Caught in a Storm

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Paul quickly ran to the trees along the trail. “Damn. I knew I shouldn’t have gone running,” the young man said. He was in his late 20s to early 30s, tall and scruffy. He enjoyed being out, but in this December weather, snow was able to come down quick and fast. It quickly soaked through his clothes, leaving him shivering for warmth. He looked around and spotted a cabin. Without thinking, he bolted to the porch, happy that it provided him with a brief respite from the freezing temperatures. He knocked on the door, praying someone was there.

To his surprise there was someone there. She opened the door and took one look at him. She began to laugh behind her hand covering her face. “Who are you? Definitely not the person I was expecting.” She was dark blonde and the same age as Paul. He looked clean, yet scruffy, long hair and in need of a shave to remove his stubble beginnings of a beard. He was cold wet and to Leigh, he was handsome. He was just pleased that someone was home.

“Sorry, but I got caught out in the snow. Is there any way I could come warm myself up and possibly wait until the storm ends?” Paul asked. The request seemed to take Leigh by surprise, yet she readily agreed. She had always enjoyed helping others, and it seemed that Paul could really use some help. “Come in,” she said softly, the sleeves of her sweater falling down over her hands. She smiled up at him, hoping that the fire she had going would warm him, and that her friend wouldn’t be surprised by the stranger in Leigh’s house.

“Can I offer you some coffee… or something stronger maybe?” Leigh held up a half full bottle of JD. Paul smiled and agreed to the JD. Atleast it would warm him up inside out. The log fire was roaring and right away he could feel the heat inside of the cabin. He guessed it had been burning for quite a while, possibly even days since the harsh winter weather struck. Leigh had obviously been there a while.

“Would there be any way I could get out of these wet clothes?” Paul asked, wondering if this mysterious woman had any clothes he could change into.

“Well, I have a spare robe, but it might not fit you. You’re quite a bit taller than the person who last wore it,” Leigh explained. She went to collect the robe, has Paul started changing in the small bathroom. She set it outside the door for him, then went back to fix some hot chocolate, figuring it would help ward the cold off as well as the stiff shot of JD. Paul put the robe on then stepped out, embarrassed by where the robe fell. Leigh turned, and almost started laughing when she saw that the robe came to just above his knees.

Leigh handed him the hot chocolate, which was much more appreciated than coffee or any more alcohol. “Forgive me for laughing at you…?”

“Paul, we didn’t get time to get acquainted, sorry for being so forward…?”

“Leigh. And, that robe looks quite sexy on you.” She continued to laugh softly. “Almost as sexy has the person who actually owns it.” She gave him a wink, and that made him think. He gave a shrug and thought, whoever owned it must have been pretty special to Leigh, as it was a very ornate robe. “Go sit by the fire and make yourself comfortable,” Leigh said, before going to the kitchen window and looking to see if her friend was going to be able to make it or not.

So far it had not been what she had expected. Instead of her friend, a freezing, very sexy man was sitting half naked on her couch in a robe that did not fit his tall stature. “Not a completely bad turn of events,” she said, feeling a slow heat starting to grow between her thighs. She decided to text message her expected guest. She did not mention Paul being there, but certainly knew that they would not mind at all. Infact, she thought it might just be fun. The message was replied and they were only a few minutes away.

Paul slowly sipped his hot cocoa, and looked around. The cabin had a much lived in feel, yet it appeared to be a ‘weekenders’ cabin. He guessed Leigh, and whoever she was expecting, came there often. He relaxed and closed his eyes, happy to be out of the cold, not really paying attention has he let the heat soak into his tired, cold bones. Leigh could not resist peeking at him quietly from the kitchen. To her he seemed to grow sexier each time she looked at him. He certainly was fit and healthy. He had to be to challenge the subzero temperatures outside, and now that snow storm was blowing up to gale force. It seemed that her guest was going to arrive just in time before the snow began to heap into deep drifts. Probably by morning it would be a case of shovelling the car out to go anywhere. Atleast they would have a strong man to help them.

Leigh was well prepared for being trapped in the cold December weather. She did have original plans to be there during Christmas, but that depended upon her guest and how they felt.

