Dear Reader, This is a sequel to “Foreign Affair.” Although it will stand alone, it’s based upon events from that story which are not necessarily explained on their own merits here. I highly suggest you check that one out first, or reread it as I know it’s been quite a while, before reading this. I hope you find it as delicious to read as it was to write. As always – feedback and votes appreciated.


I glanced at my watch, bleary eyed and tired. 11:15 on a Thursday evening. I’d been here at work since 5 am, and barely 24 hours until the deadline. I glanced back at the page I was trying to proof read and immediately noticed a glaring error. “Funny,” I thought, “I know I’ve looked at that paragraph at least two times and I haven’t got a clue what it says. If I could just do something to wake up – maybe an hour more and I could be done for tonight.” I knew that wasn’t going to be, I was going to have to gut it out; I had to be done tonight, so everyone else could finish their part tomorrow. It was only going to make a few million dollars difference if we didn’t finish on time, somehow I sort of thought THAT might be noticed. I sighed, leaned back, rubbed my eyes and tried to continue.

Leaning forward onto my knees once again to read the papers on the desk directly in front of me, I crossed my arms and my hands fit naturally to my own breasts. I rubbed my nipples, then unbuttoned two middle buttons on my shirt, reached inside and played with my nipples some more. I felt a vague thickening in my cock. ” God would I love a blow job right now. Lean back and watch some sweetie licking my lollipop.” I’d been fighting off being horny all afternoon. Now here it was approaching midnight. “What the hell,” I thought. “I’m the only one in the building, I could just go on in to the bathroom; shit – as far as that goes there’s nobody else here and I could do it right here….”

I clicked on the internet icon, and when yahoo came up, I immediately kicked myself. “You dumb fuck, you know better than that.” If there’s one thing absolutely verboten in most businesses it’s browsing porn sites on the computers. I’ve always refrained from mixing business – and pleasure. I clicked on the messenger, but it showed nobody that I knew on line. “I wonder what Bridge is doing?” I thought. “Haven’t talked to her in what, 6 months or more?”

I’d been horny all afternoon. Working on this damn report hadn’t been easy – besides being dry and boring I was just plain tired. 12 to 16 hour days for three weeks, come Monday I’d love to just never get out of bed. My hand dropped to my pants, I rubbed and squeezed my cock, which although it felt good, refused to grow anymore. I sighed, and leaned forward resting my head on the desk as I continued to try to read the unintelligible gibberish in my lap. I was just going to close my eyes for a second….

I awoke with a start and quick glance at the clock. 11:55, I don’t know how long I’d dozed, but rather than refreshed after nearly 19 non-stop hours, the maybe half an hour of shut-eye had made me groggier. I really didn’t realize I’d been woken up, until the computer chimed again. Glancing up, I was surprised to see who was on line.

Sweetlilmons: Hello Jim it’s been quite some time.

Sweetlilmons: Jim, Are you there?

I hadn’t thought of her in ages, and here maybe only twenty to thirty minutes later she popped up online.

Jim_Balloo: Yeah, I’m here. Sorry – I think I was dozing off.

Sweetlilmons: I haven’t heard from you in long time.

Jim_Balloo: I know. Sorry, it’s so hard with the time difference. We just never seem to cross paths. I thought of you just a little bit ago, your name popped into my mind.

Sweetlilmons: So many times I hope you are on line, but don’t find you there. You make me entertain myself without your help LOL. Are you about to go to bed?

Jim_Balloo: No – but I wish I was. I’m still at work.

Sweetlilmons: Are you kidding? What time is it there?

Jim_Balloo: Midnight.

Sweetlilmons: Why so late? Are you not tired?

Jim_Balloo: Dead tired. I think I just fell asleep at my desk here. I remember looking at my watch at 11:15 or so, but I don’t remember doing anything since. I’ve got some work I have to get finished before the guys come in tomorrow as we’re up against a deadline. I’m so tired I can’t see straight, but I know if I take a nap anywhere but right here in my chair I probably won’t wake up until morning. That, and I’ve been horny all afternoon – can’t keep my concentration on my work.

Sweetlilmons: Ummm. Maybe that’s why I came and checked on line? You were thinking of me? Naughty thoughts I hope? LOL

Jim_Balloo: Of you? Always. LOL

Sweetlilmons: How naughty?

Jim_Balloo: I was thinking of someone crawling between my legs and making love to my cock.

Sweetlilmons: Oh, so you wanted me to be your personal cocksucker? LOL

Jim_Balloo: Absolutely.

