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She walked down the centre aisle of the classroom, her black patent stilettos clicking on the floor. She turned to face the class. “Ok gentlemen. Today we put all the theory into practice.” There was an excited buzz amongst them. “Now I will be able to tell who was listening during my lessons to you and who wasn’t.” She looked each of them in the eye and pretty much every single one of them swallowed a thick lump of lust. She was wearing an opaque button-down white shirt with a black lace bra beneath and a skin-tight black pencil skirt, black stockings (& probably a suspender belt) and they thought she was just the hottest thing they had ever seen. Shit, she probably was.

“Bradley, please close the blinds on the windows. Blake, you pull the blind on the door and lock it. Miles and Eric, can you move this bench up front here and place these pillows on it. Julian, could you switch off the lights?” She moved with feline grace and lit a few candles on the blackboard ledge. The boys raced to do her bidding and then stood near the bench eagerly awaiting instruction.

“Blake, could you lie on the bench in the centre?” she said as she started unbuttoning her shirt.

“Yes Ma’am, but could I help you with those?” the tall dark boy with light grey eyes asked.

“No, just look at me and focus on what you need to do. Remove your pants and shirt before you lie down. In fact, we can all get naked now I think gentlemen.” They began pulling off their clothes, their eyes never leaving her as she removed her shirt, skirt and black lace panties very slowly. They were all dry-mouthed at the sight of her standing yalova escort in stockings, stilettos and suspender belt but her pussy naked, smooth and ready. Her nipples were hard, pointing through her black lace bra. They couldn’t believe how lucky they were!

“Blake, I am going to sit over you but not on your cock just yet. I want you to lubricate your hand with the gel I give you and I want you to find my clit and start rubbing it like I taught you.”

“Yes Ma’am!” the boy smiled slowly, doing as he was told.

“Miles and Eric, you are going to be in charge of my breasts, so treat them well. I want you to start by caressing them with your hands, pinching my nipples every now and then, as you have learnt. When my nipples become erect, you can begin sucking them and licking my breasts.” And they moved either side of her while she straddled Blake. “After the other 3 have come, you can tit-fuck me and come on my breasts.”

“Julian, here is some more lubricant for you. Can you start masturbating until you become erect, cover your cock with the gel and then when I tell you, put your cock gently into my ass.”

“Ok Ma’am. But Ma’am?” he asked.

“Yes?” she looked at him.

“I already have wood.” Julian said this while smiling, his erection standing proudly.

“Great work Julian! Massage my back and kiss my neck then and wait for the signal.” She said.

“Bradley,” she addressed the tall dark young man in front of her. She couldn’t believe he was only eighteen with a fantastic cock like his! “You’re the lucky one today. I am going edirne escort to suck you off while the other guys do me. So you get to just stand there and come.”

Bradley smiled and the others glanced jealously at him.

They all moved into position. Blake had been tracing his teacher’s clit with his slippery fingers for a little while, and now that she could relax and enjoy the ministrations of her students, she started sighing and grinding against his hand. Miles and Eric were sucking her nipples and Julian’s hands were working her back and shoulders in a most pleasing way. “Ok, I’m ready,” she sighed.

Bradley moved forward and she took his cock in her mouth, sucking him gently at first and tasting his salt. Blake had entered her pussy — she gasped. His cock was really thick and she felt stretched. She slid all the way down on him and then Julian slid his slick cock into her ass. She groaned deeply and they all started working her over well. The two guys at her breasts were sucking and teasing her, sending heat and slickness straight to her pussy to help smooth the way for Blake, who was pushing up into her for all he was worth. Bradley was breathing deeply and muttering “God yes!” as he ground his cock in her mouth. She sucked so well that he knew he was going to have to restrain himself if he wanted a certain amount of her attention. As soon as he came in her mouth, the deal was that he would step back for the tit fuckers.

Julian was sliding in and out of her ass smoothly, holding her hips, along with Blake. Julian could feel Blake’s cock erzurum escort moving in her pussy. It heightened the pleasure for him. He adored his teacher and hoped for her lessons to continue.

Just then, Bradley grunted and shot into her mouth. A little dripped down the side of her mouth. She moaned and swallowed, licking her lips. “Mmmm. Well done Brad. Ooooh, here comes my first orgasm boys!” and she shook and shuddered, groaning while Miles and Eric held her arms up and moved into place as Bradley stepped back to sit down. Blake shouted then and shot into her and Julian came shortly after him, sitting back to ease his muscles. Miles was enthusiastically fucking her magnificent tits and he came really quickly, all over them. He was really disappointed. “Don’t worry, you were great” she whispered as he moved aside for Eric. He came quickly too and covered her breasts and stomach. They all stood back to survey their teacher, dripping with their come. She had a cream-covered ass and it was dripping down her pussy. She was smiling and wiping Bradley’s juice from her mouth with one hand while rubbing the rest of the creaminess over her breasts and stomach. “That was lovely gentlemen. Full marks. Now, as soon as you’re ready to go again, let’s switch around. I want everyone to get a turn. Until I’m drowning in your lovely cream.”

By the end of the lesson, they had all had a turn at fucking her mouth, pussy, ass and tits. She was exhausted, smiling and full of five gorgeous boys’ come. She stood up and it slipped from her ass and pussy, dripping down her legs, breasts, stomach and face. She walked to the front of the class and said “You can all hit the showers now but I want you to think about what you liked best as well as what you need extra tutoring on next lesson. We’re also going to cover double penetration, so Google it and study up.” She smiled, collected her clothes and left the room, reeking of sex and smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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