Choices: Revisited Ch. 02

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Choices revisited is a series that follows “Choices” which tells the story of a relationship that is build between three people. Brother, Brandon Jenson. Sister, Monica Jenson and Kimberly Chambers a long time friend of Monica. Choices Revisited will tell the story of their lives directly after they all claim one another in greater detail. We hope you enjoy.

~{Part 3}~
In the lights of New York


The elevator ride up to the room seemed to take forever. I could feel Kim fidgeting nervously at my side. For the life of me I couldn’t understand why, less then two hours ago she had her hand on my leg on the plane and now when I looked at the beautiful Gothic girl standing next to me she looked down right petrified. When the double doors of the elevator opened Kim didn’t seem to want to get out, and when she finally did she was dragging her feet looking down at the floor.

“You okay Kimmy?” I asked as we walked.

Kim looked down at the floor and then up at me, a little smile touched the corners of her lips and she whispered. There was something about her eyes when she looked at me, they were usually soft golden brown, like molten gold but tonight they shined like a gold band and sparkled like a thousand little diamonds. “Are you truly happy Brandon?”

Before I could answer we reached the door and Kim opened it with the key card the front desk had given us. I tossed my bags into the room, and then her own. She looked at me with a lifted brow and before she could so much as get the first syllable of a question out I scooped her up into my arms and cradled her tenderly. “Kim, my love, I couldn’t be anymore happy with the way my life as turned out. Monnie and me would have been good, very good but you my Gothic Princess, you have made us whole. You are second to no one Kim, I love you.”

“Oh….Brandon.” She cooed at me and buried her face happily in my throat.

I carried my bride across the threshold of our honeymoon suite and set her down on the other side of the door. I closed the door and rounded on her, but she danced out of my arms with a giggle. I let out a playful growl and stepped toward her, but again she danced out of reach. “Come here.” I growled.

“Nope!” She giggled and then smiled her impish little smile. “You unpack us. I, need time to get ready.”

“Your ready.” I purred. “Come to me.”

Kim took a single step forward as if my command triggered some part of her that demanded she obey. A look of complete lust and commitment was clear in her eye, but there was also a hint of a pleading regret. “Please?” She whined softly and took another step almost against her will. “….Please my husband? I want to give you something….but I cannot say no to you. Please baby?”

“When could I ever deny you anything?” I whispered.

Kim squealed happily and then ran to me. She kissed me softly on the cheek then ran to her bag, grabbed the smallest one and ran to the bathroom door. The door closed and I was left alone with the room. The room was split into three rooms. A living room with a large couch, a huge television set and a bowl of fruit and champagne on the table. The second room was a bedroom with a huge queen sized bed covered in silk sheets with a mosquito netting style canopy hanging down around it. The final room was a dinning style room with a huge table and a little mini fridge sitting next to the window. Not bad for nearly a nearly two grand for the week.

After I walked the room I popped the champagne cork and poured two glasses of the clear liquid. I pulled off the black T-shirt I wore and kicked off the boots. Around the time my socks joined my boots I heard the bathroom door open and turned to greet my bride and found I couldn’t breath.

Kim had showered and cleaned all of the make up from her face and I saw then what Monica had seen a year before. My Kim was beautiful without the make up. Her cheeks had just enough color to them to show off the breathtaking paleness of her skin. Her lips were full and had a reddish/pink tone to them naturally. Her hair was damp and had a semi curl to it as it hung down and framed her face. She wore a white sheer robe that was open and hung down to her mid thighs. Beneath it a satin black pair of bikini cut panties and a black satin bra that cupped and pushed up her small but perfectly rounded breasts.

“Hi baby.” She whispered in a sultry purr.

“..K…im?” I said in disbelief. Suddenly my throat was dry and my tongue felt huge in my mouth.

“Do you like?” She whispered and twirled at just the right speed so when her back was to me each of her perfectly rounded ass cheeks flexed. She sounded a little like a high school who was looking for the approval of her prom date.

“….You are beautiful.” I whispered in awe. “How could I have never noticed how truly magnificent you are Kimmy?”

Kim’s lip began to tremble in happiness. Her cheeks flushed and I noticed the faint aroma I knew very well. My beautiful brides pussy, I could smell it from here. She was dripping wet. “It’s all yours Picture upload beloved.”