Sweetlilmons: Some day. If we ever meet. I know you’ve got a tasty Escort one. I want to do that.

Jim_Balloo: How do you know?

Sweetlilmons: I just know. Some one as fun as you has to be sweet. Are you going to take time out of your work to talk dirty to me?

Jim_Balloo: Are you alone?

Sweetlilmons: Not quite, but I can be soon. My daughter is going to spend the day with a friend and I’ll be alone then. Can you wait half hour?

Jim_Balloo: Good, then I can take a nap in the meantime. I’m going to sit here in my chair and I’ll let the chime wake me when you come back.

Sweetlilmons: Ok, I’ll be back.

Jim_Balloo: Are you going to dress naughty?

Sweetlilmons: Dress? Who’s going to be dressed? LOL

Jim_Balloo: Well, I’m at work, I can’t exactly play like normal.

Sweetlilmons: Oh too bad, it’s always more fun to be naked together. I’ll be back

Jim_Balloo: c ya

I pushed my paper work aside, loosened the back screw so the chair allowed me to lean back more, kicked off my shoes, slid the chair back and put my feet up on the desk. I know it could not have been more than a few seconds and I was out like a light.

I awoke, to caresses; hands on my cheeks, a nose nuzzling the top of my head, then a kiss to my forehead. I opened my eyes as Bridge kissed my forehead, then my nose and then my lips. Her tongue penetrated my mouth, feeling funny upside down. I sucked her tongue and her hands slid down, unbuttoning my shirt then finding my nipples. Electric jolts sparked my cock to jump, unlike my self caresses earlier. I felt my cock growing, trapped sideways in my pants so I reached down and straightened it. Bridges long black hair stroked my face.

“I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“Is it a good one?”

“I think you’ll like it.” She pulled back from caressing me, and as I turned my head to look at her, she walked around from behind my chair, swung one leg up and straddled me, sitting in my lap. Bridge was naked from the waist down, actually from the breasts down. Her breasts were covered by a scarf, wrapped from behind, crossed over her breasts and then tied back behind her neck. The scarf looked familiar, but I didn’t think too much.

“Do you like?” she asked, “I shaved just for you.” I looked between her legs to her “Sweet Lil’ Mons.” Straddling me as she was, her vagina gaped open just a touch, her otherwise brown skin disappearing into an inviting pink crevasse surrounding by two luscious petals that begged to be licked and sucked. Right at the top of her slit a tiny pink bud protruded, calling my tongue to touch it. I reached forward with my hands, slipping them under the scarf which easily slid up and away from my hands allowing me to cup her small, firm breasts and their rock hard nipples. “Oh” she inhaled as I tweaked them.

“You’re so naughty!” I said, “Do you like it?”

“I think I do – I haven’t got used to it yet, but it’s so much easier to get slippery when I play with my toys – or other, real, things.” She giggled.

“And do those other things like it naked too?”

“I don’t know – you’re the first to see me like this.” I reached a finger up and licked it then reached forward and rubbed it on the nub of her clit. “Ohhh,” she moaned. She closed her eyes for a moment and I slipped a finger forward to slip between her pink lips, but she said “Not yet. I promised you.” She reached over her shoulder, pulled the scarf over her head and untied it, sliding it from around her body, then in one motion slid back off me and again walked behind me.

“This will be fun,” she said, “give me your hand.” Taking my left hand she tied the scarf loosely around my wrist, and ducking down behind the chair reached over and took my right hand, pulling it back until she could also tie my other hand with the scarf, effectively pinning my hands behind my back – and my chair. After she secured my hands she rose back up, ran her fingers through my hair, and again kissed my forehead.

She kissed my eyes which I closed as she approached, then my nose again and slipped her tongue between my lips. Raising her tongue and lips back to my forehead, she wet her tongue, and began a long journey down my head, without raising her tongue she licked my forehead, nose, lips, chin and kept going right down my neck. She stopped once or twice as her tongue got too dry, then continued until she slid a little sideways to reach my nipple which she flicked with her tongue, then sucked and nipped with her teeth. Each nip with her teeth sent an electric shock through my cock which had now been hard since she suddenly appeared. She was now at the extent of her reach and still be able to have her feet on the floor, but she squirmed just a touch and suddenly her nipple was to my mouth. I greedily sucked and as she nipped my nipple I gently bit and held hers between my teeth. As she moved her nipple began to stretch.

