Handsome Pt. 02 Ch. 01

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Chapter 1

Party Girls

I’ve decided to end Handsome rather abruptly.

I’ve done this because I was about to enter into my first serious relationship and felt a fresh start was needed to keep this meaningful turn my life separate from what had occurred before.

Twenty-one chapters into a story is not the time to count on the reader understanding the difference between this girl and the others preceding her. And so, I’ve made a slight break in the sequence of the story by making this Handsome, Part 2.

Her name was Hayley, and what we had was far more than puppy love. There’s no telling how long we would have remained together had the fates not intervened. But that’s the story and that’s why I’m making this a separate story.

We pick up essentially where the last chapter of Handsome ended, so let’s get on with it.


With school finished, certain parents went on vacation, leaving both their kids and homes available for the ultimate summer partying. Hayley Masters had parents who were independently wealthy, and traveled the world every summer. With Hayley having just turned eighteen, she convinced them to allow her to remain home when they flew off to Greece.

Further, they left her with a brand new spanking red Corvette.

She had just picked me up, and we were tooling along the highway doing 95 with nary a trooper in sight when she popped the question.

“When are we gonna fuck, Bree?”

“I thought you’d never ask, Hayley.”

“Bullshit, you’ve been busy humping that woman over on Elm Street. Everybody knows it.”

“Everybody knows shit,” I replied, following my rule never to discuss my women.

“C’mon, Bree, you’re the talk of the school. All the girls trade stories about you.”

With that she let one hand leave the wheel and lightly scratched my thigh. I laughed and brought her hand onto my rising boner.

“OH!” she barked, and momentarily lost control of the Corvette.

“Watch what the fuck you’re doing, Hayley!”

“Sorry … wanna go to may place?”

“Anyone home?”

“No, the maid comes by tomorrow to clean and stuff.”

“Okay then. By the way, I’m fresh out of rubbers, got any?”

“There must be a gross or two in my father’s room.”

“It’s nice to be prepared. Does he have any other niceties around?”

“Ton’s of shit.”

“You mean grass?”

“That and lots of other shit.”

Great, let’s get it on.”


Hayley was naked. Her dark skin glistened with sweat as she stretched out on the bed and pushed my head away from her crotch.

“Stop, please…” she laughed, weakly. I’d learned quickly enough that she loved oral; could come repeatedly, and was now sitting in a puddle of her own juices. I got up and found a towel to put under her ass, and then tied her wrists to the headboard, and dove down between her thighs again.

I stayed there for a long time, listening to her shrieks and repeated climaxes, marveling at the fact that we were alone in the vastness of her home. She had told me it was over 10,000 square feet, not counting the guest house on the other side of the pool.

I found her to be excessively clean. Perhaps she was the cleanest girl/woman I’d ever been with. Maybe she was neurotic about her over-washing, trimming, shaving and deodorizing, but it was no skin off my ass, so why object?

Whatever Hayley thinks about her cleanliness’, I personally found her a delicious morsel.

I took another little lick, off the tip of her labia, now swollen and sticking out like little pink muffins.

Hayley moaned, and then said pleadingly. “Let me go.”


She giggled. “I need to pee.”

That made me laugh along with her, but I didn’t relent.

“What will you give me if I let you go?”

“Oh, you know I’ll give you anything sweetie,” she purred.

I sat astride her, my boner and balls resting against her soft warm belly, and reached for her wrists, tied with a red silk sash knotted into a decorative bow. I pulled one loose.

“What if I told you I want to fuck your little ass?”

Her eyes flashed, I sensed little Hayley was aroused at my talking dirty to her.

“Fine … but I need to pee and clean up … you know, especially back there.”

I told her that I liked her when she was sweaty and hot.

Hayley bit her lip. I saw she was serious. “No, I need to, really.”

I reached up, and loosened the other sash. Her hands were free. I kissed her, slowly, sucking her tongue into my mouth, nibbling on her lips. She started wiggling around impatiently, and finally broke the kiss.

“Sorry sweetie, I really have to…”

I let her go, mumbling, “Yeah, yeah,” and watched her disappear into the bathroom for a while. I may have dozed off because the next thing I knew, Hayley was tugging at the wet towel under my ass.

“Gotta throw this in the laundry, sweetie,” she was saying, as she dragged it out from under me.

I said nothing, having a sense of relief at the feel of the cool dry silk sheets now Cami Halısı sticking to my semi-wet ass.

