Ann: A Love Story Ch. 14

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Ann was waiting for me in her parent’s front yard, sitting in a lawn chair of her own. She got up and my eyes almost came out of their sockets. She was wearing a pair of very short cut off jean shorts, with the legs cut off at her crotch, exposing every single inch of her amazing tanned legs. Up top, she was wearing a tight, light orange tank top that was cropped to show her wonderful flat stomach. Her low sandals matched the color of her shirt. She wore an ankle bracelet, and had a toe ring on, bringing even more attention to her wonderful legs.

Ann bounced over to the car, making it even more clear to me that she’d left her bra inside. She quickly walked to the passenger door, not letting me get out, which would have been tough anyway. I was still rock hard, something she noticed as soon as she leaned over to give me a kiss.

“Wow. Somebody’s happy to see me!”

“That I am. But I have a confession to make.”

“Ooooh, a girl never likes to hear that when a guy picks her up. What’s going on?”

“Let me get out of the driveway,” I said, and I pulled out and drove around the block. I actually pulled in to the parking lot of a mortuary that was midway between the Franklin house, and my parents. I parked and shut off the engine.

“Kind of a morbid stopping place, don’t you think? What’s the matter, Neil…did you have a bad round of golf?”

I stared at the windshield for a moment, unsure of how to even start. Ann put her hand on my leg and stroked the bare skin. She could tell I was troubled. Well, not troubled, really. I was more uptight than anything, and the fact that I was sporting a huge boner because of Paula wasn’t helping.

“Neil, no matter what it is…we can get through this together. Okay?”

Just the way Ann said that made me light up inside. It was another shining example of the love I felt from her. And that made my love for her practically burst out of my chest. Suddenly, what seemed so difficult seconds before became incredibly easy to talk about. I spilled my guts, telling Ann everything that happened during the golf match. I told her everything I’d said and done, as well as the rest of the group.

“So, this is going to be a little more than your normal meet and greet,” she said with a smile.

“You don’t know the half of it, literally,” I said. Then I told her what had happened at the house with Paula, and then on my way out of the house.

“So, you just left her there to take care of herself?”


“Neil, you should have just fucked her. I’m leaving on Sunday. You don’t need my permission.”

“Oh yes I do, Ann. This is no different than Nancy. I’m yours for the week. We’ve talked about this.”

“Okay, you’re right. And I would do the same for you. I just don’t seem to have guys falling into my lap like you have women fawning all over you.”

“That’s a little unfair. Anyway, that should tell you what I think of you. I wouldn’t be sitting here with a hard on if I didn’t have the willpower to walk away.”

“Wow! I never thought of that. I guess you do care about me, huh?”

I grabbed Ann’s hand and held it tightly. “Yes, I do!”

Ann sucked in her breath. It was as close as we’d ever come to actually saying what we were really feeling about each other. At that point, I think we were both afraid to say it. But we knew it. Still, time was passing us like a steamroller; slow and steady, and ready to crush us if we didn’t keep moving.

Ann finally broke the silence by saying, “I have one question.”

“What’s that?”

“Did you have leave Paula like that. Couldn’t you have at least given the poor woman a cucumber?”

I burst out laughing and said, “She had her own vibrator. I’ll be surprised if my Mom doesn’t hear it buzzing if she walks back to her bedroom.”

We hugged, and I felt relieved that everything was out in the open. Sharing a quick kiss, she broke it off and said, “Let’s go have some fun!” The look of determination on Ann’s face made me wonder if I should warn the guys about HER.


We pulled into the driveway, and Dad had the Weber heating up. The wonderful smell of flaming charcoal filled the car as I parked. My three golf partners were standing next to the grill, creating a veritable gauntlet for Ann to pass. Intentional or not, it was a situation that unnerved me a little. Ann reached over and took my hand, squeezing it.

“Don’t worry, baby. Everything’s going to be fine. Give me a quick who’s who so I know what to expect.”

“The big guy closest to us is Rob. The guy next to him is Mack. And the man holding the spatula is my Dad.”

“Rob is with Paula, right?”


“Okay, so Mack is with Carrie. I Got it. Let’s go!”

I got out and acted the gentleman, and heard about it from Rob and Mack as I opened the door for Ann. She got out, swinging her sexy legs out with her ankles still crossed, holding out her hand for me to help her up. As she stood, I couldn’t help but notice she was glowing with self-confidence. Ann seemed to have raw Antep Bayan Escort sexuality pouring out of every pore of her body. She was the very essence of a woman, and she was exuding it as she walked toward the men gawking as they stood just outside the garage on the driveway.

