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Every man should have a fuck buddy and mine is a fucking beauty. Betty is forty-two with wavy black hair. A little on the chubby side and with a fashion sense that would have made her grandma proud. Never the less she looked alright, most people would have thought of her as being pretty not a glamor but pretty enough. Her best features are her massive tits which, while having lost their perkiness just there sheer size made you want to bury your face in them and go bhurrrrr.

Oh and did I mention she was the filthiest piece of shit whore I’d ever come across? I’d picked her up one night a couple of years ago and we’d been fucking ever since.

She was dirty the first night I fucked her. Letting me do her in the ass without lube up against the car park wall, and was now letting me do anything I wanted to her.

The way Betty liked to be fucked most woman would have considered being raped. She liked to be taken not made love to. She wanted to be held down, her clothes ripped from her body and fucked hard. She liked being choked and slapped. Spitting on her drove her wild. You couldn’t be too rough with this chick, it was anything goes. She only had one rule; don’t do anything that she’d have to go to the hospital for. As she would say “it’s too hard to explain.” Her favorite thing was being humiliated and degraded. She wanted to be treated like a piece of meat not as a person, it drove her wild.

I’d been over at her place one night and we’d gotten stoned before I fucked her brains out. She crashed on the bed to stoned to move I guessed. Me, well I had the munchies so after I’d found something to eat I parked myself on the couch to watch some TV and give myself some time to straighten up before I headed home.

There was nothing on TV so I started rummaging through her videos to find something worth watching. It turns out gaziantep escort she was a sci-fi geek and the only thing I could find that didn’t sound like star trak was a video with the word daddy on it.

What was in the video blew me away, I knew this girl was into anything but the video just blew my mind.

It was her I’m guessing about ten years ago strung up in a room with about ten guys who were taking turns beating the shit out of her and fucking her. By beating the shit out of her I mean that’s exactly what they were doing. They had whips, belts, ropes, paddles and anything else they could use as a weapon and where just beating her mercilessly with them.

She was screaming, crying and begging them to stop but they just laughed and kept beating on her.

When they got sick of beating her they’d start fucking her for a while till they got bored with that and went back to beating her.

I couldn’t imagine fucking her in a more degrading way than what I’d been doing, boy was I wrong.

One part that really sticks in my head was one of the guy’s sticking his cock deep into her ass, then with one swift action he buries his fist in her ass along with his cock. You could actually see him jerking his cock off inside her asshole. I’d never seen anything like it before in my life.

By the time the video had finished my cock was rock solid again. I went into the bedroom to find her sitting up in bed fingering herself. She’d woken while I was watching the video and as she explained later was doing herself to the sounds she could hear herself making on the video.

I suppose I couldn’t have explained how dirty a whore she was any better than that. She’d made herself cum to the sounds of her getting beaten. I grabbed her by the hair and spun her around so she konya escort was on all fours and grabbed my belt from the floor besides me. I folded the belt in half and started beating her. I was hitting her across the ass, not flat out but hard enough for her to know about it.

She hadn’t flinch, just dropped her head down onto the bed to lift her ass up higher into the air. I had her count the blows as they landed. By the time I’d gotten to thirty I was hitting her as hard as I could and she still wasn’t flinching.

I stopped at fifty with her ass so read it looked like a tomato. Bruises had started to form and turn slightly purple. The bit that freaked me out was looking down at her cunt only to see it almost reflecting the light, it was that fucking wet.

I couldn’t fucking believe it. What was I thinking, if listening to herself get beaten got her horny why was I surprised that actually getting beaten would make her wet.

I rubbed my hand on her pussy to lube it up, because that fist was going straight up her ass. One finger turned into three fingers and within a couple of minutes my fist was in her ass and I was driving it home like there was no tomorrow. She started moaning and thrusting her hips back to the rhythm, her breathing becoming sallower and sallower with every thrust as she got closer to orgasm.

I have to admit that when she came it was amazing. She squeezed so hard that my fist felt like it was about to get crushed, she started trembling uncontrollably before collapsing flat on the bed dragging my fist and me along with it down with her.

I gave her a couple of seconds to recover before I dragged her back up onto her knees and started to work my fist around her ass again. My cock was so hard it could have bitten threw steel.

I got up onto kayseri escort the bed so I was almost hovering over her and pressed my cock against her asshole. With one push it slid straight into her ass along side my fist. I wrapped my hand around my cock and started jerking off inside her asshole.

Man did I whack off hard, I only lasted a couple of minutes before I blew my load deep in her ass but it was long enough for her to come again not as violently as the first time but it still felt great when she squeezed.

We both collapsed for a couple of minutes to catch our breath and when I had, I asked her about the video.

She was reluctant at first to talk about it but after a couple of slaps across the face she started talking.

It turns out she left home when she was eighteen after getting into some trouble. She started doing speed and quickly moved on to selling it to supports herself. When a deal went bad and one of the junkies she was dealing to ripped her off meant she couldn’t pay the bikers she’d bought it off. When she couldn’t pay they beat the shit out of her before raping her. They gave her another week to come up with the cash and when she couldn’t her only option was to do a deal with the bikers.

When all you’ve got to deal with is your big tits and ass you don’t exactly have the whip hand in negotiation.

One of the bikers covered her debt and her ass now belonged to him. She was passed around from biker to biker and always treated like a piece of meat.

After a while you get used to things and they become normal she told me. She was fucked, beaten, humiliated and degraded almost on a daily basis from the age of eighteen till she was thirty five. She was discarded by them when the biker that bought her got locked up in jail. The video was shot a couple of days before he got locked up and was meant as is last hooray. Apparently they went to a secluded farm house and spent a week in a wild drug fueled orgy with her and five other sluts and approximately fifty or so smelly bikers. The video I saw was only a small part of what happened that week. There are more videos which she has and I can’t wait to see them.

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