About a month ago and family moved in next door. The family consisted of the mom and dad and three daughters. The daughter’s ages were 14, 17 and 20. The younger girls are in high school and very active in school sports and clubs, so the parents are constantly on the go. The older daughter, Ashley, was in a car accident when she was younger and wound up having some head trauma. She hasn’t been quite right since. Her parent will probably have to take care of her for the rest of her life. If you talk to Ashley, everyone calls her Ash, you instantly discover how sweet and kind and polite she is, but you will also see something just isn’t quite right. Although, what the problem is, no one seems to really know.

As I got to know the family, her parents and I found we had a lot in common and we became very good friends. On occasions the parents would ask me if Ash could stay with me while they go to a school event. Of course I was happy to do so and Ash and I instantly became very close. She really was smart, but her brain trauma caused her to just not be able to connect the dots sometimes. Some people would consider her simply clueless or mentally challenged, but she really isn’t. Ash is an amazing young woman and actually very attractive. She is about 5′ 8″, well proportioned, just a little bit of extra padding on her body, but she has a set of DDD tits on her that are simply amazing.

Unfortunately, her tits have gotten her into trouble and about a year ago she got pregnant, not sure by who, but she had the baby and the parents persuaded her to put they baby up for adoption. Immediately after that, they put her on the pill to make sure that never happened again. They honestly don’t know who got her pregnant and I believe them, but I can tell they believe it to be a family member, uncle, cousin, etc. They are good people and truly and deeply love their daughter. After getting to know Ash better, my guess too is that it was probably another family member/relative who completely took advantage of her. I felt very sorry for her.

Ash always dressed very nice and it was a joy to establish a deep friendship with her. We would play games, watch movies, swim in my pool and do all sorts of stuff together when she’d come over and stay for a while. Though that all changed one evening when something happened that threw me into a tailspin that I never ever thought would happen to me. No matter what you think, in no way shape or form did I mean or expect it to happen, but it did. For whatever reason, her parents allow her to wear clothes that accentuate her body and especially her hug tits. From looking at her, I’m positive she wears underwire pushup bras that don’t have any padding. This of coarse make her tits stick up and out even more and often time show her big nipples when they are hard. I’ve always been able to ignore that, until the night it happened. Ash and I were sitting on my couch, watching a movie, eating popcorn and drinking soda, when all of a sudden I saw a big wet spot on the front of her dress.

“Oh Ash! Let me get a towel, you spilled soda on your dress.”

“Oh, that’s ok Mike! It’s just my milk.”


I honestly didn’t mean to yell, but I was not even remotely prepared for that comment.

“Yeah! My nipples leak milk all the time if I don’t drain them on a regular basis.”

“What do you mean drain them, Ash?”

“Well sometimes, when no one’s around, I’ll take my bra off and suck on my nipples until I suck all the milk out. They both get really full. It really feels great and makes me very very wet between my legs. I love doing it and sometimes I squeeze my nipples into a glass, until all the milk is out and then drink the glass of milk. My milk really does taste amazing. It’s actually my favorite drink. Sometimes, if I’m in a store, I’ll go into the dressing room or bathroom just so I can milk myself.”

I was completely and utterly speechless. Actually, I was in complete shock at what Ash was telling me.

“There have been people around me all day today, so I haven’t had the chance to milk myself, so now it’s leaking out because my tits are so full of milk. If I don’t milk them on a regular basis, they begin to hurt because they’re so full of milk.”

“We have to do something Ash. I can’t send you home with the front of your dress covered in milk.”

“I know! I need to be milked, Mike.”

“And who’s going to do that Ash? I’ve got to wash your dress and bra so you don’t go home covered in milk or your parents will freak out.”

“They will and have before. Hey! I know! Let me take off my dress and bra and you can wash them while we milk my tits. OH! But we’ll need to wash my panties too because they are very wet right now.”

“ASH!!! That’s crazy! I’m 55, you’re 20. I could be your father! What if your parents come home and come over to get you? And find you naked? With me sucking your tits?”

“Calm down Mike! They won’t. They’re gone for several more hours. Here, take my clothes and wash them.”

