Fair Deal

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I haven’t written anything in a while so I decided to start again with this story. Be kind with your criticism, please. This story is a fantasy and never happened and probably never could happen. I wish I had an exciting and random sexual encounter like the main character in the story but I didn’t. This story contains both heterosexual and homosexual acts.


I tightly pulled my jacket across my chest as I shivered from the breeze whirling through the crumbling old theatre. The air was filled thickly with smoke and the roaring noises of electric guitars and frantic drumming. I had the misfortune of being positioned near a side exit to the concert theatre and so that whenever the door was opened, I was blasted with the cold air from outside. The theatre had a poor heating system due to its old age. Majority of the heat contained inside the building was most likely caused by the people densely packed together in front of the stage.

I was only partially paying attention to the band on stage because I was not quite familiar with their music. I would not have been at this concert if it wasn’t for my friend David. It was his suggestion to go but somehow it was only I that ended up here. Sighing softly to myself, I waited for the current song to end and began to head backwards towards the main exit on the far backside of the theatre. I only made it so far before I accidentally ran straight into a dark-haired older woman, smacking my forehead against hers. Surprised, I lifted up my hand and rubbed the bump on my head. The woman I ran into seemed out of place, she looked like she was in her late thirties or early forties while most of the concert goers were college-aged like myself. She was not dressed like the typical forty year old either, her narrow, black top was held up by tiny straps revealing most of the flesh of her large breasts, which, despite her age, were quite attractive and prominent. Below her waist she was wearing a short black skirt, a thing one would expect someone younger would wear.

“I’m sorry,” the older woman said in a sultry voice. “It’s so crowded in here but don’t worry, there’s plenty of room here for the both of us,” she explained as she scooted up close to me. She must not have realized I was leaving, or perhaps she did and was preventing me, it wasn’t quite clear.

I tried to explain to her that I was trying to reach the exit but before I could say anything, the thunderous sound of rock music resumed and it was impossible for me to get a single word in. I turned my attention back to the stage and decided to wait for the band to finish playing their next song before leaving. As the song played on, I noticed my personal space continuously shrinking as the woman moved closer to me. Eventually, I could feel her nipples, covered by the fabric of her shirt, slightly pressing against my back. It sent shivers down my spine and instantly gave me an erection. I trembled a bit nervously but instead of backing off, the woman moved even closer, pressing her chest further up against myself. Now I was sure that she was doing it intentionally.

The woman leaned her head up close to mind. I could feel her warm breath on the side of my face. Her lips softly whispered into my right ear, “I hope you don’t mind me touching you.” She gently placed one of her hands onto my right shoulder, rubbing it up and down.

I blushed slightly and shook my head negatively. I was not used to cultivating such flirtations from women. I considered myself pretty average looking, short dirty brown hair, a thin build, and dressed in a band shirt and jeans. Not much set me apart from the rest of the crowd at the concert. Admittedly, I did feel a big strange about the whole experience.

The woman continued to press up against me, her right arm moving off of my shoulder and on to my chest. Slowly it trickled downward and made its way to my stomach. She stopped for a bit before eventually continuing to below my waist. When she reached down between my legs, she pressed her hand down on the big erection constrained against the material of my pants, causing me to blush a bright red. Instead of the offended reaction I expected from her, she manipulated her lips into a sly smile. She pushed her hips forward, causing her lower half to grind against my ass. Her head leaned forward and delicately kissed my neck.

I felt my body temperature rising from chilly to steaming hot. I had always been attracted to older women and this was a nearly perfect specimen that was completely into me. It was like something out of a dream. I turned my head around and slowly pushed my face forward. Eventually the tip of my nose connected with hers and our moist lips were only an inch apart. I moved forward fluidly and pushed my lips to hers. I was surprised when, without reluctance, she threw her tongue into my mouth. I massaged it with my own and we remained kissing until the band finished up their song. At that time, I noticed we were getting odd stares from denizli escort the people around us. “Perhaps we should head to a more private place?” I suggested.