Leigh quickly made herself busy before Paul caught her staring. She went to get everything ready for her guest. She was really looking Bayan Eskort forward to this time of the year. She had not seen her friend in quite some time, and was wanting to make this time as good as it could get. She easily busied herself around the cabin, finding small things that needed to be done to make the evening the perfect setting for what she was planning.

Paul was slowly falling asleep. He quickly shook himself awake, and then went to check on how his clothes were drying out. He found that his boxer briefs were easily dried by the fire, and slipped them on. It felt a lot more comfortable for him to at least not be completely naked underneath the robe. Leigh watched him has she set the table. She caught a glimpse of his smooth buttocks and felt a pleasing tingle run down her spine.

“Will you join us for dinner Paul? My guest should be here very soon. It’s only chicken soup and a ham roast. Nothing special. We get together a few days before Christmas. Sometimes we stay over Christmas?”

“I was only meant to be on a run. It is getting dark out there…” He looked through the small window in the cabin door and noticed a car pulling up outside and already sliding in the thickening layer of snow on the ground. “Sure, I’ll join you if you don’t mind.” He noticed the guest was another woman. She was younger than he and Leigh, slim, short and in her early twenties. Someone who seemed more attractive to him than Leigh did.

She was breathtaking, to say the least. Her hair was a mix of blonde and red, almost a strawberry blonde. She was taller than Leigh, but her body showed that she was just as active as Leigh. Paul quickly looked away, moving to help Leigh set the table. Audrey saw the tall man with Leigh as she stepped into the cabin. She looked at Leigh curiously, but her eyes went back to the man. She could tell he kept himself in shape. She could also see that he was around the same age as Leigh. She shook her head, not wanting to be impolite, as she took her heavy coat and boots off.

He watched has the two women went into the kitchen, comparing them both. He wondered if the guest, not yet introduced, was a relative. Leigh was certainly the larger between the two and it showed clearly. Paul had been isolated in his own little world far too long, finally leaving his apartment following the break- up of the band in the early fall. He was even surprised that Leigh had not yet noticed who he was since he had arrived, an ex acoustic guitar player, one of the biggest Indie Rock bands around?

Leigh looked at Audrey, and then at herself, wishing she would have worked out as much as her friend and lover. “Is this part of the fun you told me about?” Audrey asked. “He is gorgeous, and already prepared in my robe.” They shared their jovial conversation in a whisper, but Paul could hear them giggling. He looked into the kitchen and noticed the two women locked in a passionate embrace and deep kissing. The picture was now firmly painted in his head what these two were. But, how did they feel about him? Instantly, he was turned on by what he saw and then Audrey turned to look at him with a sexy wink and smile. He was suddenly feeling horny and that was enough to indicate a chance for that evening. Maybe, she might have even recognised him?

Paul slowly shook his head, wondering how he had stumbled onto these two. He knew for sure that they were lovers now, but he also was not sure how he would factor into the evening. He knew the couch was comfortable, and ever the gentleman, would gladly sleep on the couch. He decided to play it low key, waiting to see what the two beautiful women would want.

The three of them dined around the table as the snow storm outside increased. Atleast, all three of them were safe, just as long as the roof held up. Audrey had already introduced herself to Paul during diner and now wine. He was becoming even more attracted to both of them. Audrey was a light weight when it came to drinking. It did not take many glasses to have her feeling tipsy.

“I know you,” she said, pointing a finger at Paul and grinning. “But… I just can’t remember where from.” Paul smiled. Atleast now he was on the point of being recognised. Leigh still was blank in recognising him. Probably not a lover of indie music.

Paul breathed a sigh of relief. He was not sure he wanted to be recognized yet. Instead, he happily sank lower into a chair, listening to the two lovers talk. After they knew he was okay with it, they didn’t try to hide their relationship. It made him sad though. He had not felt like either of them since his fiancée left him after the break-up.

Audrey noticed him has he sank into the chair with his glass of wine. She noticed that the robe had ridden up a little revealing his boxer shorts and another interesting fact. He was quite a big guy, even though he was not hard. He closed his eyes for a while and Audrey drew Leigh’s attention to what she had noticed. A naughty smile grew across both their faces. They were not too drunk to realise that this man had what they considered as a fun package, lesbian lovers or not. Sapphics went both ways and having a male join in with their fun was a bonus.

