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The smoothing quiet bass of the music coming from the speakers in the living room awoke me with a start. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 2 a.m. I looked to my left and saw that my wife, Lacey, had not yet join me in bed. She had begged for a night of dancing with two friends and I told her it was okay with me: a wish that I cursed myself for having granted.

As I left the master bedroom and made my way into the living room, the familiar sound of my wife’s gasping breath whenever she was feeling sexually aroused, greeted me with a starling shock. Fear began to fill my head with thoughts that perhaps my wife had had too much to drink and had been brought home by a devious male who wanted sex as a payment for doing her this favor. Imagine my surprise, when I turned the corner and switched on the light to see my curvy wife being pleasured not by a male lover, but being touch from both sides of the couch by her two friends, Latasha and Monique.

“What the fuck?” were the only words that could come out of my mouth. Lacey looked at me with a smile on her face and said, “It is about time.” She got up and gave me a kiss. Her natural blue eyes, (which always accentuates her milk chocolate skin), lit up as she whispered to me that her friends had wanted to know what it was to have a white male lover. She had agreed to let them find out. I heard a giggle from her friends and looked over at them.

Both women had their skirts pulled up to reveal that their panties were no longer on. Latasha, the darker of the two, had her right index finger moving up and down over her shaven pussy. With a slight movement, she moved the folds of her pussy lips apart to reveal the wetness dripping. Monique on the other hand, had ebony skin. She spread her legs so that I could see that she had left a slight trim of hair above her pussy. I gasped at the sight of the two women and parted my lips, slightly running the tip of my tongue.

My wife kissed me and said, “I guess you are okay with it.” She lowered herself to her knees and began to pull my pajama bottoms down. She then pulled out my cock for her friends to see. I could see from the looks of their faces, that they were pleased at the size of my hard cock. She began to suck on my cock, twirling her tongue on the sensitive part of the tip of my cock. I began to moan. She continued this for a few minutes until Monique ask her if she may try. “Be my guest,” replied my wife as she moved to the coach.

Monique crawled forward on her knees and reach out to grab my cock. She began to lick my now fully erect cock with her tongue. She teased me for several seconds before engulfing my cock with her mouth. She then began to bob her head back and forth, as she drenched my penis with her saliva. I closed my eyes as I moaned, “Yes baby, suck my cock…oh god that feels so good. Mmmm yeah.”

After a couple of minutes of this, she got up, kissed me on the lips, and began to slowly dance her body towards mine. She wrapped her right arm around my neck and leaned her body back with her pussy resting against my raging hard-on. I reached down and moved my penis up and down her clit. She shuddered and took a deep breath as I slowly moved my cock to her opening. I lifted my cock into her and slowly began to penetrate her wet pussy. She moved her body closer until the edge of her pelvis touched my balls.

As Monique and I began to finalizing the movements to our sexual dance, I noticed that my wife had moved her body so that she was on her back on the couch. Latasha climbed on top of Lacey to form a sixty-nine position. Latasha moved her mouth and began to kiss the pubic region of my wife’s body. I could see Lacey gasping for breath as Latasha moved her tongue down to Lacey’s pussy. She inserted her tongue causing Lacey to involuntary move her head into Latasha pussy. Lacey instinctively began to lick Latasha’s pussy. Both women were now in the throes of their own passion.

Realizing that I had a beautiful woman with bursa escort her body press tightly against mine and needing me to move, I took a deep breath and lifted Monique in the air. I could feel her wetness dripping down my cock. I moan in ecstasy as I began to move her towards the wall. There was a thump as the books from the shelves fell. I pressed Monique against the wall and began to slowly thrust my penis up her pussy. I hear her gasp and moan. I began to grind to the rhythm of the music that was playing in the background; each thrust meeting the beat of the music. As the speed of the beat increased so did the thrusting of my penis. Monique held on to me tightly; I could feel her nails digging into my back as I heard her moaning, “Yes…Yes… Yes…. Fuck me…. Harder….Oh yes.”

I complied with her wishes and fucked her as hard as I could. I felt her body becoming more tensed as she moved closer to an orgasm. She lifted herself off my penis and let it rub against her clit. She let out a moan. I look down and saw that she was squirting her pussy juice all on over my cock. The warm sensation began to flow downward and drenched my balls. This triggered my own orgasm and I began to do some squirting of my own, releasing my semen on her trimmed pussy…watching the hot white jism covered her pelvis.