“Hey,” she said in greeting on her return.

“Hey yourself,” I replied, smiling at her.

She ran her hands up and down her body, stroking her breasts, her belly, her thighs, and then turned and put her ass toward my face. It had been scrubbed nine ways from Sunday. Both inside and out, of that I was sure.

“Like it?” she asked.

“C’mere!” I growled, and dismissed any idea of having to restrain her, even lightly.

She giggled and caressed her rear; and then ever so delicately, Hayley slid her hands between her cheeks, leaned forward, and looking over her shoulder and straight into my eyes, pulled them apart to display the freshly washed cleft.

My finger trailed down the small of her back, across the sensitive pucker of her ass and in between her legs. Hayley groaned excitedly and crawled into bed next to me.

“It’s nice and clean for you, sweetie.”

“Thank you, baby, I appreciate a clean ass. I really do.”

But I didn’t jump right in, knowing there would be a greater reward if I brought Hayley along slowly. And so, I began making love to her by kissing her ear; sucking at her earlobe until she let out a quiet but satisfied moan. Only then did I release the lobe and move slowly across her face to her chin. We engaged in a torrid kiss; swapping saliva and dueling with our tongues. Until I decided to move on, and did, kissing my way down her lithe body, stopping to suckle at her fully taut, cherry nipples.

Hayley, already fully aroused, moaned loudly when I bit down on her left bud, sending an electrical shock from the nipple directly to her cunt.

I smiled inwardly as a dark flush of intense arousal began to cover the upper portion of her body. She was breathing heavily as I kissed my way slowly across her stomach. When I reached her glistening pussy, I gave one long lick up her slit, causing Hayley to gasp; then kissed her inner thighs, stopping only to wet a finger in her flowing juices, and then inserting it up her ass.

“Oh, my, oh, my!” she moaned, squeezing her left nipple with the fingers of her right hand.

I wiggled the finger in her ass, and she whimpered; her hips moved rhythmically to meet my thrusting digit. I leaned into her, and resumed my licking and sucking, and a moment later Hayley wasn’t capable of speech.

Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut. Her body was trembling, and every time I went back to her cunt, her body jerked, and a moan escaped her mouth. I pushed my face into her pussy, flicking my tongue hard against her clit, then drew it into my mouth and sucked.

Hayley found enough voice to scream out as an orgasm overtook her.

She kept screaming until I covered her mouth with my hand while telling her to shut up.

Her eyes rolled back in her head, her face contorted from an expression of pain and torment to one of intense pleasure. I resumed eating her and she began to flop under my mouth like a fish out of water; then with the next series of orgasms, she went limp, totally out of it.

I took the opportunity to closely examine her cunt. Her juices were bubbling up from her hole and I licked and sucked them away. I studied her clitoris and teased it, noting that although unconscious, her body reacted as I thought it would, jerking up to meet my lips and tongue.

I brought her to another climax and then satisfied myself with caressing her thighs and breasts until she revived on her own.

When she came back, there was a slight line of drool at the corner of her mouth. I gently wiped it away, wiping my hand on the silk sheets.

“How you feelin’? I inquired.

“Wonderful! Just … wonderful!”

We kissed and after playing another round of tongue tag, I said, “Time for some ass play. Are you ready for it?”

“Anything you want, lover man,” she sighed.

I contented myself with playing with her cunt until it started to pump juices again, and then stuck two fingers into her ass.

“Doesn’t hurt,” she said, “just a little uncomfortable.”

“I know,” I replied. “I opened you a little while you were coming in your dream state.”

“My dream … state?” Hayley said puzzled.

“Yeah, you um, passed out.”

“I passed out?”

“Um, yeah. You kept screaming and coming and … I guess you couldn’t process it all, and fainted, or something.”

With my free hand, I cupped her left breast, gently feeling its firm shape and soft skin. She moaned happily, and I leaned forward and took the nipple into my mouth, sucking it slightly, and teased it with my tongue. Hayley responded by closing her eyes and moaned softly. When her nipple was swollen to it full size I gave it a hard squeeze.

Breathlessly she husked, “Wow! I never did that before.”

I added a third finger to her ass, and her body stiffened, then jerked sharply at the sudden pain.


I quickly eased the pressure on her rosebud, pulling all three fingers out.

I held them up for her inspection. “Look, see … no fecal matter.”

