Big Dicks

You’re relived when the car finally comes to a stop. You’ve spent the last three hours in the backseat of cab that’s been driving on some very windy mountain road. You feel nauseous when you step out of the car. When you manage to pull yourself together you take look around. You see a grey sky, green mountains, tall fir trees, perfectly manicured Kentucky blue grass and the gothic looking campus of Arnold Augustus Cabot College.

The cab drives off and you pick up your bags. You swipe ayour student issued key card through a scanner located at the main entrance and the college’s imposing wrought iron main gates slowly open for you. The first thing you see when you step onto the campus grounds is a large grey granite boulder with a bronze map of the campus attached to it. The next thing you do is walk over to the Dean Of Students’ office.

The Dean Of Students’ office is located in the college’s main office building. It is a large brick Queen Anne style building located in the center of the campus. When you open the buildings heavy oak doors you see a long hallway with checkered marble floors, a red English runner rug, Georgian style paneling, red flocked velvet wallpaper on the walls, brass art nouveau wall lamps, oak baroque paneling on the ceiling and speakers hidden behind plastic Boston ferns in brass Italian vases pumping out Romantic era German classical music. While your walking through the building you also notice that all of the staff is female.

The Dean Of Students’ office would look like it had came out of Agatha Christie novel if it wasn’t for the Computer sitting on top of Dean Of Students’ secretary’s desk. The Dean Of Students’ secretary is a five foot three, one hundred and thirty-five pound, twenty two year old bubbly Filipina with long silky black hair, copper skin, a round face, big dark brown almond eyes, chipmunk cheeks, a pug nose, full lips, a small chin, a juicy curvy body, size 36D pear shaped breasts, a round soft belly, a big perky bottom and a pair of thick shapely legs. She is wearing pearl earrings, a short pearl necklace, a white short-sleeved ruffle blouse, a black pencil skirt and pair of shiny black patent leather stiletto pumps. The nameplate on her desk has “Emiliana Marcos” written on it.

“Hi. I missed orientation because of a death in the family and the woman in the student services office I spoke to on the phone said that I was to report directly to the Dean Of Students’ office when I arrived on campus.”

“Give me your key card.”

You hand Emiliana the key card and she swipes it through a scanner connected to her computer. She looks surprised when she sees your information come up on the monitor. Emiliana then hands you back your key card.

“I’m going to need to see some photo id now.”

You hand her your driver’s license. Emiliana looks at it and then hands it back to you. Then she picks up the phone on her desk and tells the Dean Of Students that there is a student who missed orientation who is waiting to see her. When Emiliana gets off the phone she tells you that Dean Of Students will see you now.

The Dean Of Students name is Georgina Rockwell. She is a five foot five, one hundred and fourteen pound, fourty-three year old stern looking WASP from Bloomington, Indiana who has wavy light auburn hair down up in a loose bun, a deep bronze tan, a oval face, a pair of deep set indigo eyes, a straight nose, thin lips, a heart shaped chin, a thin tight body, size 34C orange shaped breasts, a tight flat stomach, a small tight bottom and a pair of long sculpted legs. Georgina is wearing a pair of GI glasses, small black pearl studs in her ears, a black army style skirt suit, a white dress shirt, a red silk tie, beige panty hose, and a pair of black puppy heels.

“I heard you could not attend orientation due to a death in your family.”

“Yes my paternal grandfather died of a heart attack two weeks ago.”

“That is unfortunate. Your grandfather was a very wealthy and generous man who helped raise millions of dollars for this institution. In fact your grandfather’s wishes are the only reason why you are enrolled at Arnold Augustus Cabot College right now. You are the only public high school graduate Ümraniye Escort who has ever attended this institution. I am sure that you know that Arnold Augustus Cabot College is the most exclusive men’s college in the United States and all of the students who are enrolled here right now have graduated from some of the top prep schools in the country. Normally to gain admittance a student needs to be a legacy or have letters of recommendation from three graduates. Now we here at Arnold Augustus Cabot College are not snobs but we do believe that public school students do not have the discipline and education necessary to complete this college’s rigid academic and athletic curriculum. We here at Arnold Augustus Cabot College also believe that public school graduates do not have the self-control that would allow them to comply with this college’s strict rules. Now if you do manage to graduate you will be able to get your master’s degree at the Ivy League school of your choice. Also here at Arnold Augustus Cabot College academic and athletic achievement is not rewarded with good grades alone. If you do good in this school you will be rewarded with extra phone calls home, you will be able to go on off campus trips, you be allowed to access to “special” areas of the campus and you will have sexual privileges with the campus staff.”