I held Ann’s hand as we walked, past Rob and Mack and their stunned gaze.

“Dad, this is Ann Franklin. Ann, this is my Dad,” I said, introducing them to her.

“Very nice to meet you, Mr. Thomas,” Ann said. Her smile was brighter than the late afternoon sun, starting its decent in the western sky.

Dad stuck out his hand, and dispensed with the formalities right away. “Call me Darren, please, Ann. It’s wonderful to finally meet you.”

Ann looked at his hand, and smiled, ignoring it. She glanced back up at Dad’s eyes and leaned in for a big hug. “I’m sorry, Darren. A handshake just doesn’t seem right to me. After all, you’re my boyfriend’s Dad.” They embraced for a lot longer than I would have ever imagined, and finally she pulled back a little and said, “Yep, that felt right, don’t you think?”

Dad nodded and said, “Yes, sweetie. It did. Welcome to our home.”

“Thanks!” she said still beaming.

Dad did the honors, and introduced Ann to our guests. Her arms still wrapped around Dad’s waist and his around her shoulder as he walked her over towards his buddies.

“Ann, this is Mack Richardson. He’s been a friend of the family for a very long time.”

Ann held out her hand and said, “Hello, Mr. Richardson.”

“Call me Mack, Ann. Nice to meet you.”

“And this, is Rob Foster,” Dad said.

“Call me Rob,” he said, staring a hole through Ann as she shook his hand.

“Rob. Nice to meet you too.”

I took Ann’s hand and pulled her with me, more to get her away from Rob’s eyes than anything. “We’ll be back in a little bit. I need to introduce Ann to Mom,” I said.

We walked into the house into the privacy of the mud/laundry room. Ann took me in her arms and pushed me back against the washer, giving me a quick kiss. “Relax, Neil. I’ve got this covered. Just have a good time, and don’t worry about me. I’m a big girl, okay? I can take care of myself, and I can certainly handle those two. This will be fun.”

I nodded, and led Ann into the house. Mom and Carrie were still in the kitchen talking. We walked around the corner, and my Mom lit up. Ann returned a beaming smile, and walked straight over to my Mom with her arms wide open. It must have been a woman thing, because they hugged before they were ever properly introduced.

When Mom finally let Ann go, I said, “Mom, this is Ann Franklin. Ann, this is…”

“Mom. It’s very nice to meet you Mrs. Thomas. I feel like I already know you. Thank you so much for having me over.”

“You can call me Betsy, dear…or, Mom,” she said with a nervous laugh.

Ann thought it was cute, and said, “Okay Mom. You’ve raised a wonderful son.”

“Thank you. We’re pretty proud of him.”

Ann walked back to me and put her arms around me, and gave me a huge wet kiss. “I’m pretty proud of him too,” she said staring into my eyes.

I nodded toward Carrie, and Ann looked over and said, “I’m sorry. I tend to get a little carried away with Neil.”

“Ann, this is Carrie Richardson. She’s Mack’s wife,”

Carrie opened her arms for a hug, and Ann turned back to me and said, “I’m going in, Neil. If I’m not back in five minutes, come and get me.” I looked at her like she was nuts, and she said, “I’m not that big, baby. I might fall into that big cleavage she’s showing off. So, come in and get me…but don’t go face first or you’ll forget what you’re looking for!”

Carrie blushed, but my Mom let out a huge laugh of approval. I kind of snickered as Ann pretended to be scared to hug Carrie, and that made Carrie lighten up about what Ann had said.

Ann had only pointed out the obvious. Carrie had always dressed in very low cut tops and dresses to show off what had to be 38DD tits, but no one ever talked about them. They were like the elephant in the room we all tried to ignore. But Ann was bold enough to not only mention it, but to make light of it. I could feel my Mom warming up to Ann just for that.

Carrie and Ann had a quick hug, and when Ann pulled back and made an even bolder move. She quickly cupped Carrie’s big tits and made them bounce.

“Sorry, Mrs. Richardson. I couldn’t help myself. Mack must have a blast playing with those things! Neil, are you sure mine are good enough, babe?” Ann said as she squeezed hers together and pushing her chest out.

Ann had basically announced to my Mom that I’d seen her tits. And yet, it didn’t phase me at all. “They’re perfect, Ann. Don’t ever change them,” I said as I winked at her as I leaned against the wall.

