This is a story about a girl meeting her new Daddy. It involves the ideas of breeding, milk, and virginity.

I may continue the story and have many ideas but I would prefer to find out if you like it. Constructive criticism accepted.

I apologize in advance for type-os.


I sat by the window watching my Daddy direct the gardeners and started to recall what it was like when I met him.

One morning Papa told me I was going to meet my new Daddy.

I tried to ask what he meant and Papa wasn’t very forthcoming.

He told me to bathe and rid myself of hair below my neck.

Mama had shown me what to do so I was already quite smooth.

“Lottie,” she said, “it is a woman’s duty to be smooth all over.”

I didn’t understand what she meant but I had been keeping myself smooth since she showed me what to the day after my 18th birthday.

“Lottie, I have a new dress for you to wear today,” Papa said as he entered my room.

“Remove your robe and stand naked before me.”

I had never been naked in front of him before and hesitated.

“Charlotte, you know it is your duty to obey your parents. Do as you were told.”

I slowly slid my robe down my shoulders; still holding it at my waist.

“Charlotte!” He ordered as he began to undo his belt.

I did as I was told to avoid punishment.

“You have grown into a beautiful voluptuous woman Charlotte. I wish you could stay with me,” he stoically stated as he ran his finger from neck to just below my belly.

There must have been draft because my nipples got really hard when he did it.

Papa noticed and ran a finger around each. To my surprise it made them more hard and made me tingle inside.

“Charlotte, you are going to make your new Daddy so happy. Your breasts are heavy, perfect for feeding babies.”

When he lifted each of my breasts in his strong hands and squeezed, it felt like a fire started in me.

Papa told me as he walked behind me, “You have a thick firm bottom your Daddy will love to punish.”

Papa whispered in my ear as he ran his finger down the cleft in my bottom, “Does this feel good Charlotte? Me touching you?”

I didn’t know what to say and stood motionless.

Papa didn’t wait for an answer and walked to my bed and opened the box he had laid there.

He approached me with a sheer cotton shift. I noticed it was a nearly see through robe, for the most part, cream in color.

After he slid it around my shoulders and tied it loosely above my breasts he pinched my nipples.

Papa moaned and I inhaled deeply. I felt my girl parts start to dampen and I realized I did like it.

He walked to the bed and lifted a brightly colored corset that he proceeded to lace and tie tightly just below the bow between my breasts.

“You are stunning Charlotte. I’m so jealous your Daddy will get to slide inside you.”

“I think you are ready to go. Go say goodbye to Mama.”


“Yes Lottie. Goodbye for awhile, not forever.”

I was so scared. So confused. What was going to happen to me?

I looked in the mirror and realized I might as well be naked. My dark nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric and my breasts looked large being lifted by the corset. The little cleft between my legs was visible if I shifted just right.

“Do I get a wrap Papa? I feel naked.”

“You look perfect. Your Daddy will be so pleased. Come now. Say goodbye to Mama. You don’t want to be late.”

Dutifully I went to the parlor.

“You look so perfect Lottie. An exceptional breeder, to be sure.”

I had no idea what she meant and it made me nervous.

Papa grabbed my hand as Mama kissed me and led me to the carriage out front.

I settled into the plush cushions and waved as our coachman pulled away from the only home I had ever known.

The carriage came to a stop and jolted me awake. I realized I had been dreaming about being touched, like Papa had, and I felt my face flush.

The coachman helped me to the ground and I immediately noticed a well dressed man before me.

“Charlotte, what a pleasure to meet you in person. I knew you were the right choice.”

I tried to understand what he meant as a crisp wind blew across my nipples and I remembered yabancı gaziantep escort I was basically naked. Immediately they were harder then they had ever been and I tried to cover them, folding my arms in front of me.

“Remove your arms, we will get you warmed soon enough. You really are a stunning creature and I can’t wait until you are mine fully.”

Still trying to process my predicament, I began to appraise the man before me. Quite tall in stature, his salt and pepper hair made him much older looking then he was based on his face.

I felt vulnerable and weak as this attractive man clasped my hand and led me to the stately stone mansion. It was grander than anything I had ever seen, much less dreamed of seeing.

He led me to what was presumably a library of sorts. Bookshelves lined each wall except for the one with the hearth.

He escorted me to a rug by the fire and the warmth was a welcome sensation.

“Charlotte, my name is Master Heath, you will call me Daddy.”

He walked slowly around me and I felt more naked than ever.

“You will be well taken care of here and will be treated like a princess. There are staff to attend to anything you may need.”

He stood in front of me and reached for the ties on my corset. He did not pull them.

Daddy stood over me and my entire body flushed, tingling all over, more than when Papa was this close.

“You will obey me as you did your Papa or risk punishment just the same. I expect you to refer to me as Daddy wherever we are and respond yes Daddy when expected.”

He lifted my chin and stared into my eyes.

“Yes Daddy,” eked out of my mouth and my knees felt weak.

