Anjani Our Maid Made It

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Note : This is work of fiction. All characters are 18 and above at the time of narration.


Hi Friends, How are you?

I am Neelam, once again coming with an interesting story of an unusual twist of events in the life of a young girl of poor family.

If you, by chance, happen to pass on Arapaho street at Beltline in the city of Dallas, U.S.A. you will see a glass enclosed building housing the offices of Uddalak Manraja And Associates, Attorneys at Law. To most of the people the Chief was known by short name of Udo.

Right below his name plate is another one, more glittering, bearing the name Anjani Manraja, Consultants, Interior Decoration, Residential And Commercial.

Those who know them know that Udo and Anju are not brother and sister, that they are a happily married couple, madly in love for each other yet rather free thinking and free behaving; that dear Anju is making double the money than hubby Udo whose income, easily runs into six figures, monthly, that is.

In spite of all this success both of them are very modest , unassuming and polite, ever ready to help in every other way, any and every body who approaches them. This is largely because of what Anju has learned at and between the feet of her Guru, Neelam Mehta that is, me.

Yes, that is me. Today’s story is the story of Anjani Manraja, now 27, mother of two kids and still fucking husband without contraception, occasionally other guy with double contraception.

Here it goes …

When my father retired and settled in the city of Baroda, India I was in the Residential School doing my final year of high school. In those days a woman from a poor family used to come to our house as a general-purpose maid. Her name was Champa. Her husband Maneklal was a small time plumber. Now, fucking the wife being the only one entertainment free and available anytime he had plumbed Champa’s chut frequently enough to produce six children. The eldest of the brood was a sweet girl Anjani.

Everyday Champa would walk a distance of about three miles to come to our house. She would clean the house, make the beds, prepare tea and breakfast, cook lunch, wash clothes and do the dishes. She would work for the whole day only to return home in the evening. My mom was very kind to her. She saw that Champa ate the same breakfast and same lunch as the family, gave her old clothes for her family and helped her in general. Champa, on her part was a reliable, honest and trustworthy person.

Champa also had her sister in law living with them. She was a widow of about 50. She looked after the children in Champa’s absence. On and off Anjani would accompany her mother to our home. She would then play around or help her mom in the endless trail of work.

Time flew by. Ravi graduated from Medical school and started practice in Baroda. We got married and moved into our new house on the out skirts of the city. Luckily it was very near to where Champa was living. She started working exclusively for us. It was easier for her to work for a small family like ours. Anjani, as she grew up helped her mother more and more day by day.

At seventeen Anjani was a gangling teenager, all skin and bones, but within a year she bloomed into a fully mature curvaceous female. She was not a beautiful girl by any standards; she had an average look. It was her breasts which were her most attractive feature. They were large, not for her age but for her young body. Add to it the fact that she was not wearing any bra leaving them to wobble and juggle with every movement of hers. Her mind however was that of a thirteen years old unaware of the ripples her breasts were creating in the hearts (and in the cocks) of men, both old and young. Even Ravi, my husband had commented a couple of times, saying, “Neelu, did you see her dhaila (breasts)? I wonder how her bhos (vulva) looks like.”

I would then direct his attention to my dhaila and my bhos. We would then have frenzied fuck, Ravi fantasizing about Anjani. (He, of his own told me so). Ravi however would never think of actually seducing her.

Innocent as she was, Anjani was quite at home with Ravi and me. In those days I was not doing job and had plenty of time on my hands. I would then teach Anjani some basic math, history, geography and science. Even though she had missed the school she had sharp inquisitive mind and was a quick learner. She enjoyed the lessons. Her parents had full trust in Ravi and me and had allowed her few times to stay over night at our place. We became very close but we never had the need or opportunity to talk about sex.

Then, one afternoon when Anjani was at her home Champa dropped in. She, being a mother was worried. She perceived her daughter’s breasts as beacons inviting predators who would very gladly break her hymen, the sign of her innocence, the bastion of family honor, proof of her purity, gift preserved only for and to be opened by the proud penis of her lawfully wedded husband.

She said, “Bahen ji, Anju to aap ki beti ban baithi hai. Kripa kar ke Bayan Escort Gaziantep aap use duniyadari ke kuchh path bhi padhaiye. Vo tan se javan ho gayi hai lekin man se chhoti bachchi hai. Mujhe dar hai kahin us ka paanv fisal na jaaye. Aisa vaisa kuchh ho gaya to mar jaane ke siva hamare paas koi chara nahin rahega. (Respected Sister, Anju has come to be your daughter. Please do us a favor by teaching some lesions about worldly things. She has matured in her body but mentally she is yet a small girl. I am afraid of her slipping. If anything unusual happens, we would not have any other way than suicide.)”

