An Unexpected Guest

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The night was rich and moist, the air veritably tingly with electric excitement after the recent rainstorm. The slick city itself seemed to shine beneath the glimmering moonlight. Quietly the dark hooded man crept along the concrete passageways making his way to a large apartment complex.

The building was nearly lightless in the recesses of the dark night; only sporadic lights dotted its vast face.

One such light emanated from the room of a young woman. Her studio apartment was furnished sparsely; a futon, a queen sized bed and comforter mattress. The space smelled faintly of lavender candle. A comforting breeze drifted in, brushing her curtains aside and filling her room with the nighttime aura.

She reclined in a warm bath, relaxing into the warm bubbles. A soapy hand brushed back her slick, golden hair. Almost imperceptibly she sighed, and closed her eyes, surrounding herself with soft music and warm light.

The man made his way slowly up the fire-escape, silently, but with obvious strength. Reaching the window, he lifted it slowly, the bare creak of its unwilling slides sending shivers of anxiety down his spine. When the window was sufficiently opened, he slipped through Bayan Escort Gaziantep the aperture, and his worn leather boots landed with a soft thud on the carpeted floor.

Inside the bathroom, the woman snapped her eyes open, her neck straining, taut young muscles flexing. Worried, she rose out of the tub, her soapy frame barely hiding her distinguished figure. Long, fresh legs rose up to support a tight abdomen, and full breasts bounced lightly. Gracefully, she stepped out of the bath, and reached for a pink towel. Meticulously, she dried every inch of herself when suddenly, her breath flew away as she was thrust against the bathroom wall. A man was in front of her, kissing her urgently, forcing her mouth into a heavy passionate embrace. He pulled away briefly, and let his cowl fall away from his face revealing jaunty angular features that hid shadowy unshaven features. His eyes were the most penetrating green, and he was undeniably handsome. Again he pressed, but this time, the young woman resisted.

She pushed against his chest with all her strength, but she could not budge the stubborn man. He pulled away from her mouth, and kissed his way down her cheek and into her exposed neck. Gradually, he nipped at the tender flesh, and gradually the girls resistance faded away. Instead of shoving, she now pulled him closer, feeling the warm heat of his embrace. Imperceptibly, she moaned against his incessant urgings. He pulled her away from the wall for a moment, allowing the towel to fall into a pile at her delicate painted toes. Violently, he reached to the back of her thighs and lifted her back up against the wall so his head was level with her now heaving chest. Tenderly, he kissed her soft flesh, alternating between fondling her breasts and nibbling at her pert nipples. Her moans became louder and more frequent. For a moment, the man let her down, his robe falling to join her towel on the ground. She nearly gasped aloud at his startling frame. He was not tall, but lean muscle covered every inch of his body. This time, she came to him, seductively trailing her fingers down his chest and trailing them along his protrusion. She began to lick and fondle playing coyly while his breaths grew shallower. Seductively gazing up at him, she moved up and down until he could no longer stand the sweet agony. He pulled her to her feet. He paused for a moment, their bodies only inches apart, and took in every inch of her perfect bronze skinned body. Mistaking his pause for wariness, she quickly whispered in a gorgeous feminine voice,

“Take me.”

Quickly he rushed her once more, again pinning her against the wall. This time, however, he entered her, first half way, and then all the way. Her body grew limp in his arms, and although her mouth was wide open, she could not utter a sound. He thrust up once and again, and she felt the power coursing through her body. Bracing herself against his arms she let out an ecstatic cry of pleasure. Hers was pink and wet, her thighs perfectly curved and her inner muscles tensed with desire. Letting out a guttural grown the man continued, with each rhythmic heave, forcing her to cry out. Finally she climaxed, holding his head convulsively to her chest and nearly screaming in pleasure. He felt her powerful inner muscles working against him and he too could no longer hold himself. Together they released, a long and perfect orgasm, until they both crumpled slowly to the floor.

Carefully, he lifted her beautiful body, glistening with sweat and laid her upon the bed sheets. She struggled to keep her eyes open, but the experience overwhelmed her, and like a perfect angel she slept. When she awoke in the morning, the mysterious man was gone.

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