The Invitation, Gabriel’s Beginning

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(This is the story of my first introduction into a BDSM poly family, it was the beginning of my journey into the kinkiest time in my life. It is a true story, and I will follow it with others as I learned and grew in my role.)


Remembering back, hoping my memory is strong enough, it was in the late fall, just before Halloween in 1975. My entrance to that world so many cherish and so few understand. I was so green I almost glowed. I was from a small farming town in Indiana and was now in Columbus, Ohio, starting school at a Bell and Howell school called Ohio Institute of Technology, and taking classes at Ohio State in music. Having just graduated in May I was moving into an apartment there in June.

Finally glad to be away from the little Podunk town that had been my upbringing. The apartment building I was gonna call home was part school housing, but about half was still open to the public too. When I moved in there were several apartments occupied by dancers at a local strip club. It was one of the Hustler clubs that Larry Flint owned. Just before the magazine took off, so there were always tons of pretties around the pool that summer. The parties were epic too.

I was playing in a band and working at a local recording studio called Kingsmill as a mix-down engineer. So with school I had little time for much else except the parties around the pool. I began to notice the only apartment that didn’t seem to show up for the parties was the one right across from me on the same floor.

Actually, I really didn’t see the occupants very often at all, occasionally, a few times a week it seemed a visitor or two would stop in. Not always the same people but always some very lovely women, rarely a man and if one did stop with a female friend he didn’t stay long and left alone shortly after arriving. This intrigued me to say the least, so I decided to make the move to get in the apartment and see what was up there.

I figured the best way to get inside was to extend an invitation to the next party that weekend. So I found myself knocking on the door carrying a bottle of tequila, my usual hello gift. I waited for what seemed like an eternity and the door finally opened. The barely dressed girl that greeted me was stunning, long blond hair, nice tits, tiny waist and a wonderful little butt. She said, “Hello, may I help you?”

When the blood returned to my brain, another eternity, I responded, “Howdy, I am Gabriel, I live across the courtyard. Just wanted to say hi and invite you to one of our parties.”

She looks at me and says, ” Well, I am not sure, we are really more homebodies that partiers.” looking her up and down she is dressed in a tiny silk skirt and a leather vest, wearing a choker collar and barefoot. Homebody? “So, what is the bottle for,” she asks?

Starring at her, it dawns on me what she is talking about. Holding out the bottle of Patron, I return with, “Well, I brought it for you.”

She takes the gift and invites me in, “I think you need to talk to Ian about this, He is the decision maker in this household.” Leading me into the apartment and to a back room. It is set up as a family room, sitting on a couch is a rather large man and a tiny little asian girl curled up at his feet on the floor. “Ian, this is Gabriel, one of our neighbors. He brought you a gift.”

As he stands, the asian moves on to the couch behind him, she is wearing a tiny little light blue baby-doll nightie. Extend his hand in a shake he says, “Hello Gabriel, I am Ian, The Master of the house, baby-doll is the one that brought you in, and the shy little one on the couch is kitty.”

Shaking his hand I say, “Nice to meet you Ian,” looking at the ladies, “and my pleasure to make your acquaintance,” offering my hand to each of them.

Ian tells me, “Well mate, they will only respond if I give them permission, and I am not sure we are at that point yet, but I can safely say they are happy to know you, it is part of their nature, and they would never disrespect me by doing anything different.”

I look at him and wonder what it is all about, “Did you say they need your permission?” this was so new to me, I had never heard anything like it, remember just a country boy, didn’t ever know a woman that needed a mans permission for anything, but I was indeed intrigued.

Ian offered me a seat, handed the Patron to kitty and told her to get us something cold to drink. He asked what I would like, so trying to seem a little more worldly, I just said, “surprise me.”

While kitty was gone, baby doll took her place on the couch beside Ian and started to massage his shoulders. As she did she seemed to purr, theses were the wildest people I had ever met. Kitty then returned with a with a pitcher of something very fruity and wet, pouring Ian a nice big glass and then one for me, she also sits on the other side of Ian, her hands working with baby dolls on their Master.

