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This is my first submission to Literotica, although I have written a few erotic stories over the past few years. Please give feedback and let me know if you like.

Pulling apart the individually packaged wooden chopsticks, Nicole reflected that life did not get much better. They had spent the entire day together. First he had taken her to a horse show, then to the park, followed by a play and now this, a late dinner. They were the only two in the restaurant, a small building with traditional Japanese decor and fabric screens separating the dining area from the kitchen. An attractive Asian man had seated them, and their chit-chat about the horse show was interrupted by the waitress.

“Hi, my name’s Amy, I’ll be serving you tonight. Can I start you off with some drinks?” Amy wore a tight-fitting white skirt that ended just above her knees, a white button down blouse tucked enough to accentuate her B-cup breasts, and a white apron tied around her waist. Her fair skin and blond hair combined with her small frame gave her an innocent look. She seemed somewhat out of place in an otherwise authentic looking Japanese establishment, her only Eastern feature being her petite size. Jon ordered wine for both of them, and Carol noticed her boyfriend’s eyes lingering on Amy’s firm backside as she went into the kitchen to get their drinks.

“Enjoying the view?” Carol frequently got jealous when Jon looked at other women, but they both knew she also enjoyed the feeling.

“Indeed.” He flashed a charming smile. “What do you think of this place? One of my co-workers told me about it.”

“I love it, but I’m surprised we didn’t find it sooner. We won’t be keeping them here after hours will we?” Nicole hated making employees stay late.

“No, when I made the reservation they didn’t have a problem with a late reservation.”

Amy glided back into the room with a wine bottle and two glasses.

“And are we ready to order?” Amy chewed on her lip a little as she dug out her pad and pen. Nicole watched Jon, seeing him drink in the waitress’s sexy figure. Nicole began feeling a little warm, her cheeks becoming pink and the palms of her hands slightly damp. They both ordered sushi, and began discussing the various events of the day. Nicole was still conscious of her arousal, but simply enjoyed the feeling as she spoke with her lover. Jon had looked exceptionally good all day; first in casual clothing, and now in a dark pin stripe suit. She had dressed to compliment him, and decided she had done one hell of a job. The both looked amazing, they were going to be eating sushi, and Nicole knew damn well she was going to get laid.

A few minutes later thoughts of sex were pushed out of her mind by the lemon salad dressing and mizo soup. She was just finishing her soup, the warmth spreading down her chest and into her belly, when she happened to glance back toward the kitchen. The divider was slightly open, and she could see a little bit of the back area. The handsome man who had seated her was leaning with his back against a refrigerator, and was breathing heavily. Nicole craned her head a bit more and was amazed to see their blond headed waitresses bobbing her head up and down at groin level of the man. Nicole couldn’t make out much detail, but there was no mistaking what was happening.

She turned back to Jon, and realized his eyes were also locked on the exhibition in the back room. Now there was no denying her feelings. She knew her boyfriend was imagining the cute little blond’s mouth gripping his big cock. She was sure he had noticed her small hands, and had already visualized her slim, sleek fingers wrapped around his hard-on. Conjuring these images in her own mind made Nicole squirm, causing her silk panties to glide across the skin of her sex. She gently eased her right foot out of her shoe, and extended a stocking clad leg underneath the table until her toe was tracing its way up Jon’s thigh. He smiled at the contact, but did not pull his gaze from the kitchen. Nicole soon found her lover’s tool, trapped painfully in urfa escort his pants, lying erect on his right thigh. She closed her eyes and began stroking his dick up and down with her foot. He let out a soft sigh, and the two enjoyed the sensations until Nicole felt someone nearby. She opened her eyes to see Amy watching her boyfriend, staring intently at his lap. Jon was looking at the waitress, but jumped when Nicole quickly pulled her foot back underneath her.

“Um, your food will be ready in a few minutes; can I get you anything else?”

“I think we are fine at the moment Amy, thank you.” Jon smiled knowingly while he spoke.

Nicole had just finished composing herself when Amy halted her progression back to the kitchen, and turned to come back to the table, stopping next to Nicole. Amy looked down, obviously noticing Nicole’s ample cleavage, and then bent over and cupped her hand around the woman’s ear. Jon could not hear what Amy was whispering, but Nicole blushed crimson red, and her eyes became bigger. She started to shake her head, but then stopped, and simply nodded, briefly making eye contact with Amy.

Their waitress took a few steps to the other side of the table, and staring directly into Jon’s eyes, placed her hand on top of the napkin covering his lap. Her fingers soon traced the bulge in his pants. Jon looked across the table to his girlfriend, arching an eyebrow and wondering if he was supposed to stop this or not. Nicole just stared back, and slipped a hand down to rub herself through her dress. Amy’s hand had moved underneath the napkin, and was now alternately rubbing the length of Jon’s cock and massaging his balls through the his pants. Nicole positioned her chair slightly to the side so she could clearly see what the waitress was doing to her boyfriend.

