Blue Glow

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She lay stretched on one of the lounge sun beds by the pool. The underwater pool lights provided an ambient blue glow and the cool night air felt delicious on her naked skin. She was on her side, one knee drawn up, her head snuggled into the coolness of a cushion. She was slipping into a light doze when she felt his hand lightly caressing her ass. The light, sensual touch of his smooth fingers as he traced her cheeks raised goosebumps and she hugged herself and shivered a little. She arched her hips in response to indicate she wanted more of his gentle petting.

The skin around her bottom and partially exposed labia tingled each time his fingers followed her crack to touch her between her legs. She felt sexy as his fingers gently probed the opening slit of her vagina and then felt wanton and horny as his fingers drew along her slit to probe her little rosebud asshole before continuing to the top and starting over again. She liked the tactile feeling of having her bottom explored and the excitement and lust the probing fingers ignited. The intimate petting made her feel desirable and wanted. Each time his hands slipped down her crack to her bottom the probes were deeper and more meaningful with a bahis siteleri promise of more excitement and penetration. She felt her pussy wetting in anticipation and opened her legs to indicate her desire for more and deeper stimulation.

With one knee drawn up she rolled a little onto her belly and arched her ass up as if reaching to accommodate his fingers each time they paused between her legs. She felt her wet cunt swell open from the delicate caressing of her clitoris. She liked the smooth rub of the fingers drawing along her crack from her clitoris to then slip into her wet cunt. She melted in pleasure at their insertion only to flash into the excited heat as his pussy wet finger penetrated her clenched little asshole. The stimulation of double penetration made her open her legs more and raise her ass to accommodate his fingers. The petting filled her with lust as his fingers slipped smoothly in and out of her making her want to seize the fingers, force them deep inside her and fuck herself wildly.

She liked how the intense foreplay made her feel, how her sexual tension built as the petting grew steadily more aggressive and intimate. It was nice to have someone lavish her bonus kodu with sexual affection in the most intimate way possible. She liked not being rushed and letting her excitement grow allowing herself to be vulnerable, open and eager for attention. She liked to have her legs spread and then to be touched, petted and fondled. She was unembarrassed knowing her ass and cunt were wide open in front of her lovers face to play with. She loved him playing with her ass, finger fucking her, licking her ass and nipping and biting her butt cheeks. It made her hot and she felt sultry and slutish and she wanted to rut like an animal.

There was a break in the rhythm and she felt his fingers slip out of her. A gentle pressure on her hip prompted her to turn over and lay on her back. She watched her lover push her legs wide, work his hands and arms under her butt and lift her. He leaned into her and took her in his mouth. The anticipation and warm wetness of his tongue and lips almost made her pee and she gasped. She laid back and closed her eyes to concentrate on the delicious sensation of being eaten. She felt his tongue just at the top edge of her slit slide down the side of her clitoris yeni slotlar 2024 and flick in and out of her pussy tasting her vagina. His tongue slid back up and lashed her clitoris, ratcheting up her level of excitement several notches. His wet, warm mouth and tongue felt positively sinful as he forcefully rubbed the sensitive skin between her clit and cunt.

There was a bumping pressure against the opening of her cunt and then a sudden fullness that caused her an intake of breath when he slid a dildo into her. The dildo slipped easily in and out and stretched and pulled the skin of her labia over her clit producing a delightful stimulation. He continued to lick her as he fucked her with the dildo and her sexual tension increased very quickly. When she felt her ass probed and a finger inserted she began to orgasm.

She forced her pussy further into his mouth and pushed her little hardon hard against his rubbing tongue. Her crotch felt hot and soiled and she suddenly recoiled and then bowed upward hard against his tongue and mouth. She seized his head and clamped it to her cunt and face fucked him as hard and fast as she could moaning and swearing. As she peaked she pushed his face away and went limp. She felt the glide of the dildo and his finger for several minutes, then felt them slip out of her and watched as her lover withdraw from between her legs, stand and walk into the dark without a word. Her pussy felt sated as she lay on the lounge and smiled.

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