Willow never expected having to ask her brother to put his cock in her mouth at all, let alone on camera. Nerves flutter like moths in her stomach as she watches him stumble around the kitchen, clearly fresh from a nap. He likes to sleep while she’s recording — she’s fine with that. Reduces the awkwardness. Sure, they tease each other about it all the time, but that’s just sibling teasing. The first time he offered to help her get some noise-muffling cushions for her walls was the most uncomfortable conversation they’d ever had.

And she’s about to amp it up to 100.

“…hey, Hunter?”

“Mmph?” He turns to face her, cheeks bulging from the sandwich he’s trying to eat in only two bites. He chews for a moment, his eyes drifting up and down the length of her entire body, and swallows. “Aren’t you supposed to be live right now?”

“My stream’s on hold for a few minutes. I, uh… I actually have to ask you a question.” God, the room is so cold when she’s barely wearing any clothes. She hugs herself tightly — then realizes that when her tightened arms push her breasts up and out, his eyes lock on. Is that just a shadow on his pants, or is he turned on by her almost nudity? This could work in her favor. “So…I got a request with a donation promise of a thousand dollars if I do it.”

“Hell yeah. Do it. Make that money.” He starts to turn as if leaving, but she stops him cold with her next sentence.

“My chat wants me to give you head on camera.”

He doesn’t say a word for several long, uncomfortable seconds. Finally he turns back to face her. “They…what?”

She can’t meet his eyes. “They want me to give you a blowjob on camera.”

“Do…they know who I am? That I’m… that we…”

“Yeah. That’s why they want me to do it.”

There’s no mistaking it this time. His side profile includes a prominent bulge, one that refuses to stay hidden beneath his shorts. He takes a slow, shuddering breath. “I… I dunno, Willow. That’s… a lot.”

“I’ll give you half.” The words slip out unbidden, and she can’t believe that she even said them. What is wrong with her? He’s hesitating — she could have simply shut up and walked away, but here she is, practically begging him to let her suck his cock on camera. The very thought makes her pussy throb under her skirt. Fuck. Is she attracted to her big brother? That’s not a question she ever thought she’d have to ask herself.

He lets out a short bark of laughter, but it sounds weak, forced. “Bribing me, huh? This gig means enough to you that you’ll get down and dirty with your brother to make a quick buck.”

But his cock isn’t going down.

Willow steps forward and folds her hands demurely in front of her hips, pushing her chest out further. “Please?” Her tone is soft, low, the same tone she uses for her chat when she wants them to donate big bucks. “I’ll do whatever you want — I’ll give you the whole donation. That’s all you need to get your old muscle car, right? A thousand dollars? It’s yours. Just a little blowjob — it’s not wrong, it’s not sex. You just close your eyes and pretend I’m Klara Tegan. That’s not hard to do, right?”

She’s got him there. He inhales sharply at the mention of his muscle car, lets out a strained groan when she mentions his favorite porn star. “…fine. Let me finish my drink. Text me when you’re ready.”

Without another word, he storms out of the room and into his, slamming the door behind him. She waits until he’s definitely gone before skipping back to her room, her face practically glowing with delight. Yes! She’s gonna suck her brother’s dick on camera! That thousand dollars won’t be the only donation she gets from this — hell, she’s made nearly two grand on this stream alone. The way this month is going, that thousand will be a drop in the bucket she won’t even miss.

She refuses to admit to herself that it’s a bit disturbing how willing she is to suck off her brother for a measly thousand dollars.

She has to ready herself to restart her stream. She knows she has hundreds of people waiting for her — sure, a few may have left, escort karkamış but for the most part, not many would. Not with such a lucrative offer on the table. She takes a slow, steadying breath, then throws on her usual seductive mask. Time to click GO LIVE.

“Hello, lovelies,” Willow purrs into the mic. A little thrill of glee surges through her when she sees the viewer count skyrocket to almost a thousand people within seconds of the little “LIVE” icon appearing on her icon. That’s a world record, it has to be. Take that, Klara Tegan!

“Hmm, I wonder what has you all so excited to see lil’ ol’ me today.” She presses a finger to her chin and raises her eyes to the ceiling, pretending to ponder the answer. All of them know, including her, but several comments are more than happy to remind her. “Oh, right! You all want to watch me lose my innocence to my very own flesh-and-blood brother. How naughty of you all…” She waggles her finger admonishingly, though her lips spread wide in a devious smile. “Well, is the sexy man who issued the challenge still in the chat? It wouldn’t be fair to do any of this if he isn’t here to witness with his own eyes…”


I’m here, sweet thing… how about you show us all how you uphold YOUR end of the bargain

She can’t help but let out a single peal of laughter. “So impatient… well, I suppose I’ve kept all of you waiting long enough. Let me get him in here.”