“Can I have it?” I whispered and began to walk unsure toward her. I could feel my heartbeat picking up in my chest.

“Brandon.” She whispered and I noticed kept her hand closed tightly. “You have given me so much more then I ever thought possible.” She took a single step toward me, her eyes shining with a perfect mixture of love and lust. “You have opened my eyes to a world filled with love, loyalty, teasing and more affection than I ever considered.” She took another step and I could see the way her breasts heaved with each heated breath.

With each word she seemed to pause, a half a seconds hesitation as if the words she spoke were to powerful, even for the person speaking them. Some barriers, no matter how long it became, stayed strong and Kim was terrified of her feelings, even years later how strong they were terrified her. It was something so adorable about her.

“You have finally opened me up to the woman I always knew I could be……and given me a woman who never fails to show me she wants me and a man who I know will never betray me. For all of this I want to give you something I promised myself I would only give the man who I gave my heart to forever. The one man I would never ask for my heart back, no matter what he did. The man I trusted completely.”

When she stopped speaking and walking she was standing right in front of me with her small breasts pressed into my stomach. I looked down into her angelic little face and ran my hand up her side through that sheer robe. I could feel the lump in my throat becoming more problematic then the lump in my jeans. “…What do you want to give me beloved?”

Kim lifted that closed hand very slowly and held it up to her face, level with my chest. Her eyes twinkled in a way I had never seen before. She looked excited and yet scared all at the same time. Slowly she opened her hand and inside it she held a single small bottle of K-Y jelly. “There is still….a part of me that is a virgin.” The words came out soft, almost as if she herself were in disbelief that she was about to do this.

“You haven’t ever?” I whispered in shock.

“No Brandon.” Kim said softly. “I never have, so you my prince must be gentle.”

For a time I stood there staring at her. I loved her more then ever before at that moment, she was going to give me something priceless. I picked up my tiny bride and carried her to the bed. I laid her down and watched as she slipped higher up the bed until she stopped with her head resting on the pillow with her hair framing her face. Slowly I pulled the robe down one arm then the other. I watched her bit her lip ever so gently as I slid those panties down her slender toned legs.

Kim crossed her legs modestly. She reminded me so much of the first girl I had ever been with. So self conscience and worried about what I would think about her. I knew then how deeply she loved me. After seeing her be completely degenerate, she was shy now. She wanted to be my wife, not my whore. “Come to me my bride.” I whispered.

She leaned up, arching her back until her lips met mine and our tongues intertwined with one another. I heard her moan gently into the kiss. She arched her chest into my own when she felt the satin fabric of her bra slid free from her body. Her tiny nipples felt so hard on my chest.

Her hands slipped down and undid the buttons of my jeans and pushed them with her feet until they slipped off and fell to the floor. The boxers were the next to go. Her dark eyes stared into my own and I watched her bit her lip gently as the silk slid down my hips. Once they hit the floor her hands began to explore.

When her hand found my cock she closed it around the length. Her hand could barely fit around the length. There was no rush in Kim’s movements, her hand slid up and down the length of that hard strip of flesh at a slow and gentle pace which brought moans from my lips almost as soon as she started.

My own fingers then began to slid up her slender thighs and found the bare lips of her pussy so wet they were actually parting like two little pedals on a rose opening for the morning sun. She was so wet the wetness was running down her lips into the grooves of her thighs. Two fingers gently teased the opening and pushed slowly into her. The moan which left those sexy full lips was reward enough as far as I was concerned.

“Now….please before I lose my nerve.” Kim whispered and gently pushed at me

I got the message and leaned back. She crawled up onto her hands and knees. She leaned down and placed her chest on the pillows so her little ass was in the air and waving seductively at me. I slid my hand along the curve of her ass and heard her whimper with a mixture of desire and fear. “Are you sure this is what you want sweet heart?”

“Yes.” She whimpered and then added. “Please Brandon…be gentle.”

I emptied a good portion of the bottle into my palm and then ran my hand up and down the length images upload of my cock and applied some to her tiny little rose bud just to be safe. I placed the head at her unused back door and gently began to push. The second I began to add pressure I could hear my beautiful bride whimper. “Kim?” I asked concerned.

