When Casey awoke, she instantly realised she was naked, and groped around automatically for a gown or her pyjamas. Then she remembered that wasn’t allowed today. She had to stay naked until tomorrow evening. She rolled over to find Greg was still where she left him the night before. She watched him sleeping and enjoyed having a cover over her body for what might be the last time for the next two days.She looked at her phone and saw it was just on seven a.m. Dammit. If they were going to leave by seven-thirty it was time to get moving, and fast.Casey couldn’t believe she was actually going to go through with it, but she also knew she didn’t have the choice not to. That would have far worse consequences than a few strangers seeing her naked. She felt so odd being nude right now even in her own house. What would it be like outside amongst fully clothed people going about their business? She also realised Greg hadn’t got a good look at her yet, and he might be revolted seeing what she actually looked like in the light of day.Time to wake him up.She rolled over onto her stomach to try to delay letting him see her body and her ghastly protruding labia minora just a little longer and started pushing him in the shoulder.“Wake up, sleepy head. Gotta get going. What do you want for breakfast?”Greg opened his eyes and took stock of his surroundings for a few moments. Then he smiled and pulled Casey close to him and began kissing her.“Eww dragon breath!” Casey protested, feigning disgust. “Okay, I’m gonna take a shower. Then I suggest you do. We need to get going if we want to beat the crowds.”“Yeah, that’s fine. I can be ready in about ten minutes. Oh crap, I better text my mum to let her know I’m okay.”“You can do that?” asked Casey. “My mum would have me drawn and quartered if I didn’t go home one night and didn’t tell her where I was.””Yeah, it’s not unusual for me to stay out, and she’s used to me. I may technically still be in high school, but I’m an adult now that I’m getting my diploma,” he explained. “Now, let’s have a look at my cute little nudist.””No!” Casey protested, and then ran out of the room before he could grab her and see her clearly. Remembering the stubble problem caused by her fair skin and rapidly growing dark hair, she wanted the chance to at least shower and shave again before that happened. If she had to have a shaved pussy, she didn’t want it to look untidy like she didn’t care about her appearance.She locked the bathroom door behind her so he couldn’t follow, and then took care of business. Afterwards, she went to wrap a towel around her body and then realised she was being silly and hung it up again.When she got to her room, she discovered Greg wasn’t there anymore. She assumed he must have gone downstairs already, so she took a deep breath and headed down to find him.Oh my God, I feel so weird walking around naked. What’s it going to be like when I walk outside like this?“Did you find the coffee and something to eat?” she asked, trying to appear as normal as possible.“I found the coffee. Not sure where the cornflakes are yet,” Greg replied, trying his best not to stare at the naked girl in the room with him.“Top shelf. Pantry,” Casey pointed out to him.Greg looked where she pointed in an effort to be polite and try to look at something other than her. Her beauty literally took his breath away and he so desperately wanted to drink it in, but he didn’t want to do anything that might make him seem escort bayan anything less than a gentleman.Casey went over near him to make herself a coffee too.“We better put that tattoo on too,” Greg reminded her.“Oh shit, yes,” Casey responded. “I almost forgot. I’ll go get it.”My head is such a mess! Imagine if I walked out of here without that!They quickly read the instructions on the back which said to wet it first. Casey held her arm out on the table while Greg applied it and held it down, then peeled off the backing paper and they checked it out.“Well, I couldn’t pick that from the real deal,” Greg decided.“We better hope not, or this day is going to get a lot more interesting than I expected, real fast,” Casey replied.“You’ll be fine. If it comes to it, I’ll bust you out of the hands of any cops and do a runner with you.”Casey laughed.“Okay, do you need a shower?” Casey asked.