The woman nodded her head affirmatively. Gently she extended her hand and took a hold of my left arm. With a slight tug, she began to pull me toward the main entrance of the theatre. She took me outside into the cold air and around the left side of the building to a small alleyway. Almost instantaneously, we picked up where we left off. She pushed me against the concrete wall of the theatre and began to kiss me vigorously.

Our tongues sloshed back and forth between each other’s mouths and I was nearly certain that I would be getting lucky tonight. Unfortunately, I was wrong. We kissed for several minutes but I noticed she started to get a bit anxious. “Is something the matter?” I asked.

The woman shook her head and looked down at her watch. “Oh, I’m sorry. I am afraid I have to go,” she explained to me. “Would you mind walking me to my car?” she requested. Before I could say anything, she took my arm and led me towards the parking lot a few blocks down. Perhaps noticing the disappointment in my face, she pulled my arm close to her so that my body pressed up against her own. In a compassionate tone, she explained to me, “My husband doesn’t like it when I am out too late.”

“H-husband?” I managed to stutter in a surprised voice. My face grew even more desperate, turning a pale shade of white. If she was married, then I really didn’t stand a chance, I thought. “I-I’m sorry…” I awkwardly attempted to say.

The woman chuckled at me as we approached the parking lot. “Oh, don’t worry about it, hun. Trust me, he doesn’t mind me having a little fun,” she said with certainty. “I know you were maybe expecting some more tonight and I’m sorry if you are disappointed,” she explained as we reached her car, a beat up old ford. She opened up the door to her car and grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil. After scribbling something down on the paper, she handed it to me and said, “Here is my phone number. Call me sometime and we can meet up at my place. My name is Heather.”

I nodded and took the piece of paper. “My name is Ben,” I responded. Before she departed, we kissed one more time. My tongue deeply penetrated her mouth and I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly. After a while, she pulled away and climbed into her car. As she drove off, I waved good bye and sighed. The whole event had been quite strange. I put the number into my pocket despite the fact that I didn’t think I would call her.

During the next week I could not get her out of my head. I did not want to call her because it felt strange to me to have any sort of a relationship with an older, married woman. Eventually, five days after the concert, I succumbed to temptation and called the number. It went to a voicemail and so I left a message asking her to call me back. Sure enough, later that night, my phone rang. Excited but nervous, I picked it up and said, “Hello.”

“Hi Ben!” responded the enthusiastic voice of Heather. “I was hoping you would call! How have you been? I have been looking forward to seeing you again,” she said.

“I have been fine,” I responded. “I would like to see you again as well. What would you like to do?”

“I would love to have you over at the house,” explained Heather. “We can have LOTS of fun here, trust me. You will definitely enjoy yourself,” she said in a seductive voice that aroused me instantly. “I am free tomorrow night, if you are up to that.”

I swallowed hard and responded “Yeah… I am free tomorrow night as well. Are you sure it is alright if I come over to your house? I mean, with your husband and everything,” I asked nervously.

“Oh yes,” she said over the phone. “I hope you don’t mind but he will be there when you come over. Don’t worry though! I have already told him about you and he is perfectly fine with it,” Heather said reassuringly. “There is just one thing that I need to mention. If you and I are to have fun, you will have to do a small thing for my husband. Not a big deal, nothing to worry about, but I can’t tell you what it is until you get here,” she said. “I am sorry about this. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, it’s alright,” I said. The thought of her husband being around and asking me to do something for him made me uncomfortable but I had wanted to see her so badly that I didn’t bring it up with her. We talked a little more and she gave me her address and directions to her house. “I will see you tomorrow night,” I eventually concluded. We both hung up our phones.

The next day I thought long and hard about what I would be expected to do for her husband. The idea that seemed most likely to me was that Heather was a prostitute and her husband pimped her out. Another possibility that occurred to me is that they might be drug dealers and were going to try and bribe me diyarbakır escort with sex to do something illegal. Despite these thoughts, I was resolved to go. If I was asked to do something that could get me arrested, then I would simply refuse to do it and leave. Just in case she was a prostitute, I decided to bring one hundred and fifty dollars to barter for her with. I had no idea if that was enough because I have never purchased the services of a prostitute before.