Ann looked at Carrie, who had a look of disbelief on her face. I don’t think that she could believe that Ann basically just felt her up a little bit. “Are you okay, Mrs. Richardson?” Ann asked her.

“Uh…yes dear.”

“I hope I didn’t offend you. You just seem so proud of your breasts. I mean, why else would you have them sticking out like that if you didn’t want us to notice them and comment on them, right? I know if I had big ones like that, I’d be sticking them out there for the world to see. That’s why I go without a bra sometimes. I don’t have nice boobs like you, but I do have amazing nipples. You have to use what you have to get men to look, right…Mrs. Richardson?”

“Call me Carrie, Ann. And with legs like yours, you’ll never have to worry about men looking at you.”

“Thanks,” Ann said. Then she turned to my Mom and said, “I didn’t embarrass you, did I Mom?”

“No dear. I’ve been around the block. And it’s not just your legs. I’m pretty sure I know my Neil, and his eyes will be staring just a little farther north of your legs, when you’re walking away from him.”

Ann looked over her shoulder and jutted her ass out like she was looking at it. Then she looked at me and grinned as she wiggled it back and forth, which obviously drew my attention, and a smile.

I was about to blush, but Ann said, “I already knew that, Mom. That’s why I wore these cutoffs. They’re like the ones he used to wear in High School. Well, maybe they’re a little shorter. He’d be sticking out of these,” she said with a giggle.

That made my Mom blush a little, but she didn’t say anything. I stopped caring at that point. Ann was being who she was, and that meant more to me than anything. There was no pretending to be innocent…or worse yet, a virgin. She was a woman, and you either liked her or you didn’t. I found that incredibly refreshing, and sexy.

We talked for a little while, and finally, my Mom said, “Where’s Paula. You have to meet Paula.”

Ann gave me a quick glance and smiled. She started to say something, but I gave her an evil stare, warning her not to. Instead, Ann gave me a little pout, which almost had me laughing. Just then, Paula came out from the back. She had an ambiance about her and an aroused look on her face. She strolled barefoot through the family room in a new outfit. Black short shorts and a tight bright pink T-shirt. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra from her hard nipples poking at the fabric. Her breasts were smaller like Ann’s, and they seemed to have very little sag, but that really didn’t matter.

Mom and Carrie were a little surprised by Paula’s attire, because she usually dressed so conservative. Carrie was the one that was more outgoing fashion wise, but that had a lot to do with her tits, as Ann pointed out. But Ann and I could only smile.

Ann leaned into me and said, “You had some effect on her. She looks like she’s been cumming for the last half hour!” She might have been. It had been almost an hour since I had left to go get Ann. But Ann was right; there was no doubt from the glassy look in her eyes that Paula had one hell of an orgasm. Oddly, Paula walked right past us, into the garage, never saying a word.

Mom and Dad kept a second refrigerator out there for drinks, and Paula came back with three beers. She handed one to me, and one to Ann, and said, “Hi, I’m Paula. You must be Ann.” Paula twisted open her long neck, and took a long swig, then rubbed her mouth with the back of her hand. It was a very uncouth move for a woman who had never shown anything but class.

“Hi Paula. It’s great to meet you,” Ann said as she twisted off her cap and joined Paula with a big swig of her own, and wiping her mouth the same way. “Thanks for the beer.”

“You’re welcome,” Paula said as she looked over at me.

I had opened my beer, and I lifted it in a silent toast to Paula, who gave me a quick wink in return.

“So, are you feeling better?” Ann asked Paula, putting her on the spot in front of two of her oldest friends.

“Uhhh…yes, much better, thanks.”

“Better. What’s wrong,” my Mom asked.

Ann swooped in and said, “Neil was telling me that Paula was feeling a little hot earlier. She had to lie down and cool off. Right Paula?”

Paula’s eyes got wide. She scrambled to fill in the gaps from Ann putting her on the spot. “Yeah…but I’m okay now. I’m not sure what came over me.”

“Why didn’t you tell me, Neil,” Mom asked, almost scolding me.

“It’s okay, Betsy. I told him I needed to be alone for a while. I’m okay now. Like Ann said, I just got overheated.”

“Maybe it was just something that got you worked up. Sometimes I have moments where I just break out in a sweat, and I have to strip and lie down. That, or a cold shower,” Ann said with smile.

Paula looked at me, and I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders a little before I took another sip of my beer.

“Sounds like menopause,” Carrie said.

“Thanks, Carrie. Just announce to the world that I’m really old. It isn’t menopause.”

