Kim’s parents hadn’t made it to the wedding. They had moved to New Zealand 2 years ago but they were going to meet up with Kim on her honeymoon in the Maldives.

Richard had informed Martin as he drove his cock into his son’s new wife on his wedding night that by good chance he was going to be on business in the Maldives and so he and his business assistant Sally would join the married couple for the full 3 weeks. Kim shuddered to another orgasm as she heard that her new father in law would be going on the honeymoon with them.

The first 10 days of the honeymoon had seen Sally and Kim competing for time in Richard’s bed but most of the time Richard ended up enjoying threesomes with them whilst his son occupied himself alone in the spare bedroom.

Sally loved to tease Martin by giving him details of their sex sessions whilst rubbing sun cream over her amazing long tanned legs and starring at him with her deep brown sexy eyes. One day she came out of the bedroom to explain to Martin that:

“Richard is in there giving Kim a long deep screw before her parents arrive. He has just cum all over my face but then Kim stuck it down her throat so she swallowed half of it – lucky girl. Can you see any of your father’s cum in my hair Martin? I want to look my best when Kim’s parents arrive.”

Before he could answer there was a knock on the door and Sally was skipping away to answer it. Sally came back and introduced Kim’s parents to Martin. He could immediately see where Kim had inherited her looks and body from.

“Hi my name’s Mel and you must be my son in law. Lovely to meet you” she said hugging him closely.

As she held herself against him he could feel her large firm tits crushing and pressing against his chest under her tight white t shirt. He didn’t know how old she was but she certainly knew how to make a man’s dick hard. With the same dark hair and eyes as his wife and tanned olive skin he could feel himself getting aroused. So could she. She pressed her hips almost imperceptibly forward to feel her son in law’s cock throbbing against her skin tight jeans.

“Let me introduce David, my husband” she said.

Martin realised that he had hardly noticed this man, mainly because he was in a wheelchair.

“Hi Martin, welcome to our family. Sorry we couldn’t make the wedding. It is my blasted condition, it stops me travelling at times. Now where is my daughter.”

At that moment Kim came into the room in a bikini which left nothing to the imagination. Richard followed her into the room.

After polite introductions involving Richard it was Sally who suggested going out to a restaurant. Half way through the meal Mel suddenly asked Richard: “Why are you here on your son’s honeymoon Richard. Kim has told me a lot about you but most couples want some time alone.”

As Richard started to answer he felt a foot sliding up his inner thigh and into his groin. Mel smiled innocently Antep Escort Bayan at him from the other side of the table.

“Well, when Kim heard I was in the area she insisted I stay with them.”

“Otherwise you would just have stayed with Sally – hard life” said Mel smiling more suggestively at Sally.

“What to you do David?” asked Martin who was anxious to change the subject as he felt humiliated by his father’s presence on his honeymoon.

“Well I…” started David before he was interrupted by his wife.

“David has a wasting disease which is controlled by medication. It is so sad but you battle on, don’t you dear.” As she spoke her foot explored the huge pole that had grown in Richard’s trousers.

“I am more than just a condition darling” said Richard. “I was director of a multi million pound business before I was forced to retire.

“Yes that is what you were David. Kim and I never saw you from week to week but we had fun didn’t we Kim.”

Kim smiled and remembered the various threesomes she had experienced with her mum as they gave some of her father’s work colleagues and Kim’s teachers at college fucks they would never forget.

As they returned to the department Mel suggested that the younger ones head down to the beach for an hour. Martin was reluctant to leave Mel as his dick had yet to soften since her earlier hug but he was lured away by Sally and Kim.

“I need to make a call before we settle down for a drink” said Richard. “The phone is upstairs so if you will both excuse me for 15 minutes.”

“I need a shower” said Mel.

“Oh well I will show you where it is upstairs” replied Richard. “I hope you will be ok down here David.”

“He has had his medication so he will be fine” said Mel.

David looked annoyed but was too sheepish to reply to his wife.

“Lets go upstairs then Richard. See you soon darling”.

She walked up a few steps with Richard following her, making sure he had a good view of her tight arse in her even tighter jeans. David wheeled himself over to the bar to make a drink and thought he heard his wife say something about Kim.

She had turned to Richard half way up the stairs and said:

“I know you fuck Kim with that huge monster I felt with my foot earlier. She says poor Martin is redundant, he certainly felt frustrated but small when I hugged him earlier. Don’t worry, David won’t hear anything. His hearing is almost as bad as his legs. I’ve travelled a long way for your cock, now give it too me.”

If David had wheeled his chair to the foot of the stairs he would have seen quite a sight. His gorgeous wife was peeling her t-shirt over her tits and over her head and through her long wavy dark hair. She looked at Richard from 3 steps above him and pressed her tits together in her black wonderbra. Her huge cleavage spilled out at Richard and she licked her lips as her eyes moved down to study the cock which was throbbing in Richard’s trousers.