Eventually, the sky grew black and the temperature dropped. Luckily, Heather lived only eight minutes from my home so I was familiar enough with the roads not to have to spy out road signs in the dark. When I arrived at the address she had given me, I stepped out and took a look around. The house and the yard were very small. The property wasn’t kept in terrible condition but it wasn’t nicely kept either. Nervously, I approached the white, wooden door and gave it a firm knock. I was wearing one of my nicest shirts and a new pair of jeans. I wanted to look good for the night.

The door swung open and standing in the entrance was a tall, muscular man. He was clean shaven with short brown hair. He looked a little younger then Heather, possibly in his mid thirties. His facial expression was neutral towards me and with out a hint of emotion in his voice, he turned and yelled, “Heather! He is here.”

Heather walked up next to the man and stood with him at the entrance. “Hey Ben,” she said. “Come on in the house.” She was dressed in a black skirt similar to the one she had worn at the concert but now she had on a tight, white t-shirt. The shirt covered most of her shoulders and arms, much more than the shirt she had worn at the concert, but it still left a lot of cleavage open at the front. The white shirt was also skin tight and made it quite obvious that she was not wearing a bra underneath. “This is my husband Phil,” she said regarding the man who had answered the door.

Nervously, I walked into the house. I made sure I always had at least one eye on Phil. “Thanks for letting me come over,” I said nodding my head at Heather and then Phil. The interior of the house was sparsely decorated. A hall on the right-side led down to a few smaller rooms and on the left side there was a kitchen and living room.

Phil nodded back at me and walked back down the hall and into one of the rooms, leaving me alone with Heather. He was dressed in an old pair of blue jeans and a white tank-top that revealed his large, muscular arms.

“Well,” Heather said smiling at me. “Why don’t you and I sit down for a bit?” She took a hold of my arm and led me to a black leather couch in the living room. Letting go, she slowly plopped down on the right side of the couch. She winked at me and patted the leather next to her.

Following her suggestion, I sat down on the couch. It was not long before I found myself face to face with the beautiful older woman, locking lips. She took my tongue into her mouth and sucked on the tip, an event that sent shivers down my spine. I took a hold of her lower lip and sucked vigorously at it. I was getting hornier and hornier as time went on and eventually I reached a point where I could no longer control myself. One of my hands slid down onto her right breast and gave it a firm squeeze through her shirt.

Heather broke her kiss with me and grabbed my hand with her own, gently lifting it off. She shook her head negatively at me and scolded, “No no. Remember what I told you? Before we can have fun, you have to do something for my husband,” she spoke with resoluteness.

“Oh,” I said in an innocent tone. I had hoped the perhaps I had avoided that whole ordeal but apparently I had not. “Well then, what is it that I have to do for him?” I asked her curiously.

“Well,” Heather said hesitantly. “My husband has a fantasy, you see. He wants to have his dick sucked off by a fine young man such as you,” she explained. “I will fuck your brains out completely if you would be kind enough to give him a blowjob. You don’t have to worry about your reputation. Nothing will leave this household.”

There was an awkward silence after I listened to her. My first reaction was to leave immediately. I even partially sat up but ended up sitting back down again. As more time went on, I rationalized it and it became more and more acceptable. After all, I thought, how bad could it be? I wouldn’t really be gay if I was doing it only to have sex with a hot woman. Finally, I reluctantly agreed to her demands.

Heather sat up from the couch and pulled me up with her. Taking a firm grip of my arm, she led me down the hall into a bedroom where Phil was waiting. With a big grin and a proud look on her face, she climbed on to a big bed in the center of the room with blue sheets and looked at her husband and me.

Phil seemed pretty laid back about the whole thing. Nonchalantly, he nodded his head and stood up from antalya escort the bed where he had been sitting. “You’ve made the right decision,” he said to me. “Now first, I want you to get out of those clothes of yours and then I want you to kneel down on the ground here,” he said as he pointed in front of him.