Daddy realized this and held me close to him and as he did a primal groan escaped his lips.

He turned me and led me to a sofa near the fire and sat me on his lap.

I was inexplicably feeling moist between my thighs as he smelled my hair and gently touched my face.

“My dear Charlotte. Do you know about sex? How babies are made?”

“Yes Daddy. Mama said a man will put his seed in a woman and if she’s lucky she will get a baby. It sounded like planting the garden to me so I didn’t ask anything more.”

“My, you are quite innocent aren’t you?”

Not knowing how to respond to that I said yes Daddy but more like a question than a statement.

“I simply cannot wait to show you.”

Daddy spread my bodice with his finger and ran it down between my breasts.

I realized that my nipples were hard again and I developed goosebumps although the room was quite warm.

Daddy loosened the ribbon in my hair and my long auburn locks fell past my shoulders.

“Have you kissed a man little girl?”

He tilted my head to face his as I answered.

“No Daddy. Just my Papa.”

Daddy responded by barely brushing his lips across mine.

It startled me and I pulled back into Daddy’s arm.

“Are you afraid of me Charlotte?”

“Yes Daddy, a little. I’m scared.”

“There is no need to be Charlotte. I promised to treat you well and soon I will make you feel very, very, good.”

He lowered his head and held my chin in his hand as he kissed my lips.

I began to tingle all over and when he kissed me again, running his tongue across my lips, briefly parting them, I felt a fire build in me.

Daddy kissed me harder, exploring my mouth with his tongue, and I realized I was kissing him back.

I felt better than I ever had before and the dampness grew between my thighs.

“Your Daddy wants to slide his big cock inside you now but I promised myself I’d take my time. Daddy wants you to want my cock in you.”

There was no time for me to process as Daddy lifted me and carried me to a room with a massive four poster bed.

Standing me at the side of the bed closest to us, my calves against the satin cover.

“Charlotte, my dear sweet baby girl. The daughter I have always wanted. I’m going to make you mine. To make you want to beg for my cock, maybe not now, but you will. You are going to be a good girl and not disappoint me are you?”

“No Daddy. I’ll be good. I’m scared Daddy.”

“Don’t be. I’m going to make you a big girl.”

He stepped back and gaziantep yabancı escort slowly parted the bodice of my dress, just far enough to expose my nipples. Again, I wasn’t cold, but they were almost painfully hard. Daddy noticed.

“I can’t wait to suck these. To watch you feed our babies. To see you drip milk.”

“My cock is so hard for you already,” he said softly as he pinched my nipples, fueling the fire inside me.

“Let’s get you out of these constricting garments.”

I stood motionless while my new Daddy released me from my corset. Every motion he made was slow and deliberate and it made my wetness increase.

Gently he parted my gown and slid it off my shoulders. He ran his fingers gently over my body, barely touching me, and I again felt weak.

Daddy once again sensed this and pulled me into him. He stood beside me and I felt a hardness against my hip.

He traced my body with a finger appraising me aloud as he did.

“This small belly is going to be so sexy when Daddy fills you.”

“And this, this is going to beautiful when I stick my cock…what have we here?”

My wetness was evident as he ran his finger down my cleave.

“I. I. I don’t know Daddy? Is something wrong with me?”

I became nervous thinking Daddy wouldn’t want me.

“No. No. You are perfect. You are wet because you like me touching you. Don’t you?”

“I don’t know Daddy. It feels very nice when you touch me and I am getting all tingly there.”

“Here? Your pussy. My pussy.”

With that he slid his finger in my slit again and brought my wetness to his mouth.

“You taste so sweet baby. I’m going to try and be gentle. Taste yourself,” he stated as he dipped his fingers in between my legs and slid them in mouth.

“Do you taste good little girl?”

“Yes Daddy. I think so.”

“You do indeed. We’re going to work on you undress me. Help get my cock ready to put in you.”

“Unbutton my vest and then his shirt.”

“Yes Daddy.”

I was so nervous my hands were shaking but I managed to unbutton them.

“Slide them down over my shoulders now.”

I didn’t speak but stood on my toes and pulled the clothes down as directed.

My Daddy looked strong. His shoulders were wide and his skin tanned by the sun.

“You are being such a good girl. You please me.”

His words of praise seemed to make my pussy even wetter.

“Unbuckle my belt Charlotte and undo my trousers. Kneeling is one way to do this. Why don’t you try?”

“Yes Daddy.”

I lowered to my knees as I was told and my face was nearly touching his crotch, he groaned. His cock was hard and very near my face.

Sheepishly, I undid his belt and pants and remained kneeling before him.

“Pull them down little one. First my pants and then my underclothes.”

I hadn’t thought about it until he asked me but I was entirely naked and Daddy was about to be.

I did as instructed and his hard cock nearly slapped my face as I freed it.

“Very nice Charlotte,” he proclaims while placing his large hand of my head ever so gently.

“You see how hard you made your Daddy’s cock little girl?”