Paul was not paying attention again. The wine was getting him to relax more than he had intended. The two women also brought feelings and thoughts out of him that he had not felt in a few months. His mind began to wander, trying to figure out how good these two women were with their mouths. He was also interested in whether or not they were interested in having his cock inside them. He had not gotten hard yet, that much he knew, but he knew that it would happen very soon if he kept these thoughts up. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes, smiling at Audrey and Leigh. He realized they had moved closer to each other, and were looking at him intently. They were almost sizing him up; much like a predator would with their prey.

Both Leigh and Audrey whispered and giggled to each other and then noticed Paul was allowing the good strong homemade summer wine to chill him out more than ever. He closed his eyes once more and smiled as if he was sending a message to both of them. It was within seconds that one of them took his glass from his hand. Something told him to follow the flow of things. He was in good ‘hands’ when he felt a tender touch upon his groin.

He tried to focus on one thing, but with Leigh’s hands on his groin, and Aubrey on top of him, grinding her large chest against him, he was having a very hard time concentrating on one thing. He trusted both of them though, and relaxed in their experienced hands. Leigh’s hands slowly glided over his thighs, then his boxer briefs. She could see him fully reacting now, living up to what Audrey had noticed. He was as large as they thought he would be, and she knew that they would have a great time while together.

Both of the women made themselves topless. Paul could no longer resist Audrey’s well rounded breasts and large erect nipples, begging to be suckled without hesitation. At the back of Audrey Leigh was busy undoing Audrey’s skirt and removing it. She wore no panties and Paul could now feel his hardness being licked tenderly by Leigh’s manipulative tongue. He looked up at Audrey and saw she was enjoying his own tongue and lip play upon her proud nipples with his hands squeezing each breast gently. Leigh started to become more enthusiastic it seemed has she began to take his shaft into her accommodating throat.

Paul groaned, feeling Leigh swallowing his length, the muscles of her throat constricting around him. He squeezed Audrey’s ample chest a little harder, taking her nipple between his lips. He started sucking on it harder, gently nipping at it, letting the vibrations from his moans tease her as well. Leigh seemed to follow his example, humming softly, then more intensely, seeing how he reacted. It got the response he wanted as she started bobbing up and down, alternating between swallowing, sucking, and moaning.

It was not too long that Audrey began to wiggle on his lap, signalling to her sapphic lover that she wanted to feel him inside of her. Slowly, Leigh held his manhood just in the right place has Audrey slid onto him. He could feel her tight around him and she lifted her head, taking a deep breath between moans. His scrotum, swollen with his seed, was too much for Leigh to resist. She began to gently suck and lick upon them has Audrey slowly started riding him, releasing her sticky creamy lube for Leigh to enjoy as it spilled over his balls.

Paul groaned as he felt Leigh sucking on his balls. He felt how wet Audrey was getting, as well as loosening up on his enlarged manhood. He was surprised she could take all of him right away, but she was very excited. He could not believe these two gorgeous women were seducing him. Leigh started tugging on Audrey’s nipples, wanting her to reach her orgasm. She was craving Paul’s manhood to be inside of her, having not felt something that long or hard for quite some time.

Audrey began to gasp and scream, and suddenly held her breath trembling, staring into his eyes. He felt her warm gush run over his groins and Leigh licking like crazy to taste her lovers’ juices. Paul was now so turned on by this, he just had to lift Audrey in his strong arms and switch places on the armchair. He longed to open her soft lips and lick and taste her until she came once more in his mouth. Leigh began to remove her jeans and panties, with ambitions of being next to feel his cock inside of her.

Paul groaned as he saw what Leigh was doing. It was true that she had a fuller figure than Audrey, but there was something about her that that was oddly more enticing than what Audrey had. Leigh exuded sexuality and experience, whereas Audrey had pure looks and youthful innocence on her side. He groaned again, feeling her being sent through another orgasm. Then he watched has Leigh straddled the armchair across Audrey’s abdomen, facing him and sliding down so that both their pussies were touching each other, one above the other. It was not difficult for Paul to see what was required with both pussies facing him. There was the tangy essence of Leigh and the now sweeter taste of Audrey both within his tongues reach.

