Blackmailed Couple Ch. 21

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Note from author: This story involves possible non-consensual sexual relationships….it’s purely fantasy, and for those who find that offensive, please move on. I’m always open to constructive criticism, but that’s for the betterment of the story, not for ‘bashing’. Also, for those who seem to enjoy bringing kids into the mix, it’s not gonna happen. I don’t even find that enjoyable in fantasy. This all relates to a couple who have gotten in over their heads, and will remain on an adult level, not on a foolishly perverted level. For those who seem to continue to read and bash, move on; this is adult erotica, if it’s not your taste, then there’s plenty out there that can entertain you elsewhere! For the many who have expressed enjoyment, thank you!

Chapter Twenty One: Revelations Begin

“Good evening Eddie. Aren’t you going to invite me into your home?”

I hesitated, still in shock that He was there in our doorway. Instant feelings of shame flooded over me, as all of the memories of the time He’d spent on me at the party came bursting into my mind. I stepped aside, motioning for him to come in.

“Eddie, while you are in my presence, you will answer me, properly. And do not forget to call me Master Nick. Now, please invite me into your home for the evening.”

My face flushed, and I knew it was going to be a long evening. “Please, Master Nick…come in to my home.”

The affect of the past few weeks of men using my wife in our own home had had a dramatic impact on me. It had really begun to hit home, and I was settling into such a meek role, so full of humiliation that it had begun to seem natural, the way things had to be for me. Maybe that’s what Master Nick had been waiting for; for me to be so broken down by the time he arrived, that I wouldn’t have any defenses up for His arrival.

He strode past me, setting his bag down beside me as he entered. “Take this up to the bedroom and wait, Eddie. I’ll have a look around, but I expect you to be naked and kneeling in the corner of your bedroom when I enter.”

I humbly followed his directions, as he went on into the house to explore, as well as to collect my wife. I must have been on the floor kneeling naked for 20 minutes before I heard him approach. My wife entered first, and her face was red and flushed. She was still fully clothed, which surprised me. I was aware of my arousal suddenly; the minute I heard them approach, my humbled and lifeless cock had begun to fill. Behind her came in Master Nick. He had a drink in his hand, and was sipping it as he stood beside the woman I love and watched me.

Taking his time, he addressed me. “Eddie, you’re doing very well in all of this, from what I’ve understood as well as seen for myself. For the past month, you’ve watched your loving wife become a whore for our special group; I’ve been in contact with Master Mark, and he’s understanding that it’s time to move you both to a new level. That’s why I’m here. I think you both fully understand that you’re obligated now, to continue to obey; there’s going to be another meeting, soon, and I’m here to prepare you both for that. Up until now, Eddie, you haven’t really been locked down in your private sexual life with your wife.” He knelt down in a superior way before me, still sipping on his drink, forcing me to look into his eyes as he spoke. “I can only imagine how it’s been for you, to know that your wife is a whore for your superiors to use at their leisure; but now it’s time for you to begin to understand that your sexuality, both of yours, is truly under our control.”

He stood up then, and walked back over to where my wife was standing; there he began to casually touch her. His hand was on her face, then her neck; it caressed the outside of her body, coming back up to unbutton the front of her blouse. “It’s also time for you to understand that Mark is just another person in our group; although he’s your Master, and he was the one to bring you in, ultimately you belong to the group. Even Mark doesn’t have full control over what happens to you now. He’s been grooming you for us; that is a role that he is required to fulfill for us.” His words were flooding my mind with fear, even as his hand had now opened her blouse completely. Anna allowed it to be slipped off of her shoulders, falling to the floor in a heap at her feet. I saw her eyes looking down, so humbled; she was even trembling slightly, so I knew his words were hitting home with her as well.

“As I said before, by now you understand that you have an obligation. There is no more choosing, and by the way your wife has fallen into her role as a whore this past month, I think you both understand that. Eddie, our group has very special desires, and having a submissive loving couple such as yourselves is a treat for us. We have plans for the two of you, some you may not like. But you don’t have a choice in this.” His tone had gathered a bit of strength, and his control over us was sinking all the way in. The fear of what he might say next was keeping me on edge, and I also noticed that my wife’s eyes were tearing up. His hand had not stopped touching mersin escort my wife, even more so as he released the clasp on her bra to expose her breast so lewdly as she stood there topless.

