Ok so as mentioned in a previous chapter, during our time spent watching the doggers and our brief but exciting friendship with Mike the gamekeeper, I did start seeing someone else.

So to bring you this encounter I’m going to backtrack a little, to the start of our time with Mike.

This was something that started out very innocent and fairly straightforward but ultimately ended up being rather weird.

Anyway, you’ll see what I mean.

On with the show.


“What was that?”

Rita asked as she breezed up to me while I mopped a spillage down one of the aisles.

It was a monday morning and I was halfway through a shift at the supermarket.

The emphasis on the last word, ‘that?’ and the excited look in her eyes confirming what I kind of already knew, Rita had seen me scribbling something down on the young man’s receipt after I’d served him earlier that morning.

Part of me was cursing inwardly at Rita knowing what I’d done, the other part….honestly? I felt proud.

I’d come a long, long way in the past several years, growing from a shy, quiet, insecure introvert.

To…. well, I’m still shy and quiet at least openly, that is my nature.

But I have grown inside, matured.

Every encounter I’ve experienced has made me stronger, boosting my inner confidence.

Every man I’ve had has changed me for the better.

Gone are the days of just fantasising, now instead of daydreaming I make it happen.

At this point in time I was juggling between trying to keep Rita out of my private life, and being strongly tempted to reveal all.

I instinctively knew that my new friend could be trusted.

However, we had some time to go before that trust and friendship would be explored to the full.

Looking back at her expectant face, I couldn’t help but grin.

“What do you mean….what was that?”

A good half hour had elapsed since she’d witnessed my little indiscretion, but my words did not match up with the cheeky grin plastered all over my face.

Rita beamed back as she replied, “Yeah right…. I saw you….what did you write on that receipt?”

What my friend had observed that morning, was me passing a scribbled message to the gorgeous young man I’d been after for a while.

As previously mentioned, this particular young guy, whom both myself and Rita fancied, had been regularly coming into the store and I was determined to get to know him better.

I’d made my intentions clear to him, giving him ‘the look’ at every opportunity, and making small talk whenever I served him.

However up until recently his shyness had prevented any further interaction between us.

It was this shyness and apparent inexperience that had only encouraged me more.

But it now appeared that my efforts weren’t going to waste.

He had begun to return my smiles and also exchange small talk, all while turning bright red….oh my….adorable.

He looked even more handsome when blushing.

So, that morning as I served him, an idea quickly entered my head.

Spontaneous, risky….and exciting.

Looking around as the young guy put his pin into the card machine… nobody else behind waiting for my till…..grabbing a pen I took his receipt and quickly wrote my name and number down on it.

My heart pounding as I did so, this was after all a bold move on my part, I didn’t know hardly anything about him he was basically a stranger.

What would he think of me?

He could already have someone, a girlfriend or wife, although in my experience that didn’t mean anything.

It was a risk alright, but one worth taking.

Although quick with my writing the young guy couldn’t help but notice what I was doing, and as I looked up to hand him the little piece of paper I was met with a look of sheer surprise.

Fortunately there was no distaste or offence in that look, just his natural reaction to my unexpected act.

I grinned confidently back and caught him off guard with a cheeky wink before saying, “You have a nice day now… sweetheart.”

All he could do was turn bright red while thanking me in a slightly shaky voice.

He turned and walked away while studying the receipt with my name and number on it, looking back briefly once before exiting the store.

It was while watching him zayıf gaziantep escort leave, my eyes glued to his cute little bum, that Rita’s presence became known to me.

So focussed on the young man, I’d not noticed her close by pinning some information up on a noticeboard.

She was staring right at me wearing a quizzical frown and would have questioned me right then if not for being called away on some errand by our supervisor.

And now, as I faced her down the aisle, mop in hand….the game was up.

There was no way she was going to let this go and I had no choice but to admit what I’d done.

Rita’s mouth opened wide and the excited look she was already wearing intensified as I confirmed what she clearly suspected.

Feeling a sense of pride and succumbing to her infectious excitement, as I did so.

Fuck to secrecy….this was fun….it felt good to tell her.

“Oh my god….I knew it….ooh Pippa you are a rum un….I bloody knew it….”

She abruptly trails off for a second as I interrupt with a ‘shhhh’ and a worried expression, adding that she keep her voice down, I don’t want the whole place knowing.

Undeterred by my reprimand Rita moves up close to me and continues, “….so what did he say?….I bet that surprised him!”

I told her what had happened while she listened intently, soaking up what little detail there was.

As we chatted in secretive hushed voices, like giddy schoolgirls discussing their latest crush, I couldn’t help but wonder….what would it be like….to tell her everything?

If she was so impressed by this?