I said, “Champa, tu tere pitaji ke ghar se bhag nikali thi tab kitani umar ki thi? Terah? Chaudah? Aur ye mat kahana ki atharah saal ki hove tab tak Maneklal lund pakade hue baith raha tha. Kyun ki us ne tujhe pahala mauka milate hi choda tha aur tu ne badi khushi ke sath lund liya tha, kamsin thi fir bhi. Hai na? (Champa, how old were you when you ran away from your father’s house, thirteen? fourteen? And don’t tell me Manek, your husband waited holding his cock till you became eighteen. Because at the first available opportunity he fucked you and you had accepted his lund with great pleasure even when you were immature in age. Isn’t it a truth?)”

Champa was somewhat crest fallen because she had not expected such a response from me. She said, “Lekin, Bahan Ji, vo din kuchh or the. Mere pet men bachcha tha ye jan kar bhi Manek ne mujhe apanaya, ek pal bhi shanka kiye bina. Aise aadami ab kahan? Sab ko ek hi chijh chahie, buddha ho ya javan. Anju chudai ka majha le is men mujhe koi etaraj nahin hai. Lekin us ke pet men bachcha bhar kar chodane vala bhaag jaay to ham garib log kahan jaay? Aur Anju sab se badi hai, us ke pichhe tin ladakiyan hein un ka kya? (But, Respected Sister, those days were different. Manek took me as wife without hesitation knowing well that I had a baby in my tummy. Where are such men now? Old or young, they all want only one thing. I do not mind if Anju starts enjoying fucking but what would we poor folks go if the guy runs away fucking her and leaving her with a baby? And Anju is oldest, there are three girls after her; what would happen to them?)”

There was truth in what she said. I felt for her. I said, “Alright, I will talk to her. But you and Manek should realize that Anju is now no longer a child. She will take her own decisions. Yes, she will make mistakes and come running to you for help, but will do whatever she wants to do. That includes fucking and marriage too. You and I are here to guide her but we will not impose upon her our wish and thinking, agreed?”


“Okay then, I will have to take the matter slowly. That means it will take some time. It will be better if you allow her to work here full time. We will pay her, of course. Is it okay with you?”

“It is okay with us. Thank you very much. She will start right away; from tomorrow.”

“Oh, One last thing. I shall try my level best to preserve her virginity but I cannot promise. If she decides to be fucked by Ravi, I will not stand in her way. Any objection?”

“Na ji. As long as it remains a family secret I do not mind Sahib initiating her. In fact I wish he does it.”

“Why so?”

“For one thing he is a noble man. Secondly he is a doctor, knows how to fuck a virgin with minimal pain, knows how to prevent pregnancy and knows what to do in case pregnancy occurs. Besides, you will be there to give her support during the act, will you not?”

“Yes, I will be.”

“All is settled then.”

Talk about my husband Ravi’s reputation.

That night after an hours’ glorious fuck I told him about Anjani. He was delighted but I asked him to leave poor girl alone till the time she matures herself to take her own decisions. He agreed.

She was one week over her eighteenth birthday when Anjani started working full time at our place. Shy and reserved in the beginning she, within few weeks, gradually unwound herself into bold and inquisitive young girl. I deliberately avoided the subject of sex till the time she was fully comfortable with Ravi and me. Barring that we talked about almost every subject under the sun. Gradually I introduced sexy words in our talks starting with abusive words like bahenchod (sister fucker), chutiya (product of vagina), bhosadi ke (product of vulva) etc. While she was familiar with those street words like lund, chut, bhos, chudai and also knew the meaning of each of them, shishn, vrshan, ling and yoni were alien to her. Over the time I also learned that Anjani had some sketchy knowledge about sex. I had to teach her a lot.

Then one lazy afternoon I opened the subject by asking her, “What kind of bra are you wearing, Anju?”

“No kind, I don’t have any.”

“I thought so. Your tits are wobbling like cow’s udder.”

“I know, but what can I do?”

“Ravi gets bad ideas in his head seeing them.”

Her face lit up with joy, her hands went to her boobs and she asked childishly, “Does he like them?”

