We were cheated i assume. Or I am the only student in the Sweeny Independant School District. The others were not students. It turns out that they were paid handsomely for their time in school and I was the one who didn’t find out that was possible now they have all seemed to have retired and gone on to what appears to be their pretend jobs at the plant where they play nasty with young women and cheat on their wives and husbands. On a positive not Eva, if you ever consider me to be more than just a job, I am so in love with you that it hurts. It hurts so badly and i need you so much. Im alone and i have no one to talk to. My dogs are here but i want to move in with you wherever you want to. I have a chancce to be a millionaire on a lottery ticket and i think its promising. I want you to call and find out for me because i sent in my tickets earlier than expected so if i won i wouldnt have to hold on to them. I dont know where you are beautiful girl and im afraid i may not be as handsome as youd like but ill try. I have to get some things in order but im so miserable without you. I got as far as the StrongBad then Strong Bane door under grapes. Is that making sense? Pleas my love and my friend i have to hear from you or something about you to keep me motivated. I dont want you with anyone else I want you Eva. If you dont want me you have to tell me so i can pack up and just move away. I hope to hear from you soon. I want to answer whatever you want to ask. And ill listen to you as long as şanlıurfa escort you dont say your dead but MARRIED! You took a chcancce on becoming a pregnant girl with me and I didnt get to tell you but im sure you know it. You made me cum at a point i was not ready to stop feeling your body. Your tricks and games may have not been tricks but the only thing i can do since i dont get to talk to you is doubt. I dont want doubt. I want the truth. I saw a forum on Mental Health craigslist that kind of made me think you were playing me along with everything else. I know we didnt set anything in stone but our actions were enough for the entire world to recognise us. Babe, did you know what was happening? Can you come back to me right now and help me struggle through this? Ive decided to name the moment of ours Ever Love. Which can also be the same name im certain youd agree too if we got to have a baby together. Thats what i didnt tell you. I came in you the first time with no pleasure feeling on my end and for the very first time in my life i was perfectly happy with it. I wanted you to be the woman i grew to be in love or hate with but you were the perfect woman to have a baby with and i should have somehow realised it but at the moment i would have held you down and forced it into you beautiful girl because you had me so in thought about what the next steps would be for Us and when i never got to hear from you again then i did what i usually did. Set escort şanlıurfa in to drinking and pills. You are sexy and i think i want to wake your body up every morning by eating your pussy. If it turns out your name became Elfie aomehow and destroyed the respect Christina should be getting because i think of her as being you maybe a little less worn out on me. I would wear her out though. Im so lost and i can not function without you i have to have you with me at all times like a dog or something. They are about to throw me in jail because im causing a lot of trouble at the PD where chad is a bitch ass nigga thinking he has the kings chair but ive got my chair in my room at my dads house with out you. If you are staying in sweeny you better let me know do you understand me. I Can not get a report on a missing person or anything. I need your help. They are burying me. This is AN SOS or a desperate attempt to reach anyone who knows Eva Schmidt or the Elfie Blakley even? Wentworth, Brandy. Brandy Faye Odem. My Brandy Faye and always baby momma. Darlin, You have to explain to me some things very honestly or you can not take over the Ever Love name i control at this moment. Before it happens. You must becocme loyal to me for Ever. I love you girl and you always will be special. If you cant see that you are imprtant enough to tell me the truth and be part of me no matter what then you have misjudged me like i have done myself. I need you and your şanlıurfa escort bayan determination to settle up some really important stuff. Come contact the lottery people if you prefer to do it because i still am Not married so whoever does the calling has to be present with me and not destroying my life and running away. Ive been through too many things over you girls and its almost over for my life completely. Im having trouble getting blood thorugh the arteries at times because of either pressure on my chest or in it being controlled by someone else or it seems to have a mucus that breaks through. Its all being done by you i assume. I Deserver to live happily now i you dont think you can make me a part of your life and accept what i can give you then you need to consider therapy and get your battery drained. All of you ladies and women, young girls and boys will be part of us somehow. Porn, Sex, Phone calls, Video Chat. I like the idea of making Brandi into a beautiful evening gown for dinner and heels. Away from dennys, Id prefer it to be the mid day but thats something we can do later. In a sun dress and flats. With a flower in her hair. THe dress will be a baby blue or teal. Sea foam green perhaps because i think it would look great with her hair. Th shoes wouls neet to match closely but a shade or two darker. If she wanted ear rings they would symbolize something that she decided made her think of her and I as lifelong companions, friends, hump buddies, whateve knocked the rest of the world away and was just for us. After all, i did just give her the option for panties or not. I miss you girls i hope somehow you are having some decent thoughts about me to help me be ok with the was it turns out in the after shock of this stuff. You are mine. All of you.

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