Camping Weekend

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Their movie night finally comes to an end. Its 8:00 and the credits start rolling on the final feature for the evening. Chris is sitting at the end of the couch and Janey is lying curled up with her head in his lap, facing the T.V. During the last half of the last movie, Chris was absently running his hand through her loose, red curls. He aims the remote at the DVD player and presses the Stop and Power keys to turn the unit off. It’s getting late and Janey will have to go home soon. Even though she’s in her 20’s, she still has a curfew since she’s still living with her old-fashioned parents while she attends college.

She rolls over and looks up at her lover with a wistful smile on her face. She adores it when he plays with her hair like that, even though he doesn’t always realize he’s doing it. Chris looks down at her and asks, “What’re you grinning at?” “Nothing,” she replies before reaching up and pulling him down for a final kiss for the night. It’s a soft, slow kiss, full of both desire and disappointment.

After they break, she tells Chris, “My family’s going camping this weekend, you know what that means, right?”

“You can finally spend the night with me without anyone to answer to if you’re late?” Chris asks, half jokingly, half hopefully.

Janey playfully slaps him on the chest in exasperation. “No, you horn-dog! They want me to go with them. And I agreed.”


“But I agreed only if you could come with us and stay with me. Guess what? They actually agreed!”

“You’re kidding…”

“Nope, dead serious. Kind of surprised me at first too, but I decided not to push the point too far. I think they’re finally starting to realize just how serious we are about each other.”

“About time, we’ve only been seeing each other for two years now. So I guess your father approves of me after all.”

“I’ll let you in on a little secret. It was mom you had to win over. Dad liked you from the start. She’s the one who finally gave you the official stamp of approval.”

They both start laughing at the situation. “I’ll tell you what you need to bring along for our expedition to the ends of the earth a day or two before we leave once they hash out all of the details. Now give me another kiss so I can go home…”


Saturday morning rolls around. Chris’s alarm goes off even before the sun comes up. “God, why must these people have to be in such a hurry to leave civilization behind?” He stumbles in to the shower still three quarters asleep. “Probably the last one I’ll take for the next few days.” He finally climbs out, towels off and gets dressed. No sooner does he finish scrubbing the carpet out of his mouth than the doorbell rings. Opening the door, he sees Janey all chipper and happy. “I hate you.”

“Well, good morning to you too, Mr. Grump! Hurry up, grab your bag, and get in the van.”

Chris stumps back to the bathroom to grab his toothbrush and toothpaste, tosses them into the bag and slings it over his shoulder. Janey slips her arm into his and practically skips down the drive to the waiting van. “Did I tell you that I hate you yet this morning?”

“Yes you did.”

“Good. Just checking. If you keep this up, it won’t be the last.”

Janey’s father George is sitting behind the wheel and Jeanette is in the passenger seat. “Would you like some coffee to help wake you up?” she offers.

“Yeah, I’ll take a belt.” Chris accepts the proffered cup ‘o joe and buckles in.

“You kiddos go ahead kayseri escort an’ relax. We’re gonna be on tha road for a good while. Heck, y’all conk out if ya want ta. Ain’t gonna’ hurt our feelings none.”

Janey backs up against Chris and drapes his arm around her. Chris gives her a puzzled look, but she just smiles, pats him on the thigh, closes her eyes and snuggles in closer. He looks up at the mirror to see if George is looking, but he’s too busy trying to maneuver the van and tag-along trailer onto the road. However, he notices that Jeanette peeking at them in the vanity mirror on her sun visor. They lock eyes for a moment before he reads the smile in her eyes, then she flips up the visor and shifts to look out her window.

A weird sensation wakes Chris up a few hours later. After a few minutes of disorientation, Chris realizes what’s out of sorts. Janey had shifted in her sleep and her right hand was now squarely in his lap. His body had reacted to the touch and now he had a full-blown erection. And Janey wasn’t helping any since she was unconsciously massaging it through his jeans. If he didn’t find a way to stop this, there would be a problem shortly. He makes an exaggerated yawn and stretches enough that Janey shifts around to a less compromising position. “Hey George, do you think there’s any way that we could make a pit stop soon? That coffee seems to have finished its job.”

