It seems like this week is taking a month to complete. Being the last week of school I’ve had a lot of finals to study for. Mom seems to be really tense. Not sure if it’s me or work that is the cause of her consternation. I’ve been fending Aunt Meg off, citing my time consumed with preparing for finals but in reality I don’t want to ruin things with mom until I know what she wants to do about us.

I decided that I owed Aunt Meg an explanation, after all we’ve become very intimate and she appeared to be confused and frustrated with my apparent lack of interest in her these last two days. Wednesday night I went into mom’s room as she was getting ready for bed.

I wrapped her in my arms and said, “Mom is everything okay? You seem to be upset.” My hands ran through her hair as I held her close.

She sighed and said, “I’m upset with myself for feeling the way I do about you. It’s troubling that as much as I tell myself that I’m your mother I think about how unmotherly you make me feel in moments like this. I don’t know what to do.”

I kissed the top of her head as I comforted her in my arms, “Mom please don’t be upset. It’s okay. You will see what needs to be done and everything will work out.”

She reached up and kissed me softly over and over, her hand lovingly caressing my face as I returned her kisses. She looked in my eyes and said, “Moments like this makes things very difficult for me. It would be so easy to be with you but it’s wrong.”

I cut her off with a kiss, my tongue snaking into her mouth as my hands cupped her delicious ass. She moaned but didn’t pull away. We lost ourselves in the illicit moment of our kiss. She mewed in my ear, “Wow. I love you Wes. You make me feel so desired. You’re making things so difficult for me.”

I nibbled on her neck, licked down to her shoulder and back up to her ear and whispered, “I think I’m making things easy for you. You’ll see it soon. What we have can be very special if you allow yourself to dream.”

She smiled and said, “Oh Wes.” Then smothered my mouth with hers, vigorously, passionately, and deliciously. I returned her ferocity as we held onto each other, our hands wandering, exploring, caressing.

I said, “Wow! I can get used to that.” She laughed, squeezed me tight and said, “Good night baby. Thank you.”

I said, “Good night. If you get lonely feel free to come sleep with me.”

She smiled and said, “Good night.”

I found Aunt Meg sitting in the great room watching TV. I sat next to her and asked, “Aunt Meg can we talk?” She turned the TV off and said, “This sounds serious.”

I smiled and said, “It’s important but I don’t think it’s bad.”

“Okay but can you please do me a favor and call me Meg.”

I laughed and said, “Okay Meg. I know that you and I have shared some very intimate moments since you arrived and I feel that I can trust you so I will be transparent.”

“Okay, I’ve been feeling weird these last couple of days. Is it something I did?”

“No it’s me and I know that you will be discreet with what I’m going to say.”

She nodded yes so I continued, “Meg I think I’m in love with my mom.”

She gasped and said, “Oh baby. Does Becky know?”

I said, “Yes but she is having problems dealing with all of this since she is my mom.”

Meg hugged me and said, “Oh Wes. This must be so hard for you and Becky.”

“It is for mom as I’m willing to wait until she makes a decision. That’s why I’ve been so distant lately. When mom suspected you and Casey messing around, it scared me that she could also see our intimacy and ruin any hope I have to be with her. Does that make sense?”

Meg nodded yes and said, “Oh baby. I understand. You poor thing. I’ll be on my best behavior so that she doesn’t suspect anything. Don’t push your mom. I know her. She has been by herself for so long that she is probably having a difficult time dealing with all the complicated emotions running through her mind. Eventually she will follow her heart and make the right decision.”

“Thank you Meg I appreciate the advice. I’m glad you came to stay with us. I have enjoyed the time we spent together.”

Meg hugged me and said, “Wes not only are you a handsome young stud but you are also a kind and caring gentleman. Thank you for trusting me to tell me your feelings. I love you Wes.”

“Meg is everything okay? I mean mom didn’t say much as to why you came to stay with us but you mentioned that you haven’t had much luck with men. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Like everything in my life it’s complicated. I’ve been hurt so many times by people that said they loved me but this last one was very difficult for me. I thought he was going to propose but instead he got back with his ex. That was two months ago and last week I found out they got married. Your mom insisted I come stay here until I felt comfortable. Thanks to you and Casey I’m feeling much better. I’m not there yet by any means but you guys have made me feel much better about myself.”

