It’d had been over a week since John’s hot daughter had sucked him off on the couch. His wife, Janet, had been home more this week and they were getting along, until tonight that is.

He stalked down the hall in long angry strides. He just had another fight with his wife and he was not going to sleep in the same room as that hateful bitch.

He didn’t notice that Chloe had her door open and was watching him until she spoke “Daddy?” she said in a sweet little girl voice.

His angry gaze jerked towards her then instantly softened. “Hey baby girl,” he whispered to her.

“Are you ok daddy?” she asked.

He smiled tiredly down at his petite daughter. “Yes baby I’m fine. Just your mother and I….” His deep voice trailed off and he sighed waving the rest of his comment off with one big hand. “Never mind, baby, nothing you need to worry about.”

Chloe wrapped her arms around him, laying her head against his big hard chest. She snuggled against him happily as his big arms wrapped around her slender frame. She tilted her head to look up at him her long red hair tumbling down her slim back.

Daddy slowly rubbed his daughter’s back with one big hand and she pressed close. Having her so close went a long way towards making his anger dim. Other urges took its place and he drew back.

Chloe pouted when he pulled away. “Go get some rest baby, I’m gonna sleep in the guest room tonight,” he said distractedly.

Chloe grabbed his hand, tugging on it she said: “Daddy you don’t have to sleep in there all by yourself.” She whispered with a smile “You could sleep in here with me.” Her breath quickened as Daddy’s eyes went from distracted to intense in a heartbeat. His gaze turned hot as they slid down over her body. She was wearing a loose nightshirt and from his height, he could see right down the top exposing nearly all of her big tits to his gaze.

She stepped back into her room pulling the nightgown up and over her head. Her all over tan contrasted sexily with the white lace panties, the only thing she was left wearing. Daddy glanced down the hall towards her mom’s room then back at her. She slid her hands over her big tits pushing them together holding them up for his inspection her fat nipples growing hard under his hot gaze.

“Please daddy,” she asked still in that little girl voice.

Daddy groaned under his breath then stepped quickly into her room locking the door behind him.

“You are a bad little girl.” He growled softly his big hands replacing hers on her tits squeezing and kneading them roughly.

She moaned arching into his hands “Ooo, yes daddy, I’m your bad little girl.” She whispered sweetly. “I’ve been thinking about this every day since last week. I want you so much daddy.”

She cried out softly as daddy pinched her fat nipples pulling on them. She was panting her pussy already wet. Chloe reached for daddy’s shirt unbuttoning it so she could run her small hands over his hard chest.

“Oh baby girl I’ve been thinking about it too” daddy said as he knelt in front of her and pulled one of his daughter’s swollen nipples into his mouth. He sucked hard at each nipple in turn while his hands roughly massaged her titties.

He pulled and rolled one of his little girl’s pink, puffy nipples between his fingers, then tugged hard as he pinched down on it making her cry out softly. Daddy kissed her abused nipple, leaving it with his big tongue as his rough fingers gave the other nipple the same treatment.

Daddy spent a long time nursing and palming his daughter’s big titties. Chloe’s head fell back her red hair tumbling past her shoulders and she clutched daddy’s head against her chest pushing her puffy, pink nibbles deeper into his mouth as he sucked.

Daddy finally lifted his head from her tits “Go sit down on the edge of your bed baby.” Chloe bounced eagerly to her bed. Cami Halısı Sitting down she spread her legs wide, put her hands on the bed behind her leaning back making her big titties push out towards daddy. “Mmm that’s a good girl” daddy rumbled. Staying on his knees, he moved between his daughter’s legs. Rubbing his big, rough hands over her amazing tits he sucked greedily at her puffy, pink nipples again pulling as much of her tit into his mouth as he could.

He nursed greedily at his daughter’s tits his facial hair scraping against her soft sensitive skin and she panted in lust. As he continued to suck, he slowly stroked downward over her flat belly, sliding his big fingers under the top of her lacy little panties he started to work them down over her full hips.

His horny little girl lifted her hips enough to help him pull them past her firm ass cheeks, to her thighs, and finally down past her knees then off. Chloe was breathing in quick excited little gasps as daddy’s rough hands spread her legs wide. His thumbs rested just shy of touching the bare puffy lips of her wet pussy and she squirmed desperately against his hard grip trying to get him to touch her there.

A sharp cry escaped her as daddy scraped his teeth over her sensitive nipples. He bit down holding onto her nipple with his teeth flicking his tongue back and forth over it rapidly. At the same time, he palmed her sweet cunt grinding the heel of his hand against her clit as he forcefully rammed a big finger into her tight wet hole. Chloe’s cry was loud as he started fucking her with his big finger.