A few minutes felt like a year, and soon all three of them were breathing hard, and the smell of sex and food mingled into an erotic perfume. Amy now kneeled next to Jon and whispered breathlessly as she kissed his neck. Nicole had pulled her dress up far enough to get a hand directly on top of her panties, and was rubbing the material across her clit as she watched the diminutive blond girl seduce her boyfriend. Jon simply looked alternately at his girlfriend pleasuring herself in the middle of the restaurant, and the impossibly cute waitress as she undid his belt and began fishing for his dick. A moment later she found it, and brought it out into the open. Nicole let out a quiet moan and had a small orgasm. As her cum soaked into her underwear she pushed one finger underneath the silk, coating the first two digits in her wetness. Staring directly into Jon’s eyes, she brought the finger up to her mouth, and reveled in the taste of her own sex, watching his cock twitch in Amy’s hands.

Nicole thought he might come now, and they could go home and have crazy, wild sex. Part of her wanted Amy to simply jack him off a few more minutes until his seed stained his pants, and they could leave a giant tip, and then get the hell out. Amy, on the other hand, had different ideas. Nicole watched with amazement as Amy’s small mouth and thin lips stretched to accommodate over half of her boyfriend’s cock. It had taken Nicole over two years to learn to deapthroat his dick, and now some tiny girl was nearly there on her first attempt. The new burst of jealousy caused Nicole to start rubbing her pussy again without even realizing. Jon let his head roll back, and moaned loudly as Amy twisted her tongue around the base and then slid back up to suck hard on the head.

Amy sucks cock like a porn star, Nicole thought. Amy is going to swallow my boyfriend’s cum so good that when he fucks me tonight he will be thinking of her.

This revelation caused another mini-orgasm to race through her body. She slumped in her chair and gradually came down from the euphoria. When she opened her eyes the situation had changed. The young Asian man was now behind Amy, pulling her skirt down her legs from underneath her apron. Nicole balıkesir escort noticed she had already lost the blouse, and her pert tits were rubbing against Jon’s leg as she continued sucking on his tool. The young man hastily undid the front of his jeans, and pulled his pants off, revealing the dick Amy had been sucking on only a short time ago. He forewent any pleasantries, and simply pushed his long cock between her legs, and began slowly fucking her from behind. Amy, still working to get Jon’s entire length insider her mouth, groaned loudly causing Jon to moan from the vibration. At seeing and hearing this, Nicole began rubbing the wet silk against her clit again.

After a few minutes of Amy being slowly fucked from behind, her head being pushed deeper into Jon’s lap, she opened her eyes and pulled her mouth from his now glistening cock. Amy gently squeezed and pulled on Jon’s dick, every other second grunting as the young Asian’s manhood slid entirely into her. Still fucking one man and fondling another, she looked up at Nicole and licked her lips. The slutty but erotic expression on Amy’s heightened Nicole’s lust. Amy made sure Nicole was looking right at her, and then mouthed two words: “Watch this.” She slid her pussy off of the younger man’s prick, and stood up, whispering something into Jon’s ear. He turned his chair so he was facing Nicole, now only a few feet separated them.

The waitress reached into the front pouch of her apron and produced a condom, which she quickly unwrapped and placed at the head of Jon’s cock. Nicole stared at her boyfriend’s painfully hard dick, thinking that the only time his penis got that big and that hard was when she deepthroated him, or on the rare occasion she let him stick the head into her ass and cum in her butt. Amy opened the front of Jon’s pants entirely, and sucked one of his balls into her mouth as she rolled the condom down to the base, and then stroked his now encased prick a few times with her hand. Jon grunted, and Nicole thought perhaps he would come now, and save her from this moment. Knowing what was to come flooded her with jealousy and prompted her to slide her panties down to her ankles for easier access to her soaking cunt.

Amy stood and faced Nicole, transfixed by her dripping pussy as she began unabashedly fingering herself again. She watched Nicole’s fingers begin moving faster, and then pulled her apron up, revealing a completely bare pussy. The blond’s fingers gently opened her lips, allowing Nicole to see the wet, pink flower of the amazing girl’s sex. The opening looked to be no larger than a nickel, and she wondered if her boyfriend’s dick would even fit. Amy untied her apron, now completely nude, and placed her hands on Nicole’s shoulders. She squatted down as Jon guided the bulging head of his cock into the young woman’s cunt. Amy pushed hard, and nearly half the length slid inside of her.

“Oh fuck!” She hissed the words as a loud whisper right into Nicole’s face. Her breath smelled sweet like strawberries.