Ash actually travesti gaziantep stood up and stripped naked right in front of me, sending me into utter shock and my cock into utter hardness. My cock as so fucking hard, it was in literal pain, I mean it hurt, really bad. When she pulled her bra off, her magnificent melons fell free and milk started dripping from both of them onto my floor. Her areoles were the size of a small saucer and her rock hard nippers were the size of huge pencil eraser and stuck out almost half an inch. As she slid her panties down, she revealed a gorgeous shave pussy with amazing plump white, very wet, pussy lips. I sincerely wanted to rape her to death right then and there.

“OK!! Mike you suck one nipple until all the milk is out and I’ll suck the other one. Come on!”

“I can’t do that Ash! That would be a million miles beyond inappropriate!”

“Mike! You are my very best friend, the person I care about and trust the most above all other people. I want to feel you sucking on my nipple and milking me. Are you really not going to help me?”


“Good! I’ll even get up on the counter to make it easier for you to milk me. You can suck my nipples kind of hard. If you do, you’ll get a whole mouthful of milk and see just how good my milk tastes. Come on!”

Ash jumped up on the counter, her tits began bouncing and dripping milk everywhere. She literally grabbed her right tit and handed it to me.

“Here Mike! You milk my right tit, I’ll milk my left tit. Remember to suck kind of hard.”

Thus was so far beyond strange. It was like I was in the Twilight Zone, but my cock hurt so fucking bad because it was harder than it had ever been in my life. I thought it was going to explode. Being very hesitant, I gently put her nipple in my mouth and began sucking it softly.

“Come on Mike! Suck on it. Get a mouthful of my milk. You’ll want to start milking me all the time and I’ll gladly let you.”

I sucked harder and her milk instantly filled my mouth. As I swallowed it, I discovered a taste I had never experienced before. It was beyond amazing. Like a starved man, I grabbed her tit, stuck her huge nipple deep in my mouth and sucked her amazing milk out of her tit. Ash had her left tit in her hand and was sucking on it hard. Then she took her right hand and grabbed the back of my head and smashed my face into her tit.

“Suck it all out Mike. You suck my tit so good. My pussy is dripping wet. It’s dripping pussy juice all over your counter.”

Ash had spread her legs to show me and sure enough, there was a puddle of pussy juice on the counter. Without even thinking about it, I unconsciously placed my hand on her inner thigh and massaged it.

“OH YEAH, MIKE!! That feels so good. Keeping doing it! I’m so fucking horny. Keep sucking my nipple hard.”

At that point I had lost all inhibition, appropriateness and all control. Grabbing her dripping pussy, my middle finger instantly slid between her slippery pussy lips and Ash leg go of her tit and squealed loudly.

“OH FUCK, MIKE! You hit my clit! Fucking shit! You’re going to make me cum all over your counter. I can’t hold it!”

“Maybe I should clean you up so that doesn’t happen.”

“How are you going to do that?”

Removing my hand and finger, I pulled her forward, laid her back on the counter and spread her legs wide open. Her pussy lips were covered with a thick layer of her pussy juice. Pulling them open, I revealed the most beautiful pink pussy meat I had ever seen. Her pussy was full of pussy juice, so I buried my face in her bald pink cunt and began eating her pussy like a madman. Ash gasped and screamed as I ate, licked, slurped and devoured her sloppy pussy.


Ash was screaming the whole time and then all of a sudden, without any notice, her body went completely stiff and her pussy exploded in my face and mouth. She screamed at the top of her lungs and grabbed my head, smashing my face into your sloppiness. I just kept eating her pussy and drinking her juices until she exploded all over my face a second time.

“HOLY FUCK! I’M SO FUCKING DIZZY! HOLY SHIT, MIKE! I’ve never cum that hard before. That was so fucking good. You gotta fuck me Mike! You have to.”

“ASH! That is definitely going too far.”

“I’m on the pill, so I can’t get pregnant. Please Mike! Fuck my juicy pussy deep!”

“You know we’re going to get in so much fucking trouble Ash!”

“No, we won’t! You are my lover and my body belongs to you now!”

Stripping as fast as I could, I turned Ash long ways on the counter and then I climbed up and mounted her. Her pussy was so fucking tight, but because it was so wet, my cock easily disappeared inside her.

“OH FUCK YOUR HUGE! You’re stretching my pussy so wide! My pussy is full of your cock. Holy shit you’re deep!!! Oh my god! Now fuck me good Mike!”

