Jane was early to the store. Since Covid had locked things down, she found it better, typically, to show up early. It meant she could leave early if she got the cash done. Not that there was anything to do at home, or a real reason to go home, but since everything was online or curbside and over the phone things were just busy, and a week of running all over the place, a girl gets tired.

She was surprised she didn’t see the bundles of newspapers outside the store. Unlocking the door, she found that the alarm was off and the papers had been brought inside. The lights were still off – maybe their delivery guy had come and gone already? He normally came later in the day. Maybe the boss? The basement door was open, and Jane walked to the top of the stairs where she heard something that made her stop dead.

“Oooh, oooh, fuck! Fuck, fuck me!”

Jane leaned her head in, hoping to hear more. There was some grunting, some moaning, a loud slap.

“Fuck, fuck, Alison, I’m gonna cum, baby!”

Chris? Jane knew his voice anywhere. Alison? Alison!? She’d worked here for a couple of years but she never, ever thought Chris and Alison would be hooking up. Chris and Jane had cooled things off once the lockdown started – neither wanted to risk infecting the other one… even though they worked together, they weren’t you know, fucking. Not that they hadn’t hooked up every so often. Not that Jane hadn’t gone to visit Chris’s dad once… no, twice, since she fucked him that one night that she slept over there. She wouldn’t forget the look on his face the first time she showed up unannounced. It took her a while to screw up the courage to do it, but she went to his house wearing nothing under her red peacoat. Well nothing but a garter and a bodice. They didn’t even make it into the house – Chris’s dad had her bent over on the porch and gave it to her hard. She was still leaking cum on the transit on the way home. She noticed people noticing but she didn’t care. She felt good. The second time they got as far as the kitchen before Jane couldn’t behave herself anymore and sucked his cock and swallowed his huge load. He had some viagra and they spent the rest of the afternoon fucking.

But Alison? She had a boyfriend!

“MMmmm fuck, cum in me!” Alison moaned. There was some more grunting and the unmistakable sound of Chris slapping Alison’s ass. Jane heard a chair slide on the floor and it sounded like they were done. She tip-toed back to the front of the store so they wouldn’t notice her snooping, then she waited a few minutes before loudly walking back to the stairs.

“Hey,” Jane called down the stairs.

“Hey,” Chris called back. It sounded like he was in the office.

“Is it just you here?” Jane asked, putting her bag down and taking off her coat.

“No, Alison’s here, too. She’s in the bathroom, she just got here.”


Chris rolled back in the chair in the office so he could see Jane. “Uh-huh.” He rolled back to the desk, out of sight.


There was a flush from the bathroom, and Alison came out. “Oh hey Jane.”

Jane smiled. Alison grabbed her coffee and went upstairs. Jane though she noticed a little limp in her step, maybe a slight wince. Jane mulled.

“I’m just about done cash, if you want to take the cash tray up.”

“You been here long?” Jane asked. She walked into the doorway to the office now so she could see Chris. Well the back of his head as he crunched numbers.

“Yeah a little while. Long enough to get this done.”

“You leaving early today?”

“I don’t have to – I know you like to, you’re here early. I don’t care.”

“Is Alison leaving early?”

“I don’t know, you’d have to ask her? We can’t all leave early, I honestly don’t care.”

“Mmmhmm. I’m going to make tea. I’ll see you up there.”

“Mmmhmm,” Chris parroted back.


The day, as usual, was a busy one. Since the lockdown, the store felt like it had been busier than ever before. Not in the fun, good way that is would get busy around the holidays, but a bad, joyless busy that before hadn’t existed. Orders would pile up, get picked as quickly as possible, processed, and kicked out the door or put in unruly piles awaiting customers to pick them up. By noon it had felt like they’d been there a week. And the phones were ringing. Constantly.

Jane went on break, grateful for the chance to get off the floor and off her feet.

Chris came down about 20 minutes after Jane’s break started.

“Hi,” Jane said, looking up from her book.

“Hey,” esmer gaziantep escort Chris went to the printer to get a print out of some special orders, and grabbed the stickers he’d printed.