“Holy fuck, your boyfriend’s cock is so big. I love fucking fat dicks, you’re so lucky.” Her words trailed off into moans as she pushed down again, burying Jon’s cock entirely in her cunt. His suit pants soon became stained with the shiny girl-cum leaking profusely from Amy’s pussy, and Nicole imagined taking them into the dry cleaners, the lady behind the counter assuming that was her pussy juice, that she had smeared her cunt on her boyfriend’s nice pants after a romantic evening. No, she would tell her, our cute little blond waitress sat on my boyfriend’s big cock, and it barely fit into her tight cunt. Then she got her pussy juice all over his nice pants while I watched. I’ll pick them up on Thursday. Nicole’s fingers began to move faster on her clit and with her other hand she pushed her index finger all the way inside of her pussy.

At Amy’s direction the young Asian man stood and walked over next to Nicole. His cock was right at face height for Nicole, but she continued trabzon escort focusing on the petite waitress fucking her man.

“Oh God, how the fuck do you ever get anything done?” Again Amy’s words excited Nicole even more. “I want you to suck on…holy shit…suck on Alex’s dick. I want you to taste me on his nice cock, oh fuck harder!”

Alex didn’t seem to wait for Nicole to respond; he simply stepped forward and placed one hand on the back of her head, guiding her mouth to the tip of his cock. Nicole hadn’t been with another man for nearly four years, and had assumed she would never again. She reveled in the different shape and feel of this new dick, and hungrily licked up and down the shaft, tasting Amy’s cream on his whole length. Nicole continued to push her finger in and out of her sex, and occasionally pulled away from the Asian cock to watch Amy lean back and kiss Jon as she continued to ride him. This orgy continued for some time, until Amy again directed new action.

She pulled her pussy from Jon’s dick with a wet popping sound, and pulled Alex away from Nicole. The waitress then got onto her knees, slipped the condom off of Jon’s dick, and began stroking both men’s’ cocks, aiming them at her face and chest. Nicole did not like having Jon cum on her face, but knowing what was about to happen made her pant in anticipation. Alex was the first to cum, shooting half a dozen ropes of cum onto Amy’s little tits and a few smaller squirts onto her cheek. Amy leaned forward, rubbing the cum into her chest with one hand, and scooping up some of the semen to lubricate Jon’s dick. Nicole felt overloaded with lust watching this women rub another man’s come onto her boyfriend’s cock.

Quickening her pace, only a few seconds passed before Jon closed his eyes, relaxed slightly, and pushed his hips forward. Nicole knew what was going to happen, and wondered how Amy would handle it. Stream after stream of thick white cum erupted from the tip of Jon’s cock. Amy seemed to delight in it, opening her mouth to catch and swallow some, then moving slightly so the next rope shot onto her cheek and into her hair. When Jon’s orgasm had finished Amy was left kneeling on the floor, rubbing an enormous quantity of semen into her chest and face.

Nicole had nearly come again, but had slowed down to watch the finale. She knew Jon would want to fuck again tonight, probably all night, and Nicole would let him do anything he wanted, however he wanted. She was in heat, and wanted to get home now so she could really let loose. Amy, however, had different plans. With Nicole’s boyfriend’s cum starting to dry on her creamy skin, Amy shuffled between Nicole’s legs, and before she could react, began licking around her sopping pussy. The two men simply watched as Amy cleaned the juice from around Nicole’s thighs and sex, and then began focusing her amazing oral skill directly on her victim’s clit.

Jon drank in the sight. His girl’s beautiful face glowing with pleasure, dress around her hips, wet panties still around one ankle, and her hands clawing at the blond hair of a girl he had just fucked. Normally somewhat quiet during sex, he was amazed to hear Nicole yell out a string of profanity so lewd even he blushed a little. Amy continued eating Nicole out as she came down off her cum, the blond temptress’s face shiny with the fruits of her labor. Nicole became less and less lucid until finally she gave in and lost consciousness.

A few minutes later she found herself being carried out to the car, her boyfriend’s strong arms encasing and protecting her. The cool air chilled her skin and she realized Jon had not put her panties back on her. He placed her in the passenger seat, and then got in and turned on the engine.

“Oh my God Jon. That was incredible.” Nicole blushed slightly as she spoke, but the interior of the vehicle was dark.

“Indeed.” Again he smiled, and for a moment she wondered if he had planned it, if he could have organized it all.

“Um. I don’t know how you feel about this, but is there any way we could see them again?”

Jon smiled even bigger now as he turned toward her.

“Actually, they are meeting us at the apartment after they get done closing the restaurant.”

Nicole grew wide eyed, and decided to try and get some sleep on the way home. She would need the rest if she was going to keep up with her new friends.

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