Julie had driven by the house many times always wondering if the subtle house that was located just outside the industrial park was legit or not. She had contemplated getting a massage and the thought of getting a massage from “one of those” places intrigued her. She had always been so conservative, never taking a chance or do anything wild or out of the ordinary was actually thinking of pulling in and if nothing else checking the place out.

Julie had always been intrigued with the idea of being pampered by another woman and if something happened along the way let’s just say the idea really turned her on. With her heart racing Julie pulled into the driveway and made her way around to the parking lot in the back so her car would be out of sight just in case. She stepped from her car and walked up to a heavily screened door. She looked up seeing a camera hanging under the eave looking down on anyone that came to the door.

Taking a deep breath Julie rang the buzzer. She stood there waiting to see if anyone was going to answer. She could hear footsteps coming toward her from inside yet no one came to the door. She looked at the camera again thinking that whoever was inside was probably checking her out. Then the door opened and a very attractive Korean woman answered the door. She was about 5’4″ with raven black hair that came just below her ears.

She had a beautiful figure and was wearing a beautiful blue silk dress with a subtle floral print. Julie wondered if she was wearing any panties since she couldn’t see any sort of panty line and she noticed the woman wasn’t wearing a bra. The woman studied Julie for a couple of moments as if she was trying to figure out why someone like Julie was doing there.

“Sorry…we not hire.” She finally said with a frown.

“I’m not looking for work. I’m interested in getting a massage if that’s alright.” Julie shot back at her.

The woman looked at her as if to say, “You want what?”

“Do you massage women, or is it just men?” Julie asked again.

“Yes, I massage…you come inside.” The woman smiled and held out her hand to Julie,

She took Julie’s hand and led her inside into what was once probably a living room. She looked around seeing a couch that looked like it came from the Salvation Army store, and a couple of mismatched end tables, and a lamp that looked like it was from the ’60’s. Despite the questionable decor, the place was neat and tidy and was much nicer than Julie had imagined.

“So how much is it for a massage?” Julie asked looking at the woman.

The woman pointed to a sign that read 1/2 hour $45…1hour $60.

“So what do you get with the half hour massage?” Julie asked the woman.

“You get massage, no oil, and no shower after.” The woman replied.

“And for the hour massage?” Julie asked again.

“Ah much better bargain. With hour you get nice massage full body massage with lotion, your choice of Swedish, deep tissue, or…” Julie interrupted her.

“Swedish, that’s the light touch right?” Julie quizzed the woman.

“Yes. It very light touch make you feel very good inside. Plus I work on any problem area, and you get shower afterward.” The woman said again.

“OK, I’ll take the hour massage.” Julie smiled.

Good choice. You pay now.” The woman said holding her hand out.

Julie handed the $60 to the woman and followed her into a room. It was dimly lit with soft music playing and the smell of incense but not overpowering. There was a large mattress on the floor and ranks of lotions on the wall. The woman told Julie to undress and that she would be right back.

“Do I take off all my clothes?” bursa escort Debbie stopped and asked her.

“Yes unless you want oil on them. Now please get undress and I be right back.” The woman said before walking out the door.

Julie undressed folding her clothes neatly and placing them on a table. Then she lay down waiting for the woman to return. Julie was still nervous wondering what she had gotten herself into and if she’d made a bad choice. She could still get dressed and leave. She jumped when there was a tap on the door and the door opened. She looked over her shoulder to see the woman return with a smile on her face making Julie feel at ease.

“Relax. I give you good massage.” She said kneeling down beside Julie.

The woman started working on Julie’s neck and shoulders as Julie sighed from her beautiful relaxing touch. She could feel the tension and the anxiety leaving her body as the woman continued working her neck and shoulders. As she worked on Julie they made small talk.

“So…what you name?” The woman asked.

“My name is Julie.” She replied.

“My name Kim, you enjoy massage so far.” Kim asked her.

“Oh yes Kim…you have a beautiful touch.” Julie answered.

