Paul parked the car and he and Anne walked into the lobby of the apartment block. They took the lift to the sixth floor and Paul used the key to let themselves into the flat Anne had borrowed for the evening from their very close friend Jane.

As the front door closed behind them, Anne gave a quiet laugh and reminded Paul of the last time they had been alone in Jane’s flat and how they had put the kitchen table to such good use!

Although both married to other partners, they had formed a close relationship and found delight in each other’s company and intense satisfaction from a sexual intimacy based upon mutual trust and respect.

For this evening, however, Anne had agreed to be Paul’s ‘sex slave’ and to do anything he demanded of her.

Paul reached for Anne’s hand to lead her into the bedroom, but Anne held up her hand. “First” she said “I’ve a little surprise for you. Just sit on the couch and watch the TV.” Anne walked over to the VCR and put on a video.

Paul gazed in amazement as the video showed him and Anne in the kitchen and their exploits from the last time they had meet in the apartment. “I didn’t know you had a hidden camera. This is going to be fun!” he said as with quiet contentment he sat back to watch the video.

As they watched the video together, Anne unzipped Paul’s trousers and pulled out his erect penis. She started to give him a slow hand-job, careful not to excite him to much. Paul settled back in the couch giving little moans of pleasure as Anne masturbated him.

When the video showed Anne bent face down over the kitchen table with her arms outstretched and Paul taking her roughly from behind, Anne laughed and bent down to take Paul’s penis in her mouth. She ran her tongue around the end of his knob and then slowly sucked, flicking her tongue over the tip.

Once the video had finished Paul gently took Anne by the hand and lead her into the bedroom. There, he slowly undressed her and laid her back on the bed.

Taking two silk scarves, he lifted Anne’s arms above her head and tied her wrists to the bed-head. “Remember, you’re my sex slave for the evening. You must do everything I tell you to.” Paul said with a wicked grin. Anne felt a warmth grow in her belly at Paul’s words!!

Her excitement {and apprehension} grew as Paul produced a blindfold and proceeded to put it on her.

Anne jumped and moaned as Paul poured some baby oil on her breasts and gently started to massage them. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and pulled them mischievously. Suddenly, Anne felt Paul’s mouth close over her right nipple and he sucked at it like a starving baby. Anne felt her sexual arousal deepen as Paul gave the same treatment to the other breast.

While he suckled on her breasts, Paul slid his hand down her belly and between her legs. Anne gave a groan of delight and opened her legs to grant access to Paul’s Maltepe Escort probing fingers.

Paul rubbed his hand up and down the lips of Anne’s vagina, feeling her wetness. Anne gasped as Paul inserted his finger into her cunt and began a slow circular motion. “That’s wonderful Paul, don’t stop.” she begged “Keep finger-fucking me ~ I love what its doing to me!”. Paul grinned to himself and inserted a second finger. Anne laughed with delight and wriggled down to get his fingers deeper inside her. “That’s enough of that ,Slave. I need servicing now” Paul said firmly.

Anne made a sound of displeasure and struggled against her bonds as Paul took his fingers out and knelt beside her head. Still blindfolded, Anne felt Paul’s prick against her lips and she knew what was expected of her! She turned her head towards Paul. “Use me as you will Master” she said resignedly and opened her mouth like a good sex slave should. Paul slid his throbbing knob into Anne’s open mouth. Anne sucked eagerly as she heard Paul groan with pure delight at her expert blow-job.

After a while, Paul pulled out his penis and slid down the bed to take Anne’s legs over his shoulders and began to probe his tongue into Anne’s cunt. Anne moaned with pleasure as she felt Paul’s tongue inside her. Suddenly, Paul’s tongue found and sucked on her clitoris. “Don’t stop! Eat me, Eat me!” Anne demanded as she felt her orgasm wash over her. Paul kept up the tonguing until he knew Anne was satisfied.

“Now for your first surprise of the evening.” Paul said with a laugh as keeping Anne’s legs over his shoulders he began again to drive his tongue into her sopping wet cunt. As Anne gave into the pleasure of Paul’s cunnilingus she was suddenly horrified to feel another person’s mouth close over her right nipple and begin to suck on it! She struggled urgently against her bonds but Paul had tied her up well and as he also kept a tight grip of her legs. Anne knew that she had no option but to give into the stranger sucking on her breasts. She lay back and gave in to the feeling of intense pleasure washing over her.

“Would you like to meet our guest for the evening Anne?” Paul said as he removed Anne’s blindfold. Anne blinked against the flood of light, then to her surprise, and somewhat embarrassment, saw her friend Jane kneeling beside her!

Jane was naked and Anne saw her full large breasts with their dark nipples swinging over her. Further down, Anne could see the dark triangle of Jane’s pubic hair and she wondered what it would be like to have sex with another woman.

“When Paul hinted of your plans for this evening, I asked him if he would mind two sex slaves!!!” Jane said with a grin. “He seemed quite taken with the idea!!” Anne smiled at Paul “I think we are all going to have a great evening. Let the fun begin.”