“I like you Gabe, what do you know about the Dominate lifestyle?”

“Well I have seen a few porns Escort bayan and read a few letters about it in penthouse, but no first hand knowledge.” I can almost feel the light bulb light up above my head. “So is this what you are into?”

Ian looks at the girls and laughs, “Well it is more than that, it is our lifestyle, I earn my living with this life.” As he talks the girls are rubbing his body and clearly getting rather turned on. “I am a Professional Dominant, I train and re-train women to live within the life and learn to please there Masters. Some of them do not have the time to get their pets to the right place, that is where I come in. I train them to be obedient and to accept their role, even relish it.”

This is so out there that I am very tempted to just leave, yet I can’t seem to get up and go. “So you are saying these are your trainees?” I sit up, but still can’t leave.

Again, there is a laugh from Ian, “No, these two are my property, my slaves, I own them body, mind and soul. They do nothing without my permission, that includes bodily functions. They will also do my bidding no matter what I tell them to do.” This seems so strange to me, I have never known any woman that would be willing to do this.

“Are you serious? Anything you tell them they will do without question?” I feel the smile creep across my face.

“That is what I said, anything I command they will do without hesitation.” With that her turns to kitty, “Show Gabe how you like to play with your pussy, my pet.

Kitty slips to the floor and looks up at me, she slips off her panties to reveal the smoothest, prettiest pussy I have ever seen, Sitting with her knees up and legs spread, she starts to slowly tease and rub the lips of her pussy, watching me as she starts to get wet from her touch, then she opens her lips to show me her clit, wet lips open and close as she drops her head back and slips a finger inside.

I look up at Ian and over to baby doll, I can see the effect it is having on her, and feel the response my own body is having, then I hear a gasp from kitty as her little puffy pussy starts to jerk and contract around her finger.

She looks up at Ian, still keeping her head lowered from his gaze as if waiting for him to comment. “Does my kitty need to cum? Does she need the release?”

“Oh please Sir, may your kitty cum for her Master, will it please you for me to show Gabe how I can squirt? I need it, PLEASE MASTER, let me cum.”

“Well if you really want to show our new friend your talent then you may cum my pet.” Then it happens, she starts to squirt and spray the floor in front of her, Like someone had turned on a hose, she bucked and raised her hips as the spray reaches across the front of the couch. It lasts for a several seconds at least and then she drops back onto her back still jerking and pinching her clit.

“Thank you soooo much Master Ian,” is all she can manage to say between gasps for air.

“Ok, baby doll, lick her clean,” without hesitation baby slides in between kitty’s legs and laps up the puddle that covers her legs and pussy. Then Ian says, Kitty don’t leave my floor wet,” and kitty rolls over and licks the puddle up from the hardwood floor until it is all gone, then the girls kiss and swap each others mouthful.

This almost pops my cork as I watch, but seems to have no effect on Ian, then he says, “Looks like Gabe could use a release himself my pets.” They turn to me and slide up between my knees and each starts to rub my cock through my shorts, gently pushing me back against the couch and freeing me from my zipper, hands and mouths covering my cock.

The site and feeling of them lapping and stroking my cock was about to bring me to my own release when Ian says “suck him dry my pets, show him how good those little mouths are,” after he says that they start to take turns sliding completely down my shaft and squeezing my balls, it doesn’t take long and I am shooting into kitty’s mouth like a rocket blasting off, driving my cock deep into her mouth, I can feel her throat tighten around me as I spasm and squirt.

I drop back against the couch and kitty turns to baby doll and empties the cum in her mouth into baby doll’s, dripping onto her lips and face at the same time, this is the hottest thing I have ever seen. As I get my composure back and the girls are slowly stroking my cock, Ian says. ” That’ enough my pets, let him relax so he can come back down.” The girls both let me go and move back to sit at Ian’s feet, still licking each others lips.

“So tell me Gabriel, how was your first day with us?” I could barely speak but tell Ian that I was so happy I decided to stop by. We talked for several hours, he tells me about his life with the girls and the trainees that are brought to him. After we talk he takes me into the third bedroom of the apartment, one of only two in the complex that had three bedrooms and that room is set up as a dungeon, lots of dungeon furniture, hooks in the ceiling, chains and ropes Bayan escort on the wall.