“Oh!” she Cami Halıları yelped, then composed herself and said, “Course not. I cleaned myself for you. But what you did then hurt.”

“I’ll go slower, Hayley. It won’t hurt,” I said trying to reassure her.

She stiffened again. “You’ve got such a big one…”

“Have you done it before?”

She hesitated before answering.

“C’mon, Hayley, you know I don’t kiss and tell.”

“My … my father … does it back there. He doesn’t want to take a chance on getting me preggers.”

“Well then, you should know that I won’t hurt you … not much anyway.”

“You … you’re a lot bigger than him,” she said, with a lot of doubt in her voice.

It won’t hurt,” I reassured her. “I’ll go very slowly, you’ll hardly feel any pain, I promise.”

“Okay, I trust you … and anyway…” her voice dropped off.

“What, baby?”

“I all ready told you, you could do anything to me.”

Holding my dick in one hand and tweaking her nipple with the other, I began rubbing it over her pussy and asshole. Hayley drew her knees up against her tits, and spread herself open for me.

I sent two fingers into her ass, and told her to reach back and spread her hole even wider for me.

Hayley did it without saying a word. I plucked the fingers out and checked her ass. The hole was open enough for me to give it a try. I grabbed the lubricant and applied a generous amount to her asshole and even more to my dick and put my member up to her backdoor.

“Get ready,” I warned, “I’ll go slowly now. It might hurt some, but once I get it in it won’t hurt anymore.”

“That’s what Daddy said too.”

“I’m not your Daddy, Hayley.”

“I know … at least you care about me.”

That caught me off guard. To hear her say she trusted me more than her old man … well, it shook me, and I vowed to be gentle with her.

I settled myself on my knees, positioned my dick, and went right in. I did feel a little resistance, but nothing to write home about; nor was there any apparent pain to Hayley, who was already wriggling her ass around beneath me like she was going crazy. She had this ecstatic look on her face, like she’d never had it this good with anyone else.”

“Oh, yes,” she huffed; your big old cock is working pretty well.”

“Any pain?”

“Nothing that I could complain about. You went in nice and easy. But not slowly.”

“I couldn’t help that, Hayley. You accepted me easily. I just went with it.”

“I forgive you. Your cock feels so good, and is filling me up.”

“I’m glad you like it,” I said humping her at a slow pace. I was about halfway in, and didn’t want to rush it.

And when I inched in a little more, I felt her tense, and stopped completely.

“Don’t … don’t stop! Oh, oh, oh … I just love the way we’re connected.”

“Want me deeper?”

“Oh, yes!”

I moved in incrementally.

“Nice! So nice! Bree?”


“Can you rub my clittie?”

I did, and heard her purr with contentment.

“Like it?”

“Um, I’m gonna have a big cum this way. You wait and see.”

“Want me to cum in your ass?”

“Oh, sure!”

I risked pressing further and while Hayley groaned, I didn’t get the impression it hurt so much as having wrought even more pleasure out of my penetration.

“OH!” she gasped suddenly. “Right there, Bree. Stay right there!”


“Yes, there!”

“How about here?” I asked moving my hand over her clit at a faster pace than earlier.

“Oh … lovely! When … when you … if I tilt up to meet your hand … just so.”

“Tell me!”

“It’s … you get the right angle and it’s … Perfect! I … I feel you pressing into me, and your weight and then your hand … and your cock … so hard, so deep…Christ! I have to bite something!”

I shoved a pillow at her face, and she bite into the corner and then screamed into it.

A moment later, she turned her face toward me and groaned brusquely, “Ride me! Oh, fuck me silly!”

I began to pound my dick into her.

“Can … can you pinch my nips?”

I reached around, round her right nipple and gave it a hard squeeze.

“Almost there!”

I started coming at that and as I continued with my ejaculation, I felt her shuddering as she joined me.

After we’d calmed down, I let my dick pop out of her ass, and was surprised to find some specks of fecal matter adhered to the tip.

I showed it to Hayley, and was surprised when she giggled and shook my flaccid member back and forth.

“I never can get it all,” she said and then joined me in a fit of laughter that only ended with her gasping, “Can … can we do it again?”

I kissed her softly on the lips and then eased my limp dick into her pussy. I stayed there until I began to get hard. She felt it too and used her cunt muscles to contract around me, and with her tongue licking my teeth, I began to fuck the hell out of her.