Thursday şahinbey escort night was very busy for me as I had two finals Friday morning. I was in my room studying when Meg knocked on the door and asked, “Can I come in for a second?”

I said, “Sure come on in Meg.”

Meg seemed excited as she said, “I have great news. Casey and I are going down to Marco Island Saturday. We are going to stay overnight so that we can hit the beach Saturday and all day Sunday.”

I must have been tired from the studying because I didn’t immediately grasped the true meaning. Meg sensed my lack of understanding so she chimed, “Hello? Anyone home upstairs? You and mom will have the house to yourself for two days. Thank you very much. Your welcome.”

My face lit up and I grabbed Meg and hugged her tight, “Thank you Meg. This is going to be great! Thank you. Thank you.”

“Your welcome Wes! I’m pretty excited to be able to spend two days with Casey. I can’t wait to hear how your weekend goes. I love you Wes.”

“I love you too Meg. Thank you.”

I had trouble falling asleep as I pondered what to do with mom this weekend. I knew that whatever I came up with I had to be careful to not push mom too much. Anything that happens will be because mom wants it to happen. I just need to be patient and make the atmosphere conducive to allow mom the opportunity to want something to happen.

After what seemed like the longest week of my life, Friday night finally had arrived. We ordered pizza and sat around the kitchen table, we talked, we ate, we relaxed. Meg let Becky know she was going to Marco Island tomorrow and would not be back until late Sunday night.

Mom seemed ambivalent not asking many questions which was fine by me but surprising to say the least. I had a game plan for the next two days and it would start tonight when I would share with mom my thoughts for the two of us this weekend.

Predictably mom excused herself around 9:00 citing a long week at work. She looked stressed but I wondered if it was work related or if maybe i might be the cause.

I said, “Meg I’m going to check in on mom to see if she is okay.”

Meg smiled and said, “Don’t push her too much. She needs the time to arrive at a decision she will be comfortable with.”

The door to mom’s room was open so I walked in to see her sitting on the bed still wearing the dress she wore to work. She smiled and said, “Close the door, I knew you would want to talk. Come here and sit next to me.”

I sat next to her and she leaned and kissed me, softly and sensuously. I returned her kisses as my hand caressed her back. She smiled and said, “I missed that this week.”

I smiled and said, “Mom I’ve missed that as well. It is so hard not to show my affections. I’m so excited for this weekend.” We hugged, her breasts pressed into my chest, her head nuzzled into my neck. I could feel her heart race as we savored the loving warmth of our embrace.

She nibbled on my neck, her hands roamed, she whispered, “I’m excited too. What do you want to do?”

I kissed her, our tongues danced as we lost our inhibitions, our taboo desires burned strong and took over. I said, “I thought I would make us a nice dinner, so we would need to go to the store at some point. I think you need to relax as you seemed stressed out this week. Maybe catch some rays by the pool, foot massage, back massage, butt massage.”

She moaned, “Oh that sounds really nice you naughty boy. What about Sunday?”

“I thought we would go to a brunch and then maybe go shopping.”

She smirked and said, “Seems like we are going to have a lot of free time on our hands. What will we do?”

I smiled, shrugged my shoulders and said, “We will figure it out.”

Mom laughed and pushed me back onto her bed and straddled me as her lips found mine. She moaned as she ground into my hard cock, quickly my hands found her ass and pulled her into me. She filled me with ferocious kisses and licks as I pulled her hard onto my cock.

She pulled off me and said, “Wes I don’t know if what we are doing is right but I’m feeling things I haven’t felt in such a long time. Thank you for being patient with me. I can’t wait for this weekend.”

She rolled off me, her face flushed with desire, her chest heaving, I said, “You are so beautiful. I can’t wait to be alone with you.”

“God help me but I can’t wait as well. Now get out of here before Meg suspects anything.”

I kissed her and left as she requested.

I came out and saw Meg staring at me with a look that I understood. I gave her the thumbs up and she beamed and silently clapped. I hugged her and said, “Meg thank you so much. You are such an amazing person.”

She hugged me and said, “Remember what I said. Don’t push her too fast. Let her set the pace. Good night Wes.”

Surprisingly I slept well. I guess finals week was more stressful than I realized. I went to get a cup of coffee and found mom and Meg talking. I escort şahinbey said, “Good morning. Is there any coffee?”

Meg said, “Here you go Wes, I just poured this when I heard you rustling about.”

