It was a hot Wednesday afternoon in the late summer of 1980 and I was a Deep Sea Diver in the U.S. Navy returning home from a deployment. As the van pulled into the parking lot I saw my wife waiting and she looked stunning. She had dressed for the heat wearing a tan, backless, halter-top mini-sundress. Her tiny dress enhanced her hip long brown hair, big brown eyes, dark tan and physically fit body. With the sun setting behind her, I could tell, it was all she was wearing.

When I saw her, I, also, noticed she was standing a little off from the other wives, as they appeared to be busy chatting and not paying much attention to the approaching van. It wasn’t that they were unfriendly; it was simply we didn’t have a lot in common with them, especially since we didn’t have nor want children. We’d even taken steps to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. She’d had a tubal ligation in the summer of 1976 and I’d had a vasectomy in late 1977.

They were, also, a little uncomfortable around us because we had an open marriage. We had ‘officially’ opened it in the spring of 1977 so both of us were free to have sex with others if we so desired. It worked extremely well for us since we had been in long distance relationship. It began when she had returned to college in the fall of 1976 as a first semester junior, and that following spring, after an eighteen-month break in service, I had re-enlisted in the Navy and was stationed six hours away. Due to the distance, I could only make it home about every other weekend.

During her last two years in college she had enrolled in a series of Women’s Health and Fitness classes. Through these classes she had become a vegetarian and incredibly physically fit with a tight, toned, tanned body via her diet, aerobic exercise, free weights, and long distance running. It had, also, built up her confidence, especially in making decisions.

She was a petite bundle of energy at five feet three inches tall, weighing one hundred eight pounds and with a lovely figure of 34B-23-33. Her handful-sized breasts had smallish areolas and dainty nipples; her stomach was flat with nicely defined abdominal muscles tapering to a carefully trimmed and groomed pubic patch. She had embraced our open marriage with open legs becoming extremely promiscuous, an exhibitionist and incredibly sexually adventurous.

As I stepped out of the van, I had just enough time to drop my ‘go-bag’ and catch her as she leaped into my arms wrapping her legs around my waist and laying on a deep, loving kiss. I had dropped my hands down under her squirming butt to support her and found it bare, which was no surprise, since she hated wearing bras or panties; hell, she hated having to wear clothes at all.

Easing her back down onto her feet, I pulled her to me, put my forehead against hers and we stared into one another’s eyes. Oh! Fuck! It was good to have her back in my arms! I relished the warmth of her body against mine; I inhaled her unique scent, both of us were so emotional we were trembling. I kissed her enjoying the feel of her body and undulating hips against me.

Breaking our kiss, I took her by the hand and led her to our Toyota Land Cruiser opening the passenger’s door so she could get in. Since Billie rarely wore panties, watching her get in or out of any vehicle while she was wearing a skirt or dress was a voyeur’s delight, and watching her getting in or out of our FJ 40 Land Cruiser was an extra special treat.

This time, Billie took her time, teasing the hell out of me. She put her left foot up on the running board, turned facing me, sat back on the seat and spread her legs a little. I stepped between them looking down. The hem of her dress was up around her hips and her darling, trimmed and groomed little puss was in plain view. My first instinct was to kiss it, but I restrained myself.

Moving in close, I gently cupped her head in my hands and kissed her. Breaking our kiss we leaned together with our forehead touching and stared into each other’s eyes. Using my left hand, I untied the bow of the straps holding up the top of her dress; when it came loose, the top slid down exposing her delightful, handful sized breasts.

Dropping my right hand I ever so gently cupped her left breast, teasing her nipple with my thumb. She scooted closer to me, which rucked her dress up even higher, and I moved in as close as I could. She teasingly asked, “Are we going to make love, right here, right now?”

Kissing the tip of her nose, I told her, “It’s tempting.”

With a soft laugh, she whispered, “It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had sex in a parking lot.”

Grinning at her, I said, “Hell, it wouldn’t even be the fourth or fifth time” Nuzzling her ears and neck I kissed her again. I dropped my right hand from her breast to her warm, moist and slick pussy, gently probing and exploring. The fingers of her right hand found the head of my cock sticking out of the legs of my shorts.