In time, I would find myself revealing all to Rita, as we became very close friends.

But that was still some little way off in the future.

For now, my friend was all questions about the young guy.

However, with customers now joining us down the aisle, those questions would have to wait.

Rita reluctantly goes back to her duties with a promise from me to keep her posted on any progress I might make.

And it’s this ‘progress’ that was foremost on my mind throughout not just the rest of that shift but indeed, the whole day.

I checked my phone during break….nothing.

Checked it at home time….nothing.

Kept checking it throughout the day….nothing.

Oh I tell a lie, one text message from o2 trying to get me on a contract, another from my sister, and one phone call from dad insisting that I’d just called him when I hadn’t!

By ‘nothing’ of course, I meant the handsome young man.

The one that I appeared to have….made a fool of myself to.

It was beginning to look like he wasn’t interested.

When John got home from work early that evening I explained what I’d done.

John knew all about my desires involving the young customer at work and despite our attention being focussed upon Mike at the time, he gave me his whole hearted approval.

He’s very understanding like that, you see.

Anyway, it had gotten quite late about 9.30 and i had all but given up. Steve was home in his room, Chris off somewhere with zoe.

I’d just gotten out the bath after a long soak with a bottle of chilled chardonnay for company and I was feeling very relaxed.

Going downstairs wrapped in a bathrobe I met John at the bottom, he was looking excited and holding out my mobile.

“It beeped a couple minutes ago….hope you don’t mind but I had a sneaky peek….”

He trails off, a big grin breaking out, spreading across his face, shaking his head before continuing, “….your guna love what he’s called.”

I took the phone, excited too but curious at my hubby’s reaction, what did he mean? I’m guna love what he’s called?

Looking at the text, it read.

(Hi. Thank u for ur number Pippa u served me at the store this morning. Hope I got right number? Txt me when u get this. Chris x)

Chris…..same name as my eldest son, who by the look of my store guy was not much younger.

I look up from the phone wearing a reluctant grin back at John, “Ah….see what you mean.”

So, the object of my lusty attention has the same name as my son who’s probably not much younger than him….not awkward at all.

As if to read my mind John chimes in with a comment that puts an uncomfortable image in my gaziantep zayıf escort head.

“Well….that’s guna be interesting at the point of no return….losing yourself in the moment….calling out his name!”

My face contorts in disgust before snapping at my hubby, “Oh thanks a lot you bastard… for putting that in my bonnet.”

It’s accompanied by a sharp prod in his side as I push past him.

He knows I’m not serious however, and quickly recovers, following me into the living room where we excitedly discuss what my response will be.

And it’s there in our living room, cuddled up on the sofa together that we spend the next hour with Chris, my new boy.

Most of the time is spent texting each other but I do manage to coax a phone call out of him towards the end.

Chris, is painfully shy.

But as mentioned in the past, I can be very persuasive.

The overall impression I get from Chris reminds me very much of Alan, but at the other end of the age spectrum.

Although his circumstances couldn’t be more different.

Through our texting frenzy and subsequent phone call, I discover that Chris is single, he’s just 20 years old and lives with his mum.

But, he assures me, is saving up for the deposit for a flat in town.

He works full time at a food processing factory and has a car.

The awkward part of the conversation is when he asks questions about me.

I don’t feel that I can tell him the truth, it would surely scare him off.

Even revealing that I’m married would almost certainly send him scurrying.

So I lie, telling him I’m divorced.

I do tell him that I have two children, but don’t go into much more detail at this point about my personal circumstances.

I do however, tell Chris how handsome I think he is and express my interest in meeting him in a more social capacity.

Yeap, I take the lead and ask him out on a ‘date’.

It’s obvious he’s very inexperienced, perhaps….and at the same time hopefully…maybe even a virgin as well.

Chris compliments me on my appearance, describing me as very pretty, then agrees to us going out ‘someplace’ for a chat.

The conversation ends with us arranging to meet up the next day after I’ve finished work, at a café in town we both know of.

I tell him I’m looking forward to it and wish Chris sweet dreams.

From his shaky voice and constant swallowing while we spoke, I could almost feel the heat off his blushing face through my phone!

After ending the call I turned to face my excited hubby who had been so patiently listening to us, while I groped the bulge in his trousers.

I too could feel the effects of talking with Chris while John sat close by soaking up every word of our conversation, the phone had been on speaker….

Despite us now regularly meeting up with Mike the gamekeeper, and me taking on both him and John… was sometimes these ‘tame’ things that turned us both on the most.

An urge gripped me, one that I knew couldn’t be ignored.

My nipples….hard and swollen….a slick heat between my legs….I had an itch that needed a good scratch…and it couldn’t wait.

Gazing into my hubby’s eyes….he knows what I want.

