Hubby’s Sissy Training Day!! 02

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I get a text from my wife reading “Clean your ass and get dressed up cause your cum slut training is happening tonight!”

It was a month ago when we had our weekend getaway with the wife training me to be her cum slut. Our sex has been fantastic since then. Our love for each other has gotten stronger. A few weeks ago we laid in bed and I rolled over and kissed her on the forehead and I said “I need to suck a cock and swallow more cum please help me!”

She rolled over and kissed me on the lips and told me how proud she was of me and she will help with that. So this lead me to reading this text from her.

I hop into the shower and shave my entire body. Washing myself lightly rubbing my pussy hole and stroking my cock with the other hand. Closing my eyes moaning getting myself ready for my adventure. When I dried myself off and head to the bedroom, she is already getting clothes out for me to wear.

She got a black long-sleeved, short micro dress to show off my figure. First she handed me a bright pink nail polish to put on all my nails. Then I slipped on my black garter thigh highs with a flower pattern rolling them up my smooth legs enjoying every minute. Then I put on a pink lace panties and matching bra as the wife tucks my tits in making sure they stand out. I slipped the tight micro dress on pulling it down noticing it barley covers my ass. Then she had a pair of black open toe 4 inch heels to make the outfit scream “slut!”

She helped me apply my makeup making sure it looks good and done right. She applied a bright red lipstick and made sure it outlined my lips. She grab my cheeks and lean in to give me a kiss saying “God dam I do good work! You look sexy as hell! Your making my pussy wet!”

I reply “Can I taste it?” She smiles and says “Um no I don’t want to mess your face up, but damn that be nice right now! When we get home, you will!”

She placed her gold hoop earrings on to finish the look. She grabs my hand and walks me out into the cold dark night. I felt the chill of the wind blowing up my skirt and through my lace panties making me shiver a little. It felt great being outside dressed as a sexy woman again.

We jump in our car and head to a house in the suburbs. She stops at the end of a driveway. A big house sitting off the road. She grabs my hand as I lean over to kiss her on the lips. I asked “Why are you stopping here ain’t you going in with me?”

She smiled and said “No I am not. I am dropping you off. You will do as you’re told tonight. I do not want to hear that you disobeyed or I will punish you very hard! When they’re done with you, they will call me to come get you!”

My mouth dropped as she says “Now go get out of the car and go feast on them cocks in there!”

I get out of the car and close the door. She takes the car out of park and drives off leaving me there knowing this will happen cause I have no ride now. I walk towards the house still feeling the cool brisk wind teasing me under my skirt.

I knock on the door. A tall and broad man opens the door. Looking into my eyes as he smiles and says “Come in! You must be our entertainment for tonight!”

I smiled very shy like and walked in. I close the door behind me and turned around, and he says “Take all your clothes off other than your bra and panties and hurry!”

I am so excited my cock is trying to stretch my panties out. Knowing I have to obey or I get severely punished from the wife I do as I am told. I look in the kitchen and noticed four other men playing cards and one woman. I hesitate for just a second and he says “I said hurry we don’t have all night!”

Taking my heels off and then my dress. he looks at me and says “Good she got you in bright pink panties and bra like I told her! I am thrilled. You can keep the nylons on too very nice!”

His hand rubs my ass and rubbing his finger down my ass crack making my legs go weak as I spread my legs apart making me lose my balance. He moans and say “Oh this ass will do, and it will be mine! Now get on your knees and show me how much you appreciate your Master and kiss my cock!”

I slowly drop to my knees and look into his eyes and kiss his bulge through his jeans. He moans and grabs my head and ground my face real hard into his crotch when I hear “Oh fuck I will give you a good lesson tonight bitch!” He leans down and puts a collar on my neck and hooked a leash to it.

Grabbing my leash and pulled me towards the table making me crawl and introduced me “This is our cum slut tonight guys! We need to feed this bitch as much cum she can take tonight! You are all in for some fun right!”

Everyone cheered and whistled at me. He sat down and pointed between his legs. I crawled over between them. I pulled his cock out and looked up into his eyes as I noticed the woman had a video camera pointing right at me. I hear him say “She will make sure she catches every load your going to take tonight! So you can watch every load you took tonight over and over!”