“Sure! We just passed a sign that said there’s a rest stop ‘bout 15 minutes away, Think ya can hold out for that long?”

“Yeah, I can make it.”

Chris makes his way to the bathroom and ducks into the first stall. “Ok, I need to calm myself down a bit,” he thinks. Finally, after a few moments, he’s relaxed enough to where he can go. He finishes up than washes his hands and splashes some cool water on his face. “Damn, that was too close.” He makes his way back out into the main part of the store and runs into Janey. “You know, you almost caused a big problem back there.”

“What do you mean?” she asks.

“Well, you seemed to take it upon yourself to damn near rub me off through my jeans while you were asleep.”

After a brief giggle fit, Janey whispers, “What makes you think I was asleep, silly boy?” Then she emphasizes her point by giving his crotch another grope and scampers down the aisle all giggles.

“So, ya gonna get somthin’ Chris?” George’s voice snaps him out of the dazed state he was in.

“Uh yeah, I’ll just grab some chips and I’ll be ready to go.”

After purchasing his chips, Chris heads out to the van and passes Jeanette. “I just want you to know that I hope you and Janey have a great time this weekend. I think the two of you will make a great couple. Just don’t let her get too out of control; she can be a bit of a handful at times.” Chris is unsure whether or not the emphasis on “handful” was from her or his guilty conscience. The sly little smile she gives him isn’t of much help either.

Finally after about another 2 hours on the road, they arrive at the site of their weekend escape. Chris and George begin unpacking the tag-along while the ladies start emptying the van. Finally, the campsite is set up. A fire-pit is dug and ringed with stones from the nearby river bed. Two tents are set up on either side of the fire. “So, which tent is the boy’s ten?” Chris asks. After a brief exchange of looks between Jeanette and George, Jeanette speaks up. “WeeeelI, I think we can go co-ed this once.” Janey squeals with glee and grabs her and Chris’s bags and tosses then into the nearest tent. Then she grabs Chris’s hand and drags him bodily onto one of the trails blazed through the nearby woods. “We’re going to go on a hike! We’ll be back in about an hour or so! Don’t do anything we wouldn’t!” she yells over her shoulder. A chuckle from George follows them into the underbrush.

Chris and Janey return after a nice long hike. When they get back to the camp, they hear Jeanette’s voice. “God damn it George! God damn it!” Chris looks at Janey. “Jeez, we’ve been here for about two hours and they’re fighting? Looks like this is going to be a short weekend.”

“Uh, I don’t think they’re fighting, Chris…”

They stop and listen as Jeanette continues. “Damn it. That’s it! Yes! Lick me, God, that feels so good!”

They look at each other as they realize what’s going on. Her parents are having sex! The both of them have to fight to stifle their shock and amusement. They run back into the woods out of earshot.

“Oh my God!” breathes Janey. “That didn’t take them long to get started.”

“Jeez, that was kind of embarrassing.”

“As embarrassing as me feeling you up in the van?”

“That’s not funny…”

“But you seemed to enjoy it,” she teases as she steps closer to Chris. “A lot, if your hardness was any indication.” She presses up against him and wraps her arms around him.

“Uh, isn’t this kind of public?” he asks, but doesn’t do anything to disengage her from him.

“Not really. How many other cars did you see the last hour on the road? How many other people did we see in the area? The only other people around are a little distracted at the moment and won’t notice us gone for a while still.”

With that she pulls his head down for a kiss. They both start out gently, but all too soon; they are pawing at each other like they’re in heat. She pulls his shirt free from his jeans and slips one hand under it to feel his chest and back. Her other hand is firmly planted on his fast hardening penis. Chris is holding her to him with one hand on her neck and cheek. The other starts out caressing her firm ass, but soon is fondling her breasts. The kisses are more heated now, each trying to devour the other. Janey’s shirt is the first to come off and hit the ground.

