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Merci Monsieur



Thursday evening, I phoned Lise to confirm I would be there for the week-end.

“Lise, I will leave the office tomorrow noon. Maggy will take care of closing. I will fly down in the early afternoon.”

“Good, I am impatient to see you. What time is your flight due in?”

“I don’t like commercial flights. I will fly my Cessna down, more flexibility. I will be taking off from Les Cedres and probably land at Island, if possible. If not, I will go for Buttonville. Depending on where I get an I.F.R. clearance from A.T.C. I don’t like moping around a big airport or city flying V.F.R..

“Ok, when will I know where and what time to pick you up?”

“I will give you a call before take-off to give you my E.T.A. I am more than impatient to be with you too, Lise.”

“See you tomorrow, then. I promise a good time, Fran. Be careful I still remember the fit your Mom had when you decided to learn to fly”

“Yes. I remember too.” With that we hung up. I was getting horny just earing her sexy deep voice and fantasizing about the week-end. I was sure that there would be some very hot sex with her. I never had sex with her, but I imagined all sort of hot scenes and went to sleep masturbating. And we had not seen each other for a while, so there was lots to catch up on.

She picked me up at Island, on the way to her place.

“You know, Fran, I am homesick and seriously thinking about going back. After all that time I think I could face the places where I used to go with Mario, without having a fit of tears.”

“What about Tony?”

“He knew it would be a temporary thing and that I would someday go back to Joan again.”

“Won’t he be mad or something?”

“No. He is getting older and his kids are growing so his family is becoming more important to him. Besides, he mentioned a few times that I should quit the Escort business. I am not ready for that yet.”

“You said you would quit if Mario took you back.”

“I don’t have the same feeling for Tony as I have for Mario, far from it.”

“I have to be honest with myself. If Mario was willing to take me back, I am not sure I would accept. I would be afraid to hurt him again, no matter how sincere I am in saying I would quit the business. Deep down inside myself, I am far from sure I could keep that promise.”

“This is sad, Lise.”

“I know, Fran, but I really love what I do. It is not the money.”

She had a very nice apartment with a view on Lake Ontario. She served drinks and we sat on her balcony to relax and enjoy the view.

“Fran, if I may ask. What is going on with Marge?”

“We make out, she dominates me. I love it. This was a surprise to me, finding out I am a submissive.”

“I would like to have you as a sub. You know before you got involved with Gerry, Marge and I were sort of competing to see which one could get you, but Gerry got to you and we had to back off.”

“I never suspected, Lise. But, at the time I did not even dream of being with a woman much less a sub to my own sister,”

We relaxed and later after a shower, she took me to a nice restaurant for dinner. We hit the town a bit. Back in her apartment, we undressed to get to bed, it was late. I was wondering where I would sleep. There were two bedrooms.

“Fran, stay naked and get in my bed, unless you don’t want to play. Then you can use the other bedroom.”

“I think your bed will do nicely, Lise.” She was very sexy and I was hot.

She is very sexy naked. I could see why she was a success as an escort. I was hot looking at her and getting wet. My pussy bursa escort lips swelled and my cunt throbbed. I saw she was also wet. Her cunt had a wet shine to it. Like me, she was completely shaved. Her nipples were standing out as were mine.

On the bed we kissed each other deeply, with passion, our hands running and caressing each other all over. I caressed the back of her neck with one hand and gently squeezed her breasts and nipples.


She stopped kissing me, brought her mouth to my tits and bit them all over. She took my nipples with her teeth and pulled as she bit. This drove me crazy. Her hand massaged my cunt, grabbing my lips and pulling them hard, extracting moans and grunts from me.

“You love some pain. You are a real good slut, Fran.”

“Yes, Lise. I love some pain I crave it”

She sat on the side of the bed and dragged me across her knees by my hair. She proceeded to spank me hard with a little brush she had taken from the little bureau next to the bed. I made little yelps of pain and moans of pleasure.

“You have a nice ass. It deserves to be spanked and abused. I see you love this, slut.”

“Thank you, Lise. I need my ass spanked.”

She pushed two fingers in my cunt and her thumb in my ass and squeezed hard. I screamed with the pain I had never experience anything like that before. She kept spanking my thighs and did not let go, making me squirm twist and scream.

