Impatience drove the dum-dum tapping on the steering wheel, and the digital clock glowered back at him. Annoyed, he switched the radio off. For almost half an hour, Jack waited. He could text her and tell her to get a cab home. No, that would ruin the weekend.“Come on, Laura. Where are you?”With a jolt of surprise, she arrived without him noticing. The cutting chill of December air and the scent of perfume filled the car. Laura slumped into the front seat, and the door slammed shut. The cloying tackiness of her lipstick on his cheek failed to lift his mood.“Hi darling, you been waiting long?”“No… only five minutes.”That gnawed at him. Quickly distracted, a passenger door opened, and she announced her entrance with tinkling laughter. Shimmying awkwardly along the back seat, Jack admired her lithe legs as her skirt hitched up and flashed her panties. Their eyes met in the rear-view mirror as a fillip to his funk. It was Amy, and she flashed him a warm smile. Laura’s friend and work colleague was an unexpected pleasure.The car sank a little more, and a callow-faced man glared back at him.“All right?” asked Jack.“Hullo.”“Jack, this is Eddie, Amy’s boyfriend.”Judging by Laura’s slurred intonation, it had been a good night… for everyone except him.“Get up to much, darling?” asked Laura.He steered the car onto the main road, “Not much.”Amy giggled, “Speaking of much, I know much more about you after tonight.”Jack grimaced into the rear-view mirror, “All good, I hope.”Laura’s tongue always loosened after a few drinks, and he could only imagine what she’d said. He might be irritated by their late arrival, yet, with a deep sigh, he would not let it show. Amy certainly looked good tonight. He was a sucker for a pretty face and a pleasant smile, especially if they were brunettes. Still looking immaculate, there were plenty of opportunities to admire her lithe, perky body.Slowing to approach a bend, an absent thought skewered him. Partners were not invited to the office Christmas party, yet Eddie was there as evidence. Accelerating away, it added to his annoyance, burdening him further.“Jack, I said they could stay in my spare room tonight.”Laura paused for a minute. It was clear she tried to act more sober than she was. “It’s miles home for them, and the hotels in town cost a fortune.”“Sure, no problem.”As their weekend plans fell apart, he tried not to let it show. Sure, it was Laura’s flat, and she could do what she liked, yet he wanted her to himself. Resigned to spending Saturday morning with three hungover people, he’d probably be called upon to take them home. He could use a drink now to take the edge off.At least the roads were quiet as Laura and Amy shared gossip; Eddie didn’t say much. Stealing glances in the mirror, Jack saw Eddie with his hand up Amy’s skirt. She did not complain as Jack enjoyed the view, churning a lusty heat into his loins. Whatever Amy saw in Eddie, the answer was right there.With her legs on the dashboard, Laura let her short dress ride up. The bare skin of her thighs melded effortlessly into the lace tops of her stockings. The clasps of the suspenders bit delicately into them. Jack found it hard to concentrate; the sight teased his unquelled ardour. He found himself in no man’s land of arousal mixed with exasperation.It was late, he was jaded, and his plans lay in ruins. Still, they brazzers had guests, and he needed to be a gracious host to impress Laura. The warmth and the tyres’ hum threw a soporific pall over his passengers. The mood had quietened by the time they arrived at Laura’s flat.-=-This was the post-party come-down, and the swoopy Balearic vibes from the stereo kept everyone interested. It was time for a nightcap, and Jack poured out a lusty helping of brandy. Putting it down in one, he poured another. He stole glances at Amy when he thought no one would notice. Her lustrous brunette hair shone with her sparkling jade eyes. A raven-black dress embraced her slinky curves.His eyes undressed her at every opportunity. Amy peered up and caught him. Jack did not give a shit when she grinned to acknowledge his guilt. Admiring her perky tits, he found himself talking to them rather than her face. Amy did not mind; on the contrary, she enjoyed the attention. Laura was drunk, knocking back more vodka and struggled to make herself understood. Eddie nodded and grunted his way through the conversation.