Kim continued working on Julie, her soft feathery touches moving down Julie’s back. Kim moved her hands along Julie’s sides, her palms touching the exposed part of Julie’s breasts as she lay on her stomach. Feeling Kim’s hands on her breasts even just the small exposed portion sent erotic chill through her body. She wanted more and raised herself up slightly exposing more of her breasts wondering if Kim would get the hint. She felt so wicked but at the same time so aroused. As Kim moved her hands back up Julie’s side not only did Kim moved her hands along the more exposed portion of Julie’s breasts Kim paused and just held them for a moment. Julie heard herself moan softly from Kim’s touch.

“You like my touch you there?” Kim leaned forward and whispered in Julie’s ear,

“Oh YES,” Julie sighed.

“You naughty girl, you like more special massage?” Kim laughed softly.

Debbie felt as if her head was going to explode from arousal of Kim’s touch.

“Yes…yes I do.” Julie said with a slight moan escaping her lips.

“Alright…I do for you. When men come in and want special massage I change them $100 more, but I like you. I not charge you more.” Kim said with a big smile.

Kim then made her way down to Julie’s lower back causing her to wonder what Kim had in mind when she offered to do more. She found her heart throbbing again as Kim hands moved down her back toward her ass causing Julie to wonder if Kim was going to touch her there. She was a little disappointed when Kim avoided her backside and moved her hands down her leg instead.

Kim started working her left leg paying attention to her feet and calf but Julie’s disappointment was soon replaced with pleasure as Kim kneaded her tired calf muscles. After a few minutes Kim’s light feathery touches returned as her fingers began to move up the back of Julie’s leg. Her hands moved higher and higher up Julie’s leg sliding to the inside moving closer and closer to her inner thighs.

Julie parted her legs slightly giving Kim better access should she decided to touch her in a more erotic way. Kim’s fingers moved along her inner thigh as Julie hoped Kim was going to touch her pussy. But to her disappointment Kim moved her hands back down onto Julie’s legs then slowly moved her hands back up and onto Julie’s ass. Julie decided to stop trying to anticipate Kim’s every move and just relax and enjoy the massage.

Adding more lotion Kim bursa escort bayan began caressing Julie’s ass. Kim teased her as she moved her finger tips along the cleft at the top of her ass making Julie squeal. She felt Kim’s fingers move along her ass as if she were going to slide her hands between her cheeks any second. As Kim leaned forward Julie felt her foot touching the soft skin of Kim’s leg. She realized that her foot was now between Kim’s legs and she could feel Kim’s dampness on her foot.

Just at that moment Kim slipped her fingers between Julie’s cheeks, and began moving her fingers up and down her ass pausing as her fingers brushed Julie’s asshole. Feeling her fingers teasing her ass sent even more erotic jolts though her body down to her pussy. As Kim continued teasing her she suddenly realized that Kim was moving her pussy along her foot masturbating herself as she eased her finger slowly into Julie’s ass. The feeling was unbelievable as Julie raised her hips to meet Kim’s probing fingers.

Julie felt Kim’s other hand move between her legs again only this time her fingers were moving across her labia teasing her as she parted Julie’s folds and began exploring her pussy. She felt Kim’s lips on her back as Kim kissed her way down Julie’s spine to her ass where she started teasing her cleft with her tongue. Julie was about to scream out as her passion started to boil over.

“Now you turn over.” She heard Kim say just before she was about to explode into orgasm.

Needless to say Julie was more than a little disappointed. As she turned over and lay down on her back she saw Kim had taken off her dress and now they were both totally naked. Kim was on her knees smiling at Julie not saying a word as if she were posing for her. Kim cupped her breasts in her hands as Julie watched her rolling her nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

Kim’s nipples were now so hard and erect. Julie thought about taking them in her mouth and sucking on them but now her eyes scanned down Kim’s body focusing on Kim’s dark bush. Julie found herself wanting to move between Kim’s legs just to feel the softness of her bush on her cheek. Julie had often fantasized about making love to another woman and now if things worked out right she had the chance of making her fantasy come true.

“You like?” Kim asked.

“Yes very much, but why did you stop it felt so good?” Julie smiled

Kim just smiled as she poured more lotion into her hand and started spreading it over Julie’s legs. She began massaging the lotion in as she moved her hands up Julie’s legs still smiling. Then she did something totally unexpected. She maneuvered herself over Julie’s left foot and then lowered her pussy down onto her toes. Julie could feel the dampness between her legs as Kim started moving her pussy back and forth over Julie’s toes.