A silent understanding passes between us.

Giving his hard bulge one last squeeze before I stand up off the sofa and head out the room with John following close behind.

We know where we’re heading….our old refuge in times of need.

The large brick shed in our back garden… it’s been a while….too long a while.

We’ve often used it in the past when the boys were in as somewhere private to…..vent our frustrations.

A shed…hardly romantic….ordinary…mundane even.

However, I’d had some of the best orgasms of my life within its walls.

And this night is no exception.

Once inside with the door bolted we allow our passions to possess us….and consume each other.

In the heat of the moment I am no lady, I behave like a depraved slut.

Practically tearing John’s trousers down before gobbling what he has to offer me.

I devour his swollen cock in a lust fueled frenzy.

I’m vaguely aware as my attention is totally focussed on this one act, that John is struggling with his vocal outlet.

I gaziantep zayıf escort bayan like to think of it as a pressure release, for when things get too much.

Pain and pleasure…they are more related than you might think?

Both evoke a similar response.

Mouth open wide…loud vocalisation.

But this is where the situation draws in my wicked side.

The shed is not exactly sound proof, and I know that John can’t make much noise…

So I have him quite literally…by the balls.

The slippery heat of my mouth combined with the actions of frantic tongue….and my nails….driven into his nut sack.

Oh my goodness me…I love that power trip.

Reducing a big strong man like my hubby to…a quivering wreck.

It doesn’t get much better.

Even with a mouthful of cock I still manage somehow to grin at my hubby’s awkward but exquisite predicament.

Knowing he wants to scream his head off….but can’t…it’s electric.

This level of teasing however, does not go unchallenged for long.

The tables are quickly turned as John decides he’s had enough of playtime, and his dominant side shows me its teeth.

I’m grabbed by the hair and pulled up onto my feet, instantly pushed hard against the shed wall…there pinned in a passionate embrace.

As we kiss, tongues entwined, I feel him getting ready.

Grasping my upper thighs in a strong vice like grip…I instinctively wrap my legs around him…letting him take my weight….feeling his thing brush against my moist slit once….once more…then finding the target…easily sliding home.

All the way up, deep inside.

Despite needing to stay quiet I let slip a squeal of delight.

Oh god….I so need it.

So….fucking desperately need it.

Closing my eyes and trying hard not to cry out, I’m quickly taken away to that special place.

Our joint passion combining to produce a dizzy climax.

I’m left shaking and gasping for air, desperately holding on to John who too is soon in the grip of a climax spasm.

In the breathless aftermath, my hubby locked up tight against me…I feel it.

That most sweetly erotic, almost indescribable sensation of being filled.

Warm pulsing, deep within…

A quiet, special moment between the pair of us… oh so familiar lovers.

There have been many other’s, but there’s only one for me.

I kiss his neck tenderly while he finishes, feeling him calming down, the passion ebbing away.

This part of any coupling always fascinates me…feeling all that energy slowly draining…

With the last pulses gone, he kisses me tenderly on the lips before I disembark my special ride, unfurling my legs from around him and placing unsteady feet back on the ground.

Looking down past the open bathrobe between my legs, in the half light cast by a nearby street lamp, I can see he’s made a mess.

Pearly goo is running down the inside of both thighs….time to clean up.

As we’re doing so I’m vaguely aware of John grumbling, something about his back, still dizzy from a dynamite climax I’m not taking in properly what he’s saying.

It’s not until we’re back in the house that I realise what’s wrong…..what I have done.

It’s a warm night and John isn’t wearing anything on his top half, he turns with his back to me and I see it.

Deep scratches adorn my hubby’s upper back area, there’s blood, a lot of it streaking down to his trousers waistband.

“Oh shit….oh no…John…I’m so sorry….let me….”

I trail off while retrieving some tissues to soak up the blood.

Guilt hits me full on, I’ve made a right mess of him.

But John takes it in his stride, playing it down to save my feelings by joking that he will have something to show the guy’s at work tomorrow.

However, I do realise that this is an issue with me that I need to try and address.

I get so carried away, so lost in the moment that I’m not really in control of my actions.

And now I’ve hurt someone I love.

After I’ve tended to my hubby’s wounds we retire to the living room, have another drink to calm down, and discuss my upcoming date.

One thing appears certain, Chris is different from my ‘usual’ fellas.

Young, inexperienced, and most notably… unattached.

Most of the men I’ve been with up to that point have been married, or much older than me.

But it’s this detail, about Chris not having anyone, that in our haste and excitement we overlook and fail to take into account.

This little detail does end up becoming an issue later on.

However, for the moment all I can do is focus on that upcoming first ‘date’ and what might happen….

End of chapter 8.

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