“David isn’t good enough for me, are you?” she said smiling wickedly. Richard eased his huge 15 inch cock out of his trousers and even the ever confident Mel looked shocked.

“Kim and I have a golden rule which her husband fails to meet” she said. “Ten inches minimum. This thing is huge. Can she take it all?”

“Yes, can you” he said pushing it between her pouty lips. He then called mockingly to the man he knew would not hear him. “David, I am going to fuck your gorgeous wife even harder than I fuck your daughter. I hope you don’t mind.”

She came up for air and wagged a finger at him: “Naughty boy. David” she called even louder.

“Yes” he replied.

“Richard has his huge cock between my tits and he is about to fuck me in a way you never could” she said slightly less loudly. He couldn’t hear her and they both heard him wheeling towards the stairs. They both walked 2 yards round the corner of the stairs so that they could not be seen from the foot of the stairs.

He called up: “What was that Melanie.”

“Richard has invited us to stay here tonight. You can sleep on the fold down couch down there. Richard has said there is somewhere for me to spend the night up here” she said wanking his cock through her deep smooth cleavage.

“Ok honey. Have you had your shower yet?”

Mel turned and stepped round the corner to face her husband down the stairs. She bent forward and her poor husband had the amazing sight of his wife’s bulging cleavage pressing firmly out of her wonderbra as he stared at her gorgeous flat tanned stomach and tousled dark hair.

“Richard has invited us to stay with him in England. Shall we go?”

“No and cover yourself up Melanie for God’s sake. We are not alone.”

She giggled and turned to Richard “David said we would love to come, how can I thank you.” She pressed her elbows against the outside of her firm tits and they rose yet further together forming an even deeper cleavage for Richard to feast his eyes on.

“See you shortly honey” she said to her husband as she stepped out of view and took Richard’s throbbing cock between her hands and fed it back into her hot mouth.

David was worried, uneasy and angry. He called up but there was no answer.

His wife was having her head and tits fucked as never before. Richard had all 15 inches ramming down her throat. She, like her daughter, had the amazing ability to take this huge thing deep into her mouth and to keep sliding it down. “You look so amazing” he gasped. You are as pretty as your daughter and your body is just as hot” he gasped. “I can’t believe it but your tits feel even bigger than hers.”

“I am looking forward to finding out if what Kim said about your cum is true.”

“What did she say” he gasped as it throbbed in her hands as she worked her hands down to his big balls.

“That it is endless and that you could hit that wall 15 feet away as you cum so hard.”

“A big build up. You must have thought that she was exaggerating.”

“Until I felt the power of this weapon in my hands, yes. Now I know why she is obsessed. I presume Sally is too.”

She slid his cock across her face and chewed softly on his huge balls as the cock head slid into her soft hair.

“Martin went out with Sally briefly but let us just say he didn’t measure up.”

“I am going to let your son cum all over me so that Kim can tape it and accuse him of cheating on her. Quite funny huh.”

“Funny that you expect him to cover you. This is how to cover you in cum..”

His dick widened just as the front door opened and Sally walked in.

“Hi David, I left the married couple together.” She noticed he was staring at her legs.

“Richard upstairs?”

He nodded.

“With your wife I guess” she said walking up the stairs.

The site which met her was even hotter than she was expecting.

Mel’s face was plastered in cum, his cock was sliding through a deep river of cum between her amazing tanned tits and cum was dripping out of her hair onto her smooth shoulders and down her back. He was clearly in the process of cumming down her throat.

Mel pulled her mouth of the spewing cock.

“Sally, isn’t he incredible. I have a test for him. Go and stand against that wall.”

Sally looked curious and strolled past them to the far wall.

“Let’s see what you can do then stud. I have given you an incentive to reach the wall, a pretty incentive.”

“But I have just cum all over you for a minute.”

“I thought it was an endless supply Richard.”

She started wanking him hard. He tried to hold the cum in his balls so that it would fire out under pressure. Sally smiled at him with her sultry dark brown eyes.

He released a 5 second stream of cum that shot into the air but puddled a foot short of Sally. Mel was amazed at the ejaculation but pretended to be disappointed.

“Fell short huh wimp?”

“Suck my balls and tell me how far your husband could reach.”

Mel laughed and called down to her husband:

“How far can you cum honey?”

“What was that, what is going on up there” he shouted. “I just can’t come up there.”

“From the horses mouth Richard, he can’t cum” said Mel as she wanked his cock and wrapped her mouth over his nuts and sucked.

Richard groaned and felt his balls churning.

“Open your mouth Sally” he said.

He released his load, despite having covered Mel in buckets of cum he still shot thick cum over the room and it landed on Sally’s tanned stomach.

“Suck harder” he shouted.

“What” replied David from downstairs.

“I feel sorry for you David” he called as David’s wife worshipped his balls and cum flew across the room and splattered Sally across her face and flew into her hair and hit the wall above her head.

“I am looking forward to tonight girls” he said.

“So am I” giggled Mel.

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