“Don’t stop!” She snapped. “Please baby I want this….i want it to be you…”

There was a large part of me that wanted to stop. Something about hearing the whimpers of a woman I had come to love more then my own life but when I heard that snap and the plea in her voice all I could do was press forward gently. The outcry of pain when the head of my cock broke the plain of her virgin ass about broke my heart but then Kim did something I didn’t expect. She reached between her legs and I felt her fingertips on my balls. I knew then, her fingers were working overtime on her clit. She was trying to off set the pain in her ass with pleasure. Smart girl.

“More.” She ordered and I pushed another two inches into her ass. My teeth ground together from the pressure that was wrapped around my cock. It was all I could do to keep hard, the pressure was so intense it was hard to keep the blood pumping. Perhaps I should have used more lube, but then again this feeling….was magical.

With a tiny little whimper another two inches buried into her tight, tiny virgin hole. I looked down and saw how much cock was still remaining and gulped. It was like pushing a hot dog into a keyhole. By the time I had all of my cock locked snuffly into her tight little ass. “Baby….” I heard Kim whimper. “Please hold still….god it feels like its going to tear me apart.”

“Baby we can stop.” I pleaded, but I couldn’t keep the pleasure filled whine out of my tone. Being in something so hot and tight was like heaven. It was a bit painful, but still heaven.

“No!” Her voice was commanding. She has heard the tone in my voice and wasn’t going to ruin this for me. “Okay….it doesn’t hurt….just very full. Go….but go slow.”

The lubrication helped as I began to ease the thick length of cock out of her ass. The push back in was less resistant then the first and the one after that went in without much resistant at all. As I pulled back and pushed in again I heard the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. I heard Kim groan with pleasure. “Do you like it baby?” I asked as I pushed in the length of my cock deep into her ass again.

When my cock bottomed out inside her ass she sucked in a deep moan and began to wiggle her ass just a little. “That..feels better then I expected baby.” She cooed. “More?”

I grabbed her tiny hips and brought her back into me a bit firmer. Her ass hit my flat stomach softly yet hard enough to bounce slightly. When her ass hit my stomach and that cock burried itself in her tight back door she whimpered again. Using her hips I began a steady movement, moving just my hips forward and back. My cock was sliding in and out of her ass nicely now with no resistance.

“Oh god…” Kim moaned and began to throw her ass softly back into me. “I see why girls like this….oh….god baby. Something’s missing…..”

“I know baby.” I moaned as she threw her ass back into me. “It’s your beautiful wife’s tight pussy. It’s not on your tongue.”

As soon as those words left my mouth she screamed and I felt through the thin wall separating my cock from her sweet pussy the walls of that beautiful mound convulsed in orgasm. I had hit a very soft spot and I knew it from the last year with them. They loved me, and they adored making love to me but they had a very, very tender spot for licking each other. “Awe, does my Kimmy like her wifey’s pussy baby?”

“…N….ot fair…” Kim whimpered as she rode her orgasm bucking on the thick cock pumping in and out of her ass. “What about you?” She moaned as the orgasm subsided. “I see how you look with your cock lodged down her throat. Can you….OH GOD….can you picture it my love?…oh FUCK..that feels so GOOD!….Monnie’s pretty blond head flying up and down in your lap beloved?”

“Stop that.” I warned and just so show I meant it began to hammer her tiny little ass a little harder, a little deeper.

“OH GOD!!” She shrieked at the sudden pounding into her ass. Her body began to shake, convulse and seize as a monster orgasm began to take hold. We were playing a game now, who could tease the other to orgasm. It was a game we had never played before, fitting the first time of many to come would be on our honeymoon. “FUCK!….Her wet tongue sliding over your beautiful….talented…OH MY GOD!….heavenly cock….the way her pussy wraps around you so tight. OH BABY….like it was made for you.”

I began to pant as she spoke these things that seemed to flash through my mind in burning images that seared my brain. My cum felt like it was on fire, bubbling up the length of my cock and begging to get out. My grip on her hips tightened and I began to bring her back with such ferocity that the whole beg shook and the people around us had to begin to complain about the screaming. I was losing this war and needed to bring out a special weapon. “You remember the night of the wedding….” I began and pulled her back into me as hard as my arms could pull leaving little red contact marks on her pale tight ass. “….You and Monnie were so happy, she climbed up on you and rode your face while I watched. She screamed out she loved her wife as she came.”