Daddy pulled his mouth away from her tit and said “be quiet baby. If your mother comes to see what you are screaming about we will have to stop. You don’t want that do you?”

Chloe shook her head as she panted in lust. “N-no daddy I don’t want you to stop. I’ll be quieter I promise.”

Daddy smiled. “Good girl. I would love to hear you scream for me baby but I don’t want to have to stop either. You got your daddy’s cock so hard, little girl.”

Chloe moaned softly “Ooo daddy I want to see it! Show me your big cock please!”

“Ok baby scoot up onto the bed,” he replied. She scooted back until she was fully on the bed. Daddy crawled up onto the bed with her pushing her flat onto her back he straddled her rounded hips.

“Take it out for me baby” he told her. She nodded and eagerly reached for his crotch, unfastening his jeans she pushed them and his boxers down at the same time. Daddy’s massive cock flopped out of his clothes smacking her belly with his heavy hard-on and big, swollen balls.

She stared at his big purple cockhead dripping pre-cum onto her flat belly. She kept staring, fascinated with her daddy’s enormous cock. Hi knelt up, moved his body up, his cock sliding up along her belly until that big, fat cockhead poked into her tits. She whimpered as daddy took his cock in his hand and slapped his thick shaft against her titties. Then he rubbed the tip of his cock back and forth over her fat nipples coating them with his dripping pre-cum.

Daddy nestled his cock between the soft valley of his daughter’s big tits. “Squeeze your titties around daddy’s cock baby,” he said hoarsely.

Chloe eagerly pushed her tits together trapping daddy big hot cock between them with a moan. Daddy moaned with her and started pumping his hips fucking the soft tight little hole his daughter’s tits had created. She tilted her head down opening her little mouth so daddy’s fat cockhead slid into her hot wet mouth each time it popped up from between her titties.

“Fuck yeah baby girl. You know how to make daddy happy don’t you!” His voice was filled with lust as he said it. Daddy grunted loudly with each thrust. His hands gripped the headboard hard and his big, hairy nuts slapped against the undersides of her tits.

The soft sounds of Cami Halıları daddy’s nuts slapping against his daughter’s tits filled the room along with their lustful, quiet groans as he titty fucked his little girl. The dripping pre-cum from his big slit quickly drenched the hole formed by her tits wrapped around his fat shaft making it slick and wet letting his cock slide back forth easily.

Chloe and her daddy both were becoming addicted to the depravity of their incestuous acts. Daddy was completely lost to his hot little daughter’s sexy body he wanted to fuck her every way possible. The hot little sounds she made as he slammed his massive cock between her tits and into her mouth was driving him over the edge.

Daddy began thrusting wildly, fast and hard between Chloe’s tits and she knew he was getting close. She pushed her tits as tight as she could around his hot, hard shaft and leaning her head further down sticking her tongue out to get at as much of Daddy’s massive fuck pole in her mouth as possible.

He clenched his teeth hard to muffle his yell as his hot sticky cum shot out the head of his cock and splashed into his daughter’s hot mouth. Another shot of cum spurted all over her big beautiful tits. Daddy dropped his head panting hard above her looking down at his hot little girl covered in his cum.

Chloe grinned up at him. “Mmm… daddy you came so much,” she whispered and brought her tits up to lick off his cum.

He groaned, his semi-hard cock was still resting between her soft tits. He sucked in a sharp breath as his horny little girl slid down taking his cock into her little mouth. She sucked him all the way in her hot mouth to the balls. It was much easier to fit daddy’s huge cock in her mouth since he wasn’t all the way hard.

She started bobbing her head up and down loving the taste of daddy’s big cock and hot cum in her mouth. She felt his cock start to swell again filling her mouth even more and she moaned.

Daddy pulled away rolling onto his back tug his pants all the way off. Chloe chased after her daddy’s big hard cock wrapping her hand around it she pumped it up and down locking her little pink mouth around it sucking desperately. Daddy groaned loudly and pushed her away from his crotch and she pouted at him.

“Hold on baby girl. I want to do something else now.”

He pushed Chloe onto her back again, covering her small body with his big one. Daddy’s fat cock was between her thighs and she wrapped her legs around his hips forcing it against her pussy until her swollen pink lips were wrapped as much as possible around daddy’s thick pole.

Chloe watched her daddy’s face as she started to move, her nails dug into his shoulder as she rocked her body, her wet slippery pussy sliding up and down the shaft of daddy’s big cock, her big tits rubbed his hairy chest scraping her swollen nipples.