-=-Jack stretched out his limbs against the crisp linen of Laura’s bed, and the brandy had done little to relax him. Wide awake, his mind clung to the hope that Laura might offer some drunken sex. Dim yellow light bled through the open door, and she tottered in. Struggling out of her dress, Laura complained about the discomfort caused by her lingerie and wobbled towards the bed. To Jack’s disappointment, she laboured with its clasps, throwing it to the floor.Focusing momentarily, she caught his puppy-dog eyes and twirled to show him her naked body. Before he could enjoy the view, she lost her balance and hit the wardrobe doors. Ricocheting onto the bed with a yelp, it broke her fall.Laughing and snorting raucously, she thrashed a bit to get under the duvet. The gossamer caress of her bare skin teased Jack, and the curves of her rear pressed against his naked loins. Wrapping his arm around her, he cupped her bare breast. He wanted to feel turned on, but the night was a washout. Amy and Eddie were next door, and the walls were paper thin. Eddie did a fine line in grunting, but at least Amy was entertaining, and he enjoyed her overt flirtatiousness. Jack would not deny his attraction to her and got an eyeful of naked flesh into the bargain tonight. This could be his silent revenge; in his mind, he would fuck Amy and pressed his burgeoning cock against the cleft of Laura’s arse.She was still trying to get comfortable, “I banged my hip on the wardrobe door.”Her tone pleaded for sympathy.“That’s because you are pissed.”“Am not,” she retorted, “well… not that much.”“You said tonight was employees only. Eddie doesn’t work for you guys.”“Did I? Oh, sorry.”There was a faint sound from next door, a gasp and a louder moan. It was obvious what Amy and Eddie were doing. Imagining the spectacle of Amy being fucked, all of this angst and frustration pooled into his twitching cock.It reinvigorated Laura, “They’re fucking! Dirty bastards!”A monotonous banging sound grew louder and kept time with their more audible moans. Jack nuzzled at Laura’s neck and shoulder, easing his stiff cock between her thighs. As the volume and its intensity increased, she squeezed.“Hmm, fuck, Jack. You are nice and hard. Did you miss me?”“Uh-huh.”What cuckold porno was a white lie when he was this horny? Listening to Amy’s kitten yelps was all he needed to give Laura a hearty fuck. They were clearly in the throes of intense passion. Craning an arm around his neck, Laura softly kissed his lips.“Let’s all fuck together.”“What? All of us in the spare room?”Laura smacked his behind, “No silly, here. Not too hard, though. I don’t want them to know we are fucking too.”He would be up for a foursome. Inspired by Amy’s very vocal moans, Laura stroked the steel hardness of his length.“Do it, baby. Stick it in me.”The noises from the next room had aroused Laura too, and he slid into her easily. Cosseting by her taut slippery tunnel, Jack pushed himself deeper inside, and the rising addiction took over. Finally, something to alleviate his peevishness. Everything would be fine if he could get his rocks off. Penetrated to the hilt, it encouraged Laura to rock back and forth. Lying in spoons, his strong hands dragged her back onto his length with a firm tempo. There was too much frustration inside him to take it slow.“Not too hard, Jack. Make love to me.”Chided and obedient against his better judgement, he slowed his thrusts.Next door, the headboard banged against the wall. Eddie was certainly in a less than gentle frame of mind. Amy’s cries of passion conveyed her frenzied state. Inspired, Jack bucked into Laura harder, hoping to inspire her. The delicious friction raised the tension in his loins, and the journey to his release had begun.“Fuck Laura, you feel so good.”“Slower, Jack. Slower… I want it gently.”With a sigh of frustration, Jack relented, and the contrast between the two rooms could not be starker. The staccato thumps of the headboard had a new sense of urgency. Amy’s cries seemed to stutter, and then a series of powerful yelps followed. Eddie was undoubtedly giving her a good time. The volume in the adjoining room appeared to have reached its crescendo. Harsh cries and loud grunts made it obvious; Amy climaxed and took Eddie with it.In contrast, Laura felt so passive, yet he pressed on. Reconciled that she was drunk, he was happy to do all the work. Something was wrong; her breathing did not match his thrusts. Long, sonorous and unrushed, he shook her shoulder.