Sliding my mouth izmir escort around his cock I take it deep down my mouth. He feels my tongue flicking his balls with my mouth full of his cock at the same time. He moans out loud letting everyone know what I just did. I hear pants unzipping and chairs moving around. You speak out and said “Oh fuck I’am going to cum!”

He grabs my head and shoots the biggest load of cum I ever had down deep in my mouth; it tasted salty, but it felt like home cooking. I look up at him with a smile as he smiles back and push me under the table and say “Now suck everybody else’s cocks now!”

He unhooked my leash as I slide under the table and serviced each guy. I bet hearing me servicing each guy from below the table was making each one moan must have been memorizing. I take each load down my throat as the lady videos each guy grabbing my head and fucking my face. I get up from under the table with cum and saliva dripping off my chin and face making Master moan. I hear Master tell me “Go fetch us more drinks!” As I walk away smiling making sure I wiggled my ass to them all.

I brought back the beers for everyone. He made me kneel beside him. He pushes me to all fours as he rubs my pussy hole. Fingering and teasing my pussy hole watching my ass grinding and wiggling in the air as I moan feeling his finger penetrate me.

He giggles watching my ass moving around on his finger seeing my ass moving and begging for his attention when he says “Who wants this bitch first?”

One guy stands up and walks over and grabs my hair and pulls me to a bedroom. He pushes me to the floor as I am kneeling before him, His cock was hard again. He grabs my head and fucks my face hard. The lady is still videoing me. He pushes me off his cock and orders me onto the bed on all fours. I feel him push my legs apart and slide my panties down to my knees and licks and spits on my pussy hole.

He then pushes his cock inside me taking my pussy hole for himself. As he speeds up and slows down slapping my ass yelling to everyone how tight my pussy hole is. He picks up his pace now and I feel his balls slapping against mine. He stops pushing deep in my pussy hole and grunts out loud and I feel his cock throb inside me. He fills my pussy hole full of his cum. He catches his breath and pulls out, What an empty filling I have, and my cock is rock hard wanting more. He looks out the door and tells everyone “I breed this bitch! Who’s turn now?”

I look over my shoulder at the lady behind me filming my fucked pussy hole. Cum is oozing out. She spreads my ass cheeks apart videoing his cum leaking out my pussy hole. Then she looks at me and says “I better put this on for you so it can catch your cum!”

She rolls a condom onto my cock. I look at her and said “Oh do I get to fuck you then? Cause I really need to cum!”

She laughs and says “Nope you can’t fuck me, and if you want to cum, you better learn how to while someone’s cock is deep inside you fucking your ass! Nobody here will touch your cock! Sorry bitch but you better learn real quick or no cum for you!” As she laughs real hard.

Looking over my shoulder at the doorway another man comes walking in and heads up and shoved his cock into my mouth while I am on all fours still. He fucks my face harder than the last guy making me gag in pleasure. Then he pulls out and slides up behind me and pushes is cock inside me with ease. He fucks me way harder with longer strokes than the last guy. I get a feeling I am about to cum when grunts. Right as I am trying to build my orgasm he explodes deep into my pussy hole. His cock throbs shooting his cum deep in my pussy hole. He pushes as deep as he can and pulls out and steps away. I collapse breathing hard and whining, when he laughs at me knowing I was close to my orgasm. She climbs up on the bed and uses her foot to spread my ass apart to take more video of cum oozing out my pussy hole.

Third guy comes in and flips me on my back pulling my head to the edge of the bed and fucks my throat very hard with no warming up to it. His hand is on my throat feeling his own cock bulging in my throat. Then he reaches down fingering my now wet and lose pussy hole. Then he puts two fingers in, then three fingers as I moan from delight. He is getting me closer to my orgasm again. I moaned louder with his cock in my mouth. He feels vibrations from my moaning on his cock when he couldn’t take it anymore and exploded in my mouth again. I swallow all his cum as he pulls is finger out of my pussy hole. I thought to myself “Damn it I was about there.”

He steps back from me and smiles down at me and shouts out “Fuck I didn’t get no ass but I will next time!”

I am thinking to myself “I am so fucking horny and I need to cum so bad!”

I roll over and put my hand on my rubber covered cock and humped my fist. When I feel a slap on my ass from the lady saying “You do not cum unless you have a cock in your ass or Master tells antalya escort you too! Now stop!”