Mom asked, “Are you feeling ok? You slept in today.”

“I’m fine. Just tired from finals week.”

Meg looked at me and said, “I’m heading out. Have fun this weekend.”

Mom eyed me with a smirk and said, “Have fun in Marco Island. When will you be back?”

Meg said, “Late Sunday night.”

With Meg gone I pulled mom into my arms and kissed her. I released our embrace and said, “You look amazing. We are going to have so much fun.” She was wearing a pair of tight red shorts with a cute pullover sleeveless shirt.

She smiled and asked, “What do you have planned?”

“I thought we’d pack a lunch and head to Delnor Wiggins state park. We can talk and just spend some relaxing alone time.”

“Oh that sounds wonderful. What about the rest of the day?”

“I thought we would stop and get dinner on the way home. I’ll cook. Maybe we can dress up and pretend tonight is our second date.”

Mom hugged me and whispered, “That sounds wonderful. I know exactly what I’m going to wear for our second date.”

We kissed, softly at first but escalating in intensity. She broke up our impromptu make out session and said, “Go get ready and I’ll make us some sandwiches to take with us.”

When I came back into the kitchen mom had already packed a picnic basket filled with goodies. I was wearing what I call a Florida casual look, shorts, shirt, and flip flops.

Once at the park we found a quiet little spot on a small mound overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. I laid out a blanket for us to sit on. As we ate I couldn’t help but think how nice a day this was turning out to be. We sat next to each other enjoying the view.

I asked, “Mom why haven’t you dated more often? As beautiful as you are you must have so many guys hitting on you.”

“I don’t know about beautiful but I just haven’t been very motivated to want to go through the dating process.”

I wrapped my arm over her shoulder and pulled her close to me. I asked, “Is it because of me? I mean with work and raising a son by yourself that had to be time consuming.”

She rested her head on my shoulder and said, “The reality is that I was so devastated when your dad left us I had no desire to be with a man. I was angry. It took me a long time to get over the hurt.”

“Oh mom I’m sorry. I had no idea. How did you manage? I was pretty young wasn’t I?

“Well your grandparents helped a lot. Do you remember living with them?”

“I do but wasn’t it for just a short time?”

“It was for four years. I was able to work and grandma took care of you. Your grandfather paid for everything, food, clothing, rent. It allowed me to save enough money as well excel at work. My position and salary today allows us to lead a very comfortable lifestyle and it was all because of your grandparents.”

“I had no idea but that doesn’t explain why you haven’t dated.”

“I just never found anyone that caught my eye.”

I smiled and said, “Until now.”

She looked at me and said, “Maybe.”

I was so happy she didn’t say no that I gave mom a long sensuous kiss. I grabbed her hand and said, “I don’t know about you, but this weekend is going to be hard to beat and it’s all because of you.”

My words struck a nerve as she knew her feelings for me were growing stronger.

She said, “I’m pretty sure I’m feeling the same things you are. I just think that what we are doing is wrong but I’m at a point where I can’t help myself. I feel so close to you and you make me feel so special.”

I saw the tears well up and whispered, “It’s okay mom. Everything will work out. You need to trust me. Please don’t cry.” I laid back onto the blanket pulling her down with me. She buried her head into my neck and rested in my arms. My hand lightly caressing her back, I tried to reassure her.

“Mom I know you well enough that you are probably beating yourself up for letting us get to this point. Please don’t do that. I had a big part in wanting this to happen. I’ve always been attracted to you in so many different ways but I was too scared to act on my feelings.”

I felt her heart pounding on my chest as she heard my words. She looked at me and said, “Oh baby” but before she could continue I kissed her, passionately and lovingly. She returned my kiss with fervor pressing her body into mine.

I lovingly caressed the side of her face before showering her with soft gentle kisses. We lay in each other’s arm silently savoring the comfort of our embrace in no hurry to move.

After awhile we got up and walked hand in hand through the park. Talking and laughing, this had turned into a very special Saturday afternoon. We went back to our blanket to cuddle and kiss for a little bit. Her kisses are so amazing. I can’t get enough of the softness of her lips.

We şahinbey escort bayan went home, stopping to get dinner. It was only 3:00 so mom suggested we go out by the pool.


I can’t believe the emotions running through me. My thoughts were inappropriate but I was overcome by my growing desire to be with him. I took a deep breath and went outside.