“Naughty, Naugthy!” she giggled, then moved back a bit and slid her other nipple over for me to suck on. She stayed arched over me like this for just a moment, and then continued working her way downward. As she moved down my body, inverted, more and more weight was being applied to the chair. I moved my feet under the edge of the desk from on top to stabilize the chair from all her weight and to keep us from tipping over backward. Soon she reached my belly button, by now kneeling on the back of the chair, a knee on either side of my head, and her tongue pushed into my belly button as her hands, now freed from supporting herself, began to undo my belt and pants. It wasn’t easy but she worked my pants down freeing my cock for her to play with. She continued her downward tongue bath, until she reached my cock, which obviously became the center of her universe.

Taking my cock in her mouth, she licked and sucked and made love to me. At first her body was well above my face, as I tried to rise to reach her with my own tongue, she would giggle and pinch my head between her legs. All I could do was lie there, allow her to suck my cock and look at her sweet naked pussy just inches above my face. I could see her glistening pussy lips and smell her delicious pussy odor, but she wouldn’t let me touch her at first. Then she stopped holding just the head of my cock in her mouth, the tongue swirling around and around, and while she did this she lowered her pussy to my eagerly waiting mouth. I stuck my tongue out as much as possible, finally being able to just touch her clit. She stopped here, so the tip of my tongue to her clit was the only thing that could touch.

She let my cock fall out of her mouth. “My pussy is just as naked as my 6 year old daughter” she said. “I shaved last night and she came into the bathroom later on while I was taking a bath and immediately noticed. I guess a mother can’t keep a secret from her daughter.”

“I don’t care about your daughter – right now all I want to do is eat you. I want to taste your pussy. I want to make you cum with my tongue. Come closer so I can slip my hard tongue into your pussy and taste your nectar.”

She was holding my cock upright with one hand, licking and sucking, taking the head and most of the shaft into her mouth, then swirling her tongue around, occasionally popping it out to say “I love it when you talk dirty. I love it when you eat my pussy.” By now she’d lowered herself to where I was giving her pussy as thorough a working over as she was giving my cock. I was sucking on her pussy lips, running my tongue as deep into her vagina as I could, licking and sucking and continually coming back to caress her bud with my tongue. I tried to nip it with my teeth, but couldn’t get to it from this angle. The more I worked her clit and pussy, the more she sucked my cock, the closer we both got to orgasm. Her pussy which had been warm and tasty when we started was now dripping juices, and her moans were growing louder.

The whole time I’d been lying there with my arms behind me I’d been working the scarf, not that it was tied tightly or anything, it was just that from the angle I couldn’t get fingers on it to get it loose, but finally with the twisting of my hands the knot came loose and my hands were free. I untied the other arm and dropped the scarf. I brought my arms up to the top side of the chair, grabbed her sweet ass and pulled her pussy closer to my face so I could really go to work on her. I slipped them up to her breasts and tweaked her nipples again, eliciting a groan of pleasure. I could feel the rising need in my cock, my day long horniness being sucked out through her expert mouth. She sensed my impending orgasm, pulling me out of her mouth and began to concentrate on the sweet spot just below the head, pushing against it as hard as possible with her tongue and lips, nibbling, licking, rubbing. Whereas before, with my cock in her mouth, I knew I would be coming in just seconds, this way it extended it out; I still knew I was going to come, but it was no longer the nearly instantaneous explosion that had been about to happen. A heat sensation began at the soft spot, swelling, rising, spreading throughout my cock, getting me closer and closer to a glorious orgasm, until finally I exploded, cum pouring onto my belly in great gobs, throb after throb of intense ectasy.

At the same time my tongue was finishing her off, her warm loins gradually becoming rigid around my head as my tongue teased and polished her joy stick; sucking her clit, licking and sucking her pussy and pussy lips, until she reached the peak and began to fall down the back side. A guttural gagging noise turned into an “OH…..OH…..OH..My GOD;” words that were so loud, so real, I awoke.

I opened my eyes, my feet still on top of the desk, my pants still on, my shirt still buttoned. The huge wet squishy area in the front of my pants let me know that I’d definitely orgasmed, but the dream woman that had been sucking my cock was gone. I swear I could taste her, the sweet nectar of her pussy caressing my taste buds, the odor of our sex filling my nose. I sat up; feeling more refreshed than I had in two days, and immediately noticed the typing on the screen:

Sweetlilmons: I’m back.

Sweetlilmons: Jim, you there?

Sweetlilmons: Hello Jim, wake up!

Sweetlilmons: Wake up!

Sweetlilmons: Wake up!