He enters the room in seconds after she hits send on the text message summons, almost as if he was waiting outside. She spins around to greet him with her sultry smile, specially made just for the camera. “Well hi there, Hunter… why don’t you come over here, say hi to your audience.”

As he shuffles over to stand directly beside her, knuckles gleaming as he grips the back of the chair he’ll be sitting in, she sneaks a peek at his crotch. He’s not hard as a rock, like he was earlier, but there’s definitely a little chub going on there. Mm, she can help with that. A wave of guilt traces its cold fingers across her chest. She shouldn’t be so excited to go down on her brother. If it were anyone else, she’d already have her face buried in that lap — that hesitance is a good thing, she has to keep reminding herself. This is her brother, not the hottest guy at her old high school. This isn’t something she needs to be excited about. She just has to pretend for a while, just for a little while. She just needs to pretend that this is another guy, put on a fun little act for the camera, and give Hunter his $1000.

Hush money, Willow realizes now. It’s more than just a bribe. It’s hush money. It’s a silent plea for him not to tell anyone that she sucked him off — especially if he finds out she’s excited to do it.

“I think you’re ready,” she murmurs, reaching for his sweatpants. He shudders, but she can’t tell if it’s shame and revulsion or repressed excitement. He doesn’t pull away, allowing her to tease the skin just above the waistband. “Mm, you’re a little nervous, huh?”


“Would it help if I…distracted you?” She pushes him into the chair, then straddles his lap so her chest presses against his. His heart is pounding, each thump matching her own. She swallows hard, nervously, before offering him a light smile. “Relax,” she teases, leaning closer and closer until his hot breath brushes her lips. “Let your baby sister take care of you.”

The ease at which their lips lock, like two long-lost puzzle pieces finally molding together, is enough to drench her panties — and his sweatpants. They groan in soft agonized tandem. She can feel his cock swelling beneath her, pressing against her insistently. She shifts her weight lower so their heat throbs together, just like their lips. It’s a rather chaste kiss — to begin with. Soft gentle suction, tasting each other with little swipes of their tongues, soft moans. His hands flutter over her hips, up her sides, until they’re against the side of her breasts.

She wants him to rip her clothes off and karkamış escort bayan fuck her. A terrible thought, one she dismisses immediately. This is acting, she reminds herself fiercely for the umpteenth time. You’re pretending he’s Carter Garrison. You want to fuck Carter, not Hunter. Get it together, for fuck’s sake!

Besides, he can’t rip her clothes off and fuck her senseless. The offer was for her to give him head, not actually fuck her. The only reason she’s not on her knees yet is because they need to give the camera a show.

His tongue pushes past her lips — she opens them for him, slipping her own tongue into his mouth, silent consent. As soon as he realized she was giving him blanket permission to continue, his kiss grew aggressive. He invaded her mouth and threatened to suck the air from her very lungs. His tongue probes every inch, lapping over her teeth and entangling with her own. His eyes are shut, and for that, she is grateful. She can’t do open-eye kisses. They’re…uncomfortable.

Willow can’t stop her hands from wandering all over his chest — she’s always loved a muscular man, and Hunter is no joke. She’s seen him shirtless before. That image flashes in her mind as she explores every inch of him, a visual diagram of which muscles she’s worshiping and which needs her attention next.

He can’t stop his hands from wandering either. They grip her ass firmly, lifting her with ease long enough to adjust his position before roaming up to grope her chest. He squeezes and pinches with loving care, causing enough friction to draw soft gasps against his lips without drawing pain. She whimpers softly when he finds her nipple through her mesh shirt. His nail scrapes so gently against her raspberry bud, yet she moans as loudly as if he’d pinched it. “Hunter,” she sighs, remembering with a holt that she has an audience to entertain. “Hunter, I want to suck your cock. May I suck your cock?”

He doesn’t reply with words, instead showing his desire by lifting her by her hips and guiding her to her knees in front of him. As soon as he’s leaned back in the chair again, she leans forward, hands suddenly shaking. She’s never sucked a cock before. Learning on her brother is suddenly…terrifying. Not in its inherent wrongness, but in how close they are. She can’t explain the sudden need to impress him, but it’s overwhelming, all-encompassing. There’s an insane amount of pressure to find a happy middle ground. If she’s not good at it, the awkwardness between them will shatter their friendship. If she’s too good at it, things will be just as uncomfortable — he’d never believe that he’s her first if she ends up having a natural talent for it. It will solidify the idea that she’s only doing this for the money.