I stop than she grabs some rope and ties my hands to the bedpost. Putting pillows under my hips and belly making my ass point up in the air. As three guys walk in they say their goodbyes. Then they have me kiss their cocks and thank them for the fucking and loads of cum. I obey.

The lady stands in front of me and plugs the camcorder in and sets the TV on the floor making sure I can see it. I am so exhausted and horny I am trying to hump the pillows. I watch her push play. I focus my eyes on myself on the screen standing in my nylons, pink panties and bra. Then I am watching me sucking Master’s cock. I am getting more and more horny. Then I feel her climb up on me and push something into my pussy hole and fucked my pussy hole and whispered “I bet you would love to cum right now wouldn’t you?”

I moan and nodded “Yes please!”

She says “Good!” then she says “You love cock don’t you? You love to swallow cum? You need cock in your ass don’t you?”

Each question she is pushing deeper into my pussy hole and running her fingers on my lips as I watch the monitor. She says “Repeat after me if you want to cum!”

So I obey and I repeated what she said over and over “I love cock! I love swallowing cum! I love cock in my pussy hole!”

It seemed like I said it a hundred times. I am watching the guys filling all my holes, and with her fucking me so slow in my pussy hole making me even more horny for a cock. When I notice Master and his friend enter the room. She climbs off me I notice her wearing a strap on. She gives both of them a high five and says “This bitch is ready and horny for cock have fun for the rest of the night boys!” As she smiles at me and winks and says “Enjoy your night bitch!”

Both of them sat down next to me rubbing and pawing at me. Teasing my pussy hole making me squirm showing them how bad I need fucked again. Master pulls my panties rest of the way off and his friend slides up in front of me and teases himself with my mouth. He finally pushes his cock in nice and slow all the way deep into my mouth. Master watches him getting his cock sucked while teasing my pussy hole with one finger then two. I hump his fingers as they both giggle and Master says “You’re sure a horny little bitch! I bet you need to cum!”

I moan out loud with a mouth full of a cock. He sticks a third finger feeling all the cum still in my pussy hole. Both of them are being a lot more gentle than the other guys. I feel his friend grab my head with both hands and rubbed my hair slowly fucking my mouth just enjoying himself. Master leans in and kisses my cheek and licked my ear and whispered “You love cock! You love to swallow cum! Look into his eyes show him how hungry you are for his cock and his cum!” I look up into his eyes when he moans and pulls out and shot two loads onto my face and pushes it back in my mouth having me suck the rest out of his balls.

Master unties my hands and have me lay on my back. I watch him crawl between my legs smiling and said “Show me how bad you want this cock in your ass!”

Knowing I am so horny and needing to orgasm I pull one leg out of my pantie and spread my legs wide and held them high inviting him in. Master smiles and pushed his cock into my well lubed pussy hole all the way until his balls rested on my ass cheeks. I wrap my legs around him as he fucks me. Nice and slow, but I am trying to get him to go faster. He leans down and kissed my neck and whispered in my ear “Tell me you love cock!”

I moan feeling him push deep and then pulled his cock almost out and stopped. I move my hips wanting more and he whispers “Stop moving! Tell me you love cock!”

I look into his eyes and said “I love cock!”

He fucks me more nice and slow. I felt the erg to orgasm again when he stops and pulled his cock almost out of my pussy hole and looked me in the eyes and said “Tell me you love the taste of cum!”

I am so horny I need to fucking cum so I say “I love the taste of cum!”

He fucks me again but a little faster. I moan more getting even closer to having the erg to orgasm when he stops again and pulls his cock almost out again. I gasp begging with my eyes as he smiles at me and whispers “Tell me you love cock in your ass!”

I say “I love cock in my pussy hole! I need your cock in my pussy hole! Fuck me, please!”

He fucks me harder than his friend is laying beside me twisting my nipples smiling at me making me so fucking horny. His friend kisses my cheek and says “Tell us you want to be our cum slut!”

I am so close to my orgasm I yell “I want to be both of your cum slut!”

I cum with his cock in my pussy hole. My cock keeps throbbing over and over filling that condom. He stops and looked down and said “That’s a good little bitch!” His friend rubs my cock squeezing every once out of me and then pulls the condom off my cock. kayseri escort

He places the opened end in my mouth. Master gets so turned on watching him put the condom in my mouth he picks up the pace fucking me harder until I feel his cock growing and throbbed in my pussy hole. Pushing as deep as he can fill me with his seed. He pulls out and lays down beside me and grabbed the condom with the open end in my mouth still and whispered “Still hungry?”

