It was late when I got home, but with all the coffee I drank during my ride home I wasn’t ready to sleep, so I went to my home office and started to plan for the meetings I would be having the next day. I worked for several hours, then went to bed and slept like a rock until my alarm clock scared the hell out of me. It took a few seconds for me to realize I wasn’t in Lakeside and that I had a full day ahead of me.

“I’m so sorry,” said my secretary Beth, as soon as she stuck her head in my office. I was there already an hour and a half. She wasn’t late; I was just early and ready to get started.

“Don’t worry about it, I wasn’t doing anything anyway,” I lied, and then told her what information I needed for today.

I had several people that work for me in and out of my office for the next hour informing about what was going on with my clients product recall. I was then summoned to the president of my company’s office.

“Hi Norm, can’t live without me huh?” I said as I walked right into his office and took a seat in front of his desk.

“Oh Hi Carol, I didn’t hear you knock,” he said. I love his sarcasm.

“So I’m guessing Douglas is going nuts?” Referring to Douglas Meese, who is the CEO of the company we represent.

“Not, going nuts so much as thoroughly pissed off that his company made the product error and it’s going to cost them millions to fix the problem and build back customer confidence.”

“I’ve been working on a few ideas last night and this morning. There’s nothing we can do about the millions it will cost him to fix the problem, but I have a strategic plan to save their reputation, and perhaps enhances it.”

I went over my plan with him and he was impressed, he didn’t say as much, but when he said that he would attend the meeting with Douglas, I knew he liked it. If he didn’t like it, believe me, I would have to go it alone, which would have been okay with me anyway.

Beth set up the meeting and a company car drove me, Norm and two other associates of ours, across town to their corporate offices.

I’m not going to bore you with the conversations of the meeting. Douglas and I have worked together for years and he likes my ideas and no BS attitude, that’s why he requested me to handle this problem.

After some conversation I made my presentation on what we should do. Douglas was with a group of about 20 people from his company sitting at a huge conference table. My group of 4 sat in the middle. I give excellent presentations, but this one went exceedingly well. Right from the start I could see people shaking their heads in agreement and a few smiles started to appear on some faces. Most people can’t read what Douglas is thinking, but I was picking up signs that he was starting to feel more confident about how this should be handled.

Long meeting short, we got full support to carry out my plan.

On the ride back to our office, Norm said,”Christ Carol that was great, I guess that’s why we pay you the big bucks.”

“Glad you mentioned that Norm I’ve been meaning to talk to you about increasing those big bucks you’re talking about.”

Norm, groaned, but said,” Let’s talk about that when we get back in the office.” He was smiling so I knew a pay raise or bonus would be worked out.

The remainder of the day was a series of internal meetings getting all department heads that needed to be involved up to date, so they all knew their responsibilities.

I was sitting back thinking what I should do next when it popped in my head that I should tell Kathy that I wasn’t at her cabin. I dialed her number.

“Hi Kathy it’s me Carol.”

“Oh Carol I forgot to call you, is Jack the real estate guy there?”

I was supposed to call you and tell you he was going to stop by and look the place over.”

“No, I called to say I had an emergency at work and had to come home. Why does a realtor have to look over the cabin?” I asked.

“We decided that since we don’t get there as often as we thought we would, we should try to sell it. Are you planning on going back?”

“I was planning on going back Sunday, but that’s not going to happen, looks more like Monday or Tuesday. Give me the guys’ number and I’ll call him when I get there and I’ll show him through the place.”

She thanked me and I told her how much I enjoyed being there for the short time I was there, of course I didn’t go into the details.

“Hey super star.” I heard as I hung up the phone.

“Oh stop it,” I said with a smile to my closest work friend, Sarah, who was standing in my office doorway.

Sarah started with our company 5 or 6 years ago and has been on a successful fast track. She’s in another area of expertise, but our job requirements keep us in touch in a daily bases. She’s in her mid forties.

Sarah is only 5 feet tall, but has an excellent figure that always have to guys turning around to take a second look. She’s hot, knows it and flaunts it. She’s also a lot of fun to be around.