Julie knew she should have been disgusted but somehow it seemed so erotic. Julie worked her toes between Kim’s folds and started gently wiggling them as Kim closed her eyes and started moaning softly. Now it was Julie’s turn to pleasure Kim. Kim rose up and started caressing her own breasts began twisting and tugging at her own nipples as Julie continued wiggling her toes in Kim’s pussy.

Kim was soon moaning and lost in her own passion as Julie watched the expression on her face. Kim was sliding back and forth working Julie’s toes around in her pussy and sliding up so her toes were teasing her clit. It was such a turn on to watch Kim using her foot as a sex toy. Just as she thought Kim was going to cum Kim moved so that Julie’s toes were now between her cheeks and sliding over her ass.

Kim was escort bursa gasping and moaning as she reached down and started rubbing her clit furiously taking herself toward what was surly going to be a powerful orgasm. Suddenly her body stiffened and Kim was rocked with an orgasm that shook her entire body. After a few minutes Kim smiled and parted Julie’s legs. Kim placed her face between her legs and began exploring Julie’s pussy.

Never had anything felt so erotic, her first time with a woman was going to be better than she had ever imagined. Julie gasped and squealed out as Kim continued running her tongue over her pussy exploring and teasing her to the point that she wanted to scream out in passion. The more she explored Julie with her tongue the more aroused Julie became.

Kim parted Julie’s folds allowing her juices to flow down onto her tongue as she started running her tongue up and down Julie’s wet pussy. Nothing not any kind of fantasy or imagination could have prepared Julie for the divine sensations that she was now experiencing. The more Kim licked and sucked her pussy the more she wanted to do the same to Kim.

“Kim…let me taste you to. Come up here and let me taste your pussy…please Kim let me lick your sweet pussy!” Julie pleaded.

As Kim raised her head Julie’s juices glistening on her lips and chin as she smiled and maneuvered around lowering her pussy onto Julie’s face. Julie reached up and guided Kim’s pussy down toward her tongue but no before pausing to look at her beautiful sex. Her lips were full and thick and her clit looked large as Julie slowly brought Kim’s pussy down onto her face. Her pussy was so wet and warm and filled with her love juices.

Her aroma was as erotic as Julie instinctively guided her tongue over Kim’s pussy while Kim in the meantime was working her fingers deep into Julie’s pussy. Julie continued exploring Kim’s pussy taking her time never having licked a woman before. She wanted to take her time and savour every moment of it as if it was going to be her only time to ever experience this.

She slipped her tongue past Kim’s folds and immediately found her opening where she eased her tongue inside and started tongue fucking Kim. Kim responded by gyrating her hips and grinding her pussy into Julie’s face while she took Julie’s clit into her mouth and began sucking it while she filled Julie’s pussy with as many fingers as she could manage. Julie moved from Kim pussy spreading her cheeks while as she started running her tongue up and down Kim’s ass.

She found Kim’s asshole to be very sensitive judging from Kim’s response. Julie eased her tongue into Kim’s ass and began tonguing her while Kim was taking Julie closer and closer to the edge. Suddenly Julie felt her pussy start to tremble and her clit throb as one powerful orgasm after another surged through her body.

Once she had finished cumming Julie rolled Kim onto her back and moved between her legs and filled Kim’s pussy with as many fingers as she could manage just as Kim had done to her. She worked her fingers inside Kim’s pussy listening to Kim’s moans of pleasure. Julie couldn’t believe how incredible it was to make love to someone as beautiful as Kim and to watch her become more and more aroused as she made love to her. Julie loved the taste of Kim’s pussy as she ran her tongue over it and then took her clit between her lips again listening to Kim’s moans of sheer pleasure.

Julie continued sucking and fingering Kim’s pussy taking her closer and closer to what she hoped would be a powerful orgasm. Kim grabbed Julie’s head pushing her pussy into Julie’s face as her body shook as the orgasms washed over her. Afterward the two women lay in one another’s arms kissing and cuddling until it was time for Julie to leave.

From that day forward Julie had a standing appointment every Friday for a massage and a round of beautiful woman to woman love.

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