“Backrub?” Jane smiled.

Jane didn’t have to ask twice. She knew Chris wouldn’t hesitate. Any reason to touch her, any reason to maybe slide his hands down her top and give her tits a squeeze…

Chris, true to form, obeyed. Moments later, Jane had her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of Chris’s hands on her.

“So…” she ventured, “what were you and Alison up to this morning?”


“Don’t play dumb, I heard you.”


“I heard you fucking her, don’t mmmhmm me.”

“I was fucking her. So?”

“So? What about me? You’ve barely touched me since this lockdown started. And you’re fucking her?”

“You were worried about spreading covid! I mean, I was, am, too, but you know. I haven’t been with anyone in months. I’m sure you haven’t, either. Alison.. It’s been stressful, you know? We’ve all been so busy. One night we were closing and… we didn’t even think, I don’t think we talked about it or anything, we just started kissing and then, my pants were down, hers were down…”


“Oh on the desk right down here where we process orders.”

“Oh my god.”

“Yeah, it’s a good height actually, for what we did.”

“You’re awful. You know she has a boyfriend right?”

“Yeah, so? Is he fucking her? I mean, probably, but this is stress relief. This is working through a shared trauma. This is traumatizing. All of this. Lockdown, work, stress. You feel it, too. I’m sure you’ve been getting your stress relief somewhere.”

Jane thought quickly about her flings with Chris’s dad. She felt her pussy get a little wet.

Oh and she thought about the dildo Chris bought her. And how it filled her tight little pussy up so well. And how hard she’d come fucking herself with it at night.

And that guy on the floor below her that she rubbed up against in the elevator. Even with covid, assholes would still pile into the elevator, and she’d seen this guy around the building for months. She got shoved into him, and then… well, they didn’t fuck in the elevator, but they did fuck in the stairwell. It was super uncomfortable, but it was so primal and just… rough. Masks on the whole time, but her screams when she came… anyone on that side of the building heard her, she knew. She didn’t care.

Lost in her thoughts, Jane didn’t notice Chris caressing one of her breasts until she felt his fingers on her nipple, giving it a playful squeeze.

“I still think about that dress you wore the other summer. Where I could see you tits? I love that dress.”

Jane squirmed, and Chris went back to her shoulders. They were so tight, they were always tight. Maybe Chris was right about the stress relief. She was stressed. She was always tense.

“Mmmmm, that feels nice.”

“Want to fuck later?”


“Want to fuck down here later? Like after work. I’m sure you could use it. My cock misses you.”

It was probably the massage talking, but Jane couldn’t think of a good reason to say no.

“Foot rub?” She asked.

“After I fuck the shit out of you.”


The afternoon, by comparison, flew by. Jane told Alison she was going to stay until close, so Alison could go home early. The other part-time staff were all eager to go, and Chris called it at 5:55.

“Shut it down everyone, let’s go home!”

Cash was closed, reports were printed. Jane was giving Chris some very knowing looks, and Chris was doing his best to pretend he didn’t see them.

“Oops, the printer is jammed.” Chris said. “You guys go on, I’ll poke at it for a couple minutes.”

“Should we tell the manager?” One of the plebs asked.

“Nah it’s not a problem, it just takes a couple of minutes. Go on, I’ll set the alarm on my way out.”

The other part-time staff hurried out, glad to be done for the day. Jane sidled into the printer room where she saw Chris smiling smugly.

“Printer jam?”

“No not actually. A pretty good excuse, though, they might wonder why you didn’t go with them.”

Chris leaned over Jane and kissed her hard on the mouth. He gripped her firm ass in his hands and led her to the office.

“It’s been a while since we did it in here,” Chris said, pushing Jane up onto the desk.

“It’s been a while since we did it anywhere,” Jane said back, undoing gaziantep esmer escort Chris’s belt and unzipping his fly. She could see his erection through his pants. He wasn’t subtle.

“How do you want to fuck me?” Jane pulled her black sweater over her head. She had on a cute bra – not a sexy one – but it presented her breasts nicely. They were nice breasts without it, better, even, but it looked hot.