I lowered Monique down and let her catch her breath. I kissed her and thanked her for letting me fucked her. She whispered that the show was not over and said that I still had some more work to do. She told me to bring my cock to her mouth. I did as I was told to do. She began to lick and suck my cock. I asked her if she liked tasting her pussy on my dick. She moaned that she did.

As Monique worked to get me hard again, I began to watch Lacey and Latasha as they played with each other. I noticed that Lacey had two fingers inside of Latasha’s pussy and was licking the outer part of Latasha’s anal. Latasha was moaning and her body was quivering as Lacey continued to shove her fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy. Latasha’s body began to tighten and she let out a moan as she came, her juices running down Lacey’s fingers. Lacey remove the fingers and began to lick them as Latasha finished her orgasm.

When Monique was finally able to get me hard again, I removed my penis from her mouth and move towards Latasha and Lacey. I lifted Latasha from Lacey and began to kiss her. I pressed her body close to mine and lifted my hands to massage her small breasts. I kissed her neck and moved my head down to her breasts. With my mouth, I began to suck on the perky chocolate nipple of her right breast as I massaged her left breast with my hands. I could feel her teat harden as I continued to lick it up and down. I moved my mouth to her left breast and duplicated my movement. After a few minutes of switching back and forth, I moved my head towards her pelvis, kissing her stomach and pubic region.

I took her legs and spread the apart. I moved my head towards her pussy. I moved my tongue in a circular movement, teasing her body as I inched closer and closer to her clit. I could feel her legs falling on my shoulder and tightening as I continue my teasing. Finally, I reached her clit and moved my tongue up and down. She began to moan as I took my right hand and spread the fold of her lips apart. I moved my tongue inward and began to twirl it around. She pressed her body tightly against my lips.

I pressed my right hand on her stomach and held it tight as I moved my left hand to her waist. Latasha began to moan as I twirled my tongue faster and faster. I could feel her body lift. I pulled her tightly and continued my pattern. I continued until she arched her back and began to cum in my mouth, her juices running down my goatee. I licked and licked Latasha’s clit until she collapsed with exhaustion from her orgasm.

I lifted my head and looked at my wife. Lacey was on all fours. Her ass was malatya escort lifted upward. She was all lubricated and waiting for Monique to fuck her with a strap-on that she had pulled out of a bag. Monique moved forward and inserted her fake penis into Lacey’s pussy. Monique began to slowly thrust her penis into Lacey’s opening. Lacey gasp with pleasure and began to moan, “Fuck me…Fuck my pussy with that cock.”

Monique complied with Lacey’s wishes and began to fuck her hard. I moved to the front of Lacey and put my cock into her mouth. Lacey began sucking on my dick. I moaned with pleasure as Lacey twirled her tongue around the tip of my expanding cock. As Lacey mouth fucked my cock, Monique began to increase the intensity of her fucking.

With the increased pressure, Lacey found that she could not keep my penis in my

mouth. She let go of my penis and concentrated on the fucking she was receiving from Monique. She lifted her body so that Monique could get a better grip and began to moving it back and forth to match the pace of Monique. She began moaning as she said, “Fuck me…yeah Monique fuck me with that cock of yours…oh yeah baby, fuck me.” Lacey than began to cum.

I thought Monique would relax her pace to allow Lacey a rest, but she did not. Instead, she continued to grind Lacey’s pussy faster and harder, causing Lacey to moan louder and louder as she found herself having several orgasms at a time. I watch with amazement as Monique moved her body forward, her breasts bouncing up and down. I found my body tingling and my head growing dizzy as I watch this woman pleasuring my wife.

As I thought this euphoria had gone as far it as it could go, I was suddenly surprised as I felt the tip of Latasha’s tongue circling the rim of my anal. She twirled around for a few seconds before entering it into my anal. I began to moan as she pressed her face against my ass, moving her tongue in and out. I felt her left hand move up and down my balls, massaging them with tender care. She took her right hand and reached around to grab my dick. Gripping my cock, she began to stroke me as she increased the intensity of her tongue-lashing into my anal. I began to moan as she found her rhythm. Faster and Faster her tongue twirl, her hand matching the beat of her tongue. I leaned my head back and moan, “Yeah, lick it…lick my ass…yeah.” I felt the pressure in my dick begin to build up…I held onto it tight until I became dizzy. I finally lost control and release my hot jism upon my wife’s neck, giving her a pearl necklace that ran down to her massive breasts.

Monique continued her pace until she finally released her own orgasm that she gained from the leather of her strap-on brushing against her clit. She once again began to squirt as she erupted into a full orgasm. Her love juice covered the pelvis area of my wife and dripped down to the outer lips of her pussy. She moved forward to lay next to my wife in an effort to catch her breath.