“Yeah, I s’pose. I’ll just be a minute.”Casey used the time Greg was in the shower to put the money, the shopping list, and her phone into a small purse, and then slipped on a pair of fairly new runners with some anklet socks. Being naked was one thing. Standing on broken glass or spilled substances was quite another. She felt sure the blackmailer would be okay with it. It wasn’t like she was covering anything important, which she felt was the main point of the exercise for him. He wanted to humiliate her because it gave him a boner, and she was determined not to let him see her react that way. She then took a moment to take some big breaths to try to calm her racing heart. She checked and rechecked the tattoo and looked out the window at least a dozen times to see if any neighbours might be about. She was pleased to see that her street seemed to be still asleep, and hoped Greg hurried up before that changed.Ding.“selfie”Jesus, already?She quickly took the shot and texted it back.Ding.“What time are you leaving?”Why does he care as long as I get it done?“Very soon.”Greg reappeared dressed in his clothes from the day before, and with wet uncombed hair. Casey thought it must be great to be a guy. A five-minute shower and they were good to go, without spending ages with a hairdryer and a makeup case.He hasn’t even dried himself properly. Eww!“Ok let’s do this!” Casey announced, breathing in and out deeply one last time as she mustered all her strength to step out through the door.“Yes, let’s do it!” Greg repeated reassuringly. He was amazed his date could be doing a thing like this. He’d never known a girl like her.Once outside, she nervously looked up and down the street to make sure no one was looking. If she thought it felt strange to walk around inside her house naked, it didn’t hold a candle to this. She practically ran to Greg’s car but then to her horror found it was locked. She frantically looked back at Greg and briefly considered running back to the relative safety of the house.“Oh, sorry,” Greg responded as he reached into his pocket and hit the car’s remote control.Casey had the passenger door open the moment the alarm chirped. She quickly sat inside and closed the door again before breathing a sigh of relief. However, after feeling the upholstery on her bare buttocks, she remembered the involuntary response that humiliation tended to induce in her nether regions and being naked in this boy’s car on her way to being nude in public was humiliating beyond anything she’d ever experienced.Oh escort bayanlar my God, I’ll probably leave a wet patch on his seat! Fuck!“Hold on a moment,” she instructed as she reluctantly opened the car door again and ran back to the house.Greg looked on amused as she quickly ducked back inside to grab a towel which she laid on her seat.“Okay, let’s go!” Casey directed as she sat back down and buckled up.The engine rumbled to life, and they were soon on the motorway to Stocksgate.“So where are we going?” Greg asked.Casey pulled out the shopping list with the address.“Um… it’s a chain supermarket inside a place called Southern Meadows Shopping Centre. Grey Street towards the southern end,” Casey replied.“I think I know the place,” Greg responded. “Well, I know where Grey Street is anyway. I’m sure we’ll find it from there.”“You don’t want me to look it up on MAPS for you?”“Nah, we’ll be fine.”Casey tried to take her mind off what she was about to do and instead thought about having sex with Greg the night before.I’m a woman now! Oh my God, he sucked my labia. How embarrassing! Although, if he sucked them, then he can’t have been too disgusted, right? And he didn’t bolt this morning after seeing me in the light of day…She tried to find a subtle way to ask him, but then decided she’d just come straight out with it.“Um… Greg…”“Yes, Casey?”“Last night… Um… When you went down on me. You didn’t notice anything unusual about me?”“What do you mean, Casey?”“Um… Like I have a lot more going on down there than most girls have?”“Oh. Err… Um… I think I know what you mean. No. Let me put it to you like this. We live in the age of the Internet, and a young man gets the opportunity to see naked ladies in all shapes, sizes, and colours. You haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before. I kinda like it in fact. Kind of a lot in fact. I don’t suppose you’d mind pulling over for a while? I got kind of an uncomfortable stirring going on right now with a beautiful naked girl in my car talking about me eating her beautiful pussy.”Casey gently slapped him and smiled.Well, at least he does seem to like it, assuming he’s telling the truth and isn’t just being polite, or that most other people wouldn’t still think I’m a total freak show.Eventually, they arrived on Grey Street and were looking for the Southern Meadows sign. Once it came into view and they drove into the car park, Greg found a spot close to the supermarket section where she wouldn’t have far to walk to the entry. He turned off the engine and Casey