The story of a lucky Daddy and his harem ended happily in episode 6. But what might happen in the future? If you are interested, this is a very short, highly optional, epilogue about another possible future.

The story is of course a fantasy and should be read as such. All characters are over 18 years old and all acts of sexual interaction described or imagined – past, present or future – involve only persons of legal age.

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Yes, all harem girls were pregnant or nursing their Daddy’s children. But when we got news of the gender of Anna’s baby, it came as a total shock to all of us.

My daughters knew that their Daddy wanted more daughters in the family, more girls to love and raise and protect. And so far all of them had, unbelievably, delivered on the expectation. In addition to Olivia and Amelia, there were five more little daughter-sisters growing inside Emma, Morgan and Tiffany. I was so happy and proud of my harem girls willingness to serve their Daddy in this respect also.

But Anna was going to have a boy! We checked and double checked, but the sonogram left no room for error: it was a little boy. Our family’s first! Anna and the girls seemed to be anxious that I would be disappointed, given how happy I had been about the baby girls we were expecting. But when I saw the image of my son, I felt a pride and joy that was new to me, but just as strong as when I learned of my daughters. I assured them I was so very happy about that a little dude was going to join our big family of chicks.

Yet despite the new joy of getting to welcome a boy into the family my feelings became a little mixed, over the upcoming weeks, as I contemplated the future of our hugely expanding family.

The very first night after we had learned the genders of the newest of my children, Anna had started to talk about the possibilities it created, as we lay together in bed at night. She had been so happy talking about the new family harem that she hoped this was the beginning of. In twenty oral yapan gaziantep escort years, she imagined a harem where our son, now growing in her belly, would be the daddymaster of his seven sister-cousins. In Anna’s mind it was such a sweet and natural continuation of the family tradition she was a part of. Her first harem had been centered around her father’s cock, the next centered around my cock and the third would be the harem of our son’s cock. She was certain that he and his cock would be more than capable to handle a family harem of his own, given his breeding lineage and the upbringing we would give him. I had no reason to doubt that.

And yet it was not to be.

It made me a little wistful, as Anna had been so amazing and selfless in sowing the seeds of my own harem, that she would not get to see this new dream of hers fulfilled. The first time Anna told me of how perfect it was that we could now create a second harem, I smiled and nodded along. I had not considered the future of a new generation of incest love that this new litter of mine would create in a couple of decades. Yet, when Anna started to paint the picture, it did seem lovely to give this gift to my son and his sisters when they passed into adulthood.

But as I mulled it over in my mind, I found that the idea started to chafe with me. All these children were the fruits of MY cock, MY loins and MY harem. The were mine to raise and care for, my responsibility. As the Daddy of the family, they belonged to me, just as much as their mothers did. And yet at that crucial place in their lives, when they had grown into adults and likely, given nature and nurture, would possess bodies and minds well suited for boundless family sex, I was to let some teenage boy be responsible for their sexual education?


I sat up in bed as the realization struck me. Anna had fallen asleep next to me as I lay contemplating, but thankfully she did not wake up from my sudden movement.

I tried to force my sudden outrage – and yes! jealousy – to subside. But my mind was gaziantep oral yapan escort set.

There would be NO new family harem. *I* was the Daddy of this family!! My grown up children – present and future – were all MINE to use and abuse as I saw fit. There was no way that my son would get to take my daughters or their mothers from me and make them his property. No, they were mine and mine alone, always and forever! It was not my finest and most selfless hour, perhaps, sitting in the dark of our bedroom with a scowl on my face, but my feelings on the subject were strong. The ownership and sexual domination of my family was such an integral part of my being now, that the idea of giving any part of it up, even as an inheritance to my own son, was unnatural, unfair and unthinkable.

The next day, I consulted Morgan, as the top girl of my harem. She was overjoyed that I was already working on a plan for our unborn daughter and her sister-cousins to join Daddy’s harem when they turned eighteen.

“That is so amazing, Daddy!! We will make it such a very special day for them, when they are one by one properly accepted into the family and onto your daddycock, when they come of age!”

At the same time Morgan completely rejected her mother’s idea.

“But they are YOUR daughters, daddy, not my baby brother’s! When they turn eighteen, they will be YOUR sexual property, if you want them. By right of cock.” She seemed genuinely puzzled that it would even be a topic of discussion.

“And besides, when they get to grow up with you and get to know you, they will want no one else but you, when they are old enough to think about boys and sex. Trust me, I know from experience!” Morgan winked and gave me a smile of such unconditional love that I just had to take her into my arms and kiss her.

I decided that I and Morgan would tell Anna together, to help ease her pain, if necessary. It was important to me that Anna clearly understood that this was the way her Daddy had decided, but also that it did not mean I did not love our son just as much as gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan my daughters.

We lay together in our master bed as we told her, with me and Morgan on either side, comforting Anna with our bodies. In the end, she took the news fairly well. But I could see her eyes glisten with tears when she realized our son would not get the family harem that his grandfather and father had had before him.

“But Daddy, he will grow up to be such a strong young man, and his cock will be so huge, with my father’s and your cock-genes mixed together!” Anna’s eyes shone with love and pride as she stroked her tummy, where our future son rested comfortably. “Don’t you think he will become unfulfilled if he doesn’t get a family harem of his own?”

While I pondered her words, Morgan smiled comfortingly at her mother. Her hand joined Anna’s in caressing her mother’s tummy, where her little brother was growing. Anna smiled back at Morgan, but was still worried when she turned back to me.

“Don’t you think he will feel left out of the family circle, when his mother, his aunts and all of his sisters get to share their sexual lives with you and with each other?”

I closed my eyes and imagined my son when he was in his early twenties. It wasn’t difficult to paint a picture of him in my mind’s eye, with the help of Anna’s description. A strong, well-built young man, his facial features a mix of mine and Anna’s. Naturally confident without being arrogant. Sweet and kind to his mother and sisters and a model of a modern young man in his values and manner. And his cock matched the rest of him: large, smooth, yet rock hard. I could feel my own cock rise from the pride and love I felt for this man to be.

And then I found the solution to our problem. It was perhaps not exactly what Anna had imagined, but I knew it would be just perfect.

“You are right, Anna, I think he would feel left out.” I smiled down at Anna and Morgan.

“So we won’t leave him out. I have decided I will let him become a part of his Daddy’s harem. He will be given a place next to his mother, his aunts and his sisters as you all kneel to worship my cock.”

Anna’s eyes widened at this new possibility for our son. Slowly, a gentle smile formed on her lips, as her mind accepted and embraced the future of our family.

My big daddycock, fat and hard at the thought of my future son’s worship, was soon swallowed by the mouths and throats of my top girl and my wife, as they started this night’s celebration of our endless family love.

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