“Laura? Laura!”Exasperated, Jack withdrew, and the latent anger exploded within. Not inviting him to the party might have been an innocent mistake. It was understandable that Laura needed a lift home. He was the model of charm as a good host for her friends. To pass out as they fucked was off the scale.He considered driving home, but the nightcaps put him over the limit. Rolling onto his front, his hard cock pressed against his body. The intense need for relief surged through him with every beat of his heart. His mind was wired, and trying to sleep would be impossible. Dealing with Laura and Amy tomorrow would be torture in this state.Leaving the warmth of the bed, he would take matters into his own hands in the bathroom. With no empathy for Laura, his footsteps walloped the floorboards. Naked, he went to the bedroom door as she began to snore.“Oh fucking magic!” he hissed.Looking at the clock on the pedestal, it was almost three in the morning. Pulling the bedroom door closed, Jack turned to make czech porno his way into the bathroom.-=-“Hello.”“Amy! Oh, fuck this is embarrassing.”Instinctively, he hid his nakedness with his hands. Absent of any inhibitions, Amy stood there in the corridor, naked, with it all on show. Shamelessly, she looked him up and down, fixated on how he failed to hide his erection. Finally arriving at his gaze, a rueful smile greeted him.A gentle hand pressed against his chest, “Don’t be embarrassed. Did you fuck Laura too?”Her question reverberated through his foggy mind, “Huh? No… well, yes.”Leaning alongside him with her hand on the wall, Amy had no inhibitions. Gazing into her sultry and disarming eyes, he understood her open invitation. His eyes darted to savour each taut seductive curve. Broad-shouldered, the swell of her breasts hung flawlessly, each nipple crunched tightly into erect nubs. Her lissom curves drew him in and removed his self-consciousness. At the cinch of her waist, down her toned abdomen, the smooth hillock of her mons flared up between the gap of those long slender legs.Amy purred as his eyes rested upon hers, grinning widely to be appreciated like this.“Jack… either you fucked her or you didn’t.”Her overt display did nothing to ease his racing mind, “Amy, shouldn’t you….”Her soft lips pressed against his, igniting the embers of his ardour. He tried to fight it, and his surrender came quickly. The delicate vacuum on her lips and the tip of her darting tongue added more heat to his loins. Her caress drew him in, beguiled by another sensual kiss; their naked bodies pressed together. The rakish sound of snatched air announced his obedience as Amy pressed the hard swell of his shaft against her warm body.“Amy…” and he pushed her away.She chuckled, “What happened, Jack?”“She passed out.”Amy tutted, “And left you like this? That’s a terrible crime.”“Eddie? What about Eddie?”“Eddie does whatever I say. He’s very passive.”“Oh.”Butterflies lurched as his mind spiralled like a helter-skelter. Amy’s eyes dipped to his groin. She took his shaft, he’d been inside Laura, and it was still damp. She pressed her lips to his with a newfound sense of passion.His cock felt heavy; it had presence and girth, and Jack did not put up a fight. She rose on her tiptoes, kissing him again. Her arm wrapped around his neck as he clasped her thigh to his waist. Her breasts pressed against his bare chest, and she led his burgeoning shaft to the heat of her sex.“Oh, fuck,” Jack sighed, “Yes… I want you.”“Then take it,” she purred, “Eddie struggles with me, and I’ve had two loads out of him already.”Jack had no qualms and breached her cum-filled snatch. Amy whimpered, biting her lower lip. She threw her arms around his neck as he hoisted her slender body, pinning her against the wall. His shaft was long enough to take it all and fill her completely. It had the thick girth she liked.“Mmm… you are just what I need,” Amy whimpered, “I want more, Jack, a lot more.”Humping her, she squeezed on his shaft, “Do you want to give it to me?”From his narrowed eyes, he mumbled at first, “Yes, yes, I do.””You can’t stop, can you?””No,” he hissed.”You don’t mind about Eddie fucking me at the same time?””No.”Amy purred, “Mmm… that’s what I need.”Satisfied, she pushed back and untangled herself, forcing a grumble of frustration from Jack. He peddled backwards as she stole his breath with hungry kisses. Taking to her knees, her silky mouth engulfed his cock, and his head hit the hollow wall with a thud. Caressing his aching balls, she met his eyes, savouring his fevered expression.

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