“Your gaziantep travesti pussy feels fucking amazing wrapped around my huge cock Ash. You pussy’s going to make me cum really hard. Are you sure you can’t get pregnant?”

“Yes, I’m sure! Now dump your entire load deep inside me. I want every drop of your cum deep inside me.”

As soon as I mounted Ash, she grabbed my head and started kissing me very deep and hard. Her tongue was down my throat, so I did the very same thing to her. We kissed, licked, touched, sucked and fucked with no desire to ever stop. After a while she asked to be on top, so I flipped over and she sat on my cock. It was amazing watching my huge cock disappear between her gorgeous shaved pussy lips. Once she slid down my cock shaft, she would clamp her pussy muscles down tight on my cock and then slowly slide up. Ash was literally milking my cock and as she did this, she milked her tits as well and sprayed milk all over both of us.

“Fuck Ash! You’re going to make me explode deep inside you.”

“GOOD! I want to go to bed tonight with you inside me. Your cum will drip out of me all night long.”

Ash continued to slowly milk my cock and spray milk all over us. After about twenty minutes of this I couldn’t hold back any more. My balls were boiling and as she slid down my shaft. I grabbed her hips, held her there and exploded right in her cervix.


“HOLY SHIT FUCK, MIKE! I feel your hot cum filling up my pussy. I’m completely full of your cum and it feels so fucking good.”

“Are you sure you can get pregnant, because I just dumped a gallon of cum all over your ovaries.”

“Nope, but if I ever do decide to get pregnant again, it’s your baby I want inside me. You are the only person I’ll let get me pregnant.”

“We got a couple more hours. Let’s go to my bedroom.”

Ash and I fucked all over my bed for that two hours. No matter how hard, how deep, how fast I fucked her, she wanted more. I came inside her a total of five times and she had six mind blowing orgasms. When we were done, she got dressed, but gave me her panties.

“You keep these and I’ll come back and get them later. I really do love you Mike. And I don’t give a fuck how old you are. You fuck me so good and you can have me whenever you want.”

“I love you too Ash! You are the absolute best fuck I’ve ever had and I want you so fucking bad.”

“Did my parents tell you about the trip coming up?”

“Just briefly.”

“My sister has a three day competition this weekend, so they’ll be out of town for four days. I’ve already told them I want to stay with you. Little do they know I’ll be spending most of that time naked with you buried deep inside me.”

“Are they ok with that?”

“Not with you constantly fucking me and cumming inside me, but they’re ok with me staying her.”

“Smart ass! You know what I meant.”

“I know! I need to head home and take a shower. You’re running down my legs.”

Ash kissed me deep and hard and left, leaving me there with her panties in my hand and a raging hard-on, wondering what in the hell I had just done. Believe it, don’t believe it, but I had absolutely no intention of fucking her…ever! She is an amazing young woman and I truly do love her, but I’m too old to be the person she wants to plan her life with. But then again, it’s possible no guy would ever want her with the issues she has and that would be sad, because they would be missing out big time.

A couple of evenings later she came over for a few hours, while her parents and sisters went to another school function. We spent the whole time in my bed fucking, kissing, sucking and milking. At one point I sat on the bed, leaned up against the head board and Ash rode my super hard cock while I milked both of her tits. The harder I sucked her huge nipples that harder she fucked my huge cock. After about three hours of that, we were both exhausted and she collapsed on top of me and we just laid that way, kissing and making out until she had to go. A few days later, she came over around 8:00 pm as the rest of her family took off for their trip. About an hour later we went back over to her house and as soon as we stepped in her house and closed the door, Ash stripped naked and then stripped me.

“Where are you going to fuck me first? I’m thinking we should fuck in both of my sisters beds and then my parents bed. When they get back, they can all sleep in their beds covered in my pussy juice and your cum.”

“Sounds amazing! Let’s go!”

For the next three hours we fuck all over each bed and we made sure the sheets on each bed were soaked in pussy juice, cum and milk. We knew it would all be dry when they got back. By the time we were done, we were both exhausted and went and climbed into her bed. Once I got under the covers, I laid on my side and brought my knees up a bit and Ash just crawled in my nook, right up against gaziantep travestileri me. It only took about a minute for my cock to find her pussy hole and bury itself deep inside her. We slept that way the entire night.