Paul untied Anne’s hands and kneeling between her legs rubbed İstanbul Escort his penis up and down her vagina. Anne groaned in anticipation and wrapped her legs around Paul’s back. She tensed in surprise as Jane knelt over her face and positioned herself so her womanhood was poised over her mouth. Anne could smell the unfamiliar scent of Jane’s cunt in her nostrils. “Suck me out NOW Anne.” Jane demanded and lowered herself. Anne’s tongue reached into Jane’s wet cunt and for the first time in her life Anne tasted the musky flavour of a woman’s pussy!

Anne placed her hands on Jane’s hips and frantically tongue-lashed her cunt as Jane moaned and rubbed her vagina on Anne’s face. In her enthusiasm for the task in hand {more correctly the task in mouth!} Anne had forgotten about Paul kneeling between her legs. Without warning he pushed forward and his prick slid deep inside Anne’s pussy!

Anne nearly fainted with pleasure as Paul began to fuck her like he’d never done before. She could hear Jane screaming “I’m cumming” as she rocked backwards and forwards and she felt Jane’s juices flow onto her face. At the same time her own orgasm washed over her and the walls of her vagina gripped tightly on Paul’s knob still buried deep inside her. Paul knew Anne was using the muscles of her vagina to ‘milk’ his penis and he could hold back no more as his own orgasm shuddered through him.

After a while they all untangled themselves and lay back on the bed laughing with delight. Following a brief rest, Paul opened a bedside cupboard. “Here’s the second surprise of the evening.” he exclaimed, holding up a strap-on penis. “Which of you ladies would like to try it on for size?” After much giggling, it was Jane who was ‘volunteered’ and she duly strapped it on.

“I think I need a blow-job to get me going again” Paul hinted lying back on the bed with his hands behind his head. Anne sighed in mock resignation and kneeling on all fours between his legs took his limp penis, still tasting of her, in her mouth.

She began to suck gently and could feel his erection swell and stiffen in response. Suddenly, she could feel Jane’s finger inserting itself into her exposed pussy and she pushed back to help it penetrate deeper. Soon a second finger joined the first one and Anne juices flowed in response to the stimulation.

Jane could feel that Anne was more than ready, so kneeling behind her, Jane positioned the strap-on penis at the entrance to her vagina and gently pushed the first inch or so of it in. Anne wriggled her bottom in frustration and, taking this as a signal, Jane pushed forward hard and watched the full length of the penis disappear inside Anne’s pussy.

Anne stopped sucking Paul’s knob and gasped: “That’s fantastic. Fuck me hard Jane. Give it all you’ve got!!” Jane laughed and began to slowly push her hips forward and backwards letting the false Anadolu Yakası Escort penis slide its full length in and out of Anne’s cunt. As the penis did its work, Jane reached under Anne and let her fingers play with Anne’s clitoris.

Anne was going crazy with lust as Jane’s fingers rubbed her clitoris and the false penis moved in and out of her. Orgasm after orgasm swept over her and she collapsed with a groan on top of Paul.

They all lay still for some time taking a well earned respite from the evening’s activities. Paul was the first to stir. “Right Anne, its your turn to try the strap-on.” he ordered. Jane took it off and handed it to Anne: “I don’t know what Paul’s got in mind now.” she said with a grin “but good luck!”

As Anne strapped on the penis, Paul told Jane to lay back on the bed with her legs wide apart. He then ordered Anne to kneel between Jane’s legs. “I want a show now!” he demanded. “Anne; shag the life out of Jane until she begs for mercy!” In response to his command, Anne positioned the penis at the entrance to Jane’s cunt and pushed it deep inside Jane. Jane gave a moan of pure pleasure and wrapped her legs tightly around Anne’s thighs pulling her into her. Anne started to ride Jane enthusiastically in response to Jane’s thrusting.

What Anne had not realised until she strapped on the penis was that there was a small extension inside the crotch that fitted inside her own cunt and rested against her clitoris. Every time she pushed the penis inside Jane her own pussy was assaulted with a tremendous feeling of pleasure!! She knew she could not hold out against this sexual onslaught for very long!

As Paul watched Jane & Anne servicing each other, Paul could not contain his excitement at the sight before his eyes. He started to wank slowly. Then an intense desire overcame him and he knelt beside the two girls. Jane instinctively knew what he wanted and turning her head towards Paul took his throbbing knob in her mouth.

She sucked his knob eagerly and ran her tongue around the tip. Paul groaned with animal pleasure as he came and his limp dick slipped from Jane’s mouth.

Anne had stopped her thrusting whilst Jane had given Paul a blow-job, but now she started again with renewed vigour! Jane clasped Anne to her as she felt her climax coming upon her and she returned Anne’s thrusts enthusiastically. “God I’m cumming. Don’t stop Anne whatever you do.” Jane screamed. “I’m cumming too!” Anne exclaimed and both collapsed as their mutual orgasm swept over them.


When the evening’s activities were finally over, Paul left first. His head was reeling from the pleasures he had enjoyed and he felt he could die a happy man!!! His balls ached a lot but he considered that a small price to pay!

Anne and Jane sat on the sofa drinking coffee and watching the video Anne had taken of her and Paul in the kitchen on their last visit.

When the video was over, Jane turned to face Anne. “I’m really horny again Anne! Paul’s left the strap-on penis here. Let’s you and I give it a thorough work out?”

Author’s Note: Did Anne agree to Jane’s suggestion? That, as they say, is another story!!!

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