I am writing this as a task for my Domme.

I was leaning over the kitchen island, staring into my glass of whiskey, and smiling about what a great day I’d just had. We hadn’t seen each other in months and I spent every day of those months looking forward to that day. In spite of all of that time spent thinking about it, I never came close to imaging just how great it would be. We had talked about doing a lot of things the next time we saw each other, but it wouldn’t have mattered what we did. I was just happy to be with you, receiving your smiles and those small glances we exchange when no one else is looking.

If I’m being honest, though, that is not entirely true. There was one thing that I desperately wanted to do that day. One thing I had been wanting for months. A thing I thought about almost daily. I looked across the kitchen at you just as you threw back the last of your drink. Your eyes locked onto mine. The look on your face told me that I might just get that one thing I’ve been wanting very soon. I lowered my eyes back down to my glass and took a sip to hide that I was smiling even bigger than before.

Because I was doing my best to get my thoughts under control, I didn’t notice that you had crossed the kitchen and walked around the left side of the island until I felt your hand slide under the back of my shirt. Your touch pulled me out of my thoughts. I felt your fingers trace up my spine, around my side and to the front of my hips, just above the top of my jeans. The front of your body pressed into the back of mine. I shut my eyes, a bit overwhelmed by all of the physical contact from you after months of none. Your lips brushed the back of my neck, not a kiss, just a light touch. You carefully placed a soft kiss behind my ear, and contrasted it with a firm, playful bite to my earlobe. My knees might have crumbled underneath bursa escort me if you didn’t have me pinned between you and the counter. I could hear the blood rushing in my ears and feel my pulse pounding in my neck. You must have felt it too because I felt your lips form a smile against my ear.

Just as quickly as you appeared behind me, you were gone, running your fingertips through the back of my hair as you walked around the other side of the island and headed for the entrance to the hallway. At the doorway, you turned back toward me and leaned up against the doorframe. Your ran your fingers through your long blonde hair, pushing it to one side before resting your head against the doorframe. Your eyes locked into mine again, this time you gave me that smile that I can’t help but smile back at.

“I’m going to bed,” you announced.

My heart sank a little. I started to wonder what that whole tease was about, but I knew it has been a long day and I’ve never been one to protest. So, I nodded, smiled back at you and took another sip. You turned over your shoulder and headed down the hallway, but halfway down you yelled back, “Are you coming or not?” In eager surprise, I tossed back what was left of my whiskey, probably more than I should have in one go but it didn’t faze me in that moment. I took off down the hallway at a light jog, but by the time I got there you had already made it to your bedroom. You had left the door slightly open and I could see a sliver of yellow light coming from the bedside lamp. When I pushed my way through the door, I was surprised to find you standing in the middle of the room facing the door. Your posture was impatient, arms crossed and weight shifted to one side.

“Took you long enough,” you teased, but you unfolded your arms with a smile. You walked toward me, hooked your fingers into escort bursa my front belt loops and pulled my hips into yours. You kissed me hard, asserting your intentions, erasing any doubt left in my mind. I brushed my thumbs along your jawline and started to thread my fingers into your hair, but you grabbed my wrists, pulled my arms out to the sides and then folded my hands behind my own head before running your hands down my shoulders and onto my chest.

“Not yet,” you whispered so quietly that I felt it as your lips moved against my own more than I heard it. I had talked about putting my hands in your hair so much, you know how desperately I wanted to. But you were going to make me wait, and I was willing to play along. I nodded my understanding and smiled back into your kiss.

While kissing down my neck, you pushed my shirt up with your left hand. Goosebumps followed the path of your lips down my body: first my neck, then my chest, stomach, and right hip. Your lips traced the line that your fingers had in the kitchen, across the front of my stomach, just above the top of my pants. I watched you kneel as you did this. The sight of you down there and the feeling of your lips along my beltline were almost too much to handle. I exhaled slowly, trying my best to keep my composure, but you made me inhale sharply when you bit the skin on my right hip. Clearly, you did not want me to keep it together. You kissed your way back up my stomach and chest to my neck where you made me inhale sharply again with another bite placed on the right side of my neck. You finished pulling my shirt up over my head and tossed it on the floor before sliding your right hand into my panties without unbuttoning my jeans. Your other hand was on my lower back, pulling me closer. Your fingers went to work, quickly working me toward an orgasm, but that wasn’t bursa escort bayan how you wanted to make me come. You guided me backward toward the bed, unfastening my jeans as you went. When we got to the edge of the bed, you pushed me back on it. Then you grabbed my jeans and underwear at the top of both hips, pulling both off in one, easy motion.

Your tongue took over for your fingers. I fell back on my elbows, trying to catch my breath without any success. I looked down at you – your pretty face looked damn good between my thighs, even better than I had imagined. I thought, maybe now you would let me touch you. So, I reached down, but before I could get anywhere near you, you grabbed my wrists again and pinned my hands to the bed. I pulled against your hands, arching my back into the bed, but you held fast onto my wrists. I realized then that you were going to make me wait until the last possible minute, but at the pace your tongue was working, I knew it wouldn’t be long.

Every exhale came out as a moan and I felt the rush building between my thighs. I looked back down at you and, almost without thinking, sighed your name. Your eyes met mine briefly. The sight of you combined with the feeling of your tongue was enough to push me right up to the edge. I pulled against your hands again and this time you decided to let go. When my wrists broke free, I buried both hands into your hair, pushing it back away from your face with my left and grasping a fistful with my right. I had thought about it a few times – the way a fistful of your hair would feel as I come – but it felt so much better than I had even imagined. I called your name again when I came, this time much louder than a sigh and surrounded by four letter words. When I finished, I feel back onto the bed. You gently kissed my inner thigh, making me inhale sharply one last time. You climbed up toward me and straddled my waist with your hands on my sternum. I looked up at you, looking down at me, while I ran my hands up your thighs and under the skirt of your dress. Now that you had finally let me touch you, I never wanted to stop.

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