I hesitated. Heather didn’t tell me I would also have to get naked for him. I gave her a desperate look but she responded by nodding in agreement with her husband. Defeated, I began to unbutton my shirt. Upon finishing, I pulled my left arm through the sleeve and then the right, setting the shirt down next to me. I then pulled both my shoes off and began to unhook my belt. In one full swoop, I pulled down my pants and boxer shorts, leaving me completely naked. My dick, although it had aroused before on the couch, was now flaccid. My cheeks were glowing red as a blushed with embarrassment due my nudity in front of the two near strangers. The couple simply smiled and chuckled a bit. Following Phil’s next instruction, I kneeled down in front of him.

Phil licked his lips hungrily at me. He extended his right hand and ran it across my face gently. “Hmm, your face is quite smooth…” he said to me. One of his fingers slid across my lips. Phil pulled his hand away from my head and scooted up close to me so that his crotch was nearly pressed up against my face. Delicately, he unhooked his belt and pulled the zipper down on his jeans. With a swift tug, Phil’s pants dropped and a large cock fell out onto my face. It was much larger then my own cock, thick and veiny with a long, light-colored shaft and a large, red, pulsating head. The cock slid down my cheek before ending up with the head pressed straight up against my lips.

Nervously, I opened up my mouth and let the head push inside. It did not have a strong taste although I might just have been too distracted to notice it. It did not feel how I expected it would. It was very hard, like a steel rod. I didn’t quite know what to do so I imagined what I would like a girl to do to me if I was receiving head. Slowly, I began to move my mouth back and forth across the head of the cock, letting my lips slip slightly off the end of the head and on to the shaft. I would then pull back and cause my lips to come back across all the way to the very tip.

Phil closed his eyes and leaned his head backwards, letting out a long moan. “You are up to a great start there,” he said in a cheerful tone. “Try using your tongue more. I can tell already that you are going to be a tremendous cock sucker.”

Following Phil’s suggestion, I began to incorporate tongue into my blowjob. As I pulled back on the cock, I would flick my tongue quickly across the tip. I also began to move further and further down the shaft, pulling more and more of Phil’s dick into my mouth. The experience was both degrading and thrilling. Although I felt embarrassed to be sucking Phil’s big dick, it gave a submissive element in me a certain sense of pride when he complimented me. Although shameful, it was raw, sexual and although I am embarrassed to say it, arousing.

As I slurped on her husband’s cock, Heather noticed from her spot on the bed that my previously limp dick was now standing to attention. “This seems to be a mutually pleasurable activity for the both of you,” she chuckled as she pointed out my erect dick. “I guess you must be turned on by sucking cock.”

Phil grinned down at me as I serviced him. Sensing I was embarrassed, he reassured me, “Hey, there is nothing to worry about. You should take advantage of what you enjoy. Nobody is going to find out about it.” Phil interrupted himself with a deep moan. “Unh, why don’t you try going further down my shaft?”

Phil’s words did little to alleviate my embarrassment. Trying my best to push him towards cumming, I began to suck harder. I opened my mouth up wide and swallowed as much of his dick as I could, deep-throating it. The routine of hard sucking and then deep-throating seemed most effective. I also used one of my hands to rub and massage Phil’s testicles, a gesture he seemed to appreciate.

“Oh, WOW,” Phil said as he took in a deep breath. “You’re a natural at this. This is the greatest BJ ever. Oh man, I am going to cum any second now… you better get ready,” he warned.

I noticed that Phil’s cock began to vibrate and shake inside of my mouth. Before I could brace myself, big gobs of cum began shooting from the tip. They tasted salty, warm, and were incredibly sticky. Phil’s cock continued to shoot cum out for what seemed like an unusually long time. When I thought he was finished, I pulled my mouth away from his cock but he was not quite done yet. Several streams of sperm shot out on to my lips, cheeks, and chin.

It was not long after Phil had pulled away that I was pulled up and onto the bed by Heather. Climbing on top of me, she removed her tight, white shirt and let her large, mature breasts fall out right in front of me, jiggling right before my eyes. Although I was somewhat dazed by the experience with Phil, I quickly pulled myself together and began to fondle both of her breasts. I sat up and took one of her breasts in my hand and began to suck on it, flickering my tongue across the long, erected nipple. My left hand probed and squeezed the other breast.

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