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Night had settled in two hours ago. The campfire was still leaping and the shadows flickered as she lowered her head into his lap, her mouth closing about him. He sat on the picnic table at their campsite while she straddled the bench and sucked at his cock, knowing that the seclusion of the campsite they had picked offered all the privacy they needed.

His jeans around his ankles, he spread his legs so that she could more easily reach him. As she glided up and down on his cock, he took her hair in his hands and twisted it, causing her just enough pain to put an edge on her cock sucking. He fed his cock to her, controlling her with his grasp, thrusting deeper than she would ordinarily like; but in the wild outdoors atmosphere, she was horny and eager to swallow him, as she played with his balls, and slurped at his cock. His moans made it clear that her efforts were appreciated.

They had arrived earlier in the day and had set up camp about fifty yards from the nearest occupied site. The tent was comfortable enough for sleeping, but sex outdoors had been their purpose when they arrived and it remained their purpose.

They had spent the afternoon exploring and hiking and swimming in the lake just ten yards from their site. They had fished and watched birds and read and watched families frolicking around the lake that the campground decorated. But the entire time, they had been waiting, anticipating this moment, when they could let the wildness within them out, when they could taste and feel each other outside the confines they usually had to endure.

She had taken the initiative, reaching between his legs as he cleared the plates from the table after dinner, grabbing his cock and pushing him just a bit off balance and across the table. When he jumped and yelped in surprise, she leaned in and kept him pinned against the table, while she unzipped his jeans and pulled his swelling cock from his pants. She jacked his rapidly growing prick until it was hard and rize escort thick in her hand.

He turned towards her and sat on the table, his cock thickening and stretching towards her.

She reached up and took him in her fist, slowly stroking him as he grew more and more ready. They looked into one another’s eyes as she stroked him; as he grew and his skin softened, easing her movements up and down his shaft. Within minutes, he was oozing pre-cum from the slit in his cock head, and she was looking at it like it was fine wine.

Slowly, she lowered her head, still looking into his eyes, and swallowed the head of his cock, her tongue dipping into his slit and lapping up his juices. He leaned back on his elbows and sighed, feeling her mouth grab and pull at him. His hips lifted from the table, feeding his cock deeper into her mouth, as she bobbed her head on him, setting his loins on fire and signaling his balls to get busy producing a load of sperm.

She sucked at him as he forced her head up and down on him, his ass twisting on the table as he tried to feed her more and more cock. He pulled harder at her hair, taking control of her strokes, slamming her head down into his bush. The sound of her gasping and struggling to take his cock in made him even harder. She slurped and gobbled at him, her head rising and falling and her saliva drooling onto his belly and into his bush. He drove his cock deeper and deeper into her throat, with his hands on the back of her head, cutting off her escape.

She reached between her legs, sliding her fingers inside her loose hiking shorts and past the elastic of her red panties. She slid a finger across her clit, two, three, four times; felling her juices begin to flow as she began to taste his from the slit of his cock.

She doubled her efforts, sucking him harder and harder, dragging her teeth across his cock head and up his shaft, feeling him lurch inside her mouth. He reached down and stroked her throat with his hand, at the same time he fed his cock into her gullet. It was almost as if he was jacking off, with her throat the only thing between his hand and his hard cock.

Her fingers danced across and around her clit, as her pussy got wetter and wetter. They could both hear her sloshing twat as it got juicier and juicier. Suddenly, he pulled her head from his lap and her mouth from his cock. His eyes locked with hers as he stood and pulled her into his arms. His mouth mashed her lips, as he tasted himself on her lips. His hands tugged at her shorts, unzipping them and dropping them around her feet. She stepped out of them kicking them away. Her long, strong legs gleamed in the firelight. He reached down and ran his hands up the back of her legs, cupping her ass and pulling her sex towards him..

Slipping behind her, he pushed her forward, bending her across the table. With a growl he stepped behind her and pulled her panties aside, sliding his fingers deep into her pussy, rolling her lips and clit in his grip, and feeling her push her hips back towards him.

Her pussy, wet with thick juices, beckoned him and he moved forward, lining his swollen cock head up with her wet slit.

She looked back over her shoulder with a look that dared him; and he answered the dare, driving his cock all the way into her in one stroke. Her moan was music to him, making him drag his cock all the way back out until just the flared crown remained inside her twat, then driving forward again. He twisted her hair in his hand and dragged her head back, forcing her to arch her back and thrust her ass back against him. He pulled and yanked at her hair, making her moan in pain and feeling her moisten even more around his hard cock.

In a few strokes, she had braced her arms against the table’s edge and was driving her ass and pussy backwards, looking for every inch of cock she could get, and twisting her hips in a motion that made his nuts ache to empty. It was hard to tell who was fucking who.

He reached under her and pulled at her hard nipples, knowing how much she loved to have them tortured and yanked. He worked them between his strong fingers, rolling and pinching them as her pussy became hotter and wetter around him.

He closed his hands on her hips and dragged her backwards, feeding his cock into her, then pushing her away, watching with lust as his cock reappeared from her snatch. Her hips were so beautifully symmetrical, as his cock cleaved them, and disappeared into her belly. As he fucked deep into her belly, his hands continued to pull at her hair, and to pull at her tits. He mashed them in his hands, mauling her nipples and biting at her neck and shoulders, like a horse mounting a mare.

The fucking continued, with his balls slapping against her pussy lips as he drove his cock into her pussy and she slammed her ass back against him. Sweat ran down his chin and dripped onto her back, as her dimpled ass moved to and fro to capture his cock. As he fucked her harder and faster, he took time to lick his sweat from the small of her back. His hand rose and fell, slapping at her ass cheeks and turning them crimson. Each time he landed a blow, her pussy clutched at him and her juices flowed around is cock.

Finally, ne4dding desperately to come, to shoot his load up into her belly, he reached underneath her and slapped at her clit, once, twice , three times! His hand stung her clit, adding just enough pain to her pleasure to get her off. It was enough to send her over the edge, and the clutching of her pussy on his cock set him off in turn, as he shot stream after stream of come into her.

She finally fell forward across the table, bearing his weight, and feeling his cock in her belly and his hearing his whispers in her ear. Out in the night, a bird called, and he kissed her just behind her ear, tasting her sweat and feeling her pussy squeeze him one last time.

He leaned forward and bit at her ear, driving his softening cock once more into her pussy, then falling off her with a wet squelching sound.

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