“Right here, your legs up over my shoulders. I want to be deep in that pussy. I want you to feel every inch of me.”

“Mmmm,” Jane cooed. She had Chris’s pants down around his knees, she rubbed his cock through his underwear before tugging them down. His hard cock gleamed in front of her, pre-cum already dripping from the tip. Jane felt her pussy getting wet just looking at it. It had been a while since she’d been fucked really good.

Chris knelt in front of Jane, who was sitting on the desk now. He pulled her pants down and pushed her panties to the side. He paused, he’d not seen Jane’s pussy up close in person in some time – he had pictures she’d sent him, of course but – he missed the smell of it, he missed the taste. He plunged his tongue in, relishing it. He gripped her hips and pulled his face in as far as he could, soaking his face in her wetness. Jane held the back of his head, keeping him there, not letting him out for breath. She wanted to wrap her legs around him and keep him there forever, fucking her with his tongue. His tongue swirled around her clit, making her bite her lip. She’d forgotten how good at oral sex he was. She didn’t want to cum from it, not yet, but she felt herself slipping away…

Chris stood up. His cock was rock hard. He kissed Jane on the lips – she could taste herself on him, she could smell herself on him already. He rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy, sliding it up and down her slit, lubing it up with her own juices. Then, slowly, he pushed in. First the head, and Jane smiled, then the shaft until he was buried as deeply as he could go. Jane grabbed his shoulders and dug her nails in. He wasn’t even thrusting yet, but it felt so good to be so full. She wished she had her buttplug in, too. Chris pulled out, not all the way, and thrust back in. He pawed at her breast through her bra – her nipple was hard, as though expecting his touch. He liked to squeeze them – what he really liked to do was suck on them hard enough to bruise them – a shame he couldn’t do it from this position. Jane loved feeling marked – knowing she had a bruise on her chest from Chirs’s mouth made her horny all day when it happened.

Chris was thrusting faster now. Jane’s legs were up over Chris’s shoulders, her head was thumping against the wall with every thrust. She didn’t care, she’d been waiting for this for so long he could be choking her and she wouldn’t care.

“Choke me,” Jane gasped, “please.”

Chris let go of Jane’s tit and squeezed her neck.

“Fuucck, Chris…” Jane managed to gasp. Jane’s moaning reached a fevered pitch. She struggled for breath but she felt her pussy gripping Chris’s cock tight, she felt him swelling inside her, the heat in her was going to explode.

“Fuucck!” Jane came, and Chris let go of her neck. He gripped her hips and pushed his cock in as deeply as he could. She felt him swell inside her, felt his cum pumping deep inside her, filling her with his heat. Chris gave a few final thrusts before sliding his slick cock out.

“Holy shit, that was…”

Alison stood in the door of the office. How much had she seen? Jane tried to cover herself up, but it seemed like a futile gesture. Chris didn’t seem bothered at all.

“Intense?” Chris offered.

“Don’t get up,” Alison said, stepping into the room. Chris looked like he was ready to go again.

“What are you doing here?” Jane asked, “I thought you went home!”

“I did.” She opened her jacket. Underneath she wasn’t wearing anything other than a bra and panties and an exciting garter. “I wanted to change into this. I was going to meet up with Chris after work but then you wanted me to go home early. I can see why…”

Jane started at Alison – she’d never fantasized about Alison in any way before, she never even thought about girls sexually at all, no matter how many times Chris asked her to. But seeing Alison in front of her awoke something inside her. Sort of.

Alison was a little taller than Jane, she had bigger boobs and a bigger ass and those were both good things. Not that Jane was jealous, gaziantep esmer escort bayan she loved her perfect petite body, but there was something in the wiggle and jiggle that she liked.

“I haven’t eaten a pussy in ages,” Alison said. “Do you mind? I mean, if it’s weird for you, I get it but you’re here, I’m here, and I kinda want to go down on you.”

