*imagine, if you will, a typical lovers’ argument*

I could just deck him at this point. Pacing back in forth in the guest bedroom, the closed door was the only thing holding me back from lashing and knocking the shit out of him. I was fully aware that he was just as strong, maybe more, and he wouldn’t just let me haul off and hit him. So I had decided to calm down and at least go out there and talk about it with him.

I opened the door and he was sitting on the couch, wearing his business attire: a white shirt, tie, and slacks. His tie was loose from when I pulled at it in anger earlier that afternoon. Noticing that I was standing in the doorframe to the living room, he looked up at me the way a lethargic animal would.

“Speak of the devil…”

“Oh, shut up. And anyways, you started this.”

“Whatever you say,” he said, standing up. “So I’m leaving for a while…until you really calm down,” he added, grabbing his coat. I stopped him at the door.

“Whoa whoa whoa…who said you could leave? I’m not done with you!”

“I don’t care if you’re not done with me! You have no authority over me!” he said, getting loud. I didn’t back down.

“No shit Sherlock…it’s just that…you don’t get to leave, that is, until I get what I deserve.”

“If you want me to say sorry…”


“THEN YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GET IT! NOW MOVE!” he said, trying to push me off. I pushed him back and he hit the wall. He threw his coat to the floor and darted toward me. I held my arms out, stopping him, but the force of him took me back to the wall. Already breathing hard, strange enough, this kind of anger-release was erotic to me. The feel of my hands planted into his hard chest was tantalizing, despite the situation. Mildly stimulated now, I wanted some fun in this too.

“You’re definitely gonna get it!” I said, grabbing his arms and moving them, trying to walk away. Of course, he wouldn’t just let me walk away and he grabbed my arm. I turned and punched him in the stomach, Antep Escort Bayan causing him to release his grip. I started to walk off but I stopped, and as I heard him groan, I looked at him and he gave me the look of pure evil.

Charging at me again, I took off as fast as I could into the kitchen. Chasing me around the island, my adrenaline ran up each time we had pushed off. Nearly sprinting through the house, I had nearly flown up the stairs, merely missing obstacles in the way. Fortunately, as I reached the top, he had fallen over one of those obstacles. I turned and saw him holding his foot, cursing and looking up at me.

“Damn, I wish you had fallen backwards!” I sarcatically spat and he was not pleased. He continued quickly up the stairs, growling even more with anger. I took off, wondering where all of this would lead me, but I really hadn’t cared at that point. Going into the bedroom, I got what came to me and tripped, hitting the floor. He approached me just as I turned over to get up. Lying under his 7-foot tall man standing over me, I felt like an ant about to be crushed under his massive foot.

“Now I…got you.” he said with an evil grin. I gave him one back and then locked my feet to the backs of his kneecaps, causing him to fall down. And to prevent him from crushing me, I rolled out of the way. He hit the floor with a thud and a brief groan, our legs still interlocked. He had gotten loose of our tangled mess first and got on top, pinching up and down my body.

Putting my hands up, he slapped them out of his way. I pushed him down and straddled him, holding his arms above his head. Taking the erotic initiative, I bit his neck, licking across his adam’s apple. He groaned deeply.

“Ohh…shit!” he uttered as he helplessly gained wounds and licks from me. Sitting up for a second I suddenly jumped as I noticed that he had enjoyed this as much as I did, his hard, thick erection poking at my thighs. Now more than aroused at this point, I was then aware that anything still goes. Grinning like the Cheshire cat, my moment had lasted for a few seconds before we got right back into fight mode.

Wrestling all over the floor had felt good, even though we were still hurting each other. The fact that our clothes were half-strewn left and right around us had added on to this sudden rush. Now on top of me, he had returned the favor, putting my arms above my head and kissing all over my neck, biting hard also. I was so horny at that time that all I could do was moan. Pressing his body up against mine, the feel of his big, hard cock teasing me through each of our pants was causing me to become antsy. I had wanted more than that!

Groaning from the pulsing sensation in my pussy, I got on top and looked down at the man. He was purely sexy, his chisled masculine facial features, lightly covered in stubble, which was what atracted me to him most. His brown hair was ruffled from our little fight and his brown eyes were deep and dark, as if they were full of mystery. His sexy torso, chiseled like stone and naturally tanned skin, so soft and smooth. His lips were pouted; they needed to be kissed.

Locking lips with him hard, he responded by running his hands up and down my sides. I sat up and undid my bra, tossing it to the side. He automatically started playing with my breasts, grabbing them and tweaking my nipples between his fingers. I gasped deeply and he got back on top once more, kissing me passionately. I moaned, running my fingers up and down his muscled chest. Oh, my pussy was dripping wet…like an ocean.

“Stand up.” he said, getting up off of the floor. I followed and we finished taking off our clothes. He picked me up in his arms and took me to the wall, kissing deep and teasing our naked touch, making me gasp between kisses. Waiting no longer, we got down on the bed and under the covers, still lip locked and horny as fuck. I looked at him as he thrust his big cock in my pussy. He filled me instantly, pushing and pulling in and out, making me moan for more. I ran my hands up his back, my fingernails matching my emotions, nearly stabbing his skin, as the sensations in my body had gotten stronger and stronger.

“Fuck…fuck me hard…” I moaned and rolled my hips up to meet his when he pulled out, fucking him back. He took my leg and put it over his shoulder, leaning down and going in harder. Wrapping my other leg around his back, my arms were locked around his neck, moaning and shaking as his cock touched that spot over and over.

“Turn over.” he demanded, pulling out, and I responded quickly, getting on all fours. He slammed back in hard, my face smashed to the pillow. My fingernails were nearly tearing into the sheets, moaning and gasping wildly, listening to the sounds of our skin smacking together. He knew as soon as I looked like I was shivering and going wild that it was good from there.

“You like that dick?” he said, slamming into me hard.



“Fuck yeah!” I said, gasping and convulsing from his deep thrusts. Just as the last waves of orgasm subsided, he made an announcement.

“Shit, I’m going to cum!” he said, pulling out and jacking off. I got on my back, loving to watch him in his final throes. Groaning loudly, jet after jet of his hot, white cream had fallen upon my chest and stomach. I pushed him down and got on top, milking his cock with my hand, pulling out every last drop of his sweet essence. He went on shuddering until I felt him go soft in my grip.

Letting go, he wrapped his arms around my body and gave me a soft kiss. I got up and walked into the bathroom, cleaning myself off and walking back into the room. Picking up my clothes and beginning to put them on, I then watched him get up, turn off the lights, and close the door.

“Umm…sweetie…I’m leaving.”

“No, you’re not. I’m not finished with you.” He said, looking at me with intent.

“Oh, really?” I said, looking at him with my eyebrow raised.

“Really.” He then said, locking the door. I dropped my clothes to the floor as he walked over, picking me up and taking me down on the bed once again…

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