Oh yes, she’s married but that doesn’t Antep Bayan Escort seem to hinder her from having sexy fun. She’s always teasing the guys with suggestive comments, which they seem to enjoy. I have no idea if her husband knows or approves of her teasing; it’s something she’s never openly discussed with me. I’m also not sure if her teasing goes beyond the teasing stage. She thinks I’m a prude and should have more fun.

“So did you have any fun on your vacation, as short as it was,” she asked.

“Yes it was very nice and relaxing.”

“Carol I mean did you get laid?” she asked with a laugh.

“Well as a matter of fact I got laid twice by an 18 year old, black, physical trainer,” I answered.

“Yeah right, you have to learn how to have fun,” she said, not believing a word I just said.

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind when I go back again next week.” I wasn’t sure if I was disappointed or not, that she didn’t believe me.

She said, “it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to get out of here until late tonight, so do you to grab a bite to eat before out 7:30 meeting?”

I agreed and we went to a local steak house, each had one drink, no dessert and returned to the office where we each went our separate ways. After a series of short meetings and scheduling a meeting with our client for early tomorrow morning to prep him and his associates on the press conference that they were going to have in mid afternoon. I was ready to go home.

Sarah and I walked out of the elevator together when we did discovered for the first time that there was a hell of a thunder and lighting storm going on and it was dumping rain like a monsoon.

“Carol you can’t drive home in this and if it’s like this all night you’ll have trouble getting back here tomorrow morning for the client meeting. Come home with me, you can stay in our guest room.”

Sarah lives in the city with her husband and her son, when he’s not away at college. Her daughter goes to college down south and stays there year round. Normally I would tough it out and make the drive home, but tomorrows meeting was too important for me to me late for, so I accepted her invitation. By the grace of god we were able to hail a cap outside our building and were at her home in ten minutes.

Her husband, Sam and son Tommy were looking at a Yankees baseball game when we arrived. I met her husband at different affairs over the years, but only met her son once or twice and that was years ago. What a nice looking young man he has become.

Sarah and I had a drink before we said goodnight, I was shown the guest room which was very comfortable. I took all my clothes off since I would have to wear them again for the morning meeting; everyone would be too fried during the day to notice I was wearing the same clothes.

I just dropped onto the bed totally naked and closed my eyes. I don’t know how long I was sleeping, it could have been ten minutes of six hours, when something from our project popped into my head and woke me. It wasn’t anything big I forgot, but I laid there in the dark on my back and was thinking about a solution when I heard someone slowly open the door. The hallway was dark so I couldn’t make out who it was, I was thinking it was Sarah checking on me, but when no one whispered asking if I was awake and sort of hesitated at the door I had no idea who it might be. Now there was a time where I would have grabbed the sheet or blanket and covered myself and ask who was there, but I found myself kind of excited that I was in a room nude with whom?

The figure moved right next to my bed, my eyes adjusted well enough to the darkness that I could tell it wasn’t Sarah, too tall for her, but other than that I still had no idea.

I wonder if his eyes adjusted to the dark and was he looking at my breasts and pussy. I was feeling a tingle between my legs from the excitement. I let out a gasp when I felt his hand cup my breast. He immediately pulled his hand away afraid that we woke me, he was frozen in his tracks, but I guess he was thinking more with his cock than with any kind of common sense, he reached out a touched my breast again. Didn’t say a word, but I placed my hand over his and pressed it against me. If he was shocked, he didn’t give any indications, but continued to feel my breast, and then took my nipple in his finger tips, god I was getting so turned on. His other hand was placed on my tummy, I’m guessing testing for a reaction, I didn’t say anything just spread my legs and again placed my hand over his and guided it down my tummy to my pubic hair. He ran his fingers through the hair until he got to my wet, very wet lips; he inserted his finger and began to slide it in and out. I gently rubbed my clit as he fingered me, with my other hand I reached between is legs and felt his hard cock in pajama bottoms.

I pulled down the front and took his hot hard cock in my hand and began to stroke it. I was lifting my hips and open pussy to meet his now wet fingers, when I had my climax, thank god I didn’t let out a scream or loud moan. I let go of his cock when I came and was lying on the bed trying to catch my breath.