Looking up at me with her big brown eyes, she gave me sexy smile and whispered, “Like fucking in the parking escort videoları lot behind the art studio after I’d finished modeling for the evening class.” During her second semester she’d signed up as a nude model for the life drawing class. It paid well, she was good at it and it fed her exhibitionist streak turning her on.

Leaning down, I softly whispered in her ear, “Oh, hell, yeah. Damn, honey, you would get so horny when you modeled, you couldn’t wait to get fucked afterward…and not just by me.”

Giggling, she whispered, “And getting it in the car in the parking lot was a fucking major turn-on!”

Kissing her ear, I whispered, “Remember that evening not long after we’d opened our marriage?”

Giggling, she excitedly whispered, “That was fucking wild! I was so horny I was about to explode. You and Thomas stripped me naked right in the parking lot and took turns fucking me. Then we went back to the apartment and y’all fucked me all night long!”

Nuzzling her neck, I hoarsely whispered, “Excuse me? We, fucked you all night long? You drained both of us and then, if you saw either one of us getting an erection, you pounced on it stroking, caressing and sucking it until it was hard enough for you to fuck again.”

With a playful pout, she sassily said, “I was horny”

Grinning, I said, “You enjoyed it though, didn’t you”

“Oh, hell yeah, I did!”

Kissing the top of her head, I told her, “After I re-enlisted, I was glad Thomas, Steve or James was there to walk you out to your car the nights you modeled.” They had become her ‘favorite’ fuck buddies; and when I wasn’t at home, it was a rare day she didn’t have sex with at least one of them. And it wasn’t unusual for her to have had sex with all three of them over the course of a day or do all three of them in a gentle gang-bang.

I kissed her, and then asked, “Miss them?”

“Yeah…I do, especially when you’re at sea…I get so horny” she said. We kissed again.

Breaking our kiss, I softly asked her, “Have any…erotic escapades while I was gone?”

With a little giggle, she whispered, “Yeah…a few”

Both of us were breathing heavier losing ourselves in the sexual pleasures and thoughts of things to come when a horn honked and one of my shipmates laughingly hollered, “Get a room!”

Laughing, I threw up a hand acknowledging him with a wave. Billie scooted back and swung her legs inside. I closed her door and went around getting in on the driver’s side. She had put on her seatbelt, pulled her feet up under her butt and was sitting slightly sideways facing me. She had not pulled up the top of her dress nor had she pulled the hem down from around her hips.

Arching my eyebrows, I softly asked her, “Are you riding home like that?”

With a naughty smile, she whispered in a sexy voice, “I was thinking of getting naked.”

“We’re going out through the main gate; the other gates are closed now.”

Her eyes got big; she laughed and said, “Fuck! I forgot about that.” And pulled the top of her dress up, tying the spaghetti straps behind her neck.

Giving her a leering grin, I told her, “You could get naked once we’re through the gate.”

Ducking her head, she looked sideways at me with a small mischievous smile and said, “That could happen.”

My wife has always preferred being naked. When it came to clothes, her philosophy was: if she had to wear something, the less she had to wear, the better. She, also, enjoyed the naughty thrill of allowing guys glimpses of her feminine delights.

I discovered her fondness for getting naked on our first date, which had been on a warm spring day in 1971. We had decided to go on a picnic up at a meadow I had discovered while marking timber in the area. She had worn a light blue summer mini-dress and it didn’t take me but a minute to realize that was all she was wearing.

When I turned off a county road onto the dirt track running through the pines up to the meadow she had looked around excitedly and asked me if any one lived there. I had told her there was nothing there but three thousand acres of forest. She was naked in a heartbeat. We had then spent the day naked, exploring the meadow and making love.

After our first date, she would dress as I asked in risqué, skimpy or revealing outfits; and, oh, the fun we had! Both of us got the biggest kick out of her ‘innocently’ flashing her pussy getting in or out of my car and wearing see-through blouses without a bra on our dates. She had, also, enjoyed riding down the highways bare-ass naked or getting naked and dancing at parties.

A little over eight years after our first date, my nearly naked wife and I were approaching a Navy base’s main gate. As we slowed down I glanced over at her and she was still leaning sideways against the seat facing me with her knees pulled up under her. Her hem was still up around her hips; I could easily see her pubes and left nipple, which was peeking out of the top of her dress.

