Bridget At It Again

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Bridget was in college and working on a final project for her class. She was getting frustrated as she could not figure out the code she needed to make her project work. She done some research online and found an instructor that could help her out. She sent Fed the instructor her problem and he told her for a small fee he could help her out and fix the site for her. Bridget immediately sent a payment over to Fred and within minutes he had sent her the code she needed. She inserted the code in her project and low and behold the site worked. She was so relieved to have her site up and running she never thought about what she had just done to get it to work. As the night moved on Andy her husband had come home. Andy asked Bridget how her day went and if she had worked on her homework like he had asked her to do that morning as he left for work. Bridget hugged Andy and told him yes she had finished her homework. Andy gave her a playful smack on the butt as he hugged and kissed her. That night as they lay in bed talking Andy asked her how much more homework she had to do. Bridget told him she had a lot to do yet but she was finally getting the hang of coding. Andy smiled and told her he knew she could do it.

The next morning Bridget and Andy arose. The sun was shining and it was a new day. As Andy left for work he again told Bridget to work on her homework and try and get a head in class. Bridget told Andy she would do her best. Bridget set down at the table and began her class work. Once again she was stuck on a code to make her site come up and work. Well she thought Fred helped her yesterday maybe he could help her out again today. She emailed Fred and of course he would help her all he could. Bridget sent Fred her problem and sure enough Fred knew how to code it. Fred told Bridget for twenty dollars he would send her the working code. Once again Bridget sent a payment to Fred and he in turn sent her the code. She got the homework done and turned in. Soon it was time for Andy to come home from work. They had another relaxing evening talking about their day.

That night as Bridget listened to Andy sleep, thoughts of what she had done started to get to her. Bridget started to feel guilty for asking Fred for help. It wasn’t just the help it was paying him to do her work for her. She knew she could do the work. That night Bridget decided she was going to buckle down and try harder to understand the code and how to make a website work. Morning came and once again Andy left for work and Bridget sat down to do homework. Once again she was stuck. She looked at examples in her book on how to do the code to make her site work. She was so positive last night she could do this and now she was once again frustrated. She rationalized contacting Fred again. What would it hurt to ask him for help one more time? She talked herself right into emailing Fred. She knew once Fred sent her the code and she looked at it she understood exactly what it was she was doing wrong. So again she paid Fred for the code to get her website to work.

Andy got home from work and found Bridget cranky. Bridget was starting to feel very guilty for paying Fred to help her. She was so guilty she was taking it out on Andy. When Andy asked Bridget how her day went and how homework was going, she snapped at him and told him everything was fine why did he always have to ask how her homework went? Immediately Bridget was sorry for lashing out like she did to Andy. Andy took Bridget by the arm and walked her over to the dining room table. He undone her pants and pulled them down along with her panties. Now young lady put your hands on the table. As she done so she heard his belt come off. Smackkkkkkkk, smackkkkkkkkkkkk, smackkkkkkkkkkkk, smackkkkkkkk, smackkkkkkkkkkkk Andy Anadolu Yakası escort told Bridget to turn around and look at him. Bridget got up and looked at Andy. Do you care to tell me what that was all about young lady? Bridget just looked at Andy. I-I-I’m sorry Sir. It was just a bad day today. I didn’t mean to take it out on you. Andy smiled and hugged Bridget. Can I put my belt back on now or do you need more? You can put your belt back on Sir, she stated and pulled up her pants as well.

As they lay in bed talking that night Bridget thanked Andy for spanking her. She told Andy that is just what she needed and was better. Andy hugged her and asked her again if she was alright. She assured Andy she was fine and fell asleep on his chest. As the next few days went on Bridget was feeling guiltier for asking Fred for help. She was so consumed in guilt and her thoughts she didn’t hear Andy come in the house. Andy walked up to Bridget and she jumped. Andy held out a billing statement and Bridget froze. She knew from just viewing the name on the statement what was next. Bridget, would you mind telling me who Fred is and why you sent him three different payments? Bridget just stood there looking at Andy. BRIDGET, Andy’s voice brought her back to his attention, whose Fred and what are these payments for? Bridget found her voice. Fred is a friend of mine and he was helping me understand my coding assignments. You paid someone to do your homework, stated Andy? N-n-o-o-o sir, it isn’t like that sir. Why don’t you tell me what it is like then young lady? Bridget lowered her head. She had felt guilty for days and now she had been caught. I am waiting for an answer young lady.