“She’s not old enough for menopause,” Ann said in defense. Paula smiled at her, but Ann followed that by saying “Maybe it was some other kind of men that gave you a pause…or maybe it was a man. I know I get really hot when I think about Neil. What do you think, Paula?”

Paula had beer come out of her nose from the gulp she was drinking at the time. She started coughing, and that kind of changed the mood of the room. When she finally got her bearings again, she just grabbed Ann and gave her a big hug. It was obvious Ann had had an effect on Paula too, in a positive way. They were suddenly acting like long lost sisters.

Mom had me take the tray of meat out to Dad, and Ann stayed behind to do some girl talk, no doubt about me. I wasn’t worried. Whatever Ann felt she needed to say was fine by me. I was happy, and I knew that Ann wouldn’t say anything that would hurt me, not permanently, anyway. I was outside the garage with the guys, getting congratulations in the form of sarcastic verbal jabs. The general consensus was that Ann was a big hit, especially with my Dad.

“She’s a real keeper,” he said.

“That’s going to have to be a big holding tank,” Mack said, referencing the live well a boat would have to save the ‘keeper’ fish. “California is a long way from here.”

Like I needed yet another reminder. If I wasn’t already doing it to myself all the time, it seemed like I was constantly getting hints and signs that Ann not only lived a long way from me, but that she would be leaving very soon.

I felt like I was surrounded with anal football announcers who were constantly giving the down and distance, and the time remaining in the game. In my case, the down always seemed like it was fourth, the distance was 2,200 miles, and the time left was less than 48 hours…and I had no time outs. The silver lining was that even though time was winding down, Ann and I were scoring a lot.

I sighed, and took another swig of my beer, finishing it. I was going to head to the fridge to get me another one, when the door to the house opened. Ann stepped out and placed her bottle into the bin next to the fridge. “Who needs another beer?” she said as she looked over at us. She’d taken off her sandals, choosing to go barefoot just like Paula had been inside. And that only made her look sexier to me. Heels would have been perfect, but this was the next best thing.

All of us raised our hands, and Ann smiled. She saw the tray I had brought out the plates of meat on, and she came over to the little table Dad had set up next to the grill and grabbed it

“Guess I just elected myself to play waitress for you boys,” she said as she strutted back to the fridge. She knew all of our eyes were on her, and when she opened the door to the fridge full of beer, she didn’t reach for the top shelf. Instead, Ann suggestively bent over at the waist with her feet spread apart about shoulder width, and she took her time getting five bottles from the very bottom. We were getting a world class view of her ass and legs.

Ann looked over her shoulder as she put the last bottle on the tray, and she flashed us all a wicked grin as she stood up and spun around, shutting the door on her way back to us. She held the tray like a pro, and I wondered if she ever HAD been a waitress. She handed me my beer first and winked at me as she turned to face the other three. She put the tray down, and opened my Dad’s beer for him.

“There you go, Dad,” she said with a smile.

It took him by surprise, but he smiled back and said, “Thank you sweetie.”

“You’re welcome,” she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

Ann grabbed a second beer and opened it. “Here you go, Mack. Can you handle that yourself, or do you need me to get Carrie out here to be your bottle holder?”

Mack blushed, and said, “Uh…no, that’ll be fine.”

“What in the world does that mean?” I asked.

“Oh, Carrie was just telling us girls how Mack likes to stick things between her tits. I would have guessed it was just what’s hanging between his legs, but apparently he uses them for all kinds of things.”

“Come on, now. Don’t make it out like I’m some kind of pervert,” he said, trying to defend himself.

“You’re only a pervert if you’re playing with someone else’s tits besides your wife. And if I had tits that big, I’d want my man to do all the kinky things he wanted to with them,” she said, glancing briefly at me.

“So, you stuff your beer bottle between Carrie’s breasts?” Rob asked.


“Man, don’t get so defensive, Mack. Ann’s right, it’s no big deal. It’s not like we all don’t know Carrie’s stacked. She’s always got them floating out there like a couple of blimps. I’m pretty sure we’ve all thought of stuffing something in that huge chest of hers. I know I have,” I said with a grin as I raised my beer to my lips.

Having put Mack on the defensive, Ann turned her attention toward Rob. She took the empty from his hand and replaced it with a fresh bottle. Grabbing her own, she stood in front of him with her left hand on her hip and took a big swig. Rob followed suit, and Ann smiled at him. Rob got a funny look on his face as Ann stared him down. He became fidgety, and was shifting from foot to foot like a kid that was in trouble with his mother. Finally, Ann took another little drink and let out a giggle.

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