I am still trying to catch my breath I nodded, and he squeezed my cum into my mouth and said “Swallow it show us you crave cum!” I greedily swallow it.

I feel his hands rubbing my inner thighs making my legs and hips wiggle. They noticed my pussy hole needed fucked more. Master kisses my neck and whispers “Calm down you will get more my little bitch I promise!”

I am laying on the bed with cum on my face and cum oozing out of my pussy hole breathing very hard. His friend keeps rubbing my inner leg trying to calm me down. Master grabs an anal plug of the dresser and pushed it in my pussy hole. Then he slides my pink panties back up my legs saying “Lets keep all that cum inside you! It will make you crave it more.”

Master rubs my well fucked ass making me moan when my as humps the air. He smiles to his friend and says “Well we sure trained this bitch to be a cum slut! I think we accomplished that don’t you think?” He looks at me kisses my forehead and says “Oh yes we did!”

I am so exhausted I doze off when suddenly I felt the plug in my pussy hole get pulled out and a warm cock took its place in my pussy hole. Then some kind of warm liquid filled my pussy hole. I open my eyes and looked over my shoulder seeing the both of them. His friend climbs up behind me and sticks his cock in my pussy hole. I watch Master holding the jeweled anal plug. I feel more warm liquid filling my hole. My belly feels so bloated then I feel Master push that plug back in me.

I am so exhausted I did not even give a fuss about it and I ask “What time is it?”

They look at each other and Master says “Not time for you to go home yet!”

He locked his leash back on my collar and said “Come on we need to walk you outside. You need to pee. Now, bitch!”

Both of them laugh and I ask “What’s so funny?”

Master says “We both pee inside your ass!” Now they both are busting a gut laughing.

I walked over to grab my clothes and Master tugs on my leash and said “Nope it’s dark out. You will be fine!”

The both of them are walking me down the sidewalk with me wearing my nylons and bra and panties. Master makes me walk out in front of them both so they can see the jeweled plug shining in the streetlights through my lace panties. Master has me stop by a tree and tells me “Squat and pull my plug out and let just let a little of your pee from your ass to come out, but not all of it!”

I squeeze my ass cheeks together as hard as I can to let just a little out as best as I could. Master tells me “Put the plug back and hurry!”

Master walks me down further to another tree making me do it all over again, as they both laugh at me. I giggled also, cause I love this attention. We get to the corner and cars are going by slamming on their brakes but still driving forward. Master turns us around and heads back to his house. A car slams on their brakes and turns the corner quickly and pulls over. Two black guys jump out of the car and walk up to the both of them.

Both black guys are smiling and one asked “What do you have here?” Master smiles and says “This is my bitch! I am taking her for a walk. She needed to go pee.” Everyone laughed and one black says “Here is $50 can your bitch suck me and my friend off?”

Master’s friend grabs the money and said “She sure would love too! Wouldn’t you bitch?” Looking at me as I nodded yes scared to speak.

Master grabs my hair and pulled me to my knees. The two black guys pulled their cocks out of their pants and my jaw dropped. There cocks where so huge, both whereas long as my forearm.

Master holds my leash while both guys are taking turns fucking my face. It seems like an eternity feeling both of their cocks hitting the back of my throat taking turns making me gag. When one guys grabs my hair and pushes his cock deep into my mouth. I felt his cock growing and throbbed as he fills my mouth with his black seed. He came so much that it oozed out the sides of my mouth. Being so full of his cock then he pulls out with a plop. The other guy grabs my hair and yanks me to his cock and he blows is load deep down my throat just as much as the other guy than he pulls out smearing some of his cum all over my face.

There cum was much more salty, but I was still in heaven! Wishing I had more!

I gag a little, cause of all the cum I am trying to swallow. Master slaps me on my face and said “That is not ladylike of you gagging! Now thank the nice gentleman for letting you to suck there cock now!” I look up at them both and say “Thank you for feeding me your black cum!”

They both zip up giving both of them a high five and said thanks. They get in their car and honk as they head down the road. Both of them wave back and walked me back to Master’s house. We stop by the tree in his front yard and tells me “Squat and pull my plug out and slowly push all the pee out!”

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