I became aware that his cock was near my face. I grabbed it and placed it in my mouth and began sucking, and it wasn’t for long, when he unloaded his cum it would have filled my mouth, if I wasn’t eagerly swallowing every drop. After he came just as silently as he arrived he left the room.

I woke the next morning when I heard a knocking on the door and heard Angela saying we better get going.

I jumped in the shower which was in the bathroom that was adjoining my bedroom, washed my hair, found a toothbrush still wrapped, in the medicine cabinet and used the hair blower that was under the sink. I did this and was dressed walking into the kitchen in fifteen minutes.

“Hi Carol, how did you sleep?” Sarah asked.

“I slept very well and you?”

“Well Sam wanted to get laid, so after I knocked his socks off, I slept like a log.” She said with a smile.

“Should we call a cab or do you think we can catch one out front this early?” I asked.

“It’ll be easier and quicker to take the subway.”

“we better get going we can grab a coffee and something to eat at the café at work,” I said, then asked “Is Sam and Tommy still sleeping, I would like to say thank you and goodbye if they’re awake.” Thinking to myself I would like to see them for a reaction to what happened last night, but no such luck.

“It’s Saturday morning we’re the only crazy ones going to work at this hour.”

We took the subway to the office grabbed some coffee and each headed to our own offices. I did some preparation for out meeting and then went to the conference room to go over everything with our clients. It took us several hours to get everyone up to speed, but by the time we finished everyone was thoroughly prepared. My job was done. The rest was up to our clients.

I went back into my office feeling exhausted. I dropped into my chair and sent out congratulatory emails to all the people that worked so hard on this project. I had a few more things I wanted to get done, but my mind drifted to the visitor I had last night, was it the husband or the son, both nice looking and the whole thing was very exciting. My money was on the son.

I could feel myself getting turned on just thinking about having that cock in my mouth. My hand reached down and lifted the hem of my skirt up my thighs and I began to rub my pussy. I can honestly say I’ve never done anything like that before, oh I’ve been horning at work, but I never touched myself behind my desk.

Well that’s not exactly true. About ten years ago when I was dating someone, there was a man that worked for me, I would guess we were the same age, anyway I thought he was so sexy, not just his looks but his personality was a turn on also. If I wasn’t dating someone and he wasn’t happily married I would have tried to seduce him.

These were thoughts I only had when I was feeling horny, one of those horny times I had a meeting with him in my office, this is embarrassing to talk about now because it seems if not silly, odd. Before he arrived for our meeting I took off my pantyhose and panties.

So while we were talking I sat behind my desk with my skirt pulled up to my waist and I had my legs spread with my open pussy only a few feet from him. Every once in a while I would touch my pussy. Naturally he couldn’t see anything and probably wasn’t aware of anything going on, but sitting there like that was such a turn on for me. I never did that again, I wonder why? I masturbated many times thinking about that.

I was about to do that again when Sarah walked into my office, I can’t believe I was going to masturbate and didn’t think to close my door, aren’t I getting brazen.

“So are you off to continue your vacation?” she asked.

“Gee I don’t know, it was fun up there and I told everyone that I would be back today.”

“Who’s everyone, you were only there a few days.”

I briefly told her about Rick, Tony and Amy, but never told her how friendly we became, just that I met them and they’re very nice. I didn’t mention their ages either. Not that I was hiding it, but she would bust me about hanging around with the youngsters.

“If I had a place on lake to go to I’d be there,” she said.

“I have an idea, why don’t you come with me? We can leave tomorrow morning and come home Friday. I mean if you can get off work and Sam won’t mind.”

“It sounds wonderful, but I don’t want to impose,” she said, and I could tell she was really thinking about going.

“What imposition? There are four bedrooms so you can have your privacy if you should hook up,” I said with a laugh.

Laughing with me she said, “I tell you what. I’ll ask Sam when I get home and as far as work goes I’m due the time, so that’s no problem. If all goes well I’ll drive to your place early tomorrow and we can head to the country from there.”

“Sounds good to me, I’m heading home right now, so call me any time this afternoon.”

Sarah called me at home after dinner and said it was a go. She would be at my house around 8:00. I was excited that she was coming with me; I laughingly thought I hope she doesn’t corrupt me.