suddenly found she couldn’t move her legs. She was naked, in a car, miles from home. Could this really be happening? Could she actually be about to step outside and walk across the car park, and then in through the front door? It was just past eight-thirty p.m. and there were already a lot of people about. Old people, young people, mothers with children. Children! And all of them were about to see her naked with a shaved pussy and her dangly labia on full display!C’mon Casey. Just get it done! Remember you’re a registered nudist with the tattoo and everything as far as anyone knows. Just walk like you’re not doing anything out of the ordinary. Don’t try to cover anything. Just act normal and walk!Greg came around to her door, opened it and held out his hand like a gentleman. Casey still wasn’t ready, but she took his hand and allowed him to lift her out into the bayan escort sunlight. To say she felt nervous would be an understatement. Her eyes looked around in a mad panic as she felt heat flushing her cheeks. Her knees threatened to give out and she put her hand on the roof of the car to steady herself.What the fuck is wrong with me? This won’t do. The only way I’m going to get through this is to be practical. I’m here for a reason. I have a job to do. Shopping has to be done. Things have to be put into the trolley and paid for. That’s what I’m here for. Don’t think about being naked. Put that out of your mind, Casey. You’re registered. You’re legal. People expect you to be comfortable with it so make sure that’s what they see. Just get this done.Suddenly she remembered it had to be recorded, so she got out her phone and handed it to Greg.“Ok Okay record me. I want everything. Good and bad. Don’t miss a thing,” she instructed.“Your wish is my command, milady,” he replied, smiling reassuringly.Casey took a deep breath.“Okay, let’s do this!”And with that, she closed the door behind her and stepped out into the open car park.She took the first few steps. No one had noticed her so far. Hopefully, it stayed that way. Another few steps and she’d made it almost halfway to the door, but then she could see that some people off to her right had stopped to stare.That’s okay, Casey. This was going to happen. Just keep going and get this over with.She made it to the automatic doors, and they opened, but then she heard a clicking noise behind her. She turned around to look for its source and came face to face with a man staring openly at her and taking pictures with his phone!“Holy fuck!” he exclaimed. “A real-life nudist, and a pretty one at that. We don’t see that sort of thing around here very often.”“I should hope not!” a woman added, probably his wife, who then physically began pushing the man away. He was unable to take his eyes off the pretty naked girl in front of him as he reluctantly ceded to his wife’s goading.“Excuse me,” came another male voice behind her.Casey turned and it was a security guard! White-faced and unable to speak, she could only hold up her tattooed wrist to show him.“Sorry, ma’am. As you were.”The tattoo had passed! One problem down.Now Casey needed a trolley. She found the trolley corral and put her purse into one as she was instructed to do, and then pulled out the shopping list.Let’s see now. A banana, a carrot, a cucumber, some cereal, a loaf of bread, some salsa, a bag of boiled lollies, a frozen pizza, a small carton of milk, some chicken wings, a bottle of coke. This stuff is all over the place! I’ll have to go down every aisle!With her mind spinning with what she was doing, she surveyed the shop layout and set off to find the items. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Greg filming her.For God’s sake, don’t miss anything, Greg. The last thing I need is to piss this guy off after going through all this.Everything felt surreal. She almost felt like she was watching herself from somewhere far away. She tried hard to project forward to when she would be back in Greg’s car again. Even better, back at home. Even better than that, back at home wearing clothes again like a normal person.Robotically, she continued collecting the items and putting them in the trolley, all the while conscious of the people stopping and staring at her with stunned expressions and gaping mouths all around.“Why doesn’t she have any clothes on, Mummy?”“Not very buxom, is she? No pubes either. Is she old enough to be doing this?”“That is one of the most perfect asses I have ever seen.”“Should someone tell her she seems to have forgotten something?”“Good for you, love. More young ladies could take a page out of your book.”

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