“While Arnold Augustus Cabot was working on Wall St. he observed that his worst employees were either young and sexually inexperienced or old and sexually frustrated. He also noticed that most of his employees frequented brothels on a regular basis These observations led Arnold Cabot to believe that sex is the driving force behind all of mankind’s achievements. So when he founded this college he hired some prostitutes and set up an on campus brothel. The way the system worked was that good grades would be rewarded with sex. This system lasted for fifteen years until Arnold Cabot discovered that male members of the campus staff were having more sex with the prostitutes then the students. So he fired the prostitutes and all of the male staff and came up with a new system. The first thing he did was to acquire an all female staff. Then he came up with a sexual merit system. The system works like this F and -D average students do not get any sexual privileges. D average students will be able to have privileges with the staff in the dormitory building they are staying at. C average students are able to have sexual privileges with all dormitory, custodial, maintenance and kitchen staff. B average students will get sexual privileges with all dormitory, custodial, maintenance, kitchen, security and teaching staff. A average students will be able to have sexual privileges with all dormitory, custodial, maintenance, kitchen, security, teaching, athletic, and administrative staff and if you manage to make it to on honor roll lets just say that your in for a surprise. Now all sexual encounters must be made by appointment at the Pleasure Department inside the Venus building. However some members of the staff do give out sexual favors in return for winning academic or athletic competitions or for completing certain tasks that they might assign you. Now do you have any other questions that you want to ask me?”


“Good. Pick up your and go over to the Eustace Priest Dormitory Building. Your dorm mother will show you to your room.”

You say goodbye and walk over to the Eustace Priest Dormitory. It’s a four story first wave Chicago school style brick building located on the far north east side of campus with the other dorm buildings.

The first thing you see when you open the building’s front door is your dorm mother. She is a five foot one, one hundred ninety-six pound, fifty-year old Utahan who has long straight sunflower blonde hair, ruddy skin, an oblong face, a pair of dark blue eyes, crows feet, a bulbous nose, sagging cheeks, a double chin and a big fat sagging body. She is wearing variscite earrings, a silver puffed heart necklace, a white v-neck stretch cotton cardigan a long denim jumper dress, white ankle socks and a pair of black rubber work clogs.

“Hello there. I’m Mrs. Jeffs and I’ll be your dorm İstanbul Escort mother. Now if you follow me I can show you up to your room. “

You follow Mrs. Jeffs up to the second floor. Your room number is 213. When you open the door you see a big single occupant dorm room that has a private bathroom, a small closet oak floors, a big red Edwardian rug, a steam radiator, dark green damask wallpaper, a queen size bed with a brass art-nouveau headboard, a oak Chippendale dresser with an internet radio sitting on top of it, a green leather swivel chair, and a oak pedestal desk with a brand new flat screen computer sitting on top of it.

“It’s five thirty serving dinner in the mess hall right now so why don’t go down to the mess hall and get something to eat. I’m sure your hungry after the long ride you had up here. When you get back from dinner I’m going to have questionnaire for you that I’m going to need you to answer for me. So when dinner is over I’ll be waiting here for you okay.”

You nod your head and head over to the mess hall. The mess hall is a long grey stone collegiate gothic style located in the north part of the campus. When you get in their serving turkey breast gravy and roasted vegetables. When you sit down you look around you. Your fellow classmates are an assortment of preppy scumbags, overachieving assholes, narcissistic nerds, snobby pricks and spoiled meatheads. Their the type of people you hated I high school. Looking at this collection of dicks you can understand why your father rebelled against your grandfather by going to a state college, getting a job in the public sector and sending his son to public schools. Its going to be you against the world this time but at least it will be better then the jockocracy you lived under back in high school. This time it looks like your going to be getting laid.

When dinner is over you head back to your dorm room and open the door you see Mrs. Jeffs is sitting on your swivel chair. You notice that she has a clipboard and a pen her hand.

“Sit down on the bed. I have a few questions I have to ask you now.”

“Did you read the student rule book yet?”

“No. I couldn’t make it to orientation due to a death in my family so I didn’t get one.”

“I’ll get you a copy of the rule book tomorrow morning. It’s very important that you learn the rules around here. The rules here are very strict and it’s very easy to get expelled. The important rules to remember is that you can’t have any drugs, alcohol, tobacco, internet, video games, girlfriends, unauthorized sexual encounters, and unauthorized phone calls. Also you can’t gamble, cheat plagiarize or leave campus without permission but the most important rule to know is that you do not talk about what happens on campus with anyone who has never attended Arnold Augustus Cabot College. If you do break that rule there will be some very serious consequences. Now do you understand the rules?”


“Good.” Mrs. Jeffs checks off a box on the questionnaire and asks you another question.

“Do you belong to any churches or any religious groups?”


“Do you belong to any clubs, organizations, or orders?”


“I hear you went to public schools.”

“Yes I did.”