Bridget turned and walked to their bedroom leaving Andy holding the statement wondering what was really going on. Andy sat down and told himself Bridget needed a few minutes alone to think and he needed a few minutes to calm down. One thing Andy never done was punish Bridget in anger.

Bridget was in their bedroom. She was so filled with guilt she walked over to the corner, lowered her pants and panties to her knees and placed her hands on her head. She stood there thinking. Her mind was going in a million different directions. She knew what she done was wrong and she knew Andy deserved to know the truth. She also knew she deserved to be punished. Fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes had passed and Bridget was still standing in the corner. She was not ordered to go to the corner she had done this on her own. Andy was in the living room and had calmed down and decided he should go check on Bridget and get to the bottom of what was going on.

He walked in their bedroom and was surprised to see Bridget standing in the corner with her pants and panties down. Andy had never seen his wife do this before. He walked up behind Bridget and asked her to turn around and look at him. Bridget obeyed and turned around. One look at Bridget’s face told Andy she was hurting and ready to break. I think we need to get the hairbrush and have you lay you over my lap don’t we, stated Andy? Yes sir said Bridget. Andy picked up the hairbrush that was beside them on the dresser and sat on the bed telling Bridget to come over to him and lay across his lap. She walked over to Andy and lay over his lap. Smackkkk, smackkkkkk, smackkkkkkkkkk, smackkkkkkk Andy swatted the left cheek then the right cheek smackkkkkkkk, smackkkkkkk, smackkkkkk, smackkkkkkk Bridget had started to kick as the smacks landed one after another, one smack to the right cheek, one smack the left cheek, right, left, hard smacks kept landing on her bottom. Bridget had kicked her pants and panties off, her bottom was burning and she started to beg Andy to stop spanking her. I’m sorry, stop please Anadolu Yakası escort bayan stop. Andy set the hairbrush beside him and told Bridget to kneel in front of him. She slid off his lap and knelt before him. Now, look at me. Bridget looked up at Andy. I want to know what is going on and I don’t want any beating around the bush do you understand me young lady? Yes sir she said. Explain to me who Fred is and why you paid him. Bridget started from the beginning telling Andy she was lost in her homework and didn’t mean to get in as deep as she was. She told him she had felt guilty for days about paying Fred for helping her understand code but she just couldn’t bring herself to tell him. I see said Andy. Is that why you came in here to the corner? You knew you deserved to be punished and couldn’t ask me to punish you so you came to the corner knowing I would come in and take over? Yes sir she said lowering her head.

Andy took his hands and lifted her chin up to meet his eyes. You know you will be punished severely for this don’t you? Yes sir. Strip and go back to the corner but this time I want you kneeling there with your hands on your head. Bridget stood up and took off her clothes and walked to the corner and knelt down placing her hands on her head. She could hear Andy move about the bedroom but did not know what he was doing. Andy walked up behind Bridget. He reached around her and clamped her right nipple with the clamps he had. Next he clamped her left nipple. He picked the chain from the clamps up and moved it to her lips. Put this in your mouth. Do NOT let it fall out of your mouth. He walked away to finish getting his implements out that he had planned to punish her with. Fifteen minutes had passed. Andy again walked up to Bridget, this time with a bowl of warm soapy water and a syringe. Young lady, I want you to back up away from the corner place your hands on the floor and remain kneeling, butt out for me and do NOT let the chain come out of your mouth. Slowly Bridget done as instructed. She moaned as the chain pulled on her nipples but she did not let it drop from her mouth. Andy filled the syringe and inserted it in her butt hole filling her up. After inserting her bottom with the soapy water 6 times he placed a butt plug in her bottom. He told her she was not to move out of position. Andy got up and emptied the left over water in the bathroom sink leaving Bridget as she was on the floor. He knew he was hard on her but this time he had to be. He walked back over to Bridget and told her he would not tolerate cheating of any kind and paying someone to do your homework was definitely not acceptable. I am going to teach you a lesson you will not soon forget young lady. Bridget just knelt there in position afraid to move for fear of losing the butt plug or dropping the chain from her mouth.