Not exactly knowing if this was a good or a bad thing I assumed (incorrectly) it wasn’t good and replied I was sorry.

“Don’t be sorry. I means you are a very good girl and I can’t wait to fill you with my seed. First I want you to kiss the tip of my cock. Lick it with your tongue and make it all wet like your little pussy.”

Uncertain what to do exactly but wanting to please my Daddy I looked up at him hoping to be able to see if I was doing a good job.

I lowered my mouth to Daddy’s cock and the tip already looked wet. I licked it up and it was a little salty but almost sweet in a way.

“Lick the head of my cock. Suck it in your mouth Charlotte.”

Daddy looked like he was enjoying it and I wanted to taste more of him and I wanted to hungrily suck his head. I thought it was much too big for my little mouth.


“Yes baby.”

“I don’t think I will be able to fit much in. It looks so big.”

“It will fit, eventually, but you are going to try and take as much of my cock in your mouth aren’t we? Show me escort gaziantep yabancı how much cock you can take while Daddy imagines sliding his big cock in his daughter’s tight little virgin pussy and filling it up.”

Not wanting to disappoint my Daddy I looked him in his eyes as I sucked the head of his cock in my mouth.

It wasn’t quite as big as I thought and I sucked him in further.

“That’s very good Charlotte. Suck it in as out as much as you can.”

I continued to stare at my Daddy, sucking him in about half the length of him, I felt my wetness seep down my thighs.

“That’s so very good little girl. Let’s see how much of my cock you can take.”

Daddy pulled my head back and held it and started to plunge his cock down my throat. He watched as it made me gag and tears started to leak from my eyes.

“I’m sorry baby. I couldn’t help it. Your little mouth just looked so good around my cock.”

“It’s all right Daddy. I’ll try to do better next time.”

“You make you me so happy and I just can’t wait any longer.”

Daddy lifted me to my feet and on the bed effortlessly and laid me across it sideways, pulling my bottom to the edge and spread my legs.

“Charlotte, you have the most perfect pussy I have ever seen. I’m going to put my cock in you soon but I need to touch and suck your little pussy first.”

Daddy knelt between my legs and I felt his mouth on me.

Unconsciously I moaned, I couldn’t help it, it fel so good.

“You like it don’t you little girl?”

“Yes Daddy. Your mouth feels very nice there.”

“Does also feel nice when I do this?”

Daddy stuck his finger inside me just a little and sucked on me harder. The sensation was nothing I could possibly describe.

“You taste so good Charlotte. You like me sucking on your little clit don’t you. Was it like lightning hit there?”

“Oh yes Daddy. I was trying to think of how to describe it.”

“I’m glad you like it. You are making me so happy. You are very wet baby. Ready to take your Daddy’s cock deep inside.”

“I don’t think it will fit Daddy. It’s very big. You had your finger in me and I felt full.”

“You are very tiny, very tight but my cock will fit perfectly. I’ll go slowly.”

“Yes Daddy. I think I’m ready. It will hurt?”

“Yes, some, this first time. Just for a bit though.”

Daddy lined his cock at my entrance and held it there with his hand. He leaned into me and entered me slightly as he hungrily started to suck my breast.

“I love your exceptional tits Charlotte. I’m really going to enjoy them.”

Daddy pushed his cock further in and I could feel it stretching me. He would wait and let me adjust before sliding in just a bit further.

He was playing with my titties the whole time, sucking on them, pinching them and something inside me started to build.

“That’s it Charlotte. Let it happen.”

I didn’t know what he meant but it felt so good with his mouth on me I started to buck my hips a little, all the while the feeling continued to build.

“I just knew these titties were going to love being played with. Look at you grinding in to me.”

I couldn’t even comprehend what he was saying because I suddenly felt like I was going to burst and as every muscle in me started to tense my Daddy shoved his cock all the way in.

It hurt but I couldn’t stop my pussy from spasming.

Daddy rested on top of me, his cock still in me and his fingers on my nipple.

“Did it hurt a lot baby? Me forcing my cock in you.”

“It did hurt Daddy, like you were ripping me, but also good at the same time.”

“That’s because my little girl came on her Daddy’s cock,” he whispered in my ear. Slowly he slid in and just as slowly out.

He was still laying on my chest when it started to feel really good again and the feeling started to build in me once more.

Instinctively, I bucked my hips into him as he began to pump inside me harder.

Daddy was stretching me but also making me more aware of what was escalating in me.

“Your Daddy is going to fuck you now. Fill you with my cum.”

The second he started to plow his big cock into me I came again. It was like waves crashing over me and my body tensed.

“Here it comes baby. I’m going to fill your sweet pussy now.”

He thrust his cock inside me, stopping when he was as deep as could possibly be. Daddy shot his hot cum in me, spurt after spurt he filled me, it felt so warm my pussy started to spasm again. He thrust into me a few more times and when my pussy stopped clenching his cock, Daddy laid on my chest again, leaving his cock inside me.

“Welcome home baby girl.”

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