“Slut you will address me as Mamy. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mamy. I promise not to forget.” I orgasmed hard from pain and pleasure.

“Slut, you came all over my thighs. Lick me clean.” I licked her thighs cleaning my juices from her. I was in a state of bliss and glad to serve her. Once she was clean, she lay back and spread her legs. I was still on my knees besides the bed.

“Slut, eat me. Make me come.” Again, taking a handful of my hair she pulled my face to her cunt. I wasted no time licking and giving little bites all around it and the inside of her thighs.

Her moans and grunts were music to my ears. I realised that I was really a submissive and not only to Marge, but to any woman that took control of the situation. I put a hand under her ass and pushed a finger in her back hole. She was so wet it went in easy and I fingerfucked her ass.

“You are a good slut for your Mamy. Now, your tongue in my cunt, deep.”

I did as told. She rotated her hips, humped my mouth and pulled my face tight to her. I fingered her ass faster and pushed my tongue as far as I could in her cunt. Her grunts and moans became louder. I was so happy to please her that I orgasmed My juices were running down my thighs.

” Now bitch. My clit suck it hard and two fingers in my cunt.” I was really in heaven pleasing her I sucked and lightly bit her clit. Finger fucked her cunt with one hand and her ass with the other, It pleasured me to ear her moans and grunts she was humping my face hard.

” You are a good slut. Mamy is pleased with you don’t stop make me come hard and take all my juices bitch.”

This made me increase the energy I was putting into pleasing her. She finally came hard, she had multiple orgasms pulling my hair to bring my mouth to her cunt hard I liked and swallowed her cum there was lots of it enough to surprised me but I managed to take all of it . It was all over my face some even got on my tits. I did not think a woman could have that much juice and cum in her after she came down a bit.

” You really are a good slut and bitch. Your Mistress did not exaggerate.

She turned around knelt on the floor and laid her upper body on the bed. I knew what she wanted. I got behind her spread her ass cheeks and ran my tongue up and down her crack, escort bursa all the way from her back hole to her lower back.

“That is it, slut. Use your tongue on Mamy’s back hole. You are being a good slut for me.”

I went from her back hole, up her crack down again, I licked her hole and pushed my tongue in it, to her moans and encouragement, until she had another orgasm.

“Now you have been good. Mamy will give her slut some pleasure. Get on the bed, on your back slut.”

She took a cushion from a little love seat, put it under my ass and tied my ankles to the side of the bed to keep me spread. She tied my hand behind my head with a piece of cloth. She got a magazine, rolled it up tight and wrapped it with tape.

She spanked my cunt with the rolled magazine, and then legs and tits, going from place to place. She seemed to know just how hard to spank to get me to yell and moan, giving pleasant pain, but not too much. She was enjoying herself because this lasted a long time. I was squirming and getting more and more in need of release.

“Please Mamy let this whoring slut come she will explode.”

“Mamy will make you come slut after you earn it.”

She straddled me and took my nipples pinched them hard pulling and twisting making me scream with the pain before slapping them again hard enough to bring tears to my eyes and screams and grunts from me.

“Now slut Mamy will make you come hard and please herself too.”

From a dresser she took and harness and slipped it on. I noticed that the dildo had little bubbles all over it.

“Now my lovely slut, Mamy will give you pleasure, you earned it.” She attached nipples clamps to herself and to me. They were double clamps I had never had those used on me before.

The bubbles on the dildo drove me crazy when she pushed in my cunt. It was big and long, filling me completely. I grunted and tried to push my hips up to get it all. I had a small orgasm as it went in.

She fucked me hard, almost violently The bubbles rubbed the inside of my cunt and drove me crazy with pleasure. Everyone of her thrusts were hard and deep. My moans and screams of pleasure mixed with her grunts and moans. I was having multiple orgasms. The pleasure was intense. The bubbles on the dildo were making my insides more and more sensitive. The walls of my vagina squeezed and spasmed hard. The nipple clamps pulled my nipples as Mamy pumped me hard and increased my pleasure. Mamy fucked me with more energy and louder grunts. I was on the verge of fainting.

“Mamy is coming slut.”

I felt her shake. She rose as she gave a hard push to get all the dildo into me and pulled our nipple clamps really hard. A great pain filled my tits and radiated to my belly and cunt. I had a fantastic orgasm and fainted.