Civilian security officers gaziantep escort bayan videoları from a contract security company manned all the gates. Every so often the base Master At Arms force would supplement the contract officers to conduct spot checks or searches on vehicles entering or leaving the base. A Master At Arms Petty Officer Second Class put his hand out indicating I should stop.

Easing to a stop, I held up my military identification card as he first quickly scanned the back of our Land Cruiser. He took my ID and did a double take. We were authorized and required to wear civilian clothes at our command; we were, also, authorized, and encouraged, to wear our hair long and to grow mustaches and beards. My hair was long enough to pull back in a short ponytail and I had a Fu Manchu mustache, both of which were outside of military grooming regulations.

He had started to step back and instruct me to pull over to the side when Billie leaned forward, which exposed her entire left breast, and simply said, “Hi Jeff.”

Jeff, looked past me, his eyes went wide, and he hoarsely said, “Oh…huh, hi Billie”

You could see the blood drain out of his face as he realized I must be ‘the husband’. He handed my ID back and blurted, “Thank you” and briskly stepped back and waved us on through. His reaction aroused my curiosity. Giggling, Billie immediately untied the spaghetti straps and lowered the top of her dress exposing her breasts to his startled, saucer-sized eyes.

Laughing, as I pulled the through the gate, I said, “That was interesting. Was he one of your erotic escapades?”

Biting her lower lip, she smiled, and said, “Yeah…met him at the base gym.”

I choked back a chuckle. She looked at me and asked, “What?”

Grinning, I said, “Did he become one of your workout buddies?”

“Yeah” She looked at my face, grinned and asked, “Why?”

Laughing, I said, “When you were in school, your workout buddies became your fuck buddies.”

She looked at me and started laughing telling me, “Yeah, they did, didn’t they; but, not Jeff.”

“One night stand?”

“Well… It was, more like…a one-night fuckfest. I did him and his roommates at a cook-out.”

Since she didn’t immediately volunteer any more information, I smiled and gave her ‘an okay, I gotcha nod’ knowing she would eventually tell me every naughty, little detail. Making the last turn to our apartment and parking on the street, I looked at my nearly naked wife and asked, “You going to walk to the apartment topless like you’ve done in the past?”

She laughed and told me, “It’d be fun, but, I’d better not, we have a new neighbor who is a little prudish and quite nosey.” She pulled up and retied the top of her dress. We got out, I grabbed my go-bag and with our arms around each other we went to our apartment.

My lovely wife entered first with me following close behind her. She turned and stood looking at me, I dropped my go-bag kicked the door closed. She reached back, untied her dress and with a little shake it slipped to the floor. My mouth fell open and I blurted, “Fuck, sweetheart! You…you look…fantastic!” Smiling with pride at my praise, a pretty blush crept up her face.

Billie, who was in great shape before I was deployed, was in even better shape. She was better toned with improved muscle definition and a full body tan. My eyes dropped down her incredible body to her nicely groomed little pubic patch.

Looking back up at her face our eyes locked. I couldn’t help but smile and ask, “How do you manage to do that?”

She dropped her eyes, clasped her hands behind her back, which lifted her breasts upward; and turned her right foot a little inward. With just a hint of smile, she asked, “Do what?”

I unbuttoned and took off my shirt, kicked off my battered canvas boat shoes and unfastened my shorts letting them drop to the floor. Kicking them to one side, I stepped up to this goddess, put my arms around her and pulled her to me, whispering, “How do you manage to stand there bare-ass naked, looking so incredibly fuckable and appear to be so innocent at the same time?”

With my arms wrapped around her I could feel her giggle, she whispered, “Me? Innocent? That’s funny!” One of her warm hands cupped my balls; the other wrapped around my erection.

“Yeah it is.” I whispered, and kissed her, slipping my hands down to her tight ass.

Both of us were starting to breathe heavier. Billie whispered, “I want you in me.”

Bending at my knees, I lifted her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I carried her into our bedroom and crawled up on the bed with her still hanging on me. Laying her down, she released her legs and let them fall open. I slid a hand down cupping her pussy.

Humping my hand, she whispered in a husky voice, “No foreplay. I want you in me, right now! I want you in me as deep as you can get it and I want you to make love to me deep and slow.”

Who was I to argue? gaziantep escort videoları I was so horny I was dribbling copious amounts of pre-cum. Billie’s little puss was soaking wet. She took me and slipped the head of my cock up and down her slit, centered it and rocked her hips up. I thrust at the same time popping into her, causing her to yelp.