“I’ve worked here for fifteen years and you’re the only public school student that I’ve ever heard of being enrolled here. I used to teach kindergarten at a public school in a small town in Utah and I also taught Sunday school at the local LDS temple until some recruiters from Arnold Augustus Cabot College showed up at my front door and gave me a job offer that I couldn’t refuse.”


“Yes. Now a lot of boys find the next question to be embarrassing so prepare your self.”


“Are you a virgin?”

You hesitate for a little bit but eventually you say yes.

Mrs. Jeffs puts the clipboard down on your desk and says, “Well then lets just take care of that now.”

Mrs. Jeffs stands up, takes off her cardigan, pulls off her denim jumper dress and kicks off her rubber clogs.

“We here at Arnold Augustus College believe that young man cannot reach full emotional and intellectual Anadolu Yakası Escort maturity until he has lost his virginity. It is also preferable that a student should lose his virginity before classes begin. Now I know your probably feeling tense right now so I want you to take a deep breath and relax okay.”

You never thought you’d end up loosing your virginity to a five foot one, one hundred ninety-six pound, fifty year old Mormon kindergarten teacher with ruddy skin, long straight sunflower blonde hair, a kind motherly face, flabby arms, size 42DD flat empty breasts, pink nipples, a large sagging stomach, a plump vagina, grey pubic hair, a large sagging behind, cottage cheese thighs, thick chunky legs and small feet but then again the world is full of surprises.

“Now I’m gonna turn on some soothing music to help you relax and then I’m going to help you take your clothes off okay.”

Mrs. Jeffs waddles over to your radio and turns on a Native American music station. Peaceful, soothing, gentle sounding Navajo flute music comes out of the radio’s speakers. Mrs. Jeffs then walks back to you and kneels down in front of you. She starts untying your shoes. When she’s done untying your shoes she slowly takes them off your feet, pulls of your socks, unbuckles your belt, untucks your dress shirt, unbuttons your cuffs, unties your necktie, unbuttons your shirt, pulls your shirt off your arms, unbuttons your pants, unzips your fly and pulls your pants off. Then she grabs the waistband of your boxer shorts and looks up at you.

“Now don’t be shy. I’ve seen hundreds of penises in my lifetime.” Mrs. Jeffs slowly pulls off your boxers. When you look down you see that you’re half hard. “There, there you have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not small. It’s the average size for boy your age.” Then she holds the head of your penis in her hand and starts rubbing your frenular delta. When your fully erect Mrs. Jeffs stops messaging your penis and stands up.

Mrs. Jeffs walks over to the head of your bed. You stand up and watch her. She lies down on your bed and spreads her legs. You get a good look at Mrs. Jeffs’ hairy wrinkled pussy and gaping anus. You’re starting to feel a little apprehensive. Mrs. Jeffs sees the apprehension on your face and gives you a big warm non-threatening kindergarten teacher smile and says in her gentle kindergarten teacher voice “Don’t be shy now. Come down here and hold me.” You kneel down onto the bed and lie down on top of her big, warm, soft, fat, flabby body. She smells like lilac body spray and you can hear her breathing gently. You lie motionless on top of Mrs. Jeffs until she says; “Okay its time to stick your penis inside of me now. Come on now. Don’t be scared. Trust me, your going to enjoy this.” You do what she says and you insert your hard prick into Mrs. Jeffs’ hairy wet vagina. You’re in classic missionary position now. Your inexperienced so your thrusts are hard and fast. Mrs. Jeffs starts moaning. She also starts to sweat profusely. Your thrusts gradually become faster and harder. Mrs. Jeffs is starts to grown. You start to feel the pressure building up in the tip of your penis. You stop thrusting and your penis shoots your semen deep inside of Mrs. Jeffs’ uterus. When your done cumming you pull out and collapse on top of Mrs. Jeffs’. Mrs. Jeffs is breathing heavily now but you can’t tell if you made her to orgasm. So you ask her,

“How did I do?”

“Oh don’t worry about that dear. It’s your first time. You’ll get better at it eventually.”

You roll off of her and onto your back. Mrs. Jeffs gets off the bed and slowly starts putting her cloths back on. Her hair is disheveled and she’s still sweating a lot. When Mrs. Jeffs is done getting dressed she says,

“I’m going now honey. I’ll make sure you get a copy of the rulebook tomorrow and if you ever want to talk to me about something just knock on my door okay.


“Good night now.”

“Good night.”

When Mrs. Jeffs leaves the room and closes the door behind you get up and turn on a bebop station on the radio. Then you take a long hot shower. You didn’t expect that your first time would be anything like this but it wasn’t bad. You had a good time. Then you start to think about Tuesday and you start to feel anxious. Classes begin on Tuesday and you have five hard classes that day. And your classmates are a bunch of assholes. It’s still better then High School though. At least your getting laid this time around.

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