He begins to kiss and nip down her neck and across her shoulders. Starting to travel down her chest, he plants more kisses down her cleavage and across the tops of her breasts. By now, Janey is raking her hands through his hair and making satisfied little sighs and whimpers, pulling his head hard to her. Chris starts to kneel down and nibble directly on her hardening nipples through her bra. Now he plants little lick/kisses to her belly and smiles as she involuntarily contracts her stomach and gasps. As he starts to wrestle with the button and zipper to her shorts, Janey balances herself on his shoulders and kicks off her shoes. Now her shorts join her top on the ground. Chris continues his tongue and lip assault on her abdomen, sliding lower and lower, getting closer to vagina with each one. He can smell her arousal and it drives him on even more.

Now it’s Janey’s turn to attack. She grabs Chris’s head and pulls him up to his feet. There, she plants a long, deep, breathless kiss on him. She grabs the hem of his shirt and pulls it up, breaking the kiss only long enough to remove his shirt. She twines her arms around his neck for a moment so she can draw him as close as she can. She reaches down to start undoing his jeans. While she does that, it’s her turn to return the favor by gently biting on his nipples. His hissing intake of breath through clenched teeth tells her she got the desired result she was looking for. Finally, his pants are opened and her hand slides down the front. Her hand finds his member and grasps it firmly.

Chris moans the second she grabs him and he returns the favor. He reaches down and cups her vagina through her panties and begins to gently apply and release pressure. She gives throaty moan and begins to pump Chris slowly. Chris escalates by rubbing his fingers in small circles, slightly pressing his middle finger into her valley in order to stimulate her clitoris better. Janey begins to squeeze him harder in response. Now he removes his hand from her dampened panties which is met with a groan of displeasure and frustration. But it was necessary for him to do so so that he could place his hand inside. Her breath catches upon the skin to skin contact and her hips involuntarily grind down on his hand. Her arousal allows a finger to easily slip in between her slick lips.

Their breathing is more gasps than anything. Kisses are snatched in between ragged gulps of air whenever possible. Chris reaches behind Janey and unhooks her bra one-handed and adds it to the scattered pile of clothes. Now they press against each other bodily, her breasts against his chest and their genitals close enough that they can feel the heat radiating from the other. She fights to push his jeans down so she can have freer access to his cock. He does the same for her panties. After performing some sort of bizarre dance consisting of strange leg movements and crazy gyrations, they are both nude.

They step close together again, this time even closer than before. Janey begins to rub the smooth head of his penis against her belly with each stroke. Chris has works one thigh between her legs which she grinds on while he flicks a finger directly on her button. Soon, her breathing gets irregular and her body quakes in ever-increasing shudders. She begins to rub his penis closer and closer to her entrance in an effort to increase their mutual pleasure. Janey removes both of their hands from their respective places of work and hitches one of her legs up over his hip in an effort to open herself up even more. In this position, her folds surround the length of his shaft easily and she can grind her clitoris directly on his stiffness to increase their pleasure exponentially.

Soon, the both of them are rocking their hips together in rhythm. The motion increases with each pump. They both look at each other and know it’s time. Chris bends his knees slightly and Janey pushes up onto her toes on the one foot that is still on the ground while using her other leg for leverage. The combined movements settle the head of his cock directly at her entrance. They both hold their breaths for a moment, then move. Slowly, he enters into her and they both give the same satisfied moan of ecstasy.

As soon as Janey settles down the length of him, they hear Jeanette coming down the trail, calling for them. It seems that she and George had finished what Chris and Janey were trying to start and had made lunch for everyone. Quickly, the two disengage, but not before Janey moves her hips in a wicked circle to torture Chris. They scramble to get dressed before Jeanette spots them. Janey gives him a quick kiss on the cheek and whispers in his ear, “We’ll finish this later,” and gives his cock one last squeeze through his jeans when she emphasizes the word “this.’

-to be continued?

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