There is an X shaped stand in one corner, a platform with a chair sitting in the middle, a shower in the opposite corner and a very large array of rubber toys, whips, paddles and other implements, hanging in racks all along the walls.

For the next several days I visit Ian and the pets everyday, with similar results from the first visit, he has all so taking to training me in the ways of a Dominate. The girls have been most willing to let me learn to abuse and use them as I learn more and more. After about two weeks during one visit Ian makes an very interesting offer.

“Gabriel, I have something I need from you, if you are interested it will help me out greatly, if not I will understand. I have to go away for a bit and need someone to take over my position here, training and keeping this household.”

I asked him where he was going and he said he had to go to jail for about 8 months. He had a little run in with the local police, a small amount of marijuana was found on him during a traffic stop, Columbus, Ohio could be rather harsh at that time.

He told me that I would be training a few submissives and slaves during my stay and would be treated as though I was him, with no one daring to question my actions. All the money made, minus the bills for the house of course would be mine and when Ian returned I would be set up in my own house if I choose.

Ian went into the lock-up on monday and I moved in, it was unbelievable, the pets kitty and baby doll helped me get adjusted, teaching me all I hadn’t learned in Ian’s last week at home. Kitty was heavily into pain and baby doll loved control and humiliation.

I started with sessions with one at a time and worked into using them both, they slept at the sides of my bed when I didn’t invite them to join me. They seemed to like it when I made one watch and used the other, but that only seemed to get them off even more.

Like I said kitty was into pain and the first night we were alone she proved it. She came into the living-room and sat at my feet, not looking at me. I took her chin in my hand and pulled her into my gaze. “Something on your mind little one?”

“I need Master, this little one is in need of something soon or she is afraid she will just die.” I chuckle at this and she says, “Sir, my little pussy is throbbing and my ass needs to be punished, I know this one should never be so bold, but I am so ready, will my Master please make me cry?”

I told her to go into the playroom and prepare for me, Turn off the lights and light the candles. Assume a squat in the middle of the room and wait for me, if I get the urge I will be in, if not you will just wait in that position until I tell you different.

She goes in and does as she is told, and it gets quiet as she stops moving. I wait for about 15 minutes, I am sure it seemed like much longer to her. As I enter the room she is in the middle of the floor squatting with her tiny ass on her heels and her hands behind her neck, fingers laced.

The glow of the candles dancing on her skin, the playroom is always kept hot causing little kitty to glisten with her own sweat. I walk around her, admiring her tiny body, her nipples pointing ahead waiting for my touch, her smooth pussy inches above the floor, the lips starting to quiver, in anticipation, as I approach.

Walking behind her I reach out and tie her wrists, looping the leather tie around her neck after her wrists are bound, preventing her from moving her hands from that spot, I did not feel there was a need to blindfold her as she knew what was coming anyway.

Then I walk to the front and pinch her nipples and pull trying to make her lose her balance, she held fast and let out a low moan as I pull, then I clamped each nipple with the smaller clamps that were attached to a chain between them. Making the clamps tight enough that I could pull the chain and not dislodge them. When she is clamped I walk to the wall with the floggers hung in a neat row and took down one with long leather strips that were as rough as an old shoe.

I return to a spot in front of her, she is shaking from such a long time kneeling and waiting for me. Without a word I start with her flogging, first across her breast, not too hard at first, just to let her know it had started. Her chest heaved with the first few strokes of the leather then she seemed to settle, the whimpers also subsided. This was my signal to start getting harder and faster, striping her tits with long red welts on each stroke.

Then down across her thighs making her jump from the changed location of the hits, they get harder and stronger, the welts increasing in swelling, I start to walk around her and striping her flesh as I move, stopping behind her I concentrate on her back across the shoulders and then to the apple shaped ass that looked so nice and needy.

Each time she started to get accustomed to the level escort of the flogging it was increased, as I waited for the safe word or the tears she needed to give me for me to stop the punishing abuse.