“Tonight, Eddie, your own ability to release your sexual urges will become no longer yours. From here on out, sex with your wife will be completely by our design, as well as your own sexuality. I need you to understand this, and to understand that you have no choice in the matter. To make sure you understand, I’m going to remind you of all of the material that we have on you two. Do you understand, Eddie, that you must obey us in all things? I need to hear you say it, and Anna, you too. So Eddie, tell me.”

My head was spinning, even as my cock stood out from between my kneeling legs. God how I hated my body’s betrayal. I looked down, contemplating, but already knowing that there was no choice. “Yes Sir…I understand. I understand that we have to obey You in all things.”

He stood behind Anna as he set his drink down, one hand pulling an arm behind her, the other reaching around to roughly fondle her bareness. “Anna?”

Her tears were coming down now, knowing that there was nothing she could do, knowing that it was far too late to put a stop to this. “Yes Sir.”

One hand reached up to grasp her throat, in a possessive way. “Little whore, say what it means for you. Tell me you understand. You need to be aware that this means everything, slut. Everything. More than what it’s been, far more. Do you know that your own job is ours to control now? Hmm? Do you know that your body is ours, your time is ours, your husband is ours, your life is ours now?”

With a sob, she broke down completely. “Yes Sir, yes…. I know that we belong to you in every way now. I know that we have no choice anymore, at all.”

“Good girl, good girl.” His voice was somewhat soothing, as he let go of her and whispered for her to completely strip.

Picking up his drink, he continued. “In two weeks, you will both spend the weekend with the core members of our group. There, you will learn the full extent of the changes that are coming.” Then a mild smirk came to his lips, as he filled in a small detail that seemed to humor him. “Of course, you will both be branded at that time, in more ways than one. You are both going to forever be marked as our owned little couple.”

He stood in front of me, so casually unzipping his pants as my wife finished stripping. Pulling out his now hard cock, he pulled my face to it as he continued telling us of our doom. I knew what to do, I knew there was no choice. Even the humiliation of doing this in front of my wife seemed far way; there was no choice. I opened my mouth, and took him in, going slowly.

He moaned a slight approval, clearly enjoying the power. “Eddie, you have some changes coming your way. I personally will handle your conversion the rest of the way. Your wife… well, I won’t spoil the surprises. But your wife will be too busy with her own new life to worry about what’s becoming of the ‘man’ she married.

“The key, you see, for both of you, is for you both to learn that your bodies are not your own. Eddie, your focus is to learn that it’s all about The Cock. You are going to learn to understand that, and learn your role in this new life. And you are going to learn that your wife’s role is something you have to accept and support. Anna, your focus is going to be that your body does not belong to you; every part of your body, every function, belongs to the group now. What we decide for you is how it will be. Even tonight, you are going to learn that your bodily functions are not your own.”

At that point, he pulled out of my mouth; I was almost disappointed, wanting to have that task to keep my mind busy, not wanting to be idle and have to focus on the meaning of everything he was revealing to us. He went to his bag then, and pulled out the items that he planned to utilize.

He told me to get on all fours; handing a black plug to my wife, he instructed her to lubricate my ass and to insert the plug. While she did that, he laid out the next item. It was some kind of leather strap; he wrapped it around my waist, pulling up a section that would hold the plug in place. The front of the device had a metal ring that went around my cock and balls, and then it was buckled in place. I was quickly becoming lost in the full submission of having my body strapped up, feeling the fullness inside of me. He had me crawl across the room to the far corner; there he fastened leather cuffs to each of my limbs, and then those were attached behind my back as I knelt to a pair of bars that were attached in an “X” shape. I was completely immobilized now, in a kneeling position, with a plug in my ass, and my cock throbbing through the ring so visible to them both. A ball gag was the final piece he attached to me. I can’t begin to explain the depths of submission that flooded into me in that position. I was helpless, and I knew it. Now his attention turned to my wife, the woman I love with all of my heart; kocaeli escort and I knew that there was nothing I would be able to do to help save her.