Of course that triggered another series of orgasms within her, and when they arrived I waited them out before renewing my fucking. I wondered if she’d be up and walking the next day, but really didn’t care. I felt myself readying, and tried to fuck right through her until I exploded with Hayley moaning and groaning under me.

(PS: for those of you who might object to my inserting a fecal specked dick into her. She used a wash cloth to clean me off before we proceeded. As I said earlier, Hayley had a cleaning fetish.)

Afterward, near exhaustion, Hayley whispered between kisses that she wanted me to come to a party she was having the next night.

“You’ll be having a problem walking tomorrow, never mind throwing a party,” I said.

She laughed. “No I won’t. I won’t have to do anything. The others will. They love coming to my house.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“The girls and I,” she said,” and named three girls in the junior class, “Sandra Nickerson, Janet Hillverton, and Billy Vessily.”

“We usually buy lingerie at Victoria Secret’s and model it after the guys we invite get drunk on my father’s booze.

“And who are the guy’s?”

“Pretty much the same ones; but now that I’ve met you; I’m not sure about the others. Got any suggestions?”

“No. But I recommend picking someone who can keep their mouths shut.”

“They can, and will. My Father’s going to back them.”

“What’s that mean?”

“For college. He’ll support then in the college of their choice. He’s got oodles of money, and donates lots to various universities. Of course, anyone he recommends gets in, and sometimes with generous scholarships.

“So you all screw your brains out at these parties?”

“No … that is, we haven’t yet. I’ve been waiting for the right guy … and that’s you, Bree. You’re my lover man, and I want you to screw the other girls too. Let them get a taste of what a really good cock tastes like.

“Why when Billy hears about you,” she said looking me in the eye, “I’ll bet she tries to knock me down trying to get her pussy in front of you before I can.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Uh-uh. She definitely has the hots for you. Always had, I know, she’s wanted you to do her since you were a freshman.”

Evidently, the “Modeling” parties started off innocently enough. Hayley, with oodles of money to spend, took her closest friends shopping every Wednesday. Shoes, dresses, casual attire and accessories, were the typical items purchased. The other girls, Sandra, Billy and Janet were thrilled to have Hayley as a friend, a rich friend, who treated them very well. But they eventually found it a little boring.

It was Billy who suggested spicing things up by buying sexy lingerie, and that went well for a month or so. They grew accustomed to taking their lingerie back to Hayley’s and modeling their purchases for one another while drinking expensive Champagne. The girls all realized that, except for Hayley, none of them could take the expensive lingerie home with them, fearing that their respective parents would not approve, and probably think they were up to far worse activity than merely modeling for each other.

Then one Wednesday, Janet produced a set of vibrators. The girls thrilled to what they thought were orgiastic displays when wearing the skimpiest of lingerie, ultimately taking turns masturbating in front of each other. From that point, it was only a matter of time until one of them, Janet again, who hinted to her boyfriend about the goings on each week at Hayley’s.

But Hayley and Billy were reluctant to bring boys over, knowing full well what might happen with them parading around almost naked in front of horny high school boys. A compromise was reached, and three boys were invited, all of whom were already indebted to Hayley’s father for one thing or another, and were not in a position to damage that relationship. The deal was that they would party with some booze and light drugs, and make out with one another, mostly pairing off, but sometimes doubling up, but no actual intercourse. The evening would end with the girls putting on a fashion show, at which they modeled their current lingerie.

After the second party using this arrangement, the girls realized that it was only matter of time until they wouldn’t be able to control the guys, or themselves, and that they would be screwing all over the place, with undesirable consequences for all involved.

The funny thing was that after discussing it, the girls realized that rumors were spreading about their weekly modeling shows. They agreed it was worth the risk; after all, as Hayley put it, “We have deniability, and my father will defend his reputation and ours to the death.”

The only remaining problem was that at least on other boy was needed to make it an even pairing all around.

Two weeks went by without having a party. One reason was that Hayley’s parents were home during that period. The second was that the girls were actively seeking the elusive fourth male to join in.

During this time frame, Hayley met me at a record store. I happen to like all kinds of music, and was picking up a copy of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony when I literally bumped into Hayley. She hinted that, given the opportunity, she’d love to go out with me. At the time I was screwing Gerry and her sister-in-law’s brains out on an almost daily basis. So I left it at a maybe, but not right now.

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