Worried I was going to far I slowed, but as I did the tears started to flow, there were a few welts that had started to trickle with a small amount of blood, I grab her by the hair and pull her head back leaning over her, “Why did you not stop be from hurting you my pet?”

Here reply was, “Sir, this little one loves the love you showed with the pain you gave me, it was what she needed so badly.”

Leaving her tied at the wrists I unzip my pants, pulling out my throbbing cock and forcing it into her mouth, she hungrily sucks me into her throat and opens herself deep for me to fuck her face. After She takes me down to my balls, I waited for her to choke on the intrusion but it never came. He throat tugged and squeezed my cock and I felt like I was in heaven.

I pull out and sit on a footstool behind me and tell her, “slide me into that wet pussy, with a puddle of her cum on the floor beneath her, she stands and straddles me as her cunt swallows me in one motion. As I slip into her as deep as I can get, it was like a switch was tripped inside her and even tied as she was, she started to ride me like a cowgirl going for the 8 second mark, bucking and slamming me into her.

I can tell by the look on her face she is about to cum so I push her off and she lands on her ass, back on the floor where she had just been squatting, I stand and stroke my cock until I start to spray cum across her face and tits.

Then I walk away and tell her to resume the squat I had found her in until I told her different. She turned and looked at me for a brief second and scrambled back into her place above her puddle. I started to walk around the room blowing out the candles one at a time, still saying nothing. The last two candles at the door are left lit and I step out of the room.

After about 15 more minutes I return and untie her wrists again grabbing her hair and telling her, “hold this pose until you hear be leave the room and them you may stroke yourself to make you cum, you may then go to your place and sleep, do not clean up until you wake tomorrow, but I had better not wake before you are clean again, do you understand?”

She replies with a soft, “yes Master,” and I leave the room, blowing out the last two candles as I leave. When she returns to her place at the side of my bed she sees me in bed asleep with baby doll wrapped in my arms.

When I awoke the next day kitty was cleaned and making breakfast for me. She was all smiles and seemed so very happy, as I came into the kitchen she gave me a big kiss and thanks me for the session last night. Then baby doll came in from the living-room and started to help kitty. I said, “So my pets, what is in todays plans?”

Turning toward me baby doll says, “Is it my turn to be yours?” then quickly turning away as if she realized that she had over stepped with her comment. I stared back at her to show her that I was a little displeased with her and you could see that it affected her to have upset me.

I said, “well I am not sure if I want to my time to be decided by a pet or what had happened in the recent past, but I had though that we needed some time alone today, little one.” With this I start to walk from the room and leave them alone to clean up the kitchen.

I stop at the door on the way out and over my shoulder, “When you have finished with the kitchen baby doll, go and dress in one of your little schoolgirl outfits and come into the living-room to see me.”

Leaving the room I hear a very small but excited “yes Sir” come from the kitchen.

Waiting in the living-room listening to music I hear baby doll enter from behind me. She is wearing a pretty little blue plaid micro skirt with light blue panties, a white button down shirt tied at the waste in a knot and the top two buttons undone.

I sit and wait as she walks around my chair and assumes the position at me feet she knows she is to address me from, on her knees head down hands palm up on her thighs. She remains quiet like a good little pet until I speak, ” So baby doll, what is on your mind?”

Looking up slightly with just her eyes she responds, “I just wanted to spend some time with you Sir, this girls has needs that are growing stronger.” she returns her eyes to the floor and waits for some response from me. I reach out and stroke her hair and raise her face to look into her eyes.

“Then perhaps your Master should fill those needs, get me your leash and we shall go for a small walk.” She jumps up and runs to the hook where her leash is hung and scurries back to her place at my feet, holding up the leash but still looking at the floor. I take the leash and attach it to her collar, standing, I walk to the door and she follows, her little skirt barely covering her ass.

We walked, but only down to the pool in our complex, mostly for me, public is not a big thing for me yet. I sit in a lounge chair back from the pool and tell her to stand at the end, her leash pulling slightly, I then tell her she is a little over dressed and to remove her top. She immediately starts to blush but also begins to unbutton.

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