“He likes them and I like them too. We don’t want to show them to the whole world, now, do we?”

“No. Mom told me not to allow anybody to touch them.”

“She is right. So let me see if any of my old bras would fit on you.”

We went to the other room. I pulled out a drawer full of old bras. Some of them were like new worn by me only for few days. These were the bras of my early married days when under the stimulation of Ravi’s fingers and lips my breasts were rapidly growing in size requiring me to buy next higher size every few weeks.

Anjani did not wait for invitation. With eyes wide with wonder she picked up one after other exclaiming, “Oh, these are so nice!” Next moment her blouse was off and her petticoat was down to her waist baring her beautiful breasts.

Did she have breasts or what? Even though I have pair of my own, I felt stirring in my yoni (vagina) seeing hers. Two perfect hemispheres were sitting like mountains on her upper chest. Despite the size there was no sign of sagging. Each was topped by a sepia colored knobby areola of about one inch with small delicate berry like nipple right in the center. I could not hold myself from feeling them. I took them in my palms and lifted them.

“Good, aren’t they?” she asked and I came down on earth.

“Good? Girly you do not know what is what. These are the boobs of a cinema star, center spread of Playboy magazine, high profile model.”

Unfortunately she lacked a face to match.

“I feel shy when men stare at them. Is it bad to feel that way?”

“No, it is not. Tell me the truth, who has been fondling them?” I tweaked her nipple.

“Uhhh …it feels strange when you touch like that.”

“I know, tell me who has fondled them. There must be somebody.”

She looked down and murmured, “My Mamu.” (Brother of the mother.)

“Did he fuck you too?”

She nodded her but still could not look up. “Only once.”

“Why once? Is he still not fucking you?”

Now she looked up and shook her head in negative.

“Why not?”

“He wants but I don’t want him to.”


“Because I do not like him and he refuses using condom. Even if I like him I cannot marry him.”

“Don’t you feel the urge to get fucked?”


“What do you do then?”

“Use my fingers.”

“Have you tried it with a girl?”


“Would you like to?”

She was pleasantly surprised. “With whom? You?”

“Why not?”

“But I have not done it before, I do not know what to do.”

“I know how it is done, I will teach you. Are you ready to learn?”

“Yes, I am. What if Sahib comes to know?”

“At the least he would be excited and want to fuck me. At the most he may want to fuck you. But don’t worry, he will not touch you if you don’t want him to.”

“Haay, haay I feel odd sensations in my stomach.”

“That is natural. You are a young girl and we are talking about fucking.”

“I feel shy of Sahib.”

“But you like him?”

“Very much.”

“Would you like him to fuck you?”

“Oh please, don’t say that. I start throbbing in my …my…” She could not finish the sentence; she blushed deeply once again and lowered her gaze. I helped her, ” In your bhos you mean?”

With an effort she looked up at me with shy smile on her lips and said, “Yes, there.”

By now my blouse and bra were off, baring my breasts. I was playing with her nipples. Shyly she was running her fingers on the periphery of my breasts making my nipples erect in anticipation. I lifted her face with a finger under her chin and touched her mouth with mine. Goose bumps erupted all over her body and her hand on my breast suddenly grabbed it.

She of her own shifted herself nearer to me. I took her in my arms hugging face to face; our breasts warmly crushing against each other. She threw her arms around my neck as I settled her side ways in my lap. My left arm went around her waist supporting her while the right one went to her breast. Our faces were pressed cheek to cheek.

“You smell so good, Didi. Can I call you Didi?” she asked.

“Yes, you can.”

We caressed our breasts for some tine. Then, once again, I kissed lightly on her mouth and asked, “Liked it? Was it like your Mamu’s kiss?”

“He never kissed me.” So saying she closed her eyes and went into frenzy of kissing me on my cheeks, my chin, my forehead, and my nose, everywhere. When she reached my lips I held her there and rubbed my closed lips on hers. She went stiff and once again grabbed a handful of my breast as if to support her. I broke the kiss only to resume it with soft pressure. She relaxed.

My other hand meanwhile was caressing her thighs. She had kept her legs straight. The ghaghari covered her thighs, her knees and up to half of her lower legs. I moved my hand over her ghaghari and could reach up to knees and not beyond. The ghaghari was slithering up and down with the movement of my hand but I had not touched her bare skin.

