and said good morning sweetheart, then came over and gave me a hug and kiss on my cheek. She too then looked me over with a slight smile on her face as I’m sure she noticed I was now bare just like her. She then walked over and gave dad a hug and kiss. I noticed he briefly grabbed one of her cheeks in the process as mom let out a little cooing noise.

I sat with mom and dad as they had their coffee. They finished and went off to their room as did I.

I was thinking to myself just how unreal that all was. I’m in the kitchen naked and just carrying on with the both of them as it was all normal. What have I done. I wasn’t bothered at all being naked in front of either mom or dad, and they were about the same when I was around with their lack of attire. Mom walked into my room and let me know they were leaving. I said OK.

She then said, I like your new look, enjoy it, winked and walked out.

Mom is so cool.

I did some cleaning in my room, but I hadn’t gotten dressed. I was really liking the feeling of being naked while doing chores. With those done, I decided to get some sun before it was too hot. So I walked out to the pool. It was a nice morning, so I decided to take a swim. So here I am, skinny dipping by myself and not trying to sneak around to do it.

I was really feeling liberated as I would glide through the water feeling it slide over my naked body. Just the thought had brought on that tingly feeling. I placed a hand on one of my tits and began massaging as my other hand went to my pussy. I sat on the steps, with my legs spread and in full masturbation mode. Oh did this feel wonderful. I’m out back in the pool, naked and getting myself off, and that I did that several times before casually swimming again.

Time to get some sun. So I got out and laid on a lounge. Grabbed the lotion and worked it into my front side. Then laid back and relaxed. bursa escort I was replaying the events of yesterday and again started getting tingly. So I began to masturbate again until I had a nice orgasm. I was still laying out back when I heard mom come out to let me know they were home.

I said, hey mom, can you come put lotion on my back.

Sure she said and made her way over. I got up and turned my back to her so she could apply the lotion. I said thanks.

She went back in as I laid down to get some sun on my back.

Dad had come out to check all the pool equipment and chemicals. I could tell he was looking me over.

I heard mom again. I set up to see mom walking over, she too was now naked as she asked me to put some lotion on her back. She sat down and I applied lotion to her back. Now dad could check us both out as he continued with the pool stuff.

He had gone inside when he was done. A few minute later, he came out naked and laid next to mom. So here we were, all three naked, enjoying the sun. I was getting pretty warm after being out there for the length of time I was. So I got up and slipped into the pool to cool off. After a short swim, I got out and dried off, then said I was going in for awhile and went to the house.

I stopped in the kitchen for a cool drink then to my room. I started up my computer to send an email to Sue. I asked if she wanted to come over this coming week for a swim. I was again looking at bikinis and thongs online when I thought I heard a commotion from out back, so I went to my back door and opened it up to have a look.

Oh my, there was dad on his back with mom right next to him. She had both hands around his dick moving them up and down, and occasionally she would lean over and take his dick into her mouth. Then dad got up with his dick pointing to the sky. Mom turned and got on her hands and knees before him. He moved over behind her and with his hand pointed his dick at her backside then thrust forward and started moving back a forth.

Oh my, I was really getting that tingly feeling now. I had placed a hand on my pussy and started to pleasure myself as I watched mom and dad engaged in their sexual activity.

I could hear mom making noises as dad was pumping in and out of her. I could hear her moaning and see her writhing about. She had taken one hand and reached between her legs. It appeared she was rubbing her pussy like crazy, as was I. Dad had pulled away from mom and got down on his knees, then placed his head at mom’s back side. Mom let out a loud shriek of pleasure when dad started doing that.

I then head mom say: eat my pussy you nasty boy, stick your tongue deep in there, don’t stop, oh that feels so good. Keep it up you naughty boy. Ohhhh that feels good. Ohhh, now fuck me again. Come on, shove that cock in me again, fuck me, fuck me good.

Hearing mom say that, I felt juices develop on my pussy. Mom was really getting vocal as dad continued working her over. Then she almost screamed saying, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.

Oooooh ooooh oooh. Dad pulled away as mom stayed in that position with her hand on her pussy.

I was now writhing about myself and pressed harder on my sensitive points letting out a little moan and not wanting to interrupt, went back in and closed the door, jumped on my bed, sprea my legs and worked my pussy like crazy before letting out my own moan as my body shook with my most powerful orgasm yet.

My pussy was soaked from all the excitement. I just lay there calming back down realizing what I had just seen. I was really feeling horny and wanted to continue. I felt my pussy was a wet mess as I ran my fingers across it. I jumped off my bed and walked to the kitchen, got a quick drink, then walked out by mom and dad. I could feel the juices from my pussy trickle down the inside of my legs. Mom and dad were just laying there now.

Dad’s dick was sticking up some, like when I saw it yesterday when mom was openly teasing him. So as I walked up to them, I said to dad, mom teasing you again?

Mom half laughed and dad just smiled.

I was standing right in front of them, then got into the pool wondering if they noticed the juices running down my legs. I swam a bit before getting out and going to the diving board to have some fun.