Her binding was simple; it was a long single leather ‘glove’ that he slid up her arms as they were behind her back. Laces allowed the glove to be tightened, and her chest was thrust out as he tightened it. He led her to the bed where she was then bent over. From his bag, he grabbed some more equipment, then disappeared into the bathroom.

“Anna, this is the beginning of your training, where you will learn that your body is simply not your own. It’s important for you to begin to understand this, because in the end, you are going to fully understand how this body now belongs to the group.” With that said, he approached her, and I knew what he had in store. It was an enema. Although I’d never seen any of the equipment first hand, I knew enough to recognize it. He took his time with setting it up, and then took even more time in administering it to her. My angle allowed me to watch it all; I couldn’t get over the fact that I was so helpless. I watched her humiliation, saw as she buried her face in the bed with tears, heard her groaning with the discomfort. I could see her belly getting distended as he filled her further and further. It was then that he pulled out a camera, and took pictures of her so lewdly bent over and full; he made sure that she knew what he was doing, having her turn her tear stained eyes to the camera. For good measure, he also took photos of me in my helpless position.

He left her to squirm like that for the longest time, as he went downstairs to fix another drink. When he came back up, he helped her up and into the restroom. I could see as he stood there watching her, without emotion, as she was forced to void herself in front of him. He continued to mention to her that her body was from here on out not her own, that she needed to learn and accept this fact. I could see that he was the one to clean her up, since her hands were still tightly bound behind her back; then he led her back to the bed and proceeded to do it all over again!

It was killing me, to see my wife so humiliated; even all that we’d done to date, with so many men using her, none of it compared to how much shame I knew she was feeling now. Her sobbing continued, and I could see that she was now in a real sense of ‘sub-space’. I doubted she was even really aware of my own presence in the room now. He took her again into the restroom, and this time pictures were taken. Cleaning her up again, he then led her out on very wobbly legs back to the bed. Releasing her arms, he then stripped and joined her on the bed. He held her, kissing her gently, whispering things to her that I couldn’t make out. I knelt there, quietly, aching, watching as she answered whispered questions, watching as she kissed him back, watching as they seemed to cuddle like lovers. I felt my own anguish overwhelm me as he made love to her; there is no other description for what he did. My anguish overwhelmed me because it seemed to me that she made love back to him. A man she hardly even knew had just humiliated her beyond words, and then they made love, all in front of me. I just wanted to crumble down and drown in my misery.

In the quiet of their afterglow, as they cuddled, I knelt there, feeling the pain sink into me, feeling the shame. Mixed with the arousal that still wouldn’t go away, my mind began to accept it. All of it. There was no way around it, as He said.

Then Master Nick was out of the bed, standing before me. The ball gag was removed, and I was sucking His cock. His words whispered down to me, as I tasted the mixture of their lovemaking. “It’s all about The Cock.”

As His Cock hardened again, he released me from my bondage. Bent over the bed, just as my wife was earlier, my plug was removed, and His Cock was in me. My face was burning, my grunting from being taken the only noise in the room.

My wife’s nakedness was before me now; he’d told her to get up, and present herself to me. I hadn’t realized it earlier, but somehow he must’ve been in her ass. It had been cleaned, it only made sense that he would use it. It was still flowering from being used, and I could see Master Nick’s semen still oozing from it. My lips were on her, my tongue in her, sucking, licking. I knew my place. It was all about The Cock.

It was 2 a.m. when I woke up. I was on the floor, wrapped tightly from shoulders to ankles in rope; I was next to the bed that Master Nick was in with my wife. The noise that woke me was him making love to her again; no, it wasn’t making love. He was fucking her. Hard. Suddenly my own cock was alive again; I still hadn’t been allowed any kind of release, and my balls were feeling sore from being aroused so much. I couldn’t see up on the bed, and it was dark anyway; but I could hear him speaking to her harshly. Then I heard slaps, and her gasping out in pain, along with her grunts from being fucked. I couldn’t be sure, but I though the slaps were on her face. His tone was harsh, samsun escort and his words harsher.

“You fucking stupid slut, nothing can save you from this. Your man, your husband, the fucking wimp is bound on the floor beside us. He can’t save you, and he won’t. You don’t have any choice in this, not anymore. You have no idea the things that will be done to you, you stupid whore.” She was crying, and I heard more slaps. Over and over, he continued his verbal and physical assault, and eventually he had made her beg for this. Beg to be used, beg to be hurt, beg to be marked permanently as a sexual slave for the Group.