When I had a moment to calm down from my own orgasm, I moved my body between my wife’s legs and began to lower my head to her pussy. I began lapping up the juices that ran down her legs. When I sucked in all the juices, I began to enter my fingers into her pussy and I began to lick her clit. Lacey raised her body upward. I grabbed her and held on to her waist with all the strength I had. I refused to allow her to move away from my exploring tongue.

As I made love to my wife’s pussy, Latasha and Monique moved towards my wife. They began to lick up the dripping cum off her body. After licking her clean, they began to tease her nipples with their fingers and tongues. Their aggressive sucking of her now fully erect nipples helped to increase the intensity of the pleasure I was giving to Lacey with my mouth. Within a few minutes, my wife began to moan as her body shuddered with a second earth shattering orgasm.

When she was able to catch her breath, çanakkale escort she stated that she was exhausted and needed to go to bed. We all agreed that she was right. As I followed Lacey and Monique into our bedroom, my wife turned around and said, “No baby, you can’t come in here tonight. I want you to sleep with Latasha in the guest room. She is the only one that you have not fucked yet. I want you to get a good night sleep and then give her a good morning fuck, the kind you know I like.”

With that kind of twisting of my arms, how could I refuse? I lead Latasha into the guest room and began to spoon with her. As I rested next to her, I could feel the heat of Latasha’s body as I fell asleep with my arms around her.

When morning arrived, I woke up to Latasha nibbling on my balls and stroking my cock. When she finally got me fully erect, she laid her body next to me in a side way position. She lifted her left leg over her head and moved her pelvis next to my cock. I turned my body to the side and entered my cock into her wet dripping pussy. The heat of her pussy cause the mushroom tip of my penis to grow harder and firmer. I slowly began to move my cock in and out, pressing my balls against her pelvis. Latasha moved her head backward and began to moan as I increased the intensity of my movement. I turn her body to her side so that her ass was facing me. I concentrated on her tight anal as I fucked her pussy. I knew that I wanted to cream all over that tight puckered ass of hers.

With this thought in mind, I increased my rhythm, shouting out, “Oh yeah, fuck yeah, you are my fucking bitch, I love your fucking pussy, so hot, yeah, so wet, yeah baby.” Latasha began to whimper as I pound her pussy harder and harder, my balls slapping against her ass. Within minutes of this intense fucking, she tightened her body and dripped my cock with her juices as she came. I pulled out my cock and jerked it until I creamed over her shiny black anal. It dripped down from her hole to her pussy. I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her closer to me, biting her shoulder as I released the last drop of my cum.

After cumming, I heard the sound of clapping. I turned and there, standing in the door, was my beautiful milk chocolate wife and her ebony lover, both wearing strap-ons. They came into the room and told me to move to the side. They told Latasha they were going to reward her for doing a good job of fucking me.

Lacey laid back on the bed and lubed up her strap-on. She told Latasha to climb on her “cock”. Latasha did as instructed. She squatted down and rested her pussy against the tip of the fake penis. She slowly lowered herself, savoring the penetration of the dildo as it moved deeper and deeper into her wet, dripping pussy. When she finally was fully engorged with the fake dick, she sat there for a minute, allowing herself to feel satisfied by the length and thickness. Then slowly, she began to grind her pelvis, sharing the sensation of excitement with my wife.

After a few minutes of this, Monique stopped her. She told Latasha to stay in position. Than Monique moved Latasha forward and began to lubricate her anal. She then spread Latasha’s ass cheeks and moved her body closer. She pushed the dildo the edge. I could see that Latasha was excited about being double penetrated by these two beautiful women.

My wife was also excited. She gasped as she watched Monique slowly entered the long and thick strap on into Latasha’s eager asshole. Latasha began to moan and with help from the two women, began to move her body. She shouted out, “Yes, fuck me you bitches. Oh yes, fuck me. Oh, fuck yes.”

As I watched the scene, my cock grew harder. I was just amazed at what I was looking at. I thought to myself that this must be a dream. I began to jerk myself off. When I grew closer to cumming again. I closed my eyes, just as the sounds of music began to replace the moaning of the three women.

The smoothing quiet bass of the music coming from the speakers in the living room awoke me with a start. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 2 a.m. As I left the master bedroom and made my way into the living room. When I turned the corner and switched on the light to see my drunken curvy wife being pleasured by a devious male who wanted sex as a payment for doing her this favor.

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