Which she is, of course. She’s not attracted to her brother. Her pussy is so wet because he knows how to touch her body in all the right places. She was horny before she talked to him. She was pretending to be making out with someone else. The excuses are endless — but in the end, she’s beginning to realize that they are, indeed, just excuses.

As she pulls his cock out of his pants, she notices that he’s as nervous as she is. He’s having a little trouble staying hard. She can help with that. Throwing a sultry wink at the camera, she slips the tip of her tongue to slide it slowly across the curve of his head. She doesn’t know what she’s doing exactly — the closest thing to a cock she’s swallowed is just a silicon dildo, but it helped her get the basics down. Time to test her self-taught knowledge. Her tongue dances across him, dragging up the length of his cock before slipping back down. It tastes amazing. She can’t describe it even if she wants to — but that’s okay. Her audience is here to see her suck her brother’s cock, not listen to her describe how he tastes like this is some kind of mukbang.

Just her tongue isn’t going to get the job done though. Willow wraps her lips tentatively around him and twirls her tongue around his head until he pants above her. A soft moan bubbles karkamış escort in her throat at the sound of his need. This feels right. She never imagined putting a man’s cock in her mouth — certainly not her brother’s. But this feels perfect and right and she needs him to teach her how to worship him properly.

His hand rests on her head, his fingers weaving into her pale blonde hair. She expects him to hold her still so he can ram her throat — but to her surprise, he instead begins to pet her. A gentle nudge to the top of her head shows her that he wants to go deeper into her mouth. She almost doesn’t notice, too lost in exploring every ridge, every curve, of his head with the tip of her tongue, and lapping up every drop of the salty hot liquid that dribbled from its opening. He wants her to go deeper. She opens her eyes for just a moment, pausing in her ministration to study the barely contained need in his glittering emerald stare. He wants it. Needs it. Needs her to take more of his cock into her mouth.

But she hesitates.

Her gag reflex is already swelling with a warning. She’s only taken him about halfway, and he wants her to go deeper. Can she? What if she –? Oh god, that would be so embarrassing if she… no, she wouldn’t think it. She can do this. What was it Daddy always says? ‘Fake it til you make it’? She can do this. She didn’t think she’d make it so far as a cam girl, yet here she is. She can give Hunter the deepthroat he wants more than anything in the world right now.

The low groan above her as she inches lower and lower is the only warning she gets.

Willow snatches another breath before Hunter’s cock begins slamming in brief, short thrusts in her throat. Her hips jerk forward at the burst of stimulation, grinding her pussy against the carpet of her floor without any input from her brain. Her entire cunt burns with desire, with need. She wants to moan, to gasp, to whine and whimper and scream his praises. Her mouth, however, is extremely full, and her mind a little preoccupied. Every time he thrusts forward, the head of his cock punches against the base of her throat and forces her to gag around his monstrous girth. Every gag forces hot wet saliva into her mouth, wetting his cock so he could slip in and out more easily. It quickly becomes a vicious, endless cycle, one that brings both pain and pleasure in a confusing mess that pools between her throbbing thighs.

With her gagging, convulsing throat around his cock, Hunter clearly isn’t going to last much longer. It’s easy for even the inexperienced Willow to tell he’s getting closer — what had been mere moans become now muffled grunts as he fucks her mouth like it’s any other hole. His thrusts speed and become more erratic in his final sprint towards climax. His whole body shudders under her fingers and with a final, balls deep thrust into her mouth, his cock pulses and even noticeably fattens with the volume of cum that floods her belly. Streams of hot, salty seed hoses from his cock, emptying his balls deep inside her. Willow can’t help but feel lucky — it’s being pumped so deep that she doesn’t have to give much effort to swallowing.

Finally, it ends. Willow pulls away with a gasp for air, staring up at him with new eyes. Hunter…fuck, Hunter has a massive cock and he knows how to use it — at least, as far as her mouth is concerned. And his cum… god, it tastes so good. She licks her lips without thinking, lowering her eyes back to his messy cock, coated with her saliva and his cum. She lowers back down and cleans him with long, slow swipes, until she can taste nothing but hot skin. Perfect! Just in time — the donation ding rings one final time.


Good girl… good show. Here’s a little extra, for his trouble. I’ll be around.

Thank god. She’s still panting for air — she doesn’t have the energy to continue the stream after the mouth-fucking she just received. “Thank you so much for watching, guys!” she announces cheerfully, pushing herself to her feet by pressing her palms to Hunter’s knees. He grabs her side to help her keep her balance as the blood rushes to her head. Her balance is completely shot! “Remember to follow me to get a notification when I go live, and subscribe for exclusive content and support me! Thank you so much for all the donations and support, and I’ll see you guys soon!”

By the time she clicks END STREAM, Hunter is gone.

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