Andy reached down and moved the butt plug in and out of her slowly. Bridget began to moan. Do you have to use the bathroom young lady? Bridget motioned her head yes. Andy smiled although Bridget could not see it. He shoved the butt plug hard in her bottom and told her good, you’re being punished. You will remain in this position for another 10 minutes and if you’re a good girl and don’t drop the chain and leave the butt plug in your bottom I might just let you up to go potty. If the plug comes out or the chain drops we will begin again understand? She just nodded her head. Andy walked over to the bed and sat down. He hated to be hard on his wife but this time he had to be. Seeing Bridget kneeling in the corner struggling not to let the plug come out or chain drop he knew was true punishment for her.

He had never had to punish his wife in this manner before. Sure they had fun using the nipple escort bayan clamps and fun enemas before but this time was different. Ten minutes had passed and Andy walked over to Bridget and told her to stand up and not let the butt plug come out or chain drop. Slowly she stood up. Andy took the chain from the clamps and pulled off the nipple clamps. Bridget let out a yelp and went to rub her nipples but Andy grabbed her wrist and stopped her before she could do so. I wouldn’t even think of rubbing your nips right now young lady unless you want to have the clamps on you again only for an hour this time. Yes sir is all she said. Now would you like to go to the bathroom? Yes please. He walked Bridget to the bathroom and told her to bend over and he would pull out the butt plug. As he done so she sat down fast and expelled herself. Andy stood there and placed both of her nipples between his fingers rolling them around and feeling how hard they were. Please Sir, can’t I even go to the bathroom without you in here? Andy lifted his hand smackkkkkkk down it landed on her right thigh. Owwwwwww. Do you have anything else to say to me? No Sir she said. Again he placed his fingers on her nips and rolled them around. They were tender from the clamps but he was making her horny and he knew it. He also knew this was punishment and she was not allowed to cum while being punished.

Andy stopped and walked out telling Bridget when she was done to lay on the bed she was getting canned. Bridget got up and went to the bed. She just wanted this over with. She lay down on her stomach Andy told her to get up. He propped 4 pillows under her hips and told her to lie across them. She knew better than to argue and done as she was told. Andy took the butt plug and inserted it in her bottom. He told her she was a bad girl and would wear the plug all night. He picked up the cane and swoooooooooshhhhhh, down came the first stroke across her bottom. Now young lady, you are getting 20 strokes across your thighs, if you move out of position we will start from one again do you understand me? Please Sir not that many. Swoooooooooosh, excuse me? Do you make the rules? No sir. What did I just say? Swoooooooooosh another crack across her bottom. I was getting 20 strokes across my thighs. Swooooooooosh, swoooooooosh, owwwwwwwwww swooooooosh, stop, swooooooosh , I’m sorry sir swooooooooooooooosh, one stroke after another landed across her thighs. Swowwwwwsh, swooooooosh, please stop. Andy ignored her pleas and continued to lay the strokes on her thighs swooooooooosh, swoooooooosh, swoooooooooosh.

After all 20 strokes had been given Andy picked up the paddle and as she remained laying over the pillows he sat next to her and began to paddle her bottom. Smackkkkkk, smackkkkkkkkk owwwwwwwww Bridget began to kick her legs smackkkk, smackkkk, smackkkkkkkkk stop please Andy held her down and continued to lay the paddle into her bottom smackkkkkkkk, smackkkkkkkk Bridget soon stopped fighting him and just broke down and cried. Smackkkkk, smackkkkkk, smackkkkkk She was sobbing and didn’t realize Andy had stopped the paddling. He picked up the lotion and rubbed some lotion on her tender bottom as she lay there calming down, massaging her back and thighs and bottom until she was totally relaxed and calm.

Andy lay beside Bridget and hugged her tight. Thank you sir she told him. Why did you do it Bridget? I don’t know Sir she told him. I know I can do the work, I just got scared that I would fail and wanted to make sure I understood the work. I did learn from the code he sent me Sir. I don’t want you to pay anyone for answers again do you understand me? Yes sir she said. Is that butt plug still in you tight? Her face turned red as she said yes sir. Good girl. You can think about your actions while you sleep with it in you tonight. In the morning you can get up and stand in the corner and think about your actions lately. When you think you can remain positive about class you can take the plug out and work on homework. Understand? Yes sir. With that they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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