“Your job, your life…all of that is about to change. Neither of you have any choice in this!” Those were his last words as he released his pent up passion into her yet again tonight.

In the morning, I woke to Master Nick taking the rope from my body. He stood me up next to the bed and pointed out my wife who was still lying there half asleep. She was a mess. Her hair was a tangled mess, but what really stood out to me was her face. It was in a perpetual flush, obviously from being slapped quite a bit. Her cheeks were puffy, not overly so, but looking sore. Her lower lip was swollen as well, as if she’d bit it hard…or someone bit it hard. Her eyes weren’t black, but one of them showed hints of bruising.

“Do you see your whore wife, Eddie?” he said as he yanked the covers down off of her body. She was sprawled out, looking so much like a used woman. Her breast was red too, marks showing strongly from where she was gripped or even slapped there as well. She stirred slightly, and a low moan escaped her lips as she grumbled from being disturbed. Obviously she was exhausted.

Master Nick, still naked, then climbed in on top of her, entering her in a single thrust. He turned his head to look at me, locking on my eyes the whole time. “You know, Eddie, there’s nothing quite like taking a man’s wife right in front of him. The power, my God how invigorating it is.”

I just stood there, watching. I didn’t know what to say, what to do. There really was nothing I could say. And worse yet, my arousal came on strongly again.

He laughed as he saw my shame. “Yes, look at you. Look at your little peter, Eddie. You aren’t a man. Standing there, watching as the woman you love is being molested. Did you see her face, Eddie? Your wife can be beaten, in your own bed, right next to you. Beaten, and fucked….and all you can do is stand there with your hard-on, wanting to wank off at the very image of it all.” He continued working his cock in and out of her, fucking her, pausing in his verbal berating just to enjoy the fuck. It was a quick fuck, a demonstration all for the benefit of beating me down. “Watch, Eddie, watch as I use her in front of you. Watch as I violate this whore you call your wife.” His eyes were locked on mine as I saw him intensify and then spill what he had into her.

Resting on top of her for a moment, he turned his attention to looking at her face. Suddenly with a violent move, he leaned in and sucked hard on her neck, making her cry out; one thing I noticed though, was that she didn’t reach to push him away…her arms simply grabbed on to his back, her knuckles clenching white as she endured it. When he pulled away, there was a huge, dark mark on the full side of her neck. He admired his work for a moment, then he spit on her face; a backhand came down against her cheek. She cried out, moving her hands up to prevent any more blows; she was sobbing, likely from shame as well as pain. Then he was out of the bed. He shoved me off to the side as he strode into the shower.

I laid down next to her, holding her. I didn’t know what to say, so I just soothed her by lying with my arms around her. She continued sobbing into my chest until Master Nick came out of the shower.

With a towel around his waist, he went purposefully to his bag, and pulled out yet another device. This was a device I’d been expecting, after the way he’d talked last night.

“Do you know what this is, Eddie?” he said as he held it up. Without waiting for an answer, he went on. “This is a male chastity device. A CB3000.” Sitting down next to me, he reached between my legs to put the device on me. I was still semi-hard, but he managed to get it in place.

I didn’t want to move, I wanted to hold my wife; and he didn’t make me move. He simply reached between my legs and handled my genitals as if it were only natural. My face turned beat red, and my insides were churning at the simple act of what he was doing. But I didn’t try to stop him. I was already defeated.

From the bag again, he pulled out a tiny metal lock. It was snapped in place without ceremony. He paused to study what he’d done, handling me a bit more to make sure everything was snug and right; then he looked me in the eyes again, smiling. “There. Now we know you won’t be able to pleasure yourself, with or without your wife. Eddie, if you try to break out of it, your life will be destroyed by the photos and videos of what you’ve done. So I recommend that you keep that in mind.” His attention turned to Anna; she was still lightly sniffling, her head against my chest. “Anna, now you have a mild taste of what it’s like to know that you have absolutely no control. Savor the taste, and think on it long and hard. You have no choices anymore in this, and you will do the things that are required of you.”

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