Putting my hand under her knee I lifted one of her legs to fold it, leaving the other straight. With the thigh drawn up I pushed her ghaghari a little and it slid up to her hip. I could now caress her smooth thigh, front and back. The kiss continued. Her play on my nipples continued.

I passed my hand behind the bent knee and started caressing the back of the thigh. Slowly I inched upwards and eventually reached the spot where the buttock meets the thigh. It is a very sensitive area not known to many people. It was Ravi who showed me. The spot is very near anal area and hence not far from vulva in a woman and back of the scrotum in a man.

All I had to do was to touch the place lightly with fingertips. The sensation was so intense that Anjani broke the kiss to utter ssiiiiii …and to lift up the other leg. I moved my hand a couple of inches inwards and I was on my destination, her young cunt. I could easily caress the big lips, spread them apart and push my finger into her chut. Needless to say that her chut was wet and slimy allowing easy access to two of my fingers.

Anjani being young and inexperienced did not know what to do, I had to bring her mouth to my aching nipples and ask her to suck on them. Her delicate lips on my nipples felt like heaven and then she of her own used the tip of her tongue to flick them with. A wave of tingling started from the nipple to settle in my clitoris making it stiffer longer and thicker. My bhos poured out large quantity of pre-cum and started throbbing.

Finally having reached point of no return I made her lay down flat on the bed. I circled her clitoris with my fingers and mounted her. I pushed my legs between hers and widened them taking hers along with mine. She took the hint and spread her thighs to the fullest. Now one vulva could easily press and rub against the other.

I started with slow back and forth movements of my pelvis directly targeting her clitoris. Meanwhile our mouths were joined in French kiss. As I fucked her the mounting excitement she felt was reflected in her kiss. Her kiss progressively became more forceful, irregular and frantic at times. Then I bent my head and took her nipple in my mouth. That was the final straw for her. A strong orgasm hit her and hit her hard.

She became stiff in whole of her body, she squeezed shut her eyes. Saliva drooled out from her half open mouth. Then she shivered for few seconds and suddenly relaxed. I was not far behind but ……

The door bell chimed. Who would be there at this odd hour? Hurriedly I donned pajama and kurti, combed my hair and opened the door.

“Surprise, surprise” Ravi said as he entered and closed the door with his foot. His hands were busy taking the wife in embrace and feeling for her breasts.

I extricated myself with some difficulty and echoed, “Surprise, surprise.”

“Huh? what is it? How come you feel so hot and flushed? Are you running fever?” he asked walking me towards his room to change his clothes. Once he was in his pajama suit I proceeded to blindfold him saying, ” I have a surprise for you,”

I led him to our bedroom where Anjani was lying on the bed. She was fast asleep. I whispered, “Don’t make noise” in Ravi’s ear and removed the blindfold. He was pleasantly surprised to see Anjani sleeping with open blouse and up turned ghaghari.

“You have been fucking. Right?” he said.

“Right. Want to join?”

“Why not? But she is sleeping.”

“Post orgasmic narcosis. You want to wait or ….?”

“Only a fool will wait when you are around.”

So saying he crushed me in a bear hug and kissed me. We went back to his room leaving Anjani alone.

“What is the wish of my master this afternoon?” I asked.

“Visit to the bathroom for the starter.”

We separated. He went to bathroom to pass urine. But I know him very well. He would thoroughly wash his cock, come out without putting on knickers or pajama and offer his cock, semi erect by then, for a blow job. I would gladly and eagerly take it in my mouth and start sucking. But then, we two would be alone in the whole house. That day Anjani was present on the scene.

When he came out I was ready for him sitting on a cushion on the floor near sofa. This time he had his pajama on with his limp cock hanging out from the open fly. He sat down and pulling up the foreskin bared the small soft head. I removed his hands and took charge of the shriveled cock of his. I pulled down the foreskin to cover up the head. I took him in my mouth. It felt like a piece of a soft rubber tubing.

I held the head of his cock firmly pressed between my palate above and tongue below. I could squeeze it with movement of my tongue. His cock started thickening in jerks. My mouth started salivating. Within minutes his lund attained its full dimensions. The bulbous head almost filled up my mouth.

Most of his lund was outside of my mouth. I was holding the shaft in my fist and was giving him a slow hand job. It was wonderful to feel the slide of thin silky skin over the iron hard cylinder of the core. Add to it periodic jerks temporarily increasing its hardness and thickness and the picture is complete.

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