I saw him lying on the chaise. He looked so strong and masculine. Shivers went down my spine as I tried to maintain control. He saw me and said, “Wow mom you look hot! I’ve never seen that suit before.”

My legs felt weak and wobbly as I tried to regain my composure. I walked slowly to the chaise. We laid there in silence, not because I had nothing to say but rather because I was afraid about what I might say. Finally Wes got up and jumped into the pool.

I watched him glide effortlessly through the water, the powerful strokes made my heart race, wondering what his power would do to me. As if I was under his spell I got up and waded into the water. The prey awaiting its hunter.

He came up to me from behind, lowered his mouth and whispered, “Mom you look so hot. This suit is so sexy.” He pushed into me and gently licked my ear. My body shivered with heated anticipation. This is so wrong. What am I doing? I knew what was happening as I weakly mewed, “Honey what are you doing?”

He licked and nibbled on my neck, his arms circled my waist pulling me deeper into him. “Mom you look so good. You feel amazing.”

I moaned as I felt his now hardening cock press into my ass. I thought my god it’s huge. “Baby this feels wrong.”

My body betrayed my words as I felt my hips instinctively grind back into his cock. I was quickly losing my willpower and self control.

He spun me around and lowered his mouth onto mine. My eyes closed as my lips hungrily searched for his. Finding them we softly meshed our lips lovingly caressing our mouths. I felt his tongue push into my mouth. I was consumed with taboo desires and I opened my mouth to accept his soft wet tongue.

I moaned loudly and held onto his neck as I couldn’t feel my legs. Hungrily I devoured my son’s mouth, made love to his tongue with mine, pushed my pussy into his big hard cock. His hand cupped my breast and squeezed it hard eliciting a long groan from me as I continue to make love to his mouth with my tongue. He pulled away and whispered in my ear, “Mom I want you.”

I held his head as sexual sparks flew inside me. My god, what am I doing? His hands grabbed my ass and pulled me up forcing my legs to wrap around his hips.

In a delirious lust inspired by my deep rooted feelings I felt my son’s cock start to hump my pussy. I groaned, “Oh no baby. I can’t do this. I’m your mother. Put me down baby.”

Wes put me down and I said, “Wes this is going too fast. We need to slow down. Let’s have dinner and see what happens. Okay?”

He smiled cupped my face and said, “I understand mom. I told you we will do this when you are comfortable. Go on and get ready for dinner. I can’t wait to see what you are going to wear. I’ll get changed and start dinner. Take your time. We have the rest of our lives, no need to rush into things.”

My body tingled all over. I’ve been alone for such a long time I had forgotten how wonderful it feels to be loved. I went into my closet and hoped to find the dress I had in mind and hoped it would fit.

I saw my black sundress deep in the corner of my closet. I hadn’t worn this in over ten years. It was fairly short with spaghetti straps and it buttoned up the front. I tried it on and it seemed to fit.

It felt great that it fit after all these years. No need for a bra as the buttons would allow me to show as much cleavage as I wanted Wes to see. I picked a pair of 3″ open toed black sandals.

I took a long hot shower as I contemplated the journey I was about to embark on. I know what I’m about to do is wrong but I can no longer think straight. The softness of his kisses, the warmth of his embraces, they way he looks at me, it’s too much too resist.

I’ve been so lonely for so long and my son has somehow tapped into my heart, my deep rooted desires, my needs. My body quivered thinking about what might happen.

I put on my sexiest black lace panties and stepped into my sundress. I buttoned it all the way up not wanting to look too inviting. My pussy dampen thinking that my son would undo the buttons. I put my shoes on and headed into the kitchen.

I saw Wes cooking and came up to him and wrapped my arms around him. I mewed, “I’m sorry for my overreaction earlier in the pool. I’m fine now.”

He turned and saw me, his mouth gaped open, my body filled with hidden tremors as I realized how much I affected him. He pulled me into his body and groaned, “Damn you look so hot. You amaze me every time I see you.”

His lips found mine, slowly he teased my mouth, invited my tongue to come out and play as his hands roamed my body. I was in heaven as I thrust my tongue into his mouth, grabbed his ass and pulled him into me. Our lips danced as I relished the mini tremors sparking inside me. I lost myself in the overwhelming pleasure I was feeling.

I caressed his face as I nipped at his lower lip, licked down his neck and back up to his ear moaning, “Your touch is intoxicating. I want more and more.”

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