Kim’s body froze at that moment with me buried hilt deep in her ass. She turned her head and looked at me with a look in her eyes that was a mixture of ecstasy and anger. “Not….fair.” She whispered and then threw her head back in orgasm. Through the thin membrane separating my cock from her throbbing pussy I felt the walls shutter and vibrate.

The room was a constant echo of her passionate screams. The muscles of her ass began to clamp down on the length of my cock. Hearing her screams of pleasure was more then I could bare with a growling moan I threw my head back and exploded deep inside her once virgin ass.

The two of us collapsed to the bed. Kim wiggled around until she was pushing herself into my arms caressing my throat with her lips. Our bodies were covered in a thin layer of sweat and the only sounds which filled the room was that of her soft panting. After a few minutes she looked up at me and smiled. “That was low beloved.” Though she said this, there was a strange fondness in her voice. “We were at war and you had to bring up when Monica climbed on my face. Cheater.”

“All is fair in love and war.” I said with a grin.

“I love you Brandon.” Kim whispered.

Before I could even respond I looked down and saw Kim was sleeping peacefully into the groove of my neck. I wrapped my arms around her tiny frame and pulled her to me. This woman had just given me a priceless gift. In a way she had given me her virginity and I adored her for that. “I love you too Kim.” I whispered and laid my head back on the pillow.

~{Part 4}~

Some surprises are horrible…


If I had known the kind of problems that I was about to cause I would have never answered my cell phone and given Jason our address, but the truth was I was lonely. When the door bell rang both Lady and Tramp ran to the door and barked. We named them after the old disney movie, it turns out it was all of our favorites. I had changed into a pink sun dress, a pair of pink sandals and had my hair down over my shoulders.

When I opened the door and saw Jason again I had to admit, I felt a little flutter in my chest. He was wearing a black silk button up shirt that was open, a black undershirt and a pair of black slacks. His dog tags were hanging down over the undershirt. Another of the danger signs I didn’t notice, he looked like he was dressed for a date.

“Wow Monnie.” Jason said in awe as he looked over my body. When his eyes stopped at my breasts I cleared my throat.

“My eyes are up here Jason.” I said firmly, but with a playful little smile.

“You never used to mind me checking out the girls. In fact, you use to encourage it.” Jason said with a crooked smile. “How can you blame me anyway, look at them.”

I looked down at the top of the pink sun dress and I had to admit, they did look amazing. The 36C breasts were being pushed up by the bra making the lines of the sides and tops of the mounds of flesh show themselves very provocatively. “Sorry…..i should have given more thought to my outfit of choice.”

“I am not complaining.” Jason said with a grin.

All I could think was, yes and that is my problem. Before I could say anything however he lifted his arm and held up the thin bottle of green fluid. I looked at it and a grin touched the corners of my lips. “Is that what I think it is?”

“Tryce family homemade Apple Martini.” Jason said with a grin.

“That will go well with the ribs.” I said with a answering grin and led him through the house into the dining room where the two places were set for dinner. No candles to make it look like a romantic dinner but seated across the table from each other was a full plate of ribs, seasoned fries and Corn bread muffins.

Jason took in the spread of food with a lifted brow and said with a faint little chuckle. “You aren’t a cook Monnie, let alone someone to cook meat.”

“A lot has changed.” I answered with a little laugh. “My w….” I could actually taste the lump in my throat and said softly. “Brandon’s wife taught me how to make them.”

“Well let’s eat.” Jason said and we slid into our spots on the table.

I poured each of us a glass of the Apple Martini which left a surprising amount of the liquid left in the bottle. We sat there and ate our meal and talked about the good times in high school. Jason and I had gotten together at the end of freshman year. He was the young rebel type who didn’t come from a good home and rebelled against the system because of it and I was the popular girl who he jumped at the chance to be with. I realized then that like Brandon, I was in love with him for years before I realized it. I chose Jason because he reminded me so much of my Brandon, and thinking about Brandon always got those special instincts running….whether I wanted them to or not.

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