“Ah yeah baby fuck! Your little cunt if so fucking wet” Daddy kissed her hard “I want to fuck your little pussy baby. Let daddy put his big hard cock in his little girl, ok?”

She groaned at the thought and nodded frantically. “Yes daddy yes! Please fuck your baby girl’s cunt!”

Daddy kissed her hard again, his tongue filling her mouth as he spread her legs wide. He took his massive 10-inch cock in his hand, rubbing the fat 3-inch head up and down her dripping pink slit. Then he placed the massive tip against her tight little pussy hole. He pressed forward slowly grunting into his daughter’s mouth as he worked his enormous cock into her tiny cunt.

Chloe screamed into daddy’s mouth as his big cock was splitting her pussy open! She bucked and wriggled under him her dripping juices helping daddy to force his way into his little girl’s pussy. Chloe screamed as daddy finally managed to pop his huge cockhead in her little hole making her cum helplessly. Daddy swallowed her screams as he lunged forward managing to get half his swollen shaft up into her little cunt while it was still pulsing from her orgasm.

“Ah fuck baby girl your pussy is so damn tight!” He panted into her mouth as he slowly pushed forward working another fat inch into his daughter’s amazing cunt.

“Mmm daddy you are stretching your little girl’s pussy out with your huge cock. It feels so good daddy! Please give me more of your big daddy cock!” Chloe panted up at him.

Hearing his little girl beg for his cock made him groan and lunge forward again getting nearly all of his 10-inch cock into her wet cunt. ‘Can’t fucking believe I’m fucking my own daughter! And it’s so fucking good. I’m sick for loving this so much,’ he thought. Though he didn’t really want to admit it he knew deep down that because it was his daughter, it just made it better. He couldn’t remember anything getting him as hot as the incest he’d been committing with his little girl.

Daddy grabbed her hips and slammed forward hard finally getting his full long, thick cock into his daughter’s tight pink pussy. He groaned as his heavy balls slapped against her firm round ass. He could feel his massive cockhead butting her cervix. He quickly slapped his hand over her mouth as she started to scream. Her sexy green eyes wide and filled with lust stared up at him above his hand.

He moved his hand and whispered to her “you have to be quiet, ok baby?”

Chloe nodded. “Yes daddy, I know, I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it! Your big cock feels so good, my pussy is so full! Please, please fuck me daddy! I’ll be quiet I promise!” Daddy’s cock throbbed inside his little girl’s pussy and he groaned softly as she begged for more of his cock.

He hooked his hands under his daughter’s knees lifting them up then spreading her open wide. He looked down to where her beautiful, tiny, pink pussy was stretched around his massive shaft. It was almost enough to make him cum right then. He swallowed his own loud groan and slowly pulled back his hips watching his cock slide out glistening wet from his daughter’s pussy juices. He pulled back until just his massive head was still inside her cunt then slammed back in hard.

He grunted in satisfaction as his baby girl quickly put both of her hands over her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure. He watched her eyes roll back in her head and her tits bounce as he pumped in and out of her hot wet cunt with his thick hard cock fast and deep.

Daddy felt Chloe buck and twist under him as if desperate for more of his fat cock. Finally, he grabbed her hips with his big hands pinning her to the bed as he continued to pound into her. The sounds of flesh hitting flesh filled the room again even louder this time as daddy rode his daughter’s cunt mercilessly until she came her juices drenching his thick meat.

“Oh fuck baby!” daddy whispered urgently as he felt his little girl cum again. Her cunt muscles milked his big cock squeezing so tight he had to struggle to keep thrusting.

“Fuck baby I’m gonna cum in your hot little pussy!” he threw his head back grunting forcefully as he jammed his massive cock into his daughter’s fuck hole one last time as his hot jets of cum erupted violently from his balls to fill her up ‘ahhh fuck! fuck! I’m cumming in my daughter’s cunt!’ he thought. His harsh grunts filled the room as spurt after spurt of white cum poured into his daughter’s bare pussy from his hairy nuts.

Daddy slumped down onto the bed his hard, hairy chest heaving as he fought to get his breath back. Chloe snuggled into his side curling her slim naked body against his. He knew what they were doing was very wrong. That fucking his sexy young daughter was incest, but that was the best sex he had ever had. And wrong or not, he wasn’t going to stop.


From the Writer: Thanks for reading this story and to those who read chapter one. I appreciate all the comments I’ve received and hope to hear more from my readers. Hope my story turns you all on as much as it does me.

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