True to her word she arrived at my townhouse right on time. We switched her luggage to my car and off we went. We got caught in some late commuter traffic, but over all made good time.

I drove through town and pointed out some shops we could go to and then drove straight to the cabin. We just talked about everyday topics, had several good laughs which made the trip seem a lot shorter.

“Wow this is wonderful,” said Sarah as she got out of the car and looked around.

“Wait until you see the view of the lake from the rear deck,” I said.

“I could sit here all day and look out over the water,” she said as we walked to the rear of house and she got the full view.

I showed her around the interior of the cabin and showed her which room was hers. When we were on the rear deck I made a point of showing her the outdoor shower and was proud to tell her that I shower nude outside all the time. She said that would have to be something she was definitely going to do.

“We have to get something to eat, I’m starved. We can go into town, have lunch there then do some food shopping for some odds and ends to have in the house, “I suggested.

“Okay, I’m starved too, I’ll drive if you’re tired after the trip up,” She said.

“I have an idea let’s take the boat, I haven’t used it yet, it’ll be fun. There’s a marina right in town, we can dock there and walk a short distance to the diner and shops.”

We got in the boat and it started right up, thank god, and off we went. The marina was the opposite direction of the nudist camp so we could stay close to shore and look at the lakeside homes. I hadn’t mentioned to her about our nudist camp neighbors. I wasn’t deliberately holding back, it just didn’t come up in our conversation during the ride up.

As we approached the dock Sarah said,” look at that hot guy waving at us.”

“Oh, that’s my friend Tony,” I said.

“That’s the Tony you mentioned? You never said he was just a kid, a handsome kid, but none the less young.”

“He’s twenty, something,” I answered maybe a little too defensively.

“Hi Carol, I’m glad you came back, after you didn’t show up yesterday Rick and I decided you wouldn’t be coming back.” “Got a little delayed, but got here this morning. Tony this is my friend Sarah, Sarah this is Tony.”

They exchanged pleasantries as Tony helped us out of the boat. Both of them were checking each other out I couldn’t help but notice.

“We’re going to get something to eat, and then do a little shopping, so could you keep an eye on the boat until we get back?”

“Anything for you lovely ladies” he said with an over stated bow at the waist.

“He’s cute,” Sarah said as we walked away from the marina.

“Yes he is, he looks good naked too,” I offered and watched Sarah stop in her tracks.

“What do you mean he looks good naked, Carol, talk to me,” she said with a grin.

I told her about the boat being stuck by the nudist camp and our adventure there. She couldn’t stop laughing as I told her. Then she asked questions about the nudist camp. I told her I would tell her about it later when we got back to the cabin, not while we were walking down the street.

We ate at the diner, Amy wasn’t there, I guess it was her day off or she was working a later shift.

We stopped in the grocery store and were picking up a few items when I saw Lisa.

“Hi Lisa, how are you?” I asked.

I’m doing well, Rick said you had to take care of some business at home and didn’t know if you would be able to finish your vacation.”

“Well, the problem was solved and I came up this morning and we’re going home Friday.”

Sarah came around the isle then and I introduced her to Lisa. We chatted for a while and I was glad she didn’t mention anything about the late party at the campground, because I wasn’t sure if I was even going to tell Sarah about it.

“Lisa, we’re just going to sit around at home tonight if you like stop by and have a cocktail or two with us,” I suggested.

“That sounds nice, okay it’s a date, see you around 8:00?”

“That would be perfect.”

We took or purchases back to the boat and Tony helped us to get everything on board.

“I hope to see you again soon,” he said with a sly grin.

“Stop by with Rick sometime,” I said.

“My cousin is visiting for a few days, so can I bring him along?”

“Sure, no problem.”

Since I told Sarah about Tony and I seeing each other naked she picked up on his grin after saying he hopes to see me again, dirty boy!

As soon as we got to the cabin and unloaded our stuff I remembered that I was supposed to call Jack the realtor and tell him it was okay to come look over the property, so he could prepare a listing. I called and spoke with him and I said just to stop by when convenient, He said he could be there in half an hour if that was okay. I told him that would be fine.

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