Holding still, I asked her if she was all right. With a little giggle she nodded her head, relaxed a little and rocked her hips up again. Once again, I gently thrust, sliding into her a little more. Together we slowly humped, thrust and wiggled until my balls were bouncing off her butt.

My heart had started beating like a kettledrum; the overall emotional sensation of just having her back in my arms was almost overwhelming. As we started moving together, making slow love, I pushed up onto my elbows and looked down at her face and then into her eyes. She met my eyes and I felt as if I were falling into them. We kissed, a tender, long, loving kiss.

I was in her as deep as I could get. We were barely moving, savoring the closeness with small undulations, gentle kisses and caresses. I thrust a little harder and Billie spread her legs a little wider, bent her knees and rolled her hips up. I was able to go a little deeper. As I started pulling back she contracted her pelvis floor muscles so tightly I was barely able to move and then she relaxed allowing me to ease out a little more before contracting again.

Still propped up on my elbows, I looked down at her. She looked up at me with a naughty, knowing, little smile and half-closed eyes; and wiggled her butt. I kissed the tip of her nose and snapped my hips, thrusting into her a little harder, she sighed. I started pulling back a little and she constricted those wonderful inner muscles again but allowed me to slowly withdraw until just the head of my cock was still in her.

She relaxed her muscles; I slid in deep with a power thrust and heard her moan. Bottomed out I started a small figure eight and she did a counter figure eight. Pulling back, she tightened her muscles again.

Our slow, gentle, lovemaking became more physical and intense. Billie was not only physically fit, she was, also, strong, extremely flexible, and she could use these attributes to the utmost while making love; and this time was no exception. Her movements were sinuous, sensuous and erotic.

She was really getting into it, and excitedly gasped, “On top…I… I want…on top”

Stretching out on top of her, I grabbed her tight ass; hooked my right leg over and then under her left, held her tight and rolled. Once on top, she put her hands on my chest and sat straight up. Relaxing her inner muscles, she let gravity sink her down on my cock. Wiggling, circling and rocking back and forth she attempted to take me in deeper.

I watched her eyes close; her areolas pucker as her nipples grew harder, a flush started on her chest, crept up her neck and spread across her face. Her nostrils flared, she inhaled sharply and her whole body went ridge, and with a yelp, snapped forward, curling into my body, burying her face against my chest.

Grabbing her ass, I pulled downward as I thrust into her and started shooting my load. Both of us clutched each other as tight as we could and rode out the pleasures of our combined orgasms.

Gasping and laughing we pulled back from each other a little and stared into one another’s eyes. Simultaneously we started babbling how much we loved each other, how much we missed each other and how glad we were to be back together. Grinning, we stopped and kissed.

Billie’s tiny post-orgasmic after humps kept me erect and inside her. I rolled us over, putting me back on top and we made slow, tender love without our previous urgency. We kissed, nuzzled, whispered our love, softly laughed, moaned, groaned, sighed and she came again, with me a heartbeat later.

We held each other until my cock softened and started to slip out; she grabbed a towel and put it under her. Laughing at the amount of cum draining out we cleaned up a bit and snuggled up laying on our rights sides with me behind, spooning her, pulling her damp bottom up against my crotch. My right bicep was under her head with my right hand casually caressing her breasts; my left arm was over her left hip and resting on her warm belly.

I nuzzled the back of her head, her neck and ears, relishing her warmth, her scent. She reached down and removed the towel from between her legs. My semi-erect cock slipped between her thighs and with her right hand she pressed it up against her hot, wet slit. Holding it there, she slowly started humping back against me.

With my cock slipping and sliding the length of her messy furrow, we developed a slow rhythm. When the head nudged her clit she would softly sigh and mash it against her, wiggling her butt. After several minutes of this erotic stimulation, she raised her left leg a bit and when I eased forward she guided my now stone hard cock into her wet entrance.

Soft, warm and sleepy, she barely moved as we started making love again. Both of us seemed to be in an almost trance like state, half awake and half asleep. With my left hand I started to lightly trace her jaw, her cheeks, the length of her nose and her lips. Billie opened her mouth and sucked my index finger between her lips, softly bathing it with her tongue, gnawing and sucking on it.

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