The pulse of the drums was deafening. Allen found himself dancing between two sweaty jock-clad daddy bears bouncing to the music. Rough hands slid up his kilt. One of them, Red-haired and stocky, danced in close to Allen, pushing his ass into Allen’s crotch.A tongue entered his mouth. A rough white beard rubbed against his cheeks.”Come with us.” A hand grabbed each of his wrists and he followed.A beaded curtain parted before the trio and they entered a dark back room. The drum beat was still present but accented with moans and slapping noises. Allen’s back was pressed against a cold wall. His kilt lifted. Two mouths found his hardening cock and kissed around it.Hands teased his balls, thighs, and hole. One of the daddies stood and licked the side of his face and said, “Want to be in the middle when that sling is free?” The bald man pointed to a leather hammock swinging with a twink aboard. “Let’s enjoy the show.” Allen winked.They approached to queue up for the sling. Allen’s kilt was a formality at this point as his body was bare to those near enough to see. The bald bear kept his mouth on Allan’s cock and balls.The sling emptied the red-headed bear hopped in with practiced ease. A hand grabbed Allen’s head and pushed him into the displayed hole.Sweaty, musty, and sweet. Allen tongued the hole of the daddy bear in the sling. He tasted the tang of lube and he paused to look at the man whose hole he was eating. “Prepped and suriyeli escort ready for you boy,” he responded with a devious smirk. Allen stood back up and took aim at the hole.The other man undid Allen’s belt and removed the kilt. Freed and skyclad, he slid into the red-headed bear’s hole. He was quite lubed and Allen quickly got up a good thrusting rhythm. The bald daddy wrapped his hands around Allen’s chest and played with his nipples. The redhead groaned and growled with each thrust. His pierced cock bounced against his hairy belly. “Mind if I slide in?” the thick beard nuzzling his neck.Allen thrust deep into the man in the sling, turned his head to the white-bearded man, winked, and spread his legs. A cool slick finger gently wiggled into his hole, opening him slowly. “I think you’re ready,” the daddy said into his ear. Allen leaned forward.The bald man entered him which pushed Allen deeper into the red-haired bear. The song changed to a rapid trance number and the three soon found themselves fucking along to the beat. A small crowd gathered to watch the trio fuck to the music.Hot, grinding, fast, fucking. Allen’s body was electric. His cock was in a velvet chute that seemed to grip and suck him in. His hole burned with the hot thrusts. He surrendered to the rhythm and sensations.Hands, nipples, cocks, holes. Pinching, grinding, thrusting, grasping. Spitting, grunting, suriyeli escort bayan begging fucking.He felt his balls tighten to his body, ready to blow. As if in response, the hole he drilled clamped down on him even more. The legs of the red-headed bear spread wider. A hand gripped his shoulder and his waist. He felt teeth sink into his shoulder. He wasn’t sure if he was thrusting or being thrust. It didn’t matter. He was cumming, he was cumming and he was cumming. He filled, was filled, and emptied.It didn’t stop, only slowed. Cum dripped to the floor joining spurts and pools already there. Allen held still, breathed deep, still deep in, and still probed deep. His head spun, his cock pulsed, and his hole stretched. “Want to take a turn in the sling?” a breathless whisper punctuated with a thrust. Allen wanted nothing more, his knees trembled at the thought. The red-headed bear seemed to know exactly what the next move was he reached for Allen who pulled him up and out of the leather sling. He grabbed Allen tight around the waist and forcefully kissed him.“Time to return the favor,” the man said, still kissing Allen. His short beard roughly rubbed against the younger man’s face. Allen was spun while their tongues tousled. The kiss broke and Allen was lifted by both men and fell into the enveloping leather swing. He felt his own cum stick to his ass as he shifted escort suriyeli into position.The red-headed bear was between his legs, a hungry smile on his face. He lowered himself to Allen’s cum dripping hole and tongue fucked the sling-bound younger man. Allen’s hips rolled in ecstasy. The tongue fucked him deeply, probing, tasting, getting his hole even wetter.The bald bear with the white beard was next to him, hard cock pressing against Allen’s face. He took the young man’s hands and wrapped leather restraints around his wrists. Allen’s feet were in stirrups. He was going nowhere and was immensely aroused by the idea. He took the bald man’s cock into his mouth in thanks. Tasting cum and his own ass as he sucked.Allen’s ass was wet and cool as the red-headed bear took his mouth off the hole. He jerked his cock slightly and aimed at Allen’s spread ass. The pierced cock slid deep inside of him in a single thrust. It was larger than the previous cock which now filled his mouth. The couple began fucking him in earnest now, again to the beat of the club music. The crowd tightened in. A flash of a camera went off. There were more cocks pressed against Allen’s restrained body. In his hands, on his side, a second cock on his face trying to get in his mouth.He was surrounded and ecstatic. Bouncing and swinging. Voices, grunts, swears, and cocks. Allen didn’t know whose cock was whose and he didn’t care. He was full, he was covered in sweat and spit and spurts of cum. Man after man, cock after cock entered him, fucked, came and went. Some big, some small, all satisfied.At one point while being fucked by the biggest cock yet, a short stocky furball of a man climbed on top of Allen and rode his cock. His hairy ass enveloped Allen and milked him for all he was worth. 

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