Sweetlilmons: Wake up Jim!

Sweetlilmons: Jim Wake up! I promised I’d wake you!

Sweetlilmons: Hello! Jim!

There was more of the same, for the equivalent of two pages. She’d obviously tried to wake me, all with no success. Finally her last entry:

Sweetlilmons: I’m so sorry Jim. I tried, but you wouldn’t wake. I know you’re still there, it says you on line. I so wanted to play, for some reason I’ve been thinking about you for two days now. I did something special, a surprise for you. I’m going to leave the computer on and take a nap and see if I can dream about you. IM me when you wake.

I glanced at the clock on the screen; 1:30. The mess in my pants wasn’t going away. I got up, slipped my shoes on and went to the bathroom. My underwear were full of cum, more cum than I normally would have. I guess that’s the point of a wet dream, you haven’t cum in a while. I took my underwear off, washed up with a wet paper towel cleaned up as well as I could, then put my pants back on, going commando. For some reason I wadded my underwear up and stuck them in my pocket rather than just carrying them. I returned to my desk.

Jim_Balloo: Bridge, you there?

Jim_Balloo: Bridge?

Jim_Balloo: Hello?

I entered the same thing two or three more times before suddenly she answered.

Sweetlilmons: You woke up.

Jim_Balloo: Yeah, thanks for trying. I knew I was tired, just didn’t think I wouldn’t wake up to the chimes.

Sweetlilmons: I felt so bad – I know you said you had work to do.

Jim_Balloo: Well, at least I’m not horny anymore, LOL.

Sweetlilmons: Why’s that?

Jim_Balloo: Because you gave me that blow job you promised, at least in my dream.

The screen was silent for quite a while.

Jim_Balloo: Bridge, you there?

Sweetlilmons: Yes

Jim_Balloo: What happened?

Sweetlilmons: You dreamed me?

Jim_Balloo: Yes, I dreamed you. I dreamed you were here with me, that you tied me to my chair and climbed over the top and gave me a blow job. When I came, I woke up, so I guess I had a wet dream.

Again, she didn’t immediately respond

Jim_Balloo: Bridge?

Sweetlilmons: Sorry, I was think. I took a nap and had a dream too, I dreamed you too. I wanted to play naughty with you and when you didn’t answer I laid down on my couch and fell asleep dreaming of you. I got naked for you too, just the way you like to imagine me.

Jim_Balloo: We’re you completely naked?

Sweetlilmons: I was not to start with.

Jim_Balloo: Were you wearing a scarf, wrapped across your breasts, and tied behind your neck?

Sweetlilmons: How did you know? Is that how you imagined me?

Jim_Balloo: And you had a surprise for me? A naked surprise?

Sweetlilmons: Yes

The hair on the back of my neck had begun to rise somewhere in there. By now that twilight zone eerie feeling was sending chills down my back.

Jim_Balloo: And we got naked and pleasured each other? You crawled on top of me in my chair and gave me a blow job while I licked your clit?

Sweetlilmons: Yes.

Jim_Balloo: Did I come in your mouth?

Sweetlilmons: No, I have a little trick that my mens really like that I do.

Jim_Balloo: Oh my god, I think it happened again.

Sweetlilmons: I think so too. I can’t find my scarf.

I immediately looked around, that eerie feeling sending goosebumps down my arms and chills down my back. Nothing to be seen.

Jim_Balloo: Well, not that I really BELIEVED that it would be, but I don’t see any sign of it here.

Sweetlilmons: I don’t see it either.

We talked for just a little bit more, but as I was once again wide awake, at least for now, I told her I couldn’t keep playing, I had to get back to work. I promised that, if I was awake I’d try and contact her the next night, her Sunday morning. The now over two hour interlude was just what the Doctor ordered, with a little sleep, a little “tension relief” and suddenly everything came together. Just a little over an hour later, about 3, I got the final print out, put it on the team e-mail and a hard copy on the leader’s desk and headed off. As I walked to the front of the office, I saw lights on so I poked my head into the other offices to see why. I found a middle aged woman with a name tag that said “Millie” on it cleaning offices.

“Oh, Hello,” I said, “I didn’t realize there was anyone here!” She looked up, a Mona Lisa, enigmatic smile passing across her face.

“Every night – eleven to seven.”

“I didn’t realize that – guess I’ve never been here in the wee hours before.”

“No, can’t say as I’ve seen you before either. Only two or three times have I ever actually had anyone “working” late before.” There was a hard accent on the way she said “working.”

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