It was weird, Jane thought. Chris was stroking his cock watching these two ladies face off. Alison didn’t kneel on the ground, but leaned forwards and kissed Jane on the mouth. Jane wasn’t expecting that and reflexively kissed back. Alison kissed down Jane’s neck to her breasts. She took each one in her mouth slowly, savouring them, flicking Jane’s hard little nipples with her tongue, biting them gently. Jane closed her eyes and enjoyed. Alison slid a finger into Jane’s wet pussy… wet with her heat, and wet, dripping wet, with Chris’s cum, just now starting to leak out onto the desk. Jane opened her eyes when she heard a gasp – Alison moaned as Chris pushed his cock into her. He smiled at Jane and slapped Alison’s ass hard. Harder, she thought, than he’d ever hit her. Alison moved down, kissing Jane’s stomach then down to her public mound and finally, started kissing around her pussy, teasing her lips a little, her hot little tongue poking into the delicate folds before darting into her sopping cunt. Jane hoped she could taste Chris in there, imagining Alison licking his cum out of her pussy. Jane loved knowing she had been first, that Chris was fucking Alison now with a cock covered in her juices.

Alison’s finger and tongue really knew what they were doing. Jane felt her body start to tense, then shake, as she felt another orgasm coming. Alison slid a second finger inside her and started pushing hard against her G-spot. Jane started whimpering, and Chris’s thrusts became harder and faster. Alison was moaning on Jane’s clit, the vibrations making Jane hit her limit. It wasn’t clear who came first or if they came together – Alison felt Chris filling her cunt with his thick semen, and Jane screamed and clutched Alison’s hair as her body was wracked with another orgasm. It took Jane a few moments to catch her breath. She saw Alison wiping her face clean with Chris’s t-shirt.

“Want to return the favour?” Alison asked, and winked. Jane was breathless. Maybe it was the afterglow, maybe her own curiosity, maybe she just didn’t know but she nodded. She got off the table and Alison took her place, spreading her legs for Jane.

Jane hadn’t been this close to another woman’s pussy ever. It was strange and beautiful. She saw Chris’s cum already oozing out of Alison’s pussy. Jane bent over, as Alison did, and carefully kissed her inner thighs, kissing closer. She could feel the heat from Alison’s pussy near her face and she finally screwed up her courage and gently probed Alison’s lips with her tongue. She could taste Chris, she licked up the salty semen and moved on – she licked Alison the way she liked to be licked. She licked her clit up and down and side to side, swirling her tongue around it, licking lower, pushing her tongue into Alison’s pussy. Jane smiled, Chris was kneeling behind her, his hands holding her hips, his tongue gently probing her asshole. She loved being tongue-fucked back there. She knew she wasn’t going to cum from it but damn it felt good.

Jane licked a finger and gently slid it into Alison’s pussy – she had only ever fingered herself, so this was new and unfamiliar territory coming at it from this direction. It was alien but good. She followed her instinct and started sliding her finger in and out of Alison. Alison responded by lifting her pelvis up a little, giving Jane better access. Maybe it was because Chris was tongue-fucking her so good, but Jane felt her tongue dip down lower, and just briefly, it brushed Alison’s asshole.

“Mmmmmm,” Alison cooed, “keep doing that. That’s good… that’s good…” Alison’s fingers coiled in Jane’s hair – even if Jane wanted to pull back, she couldn’t. She fingered Alison harder, faster. She’d never made another woman cum before, but she knew Alison was so close. She felt Alison start to shake, then released a low, animalistic moan. Jane knew that it was time to let up, and pulled back. Alison seemed to go limp, and then let out a loud, contented sigh.

“Now that’s what I call stress-relief. I feel like I could do all this again tomorrow.”

“I’m not in,” Chris said.

“Well, we won’t wait up.” Alison winked, put her coat on and was up the stairs before the other two could stop her.

“I think we should definitely keep doing this. I feel better. More relaxed.”

“Uh-huh,” Jane said, getting dressed. “You just liked seeing her eat me out.”

“I liked seeing you eat her out, too. And the fucking.”

“You’re an ass.”

“I’ll let you get going – I don’t want anyone to see us leaving together, they might get ideas.” Chris laughed.

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