I came around to find Mamy on top of me, breathing hard and shaking, as was I.

“That was good slut. I think you fainted. Are you okay?”

“Yes, Mamy. It was good. The pleasure caused me to faint.”

We rested for a while before she got off me. I liked the big dildo in my cunt. I was sorry when she pulled out. The feeling of her pulling out gave me another little orgasm.

“Now my slut will give me some pleasure, if she is rested enough.”

“Your slut is ready to please you Mamy.”

After removing her harness. She got another one from her bureau it had three dildos attached.

“You are about the same size as me this will fit slut.”

Once fitted on me, one dildo was in my ass, the other in my cunt and the third was ready to use on her. There was a protuberance at the front that rubbed and pressed on my clit. I had never worn a harness before. It made me hot and horny. The sensation of my two holes filled gave bursa escort bayan me pleasure and anticipation of what it would feel like to fuck her with this.

“You will fuck your Mamy doggy style, slut, and you better do a good job and make her come.”

“Yes Mamy I will pleasure you.”

She went down on her hands and knees. I kissed the back of her neck, sucked on her earlobes and caressed her tits and pussy with my hands. I slowly kissed all over her back. All the time she moaned and told me not to stop. When I got down to her ass, I licked and kissed and gave little bites, hard enough to make her yelp and move her ass up and down and around. I could tell by her moans she enjoyed that. I licked down her crack and played with my tongue in her back hole. She was twisted and grunted hard. This filled me with joy. I was pleasing her. She had an orgasm from my licking her back hole and ass.

“That was good, slut. Now fuck Mamy hard.” I put the dildo to her cunt and pushed. She let the air out of her lungs with a loud oouff and a moan.

She pushed back and I slowly humped her, slipping my arms around her hips and played with her clit. She moved with me, grunting and moaning, hard and loud.

“Fuck Mamy harder slut.”

I increased my speed. The feeling for me was intense. The dildo in my ass and cunt moved and vibrated slightly as I humped her and the protuberance on the inside of the harness rubbed and pressed on my own clit. I now understood why My Mistress and Mamy got off on fucking me with this toy. I would soon come, but I tried not to. I wanted to please Mamy before I orgasmed myself.

“Mamy is about to come. Fuck her harder slut.”

I fucked harder and pulled and gently pinched her clit. I felt her cum. She began to tremble, shake and grunt loudly. This encouraged me to pull her clit harder and put all my energy in humping her. She had multiple orgasms. Her yells, grunts and trembling, under me brought my own really earth shaking orgasm. I shook and collapsed on top of her. We were both shaking and getting small orgasms, like aftershocks. We finally came down from this and did not move, breathing hard and recuperating.

“How was it for you, Fran?”

“Great. I am so weak, I am not sure I can move.”

“Same here, you are good. I would like to live close to you and enjoy you more often.”

We finally untangled from each other and exchanged long passionate kisses.

“You know, Lise, my conscience is bothering me. I feel like I cheated on Marge.”

Come with me if you have the strength to walk I will show you something. She took me in the other room turned on the computer.

“This is an e:mail from Marge on Thursday. Read it.”

The EMail


Fran will be visiting you this week-end. She is an excellent slutty sub and can take a lot. I don’t loan her out, ever. But, you are my best friend so you have permission, if she is willing, to play with her. But make sure she is not hurt or harmed . I mean this like I never meant anything before in my life. I trust you to take good care of her.

I really miss my association with you and Joan. It gets harder every day to stay away from the business.

Love, Marge

That was a surprise. Marge had been in the escort business.

“She quit the Escort business when she met Jimmy, Fran.”

“Okay but she says she misses it.”

” She was quite good at it especially with the lady clients.

“Lets go and eat I am famished after all that exercise.”

“One more thing, Fran. If you want to play tomorrow, I will arrange something for you that will be an experience you will enjoy.”

“What will it be?”

“You have to trust me it will be a surprise for you. I will only tell you that one of my kinks is that I am a voyeur.”

“I cannot refuse anything to the best friend of my Mistress.”

Her surprise was, I would be taken to a Dungeon, for her voyeuristic enjoyment.

This will be chapter no. 3

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