Maybe a belly flop… I just took a few steps, bounced on the board and once in the air, I spread my legs wide as I jumped in. Entering the water with my legs spread like that brought a short pleasurable feeling on my pussy as it impacted against the water, so I got out and did it again. I saw dad watching as I spread my legs. I did it again, and as dad watched, I saw his dick start that twitching thing again. Mom notice this too and watched what I was doing. By now, I would jump, spread my legs wide and reach for the sky feeling a quick sensual rush on my pussy as I entered the water.

Enough of that. So I went and laid on a lounge next to mom. I could see dad’s dick still twitching for a while before it calmed down.

That escort bayan night I had an email from Sue. She could come any day. So I invited her over for Monday.

The other day, I had let her try on one of my thongs. We even wandered the house topless and had gone out by the pool. So just how much farther will this go…

Monday morning I woke early again. I walked to the bathroom as naked as I slept and realized I hadn’t put on any clothing at all yesterday. Less laundry if I can keep that up. After peeing, I walked to the kitchen for some food. This was becoming a morning routine it seems.

Mom came in, and this time, she too was naked.

Good morning sweetheart.

Good morning mom

She made coffee then walked out back to feed the dog and over to the pool area to grab a couple of glasses before returning.

Well, that weekend went by fast she said.

Really, and it will be a memorable one too I said.

Mom smiled as she too could say the same.

She was looking at me and said, you’ve really become comfortable the way you are. Look at you, wandering around with no clothes on.

Well, just look at yourself mom. You’re naked too, and you showed me how to enjoy it and not let it bother me. Wanna share anything as to how you started doing it.

She didn’t answer right away, but offered, another time.

What are your plans today?

Well, Sue will come over and spend the day. Do some swimming and just enjoy summer time.

Are you going to share with her what we do here?

No mom, I don’t think it’s appropriate to do that. I’ll show her my new clothing but not mention how we modeled for dad or run around naked together.

She smiled and said, well enjoy your day. Then she was off.

Sue arrived awhile later. I had reduced to the fact I should put some clothes on, then figure how to get rid of them. Sue came in and we had a friendly hug before going to my room. I had on my new sun dress when she arrived, no bra and a new thong. Sue says, I love that dress, is it new?.

Yeah, wanna try it on?


Mom took me shopping on Saturday. She bought me some new undies, this dress, a skirt, blouse and a swimsuit. ..I may not have wanted to mention that…

Your mom is so cool,

I wish my mom was as open as yours or even partially. So let me see your new things.

I went and pulled out my new thongs to show her.

Your mom bought these? With big eyes, she inspected them. She was holding up one of the more modest of the few I got and just seemed to go into dream land.

I picked up a smaller one pointing out how much smaller it was, and seeing how big Sues eyes got, and I’m wearing the smallest of them all now. Smiling, I got up and pulled my dress off to reveal the tiny thong I had on.

Sue just froze seeing how tiny it was.

She was speechless, then said, your mom bought that?

I just smiled.

Sue then realized I didn’t have a bra on. Wow she said, you look so sexy standing there like that with just your thong on.

Thanks I said. So, you want to try these I asked her.

You sure?, she asked.

Sure, there is no harm trying on clothes. She picked up a thong and blushed some. I said go for it. So sue pulled her shorts off and the cotton pantie she had on, then pulled on one of the lacy thongs. While the fit was good, there was another problem. Her pubic hair was sticking out all over. She saw that and became quite embarrassed. Then she looked at me in a much smaller thong and I had no hair sticking out.

Did you shave?

The other day. I hadn’t shaved for my first thong, but I have since. I had to shave in order to wear these without embarrassing myself. The thong fit Sue really nice. Her cheeks framed by the thong looked fantastic. But her pubic hair hanging out just ruined the whole thing.

Let me show you what I’ve done. As Sue looked on closely, I pulled off my thong revealing my smooth pussy. Sue just gasped. I said, it really feels nice being smooth down there.

How’d you do that?

I just lathered up real good in the shower and took my razor to it. You ought to try it.

I couldn’t.

Well, who’s going to know if you don’t tell.

Sue thought about it and said, you’re right. If I don’t tell mom, she won’t know. She never sees me naked.

I smiled and said, there you go.

Lets do this I said. Get out of those clothes. She took em all off and I led her to the bathroom.

I grabbed a new razor and showed her the soap in the shower. If you need help let me know.

Can we use scissors to cut the long stuff first?

Sure, as I wandered off to get a pair. Here, sit on the counter and I’ll trim this down for you. She did have a large bush, more than what I had. After cutting off the long stuff, she got in the shower and did the rest.

Sue was gleaming with her now smooth pussy. She wasn’t even bothered as I led her back to my room and she was now as naked as I.

When we got back to my room, I handed her the dress so she could try it on. She pulled it on over her head and let it fall in place everywhere else. Then I walked her before the mirror. It was a good fit for her as she looked herself over in the mirror.

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