Paul gave a wolf whistle looking at Leigh on top of Audrey. It got him harder than he had realised he could get. He leaned down and slowly licked through Leigh’s lips, tasting her. He then did the same with Audrey. He groaned, realizing that Audrey tasted sweeter, having already cum, but he liked Leigh’s more tangy taste better. He slid two fingers into Audrey, teasing her, building her slowly, and he started to lick and suck on Leigh’s full lips. He took his time; thoroughly enjoying himself, before sliding his tongue as deep inside of her as it could go, getting an even better taste of her. He wanted her to orgasm for him, so he slowly worked his way up to her clit, before sucking and gently nipping at it. He waited to see if she was going to orgasm before he would enter her.

It had been a while since Leigh had shared her young lover with anyone else. Normally, it would have been three women and now it was a man. He had what they wanted and the strap-on was atleast redundant in this session. Paul himself, deeply indulged in his cunnilingus, could not believe how easy it was happening. He made the best of it has he brought Leigh to a screaming wild orgasm, releasing her warm liquid love for him to drink up every drop. He had two women in the same position and while Leigh began to tremble on her climax, Audrey was once again ready for hers.

Paul had never experienced this action before with two women. He had always been a ‘one woman man’ since high school when he had the misfortune of being sexually overpowered by three girls. To be honest, it scared him. However, with these two it seemed different. There was a balanced maturity between all three. “Let’s go to the bedroom and get more comfortable.” Leigh suggested.

The two women went ahead first whilst Paul took a mouthful of wine to compensate the taste of sex that lingered in his throat. The two of them called him in and there they were waiting on the bed for him, a vacant space between both of them. It was clear that they wanted to both share his manhood, still hard and ready.

Paul lay between them, and immediately felt two hands wrap around his manhood. He groaned slightly, before the hands started sliding along his shaft. The contrast between the hands was driving him wild. Leigh could see this, and winked at Audrey to let her know to switch tactics. They withdrew their hands and leaned down. Audrey took his head into her mouth teasingly sucking and swirling her tongue around it, while Leigh sucked on his balls. This combination was only enhanced when they switched places.

Leigh tapped Audrey, and then winked at Paul before they took turns sliding up and down his manhood. The sensations were quickly overpowering him as he got closer and closer to his orgasm. Leigh saw the telltale signs and motioned for Audrey. They started stroking him again, until with a low grunt, Paul climaxed, releasing his seed into their waiting mouths.

Each of the woman took turns in lapping up his thick cum. He had not ejaculated in a while and has he continued to ride his prolonged orgasm he seemed to release endless loads, enough for both of them to taste and swap during their wild passionate kisses. For a moment, Paul felt as if he was just a convenience for their pleasure. They wanted the addition of a man to enhance their girl on girl pleasures and he just happened along.

Paul was now wasted, while he watched them enjoying his tasty load, recovering from the dual blow job he had only dreamed about before. In reality, was it worth it? For just a few seconds thrill and being ignored while they played with each other. However, Paul was not the type of man to be used. He was temporarily limp, but there was a dildo by the bedside on the cabinet. He saw the opportunity to use it on Leigh has she went down on Audrey. Somehow, it gave him great pleasure to thrust the dildo deep and twist it on exit. Leigh began to appreciate what he was doing, enjoying every push and pull within her. Soon he was becoming hard once more and ready to last longer.

Paul grinned, remembering how Leigh had told Audrey she had not been fucked by a real cock in far too long. Paul knew he was larger than she was used to, so quickly thrust into her, watching as her head came up from between Audrey’s thighs. She screamed as she suddenly and violently was grabbed by her orgasm. She had not expected his size, or to be taken. She had always been the “dominant” in hers and Audrey’s relationship, but for Paul to take her has she secretly wanted, drove her to wild extremes of her passion. The sight of her lover thrashing in the throes of a powerful orgasm sent Audrey over the edge as well, surprising her with its power and intensity. Paul just continued to ride Leigh through her orgasm, prolonging it even more than Leigh was used to. All that Leigh could do was feel the pleasure of his cock and kiss her young lover with even more passionate vigour.

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