Around 8:00 am I woke up and Ash as still asleep, but my cock was completely throbbing deep inside her. Very slowly I began sliding my cock in and out of her pussy, gradually picking up speed till I had a medium fuck pace. Not wanting to wake her, I didn’t bury my cock all the way inside her, but went most of the way. As I laid there and fucked Ash, her pussy continue to get wetter and wetter, making it very easy for me to bury my cock all the way in her cunt. It felt so fucking amazing that I got lost in the feeling and wasn’t paying attention, when I felt my cock slide into her cervix. When it did, I heard Ash moan in her sleep.

The next thing I feel is her pussy muscles clamping down hard on my cock and begin to milk my cock. That was it and five minutes later my fuck pole erupted into her cervix and I just lay there exhausted. It was then that she told me she wants to wake up every morning with a Good Morning fuck. She loves the feeling of my cock feeding her pussy a big warm creamy breakfast. Ash rolled over, put a nipple in my mouth and told me, “here’s your breakfast”. It took me about thirty minutes to suck both of her tits dry, but I was completely satisfied. There’s nothing like a belly full of breastmilk. It’s the breakfast of champions.

We jumped in her parent’s shower, where we fucked again and then I washed her really good, inside and out, and then we walked over to my house, where I made us breakfast. We spent most of the morning in or by the pool, naked of course and in each others arms. Ash and I truly loved being naked together and all over each other. It just seemed natural to both of us. We fucked in the pool and on the loungers by the pool. At one point I laid the lounger flat and laid down, Ash immediately mounted me. I threw a big towel over us and we took about an hour nap that way. She woke up, sat up and went for a ride on my cock that conclude with both of us having very intense and massive orgasms. The rest of the day was spent just being with and taking care of each other.

The second night we spent in her parents bed, which we wound up leaving in the middle of the night and went to her bed because her parents sheets were so soaked in pussy juice, cum and milk. At one point Ash was sitting on my face, fucking it with all of her might, when I slid the tip of my index finger into her ass and bit her clit gently. She let out a blood curdling scream and then immediately exploded all over my face. At first I thought she was peeing on me, but when I tasted it, it was pure pussy juice. There was so much of it that it was impossible for me to drink it all, so it went all over the bed. My cock was so fucking hard that I flipped her over, mounted her and did my very best to fuck her unconscious. Unfortunately, I was unable to accomplish my mission, but her pussy turned into a fire hose, spraying pussy juice all over the place.

The third night we slept, ok so we fucked, in both of her sister’s beds. Like her parents bed, they were both soaked in pussy juice and cum when we were done, so we wound up going to her bed again. During the day we just enjoyed each others company and fucked 3-5 times during the day. I’m not sure if it was because we were sucking her milk jugs dry several times a day, but it seemed like they began producing even more milk and thus her tits seemed to have gotten a little bigger. OH! Don’t worry, neither of us complained about that for a second. If anything, it just made us milk her even more often. It seemed like we both had a nipple in our mouth most of the day. Fuck I love Ash!!!

The last night was spent in my bed and knowing it was our last night together, we basically attacked each other all night long. If you saw us, you’d probably say we constantly raped each other because it was so intense and aggressive. The next morning Ash’s nipples were swollen to twice their normal size, because of all the sucking and pulling and pinching and biting and twisting they endured the night before. Her pussy lips were also swollen from all the ramming, hammering, slapping, fingering, sucking and eating from the night before. We were both so exhausted that we slept till noon. Because her family return around 4:00 pm, we didn’t get to spent as much time together as we wanted to that day, but we knew there were plenty of times for us to be together in the future.

Ironically, Ash gave me a baby girl nine months from that four day fuck fest. Clearly the pill isn’t 100% reliable, but when you dump a thousand truck loads of cum all over a girls ovaries, some of those baby making seamen are going to get through. Neither of us were upset. Clearly her parents were very upset, but after I ripped her mother’s clothes off and fucked her nonstop for over three hours one day, she immediately stopped complaining and actually allowed Ash to come live with me. We now have three gorgeous girls and Ash and I are still madly in love. She is still producing gallons of milk and I’ve developed a breastmilk belly. Guess I should start working out, because I’m never going to stop drinking her milk. Maybe I’ll just balance it out with a glass of pussy